Alex at An Evening for JLo

Pictures of Alex at a surprise Birthday party thrown for JLo by her husband Marc.

Alex O'Loughlin at JLo's 40th birthday party

Alex O'Loughlin at JLo's 40th birthday party

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Thank Nadioz!

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  1. I definitely agree with Kitty.
    Being Australian myself (Sydney, Australia, to be precise), its great that Alex is getting more roles and it wouldn’t matter to me if the Backup Plan wasn’t successful ‘cos Alex is awesome no matter what.
    Alex was great in The Shield, Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, The Invisible, Oyster Farmer, August Rush, Moonlight etc.
    Moonlight was great, but Hollywood just wasn’t ready for the whole vampire thing until the crappy Twilight movie came out *gags*.
    Moonlight would of made a better movie than Stephenie Meyer’s stupid Twilight Saga.
    Give me Mick St John over Edward Cullen any day.
    Vampires that don’t have fangs, are so-called ‘vegetarians’ and sparkle when they go out in the sun SUCK ASS!!
    Give me fanged, blood-lusting, ass kicking creatures of the night!!
    Bring on the good vampire stuff, not the shitty stuff.
    And keep the Aussie invasion of Hollywood going.
    We need more Aussie talent in the US.

    I have one more thing to say: Alex is fuckin’ awesome and I will always support him, no matter what direction his career takes.
    Moonlight is not the be-all and end-all of Alex O’Loughlin.
    It’s just the beginning.
    We should just be fans of the man himself and not just Moonlight.
    Being a fan of just Moonlight will just cause negative communication, verbal abuse etc.
    Being a fan of Alex is far more positive, because you are supporting his career and whatever else he decides to do with his life.

    Thank you.

  2. Elza,

    Pull in your claws, do not go boasting…no room for that here…And I do know that when a camera is around all try to appear at their best…not saying Alex is superficial here, for he is nothing like that, but like many who know the best advise for surviving in this world, Keep your friends close & your enemies closer…

    And so I will say here, Elza, I am neither your friend or your enemy

  3. I don’t care if they are tying to beat each other with whiffle bats off screen, as long as the movie works out-and Alex gets lots more roles!
    There have been several really good movies over the years where the main actors hated each other-and bad movies where everyone was good friends. JLo does come with considerable baggage-lets hope the movie works, the box office is excellent…and we get to see lots more of Alex, soon!

  4. Reseach ? sorry but that’s hilarious you would actualy have to know them to affirm things like that and not read tabloids.
    A friend of mine was at the Jlo birthday party and she told me that Alex and Marc were hanging out just the two of them, smoking cigar and laughin together, sound like everything went well.

  5. I am honest, do my research & just let my discoveries be known as I find them…

    As far as an ML movie, well perhaps fans should re-read Alex’s own comments in that regard..

    Also I, like so many other polite mature fans, also find syrupy repetitive posting annoying… And being impolitely rude should also be checked, like a coat, at the link to this or any site…

  6. Tish your comment are always the same you’re so annoying.

  7. HOT, HOT HOT, that’s all I can say!!

  8. I’ll watch Alex in anything, too. Well, maybe not a Lars von Trier film where he’s circumcised with a dull butter knife, but pretty much anything else.

  9. I, for one, am both a ML fan as well as an Alex fan, & I see no difference or division…Alex, himself, has shown a definite interest in amking a ML movie…

    Secondly, Marc Anthony is known to be the jealous type or perhaps that is the guilty type since it took two of them, Marc & JLo, to tango to break up his first marriage… I think Alex has more class & better upbringing than to get entangled there, at least I do hope so…

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    To Kitty Kershaw: on the contraire. I think Australia has been sending us some really great , hot guys and even tho’ as an American my last favorite hunk was Jeff Bridges, I loved Alex in Mary Bryant and especially in Oyster Farmer. And thank God for Moonlight or I may never has realized what a great talent he is and that he EXISTS!

  11. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Does anybody know who the they are said Marc Anthony was not going to invite Alex to JLo’s birthday party because he spends a lot of time with her on the movie? Why do you think its going to kill his career because he is acfting with JLo? I think JLo looks great and is a very good actress. signed hopeful

    1. Hi Hope that sounds like the rumor mill at work. I wouldn’t put much stock in it. And as far as JLo killing his career… I would bet that is coming form the die hard Moonlighters who don’t want to see him succeed in anything but Moonlight. The fact that you greeted us with “Hi Moonlight Lovers” is kind of telling. The fans will make or break this movie.. not JLo and unfortunatley Alex’s fans are divided in loyalty with some being more loyal to a show then the actual actor.

      1. I’ll watch ANYTHING Alex is in. Don’t care who the rest of the cast are! Must admit, don’t think much of JLo and wouldn’t have bothered to see it, but because of Alex I’ll definitely watch it. Being an Australian, I’m allowed to say that most Australian films are crap, but even that doesn’t stop me watching them if Alex is in them. He’s just too hot to not watch! And he is a very talented actor too.

      2. I’ll always be an Alex O’Loughlin fan, not just a Moonlight fan. Some may have wanted him to fail just to get a Moonlight movie, not me. I want him to succeed in everything he does!

  12. I love that tie! And what is behind it, of course. He does clean up very well.

  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Quite attractive Alex is. Quite a looker when he gets spiffy up. Ever imagine him as the 007 Bond character he tried out for? I do. Now, if only he was in a suit that was black and he had a martini in his hand (shaken not stirred) with a girl on his arm. I’m imagining it now…hmmmmmm, yummmy. Quick, mental picture…click. 🙂

  15. **SIGH**…He is just to die for…..

  16. ohhh me good alex hi is looks amazing hi is sexys man hi is super man love u alex xxxxx thanks u x

  17. He does scrub up nice!!! Bet Jlo ( who is not looking her best) wished her hubby was gone for a while.
    Well, hopefully this movie does it for Alex. Then they will pick some co-star for him with Sophia Myles’ charisma!!!
    Saw ” Twilight”. As Alex said ” When are we going to do the movie?!” ( Moonlight). Then Alex will be on the cover of People.

  18. If this is the bash that Marc Anthony or whatever his name is (JLo’s hubby) put on, I thought they said he probably would’t give Alex an invite due to him being concerned shall we say about the time his wife was spending with her hunky aussie co-star.

    He certainly scrubs up good, and that is not a pun on the scrubs he will be wearing next for 3 Rivers, it is simply an English/aussie expression meaning when he wants to he can certainly look good in his good dressy clothes. Love that tie, it certainly goes well with the whole suit, shirt enemble.

    1. Sandra, do you not get the feeling we’re watching an ascending and descending star?

  19. Simply stunning! WOW!

  20. I think, hair are sustained

  21. Alex looks amazingly gorgeous, thanks!

  22. · Edit

    What unbelievably great photos….Alex couldn’t look better.

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