Hawaii Five-0 Fan Fiction-Blind Justice- Part 1


As promised last week, we are back with another fan fiction to help fill the Summer’s lack of new shows.  Once again if you are not a fan fiction reader or do not know what fan fiction is, it is fiction written by a fan using characters of the show to create their own stories. These are not actual stories of Hawaii Five 0 so we want to emphasize that and all the show characters mentioned in the stories belong to CBS. Original characters belong to the writer. If you want to learn more about fan fiction, you can follow this link.

Now that all that boring info and legal stuff is out of the way, this story will keep you on the edge of your seat. Written by writingcreature, it is a thriller and tearjerker all in one as Steve makes a couple new friends who will touch his life in an ever changing way.

In the first part below, the team is at it again and what should have been a normal take-down goes unexpectedly. Could Steve had made a wrong call and what will it cost him? There are some lessons to be learned about life, the universe, and Danny being there for him no matter what. 



Hawaii Five 0 fanart


Part 1

Steve and his team pulled up their cars close to the other vehicles. An assault team was assembling around the run-down warehouse. The area was completely cordoned off.

They jumped out of the SUVs and hurried to the other side of the street, looking for cover behind a car of the squad unit.

“Status?” Steve barked.

“ATF is ready, EMS vans, too. The plan is to shoot in tear gas canisters and force everyone out of the house,” the squad leader answered and licked his lips, nervously.

His radio crackled, “Assault team ready. Snipers in place,” a voice said through the static.

“Okay,” the squad leader replied, “If our ‘friends’ come out, we force them on the ground and cuff them one by one.”

“You don’t really think they will come out hands in the air, do you?” Danny snapped.

“If they come out shooting … we’re prepared, believe me.”

Ignoring the man in charge, Steve put on a Kevlar vest and plugged in his ear piece.

“What you think you’re doing?” Kono asked alarmed.

“For the record, you’re ignoring my order,” the squad leader snapped and tried to block Steve’s path, “And obviously you consider yourself a man of action instead of doing it by the book. What kind of a stupid ass cop are you?”

– There we go again –

Steve strapped on his vest. “They’re cold blooded killers. You don’t scare them with your gadgets; they give a damn about tear gas canisters.”

He shoved the guy out of his way, “Excuse me. I’ve business to do.”

Reluctantly, the squad leader gave way, “I’ll file a complaint against you. You’re corrupting the whole mission.”

“Whatever, but it was my fault Christine Willard died. Two other hostages are still in there.”

“This is insane, Steve. It wasn’t your fault,” Chin demanded.

Steve threw a glance over his shoulder, “I’m going to talk to Roberts, now. I know he’s in there and I know he’s going to listen to me. I make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Steve was about to leave the cover.

Danny held him back, “I don’t consider this a good idea. He’s a lunatic. And don’t forget the unknown factor in this scenario the explosives. We know they have bombs. Remember Los Angeles, Union Station two weeks ago?!”

Steve was nervous and agitated.

“Listen, I want this over. No more bloodshed, no more collateral damage. It ends here and now.”

“What about the offer?” Kono chimed in before Steve walked away.

He just shook his head and checked his equipment.

Chin said out loud what everybody was thinking, “You are going to offer yourself in exchange for the hostages, aren’t you?”

Steve swallowed, closed his eyes briefly and left his team and the squad leader behind without further ado.

“This is suicide and you know it.” Danny hollered out while Chin had to bodily hold him back. The squad leader barked into his radio to inform his team about Steve’s decision.

Hawaii Five 0 fanart

Inside the warehouse, Roberts’ goons were about to go crazy. One of them was crouched below a shattered front window, sizing up the scene.

“None of us is going to survive this. God damned, there’s an army outside, Roberts! What are you going to do? What? Tell me?!” He yelled at his boss.

“Don’t be such a baby, Marcus,” Roberts said.

He seemed calm and relaxed. Went over to another window and peeked through the blinds.

Steve was walking towards them with determined strides. He was coming closer, holding a cell phone in his right hand while he was waving with his left. Sweat was pouring down his face.

Marcus whole body trembled. He could barely speak. “Roberts come on, talk to us. Tell us what to do. Any given moment now, armed men could break through.”

Suddenly the phone rang. For a split second, everyone held its breath. The sound was reminiscent of alarm bells.

“Marcus, you want to be a hero for a day? Then go and take the call,” Roberts sneered.

The other man just sat there, paralyzed.

Another ring.

“Get the damned call, Marcus!”

Marcus got up slowly, picked up the phone and listened briefly.

“It’s McGarrett, he wants to talk to you,” he whined.

Roberts looked at his perfectly manicured nails.

Sounding bored he said, “Tell him to call back later.”

Marcus was undecided.

“It could be our last chance,” he whispered in despair.

“Tell him to call back later and hang up!” Roberts ordered.


“You goddamned sonofabitch,” Steve cursed. He’d been so sure this would work. How could he have been so wrong about Roberts’ reaction?


Roberts took a look at the two hostages. The girls were still drugged. Too bad they would never see the sunlight, again like him and all the others in the warehouse. His plan had no space for surrender. For him it was all or nothing. He glanced at the metal box under the stairs and pulled his cell phone out of his pants pocket. No matter how hard he tried to make the best out of this situation, he’d lost. But he wouldn’t go back to jail. If they all had to die to serve this purpose, then so be it.

He went back into the living room.

“I’m not going out there. None of us is.”

He dialed a five digit number while he was talking.

“It’s been an honor to serve with you guys”

The phone rang three times and then…

The last thing Steve saw was a gigantic flash.


Stay tuned for Part 2 real soon


Story and fanart credit writingcreature


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  1. I love it! But how soon is real soon for part 2, I would like all of it now. LOL

    1. It is scheduled for tomorrow so real soon. Hang in there!

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