More Rugby Photos

From TV Drama Watch more photos from the first episode of  Three Rivers showing Alex playing rugby…




Photo: Diana Lyn /CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

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  1. HELLO!


  2. i just got done your web site on alex i love all the photos and i see all the people who wrote happy birthday to alex i love the photos of him to well i hope that i am not to late to wish alex a happy birthday and many more to come so happy birthday to you baby you look great

  3. its alex o’loughlins birthday too day

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    Happy Birthday Alex. Just in case you never received the birthday card I sent recently I wanated to go on record. Hopefully you’ll find these many nice greetings your fans send you.
    I started watching Mary Bryant again yesterday….oh man Alex, you looked so young and so handsome in this beautiful film. So glad I was able to find it here in the States. Waiting patiently for Whiteout and especially for Three Rivers.

  5. Thank you for the continuous great coverage of “our Alex”. I love being able to stop at one site for a “quick Alex fix” when my day is hectic. Keep up the good work with this site!

    I can’t wait for Three Rivers to start. I like the changes that seem to have been made…even though I will also miss the tight scrubs but I do like the casual look they have been showing at this time. The story that I think they want to tell in this series is extremely important. I know some people will not share my opinion, but once your life has been touched , as mine has, by a person and family that is willing to donate their loved ones organs / tissue, your life is never the same! I hope that viewers, critics and studio execs give this show a chance.

    I believe that this will be “Alex’s year” with all of his upcoming projects. I just finished watching the episodes that he was in on The Shield….where he got to proudly show off his tats. 🙂 I love seeing him play so many different characters….which he definitely has done so far in his career. He is truly one gifted actor!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Alex and have a great day. Love Hope

  7. Happy birthday to you Alex, love from

  8. yumy alex is sooooo hot this picture and thank u very much for pic.

  9. Hi Pat B, I agree with you that no one and I mean no one can compare with our Alex.. He is so sweet, he is so handsone and he is so talented. I think he could play any role. I’m still wanting a remake of Farewell to Arms with him and Sophia. I just think maybe if anyone agrees with me what can we do to tell Hollywood. I noticed most of the movies are horror or sci fi maybe its time to have love stories again. signed hopeful.

  10. Make room for me in the middle of that huddle Natalie!! Great pics Tiffany. Thanks.

  11. made my day! So beautiful! Thank you for the posts!

  12. Commenting on Alex’s long running stride, has anyone seen Mary Bryant? Near the end of the movie he is running to try and save Mary and he runs so fast he is almost a blur. That boy is FAST. He did say one time he runs 10 miles a day during the week and on weekends works out. There is no one who compares to our Alex.

  13. I am guessing it is a set up to show Andy is just one of the boys from the Burgh… to give his character more depth and to make him seem more personable and human. I heard from somone who has access to the casting info given to the actors that that one of his old friends from the Rugby game is supposed to be named Mick too… A Mick who knows Andy from the old days… who knows if they will change that though. LOL.

  14. Since this rugby game is in the first episode, I would also have to guess that there is a storyline involving one of the other players. In 43 more days, we’ll find out. I am so excited for this program that I am going to watch this instead of the Steelers game and for those of you who have read my postings, you know that I am a die hard Steelers fan so it takes something special for me not to watch a game. Alex and TR is that something special. 🙂

  15. Wow! Nice leap! Looks more like modern dance than rugby!

  16. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures of Alex !

  17. Sweet Alex!! Thanks for the pics.

  18. Well at least we know now that he could easily run away from his crazy fans if he had to. ;D
    Thanks for the x-tra pics!!

  19. Wondering if they really were playing the game or just doing certain shots on film?…
    Yes, Alex does seem to have a long legged stride…

    Been trying to see how a game of rugby with some pals could fit into this scrip… Then I think the description of the last set of Rugby photos posted here, now in Archives, said something about some guy shoves Alex’s Andy character & says “You may work across the river, but I know where you come from” (hope I got that correct without having to go back to the other thread)… So it just dawned on me that perhaps this rugby game is a lead-in to a storyline concerning that guy…maybe this guy suffers a heart attack & when he is rushed to the hospital (Andy’s hospital across the river) tests show this bully needs a heart transplant or something like that…

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    Oh Happy day. More great photos of Alex. Thanks a million. He’s what makes me love my Lap top. LOL.

  21. Alex’s look of pure joy in the last picture is wonderful. I think that he must of had the time of his life taping that scene. Guess it really did remind him of home. The second picture is amazing, his stride is soooo long. He’s certainly all legs in that photo. The first photo has Alex in deep concentration, as if trying to understand the next play. I like to get in the middle of that huddle. 🙂

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