Alex at the CBS, CW, Showtime TCA Party

Alex at the 2009 CBS, CW, Showtime summer press tour held at the Hungtington library on August 3rd, 2009.

Alex at TCA Party

Alex at TCA Party

Alex at TCA Party

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  1. Hi Barbara and Maggie! I’m so glad there are more of us ‘mature’ fans out there:-). I am also over 50 and feel like a teenager with a major crush when it comes to Alex. His face greets me when I turn on my computer and he is also my screensaver. I adore him and can’t wait for October 4th. I also can’t wait until he starts going on talk shows to promote 3R’s. He is gorgeous and I love his short hair. God!!! How can one man be so BEAUTIFUL?!!!!

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    Hey, Maggie, I’m over 70 and also have never been to a fan site before. I feel like I was writing your comment! I too cannot breathe when I look at his pictures or watch his films. And last nite I was watching Feed again. It is difficult to watch some of the scenes. But isn’t he wonderfully masterful at pulling off the Michael character? I have pictures of him everywhere ’cause I can’t stand not to see him for very long. I anticipate every single one of the promo ads run by CBS for Three Rivers. Holding my breath for that and for Whiteout. Wish Back up Plan would be released sooner.

    1. Hi Barbara and Oli,
      Thank you ever so much for putting this smile on my face this morning. I love that there are so many of us that feel so in awe of Alex. Barbara, since your comment I counted the pictures I currently have of Alex in my living room, kitchen, bedroom, car, and even in my office at work….31! I think I’m a stalker….OMG! I do know I intend to go to every movie, watch every TV episode, buy every DVD available, and follow everything online for as long as Alex continues to act.
      Oli, you ask: How can one man be so beautiful? Well I think it is more than that. There are plenty of really good looking young actors out there, but none other than Alex has that HEAT that just comes right through the screen to take your breath away. Alex is phenomenal! Ahhh….

      1. You’re right Maggie. It’s not just his looks that make him beautiful. I think he is beautiful on the inside as well. Watching and hearing him on interviews, he sounds so REAL! He’s not full of himself as other actors are. He seems to have a sense of humor…I love that!!! Nothing is sexier (to me at least) than a man with a good sense of humor. His looks are just frosting on the cake:-).

  3. OOhh! these pix are exquisite! Ok, I’m 50+ and I have never even been on a fan site before. But I simply cannot get enough of Alex. I even love FEED! Does anyone else stop breathing when he is on the screen? I honestly find that I’m out of breath once one of his scenes is over. Alex O’Loughlin is the sexiest man that has ever taken a breath! I too can’t wait for Three Rivers and Backup Plan.

  4. Ladies – since when do we give a flying fig what the critics have to say. Have they not learned anything? We are fans of Alex for not only his outrageous sex appeal, but we see past that and appreciate his talent as well. Guess when we all tune in on October 4th – they’ll see what we mean. I think Alex has the look of a caring, compasionate surgeon. Can’t wait for October 4th. 🙂

    1. I heartily agree with a loud “SECOND” on that JoJo, LOL!!

  5. I remember when that George Clooney guy had to get a short, sort of odd haircut for ER and it did not mess up his career…:) Hugh Laurie is getting his hair cut this season, too.

  6. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I don’t care what the critics say about Alex’s hair or his scrubs on Three Rivers they could not de-sex him if they tried. Alex has it all, his looks his acting and the sweet way he writes to his fans , how could anyone not love him. signed hopeful

  7. Oz is Australia. we are someitmes called aussies so Oz for short.
    Schlumf is something they called ALex form the critics.. They sad bad haircut, and commented on the scrubs that wew in the pilot, something about trying to make him look bad and de-sex him, and make him less of a star than he ism sort of saying to his Moonlight fans this is the man you all loved and look at him now.

    Neeless to say the critics didn;t like Three Rivers

  8. I adore his blue,tender and warm look.
    What means SCHLUMF Sandra Fegan? Í´m spanish girl and sometimes it´s very dificult
    to me understand your comments. Thank you.
    Oh ..and whats OZ? i´ve been searching for but I am not lucky, can you help ?
    Alex´s fan.

  9. I am in love! Those eyes, the smiles, the body…arghhhh!

  10. ;-)…There is nothing I can say that all of your comments haven’t said about this amazing man!…yeah, it would be cool to meet and just simply have a social chat with him, without scaring him with our obsession of him! lol!!! He is indeed a soulful human being, true essense of man, the sensual and romantic boyish side. Every women’s dream of how they wish their man to be….Its isn’t only his physical atributes that pulls me in. There’s alot of handsome actors out there, but Alex has this inner quality of himself that comes through in whatever role he plays…The eyes are the window of our soul and they never lie when it comes to who you really are.

  11. It must be the Irish/Scottish, sun kissed aussie mix LOL That makes ALex so charismatic

  12. Glad there are some great looking guys out there

  13. Count me in too ladies – he has that look that just makes you melt. I love the haircut and the stubble, those eyes, lips, OMG – just when you think you’ve seen one hot pic of Alex- Tiffany comes through with more, each one hotter that the one before. Thanks for all your efforts, Tiffany – Looking forward to see what’s in store for us next time. By then, maybe my heart rate will get back to normal. WOW!

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    Yeah, you guys have said it all. It’s reassuring to know I’m not out here alone experiencing the oddest reaction I’ve ever had to a celebrity. I feel better knowing others have been so completely captivated by this fascinating man. Keep you comments coming in so I can rest assured I am still SANE….LOL.

  15. I think he looks really good in the scrubs…or chocolate syrup, mud. I’m not picky 🙂

    1. Love your comment…….made me giggle! I agree 100%!!!!!! I am soooo fascinated by this man, and his talent’s.

  16. Know what you mean Barbara, it’s like he is looking at you , and smiling at you only. The man.

    1. I know. It’s like you are in a crowd among all of his millions of adoring fans and when he looks out you are the only one he sees. His eyes single you out and there you are mesmerized and spellbound. Dont laugh but I truly believe he has a special magical power and he is an angel on earth. I have never ever been affected this way before by anything or anyone presented by the visual media.

      1. Exactly! I share the same sentiments…well said.

  17. What is it about this particular man that just staring at a picture of him makes something stir and move within? I tried that with other good looking celebrity men and I dont get the same reaction. He has that special “Je ne sais quoi” quality within him that just reaches out and touches your soul. He will forever live within me.

  18. AL
    lex does sprt of make one go sort of gaga Barbara. Can you imagine meeting him in person, good looks, tall and charming, with a sense of humour too boot, standing there open mouthed like a gold fish. not being able to say a darn thing to him LOL

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    Thanks of billion, billion , billion, Tiffany. There’s no comment I can possibly make because I am totally speechless and just staring gaga at these awesome photos.

  20. Thank you so mutch for this great pictures from Alex! He looks so good!!!

  21. Love the lashes on those big baby blues. The last picture is my favorite. So handsome.

  22. His eyes’ say so much.”……his smile speaks so clearly…….put that in the mix with his awesome acting talent………we get gold!!!

  23. SO it that the bad haircut they reckon Dr Andy’s got, what was it had haircut, tight scrubs de-sex him, make him look a schlumf or whatever. Sayto the people is this your star actor. Or something along those lines so the critiics reckon. Give me me de-sexed schlumf anyday. WIth a great big STAR

  24. Thank you soooooooooooo much!
    Alex looks amazing, so gorgeous!

  25. Oh Tiffany, thanks soooo much. Alex is gorgeous.! Looking forward to more great pics. You’re the best.

  26. isnt the press tour a two day thing..if so that means there should be some more pics coming…yay!!!!!

  27. OMG!!!!! SOOOO HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish he was mine….. <3 lol

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