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  1. Thanks for the update on H50, Tiffany! I’ll be watching all the repeat episodes during the summer.

  2. I haven’t yet watched my recording of the season finale (and so glad it isn’t the series finale!), because I just got back from Hawaii–not Oahu unfortunately though, so no Alex sitings although I did make sure to check out wherever I went just in case he was off island or at airport.

    Anyone know what he’s doing during hiatus?

  3. Thx so much Tiffany for the wondeful news. OMG thxxxx ! Bout time CBS let us know !! Tiffany hope u can keep the feed up.

  4. Happy, happy happy I’m very happy! 😉

  5. 期待第二季快点来临祝你们一切顺利’ :heart: Iloveyou’good luck!你看不见我但是我能看到你你是最棒得演员向你们致敬!祝那些喜欢你的朋友们’happy a good day!love your bear! :love:

  6. Thank you Tiffany, you just made my day!!! H5O gets a second season. I hope they get a third and fourth season also. We will just have to wait for that part. Now I can’t wait for the fall to see Alex again. I don’t even have to get use to another night. Monday nights will find me glued to the TV. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  7. I am so happy for Alex!! And the rest of the cast and crew too. H5-0 is a great show, in addition to the chemistry of the cast…it’s a home run!! Great job to all! Now, I’ll just have the anxiety of waiting patiently for the season 2 to begin…uugh! XOXO to Alex (you’re amazing and beautiful ) and the cast!! :love:

  8. So glad they are giving Alex another year, hope the show lasts for many more years. We knew you could do it.Also congrads to the all the cast of H50. Love all the beautiful pictures of Hawaii. Love you Alex.

  9. H5O rerun last night. If the world was going to come to an end at least I got to see Alex shirtless and in bed one more time :love:

  10. hooray just read season 2 confirmed yes yes is it fall yet i cant wait bring on the cast of hawaii five-o i miss them already need more alex please i need more now :heart: 😀

  11. Felicitări Alex O’Loughlin! Nu cred să mai fie un actor, care să fi jucat în atâtea seriale, cu teme, diferite, chiar ÅŸi pentru un singur sezon, care să-ÅŸi joace rolul atât de bine…Un mare actor, o floare delicată, plină de suflet.

  12. So happy about this!! :love:

  13. Great to hear – the best show on TV in Australia – we even went on holiday to Queensland and had to get back from dinner in time to watch !!

  14. Never saw the original Hawaii Five-0 but absolutely luv the new version. Here in Australia it isn’t getting the ratings that I thought, but it’s still going. Hopefully we get season 2 here. Look forward to my weekly perv on Alex, mmm. Thanks Tiffany.

  15. Thank you so much Tiffany, I look forward to your posts every day. How are we going to get thru the summer? Thanks again Tiffany! : 😀

  16. Can’t wait for season 2! :heart:

  17. Congrats to the whole cast and crew! Love Alex and look forward to seeing him every week. Scott Caan’s character is soooooo funny! Really enjoy watching him. CBS finally got it right for Alex. Also, as a side note about CBS, in my opinion, they blew it with Ashton Kutcher on 2 1/2 Men. That part was made specifically for Charlie Sheen, and replacing him was stupid, especially someone who comes off as juvenile and asexual as Ashton. At least Hugh Grant has sex appeal. They should have just let the show die. They have done it before by cancelling Moonlight and it had a huge fan base… Guess they just want to make a point, but I won’t watch anymore and I loved that show.

  18. Not that this comes a a huge surprise but I don’t enjoy the “boys” for keeping us in the dark so long. Congratulationsand love to to a terrific 1st Season and those in it, especially Mr. Tall Dark Handsome Stramger (taken from one of his music videos.) Hawaii 5 0 will probably be the start of a teriffic life for Alex. Just wish I’d seem him i a sexy swim suit ….I’ve seen Danno but but not Alex!! What’s with that….national show biz magazines are giving him ZIP regontion as far as I’m converned. :bandit: Love from Alex’s Forever Fan.

  19. That is fantastic news about Hawaii Five-0 getting the official season two renewal. Congrats, Alex and cast. You can now all have a fabulous summer! I’m so happy about it. I absolutely knew that it would get picked up even CBS knew they had a hit on their hands. I can’t wait for season two. The finale was great!!! Thanks again Tffany for all that you do all year long keeping us up to date with our Alex. I agree with something you said earlier in the week for all of us to think about possible story lines for the new season. I’ll put my writer’s cap on and give it some thought. Get back to you on that. Talk to you soon, Lisa

  20. YAY, now I can’t wait until next fall. Congrats to Alex and all the cast and crew. They worked so hard and what a great show. Nice to be able to see Alex one night a week. Thanks Tiffany.

  21. im so glad there will be a second season.here in britain we are a little behind episodes ,the last one that was shown was episode 16.i love hawaii 5-0 and alex is brilliant as steve. 😀

  22. Alex looks so darned happy! My congratulations to Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace for keeping their day jobs!! LOL And congratulations to CBS for finally getting Alex into a show and then keeping it on!

  23. Thanks Tiffany for the update. Congratulations to Alex,Scott,Daniel and Grace and all the other actors and crew of Hawaii Five-O. So happy for Alex and everyone. Looking forward to Season 2 of Hawaii Five-O.

  24. Yes, it’s so good to get the official word! Alex looks sooo happy! I And, we are all happy for him! Again Tiffany, thanks for keeping us updated. Really appreciate it! You have done a great job! :love: :heart: 😀

  25. hi thanks great news but in a way i new it hawaii five-0 is a great show and cbs has a gold mind with it great great alex you must be happy

  26. Wow that is amazing news! Been sitting on pins and needles until the word came down. Alex and the cast deserve this, it is a great show and can’t wait until next season. Already pre ordered my dvd. Rock on Alex! :love: :love:

  27. 😀 Great and awesome news. Many people really and truly watching Hawaii Five 0, because of amazing Alex and others. Keep up the best among the super shining stars :heart: 🙂

  28. Finally CBS recognizes that Alex can do it!! We all need to email CBS and give them a high-five!

  29. YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait!!!! 😀

  30. It is certainly a relief that whoever has finally come up with a winning formula that leads to a second season. Though I agree, we knew it would happen – they had already announced they had signed Masi Oka to return as a series “regular”.

  31. I knew there would be a Season 2. Who would not want a Season 2 of Hawaii Five-O

  32. Thanks be to the Gods of CBS who finally let Alex have two seasons of a show. Let’s hope he has many more as he truly deserves it. Congratulations Alex on a job well done!!

    1. Very well said Sonja…..

  33. I am so excited about seeing Season 2…I love this show and I love watching Alex faithfully. He is such an amazing actor and might I add sexy as he wanted be… :love:

  34. So happy for Alex. Love Hawaii 5-0, but I don’t know if I will make it all summer to see what happens. 😀

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