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For those of you that missed the fanart day last week while we remembered the self-defense class two years prior, you will be happy to know that it is back. The creators were busy providing a new virtual art gallery for you to browse through. The character of Steve was forefront in their minds as the majority of the art revolves him. Take a look and hope you enjoy.




First we have something a little different from Bryna. It is not a movie poster adaptation this time. She adapted this one from something Zachary Levi uses for his charity purposes. Instead of the Nerd Machine, she made Steve the science guy. Very different but kind of cool.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Becoming_Bryna




Next from Sonja, Alex is looking angelic in his all white suit and background. It is different than his usual bad boy look but just as sexy in its own right. She even uses a background that gives the impression of white light making him look even more innocent.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Monika said she was inspired by her time on Waikiki Beach two years ago, so she decided to create a picture around that.  She even has his feet wading in the water and sand creating some artistic splashes. The pastel hazy look gives off an imaginative feel of a dreamlike state, allowing anyone to think he is walking towards them.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz





One our admins got inspired this week, too. With the seventh season finale just days away, here is an artistic look back at the last scene of all the ones prior. What will Steve’s expression be as they go dark on another successful season this Friday night.  Any predictions?

alex o'loughlin fanart





Gaby created a very sexy piece also utilizing one of the season finale looks. No matter whether all turned around or not, Alex in a tux is irresistible.  She drives that point home with the lips off to the side. It is hard not to take your eyes off of this one.

alex o'loughlin tux


Credit H50Europe




We pulled from the gallery once again for Silvia and one of her previous pieces. With the recent episode showing Steve as a SEAL with such compassion and honor we found this to be appropriate at the time. Even with all the stuff he saw in war and what he must have been dealing with, he still showed such  admirable traits to Salaam. It was the true meaning of an American hero and this reminded us of that example.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia from the gallery



A more recent one from Silvia is the background of what she used for the most recent calendar. Taken from the most recent episode, it is compassionate Steve. From the forefront to the background, his eyes say it all. He is trying to see the good in all human life even when it is used for evil.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia





That is another art wall in the books. Hope you found something you liked from the creators. Thanks to them for their faithfulness of proving their weekly creations.





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  1. All of those were amazing! I usually have a favorite but this time I can’t choose! Excellent job on all of them!

    1. Glad that you like all of them. Thanks for commenting!

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