Hawaii Five 0 Episode 8.18 E ho’oko kuleana Sneak Peeks

It has been a couple of weeks since we have had some sneak peeks to share, but CBS just released them for tomorrow night’s episode. These are extra special sneaks as they are the first scenes that have been shared that Alex has directed. How exciting is that!

If you have read any of the interviews Alex has done this week than you already know that there will be three entirely different stories in this one. One will be with Adam and Steve, one will be with Danny and a flashback as to his time in New Jersey, and the last one will be Junior and Tani are assigned to walk the beat. With all these stories, it is clear Alex had a challenging episode to direct but we have no doubt he did a phenomenal job.

Here are the sneaks! Get excited as the whole thing will be revealed in less than 24 hours now.





Credit CBS





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