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  1. Ohh T Y
    Tiffany ; }

  2. Brenda… The Backup Plan.

  3. Big hello…
    What is the name of the movie? thanks

  4. I too miss the longer Mick locks. But looking back on his other movies/shows he’s got short hair in them. Michael in feed was the nearest to Mick’s style, except blonde. Will Byrant it was very curly but short on top with an obvious false piece at the back for the pony tail that men of that period wore, Kevin, Marshall, Jack, Adam (I think from Black Jack), of course more recently VIncent, Dr Andy and whatever his name in B,U.P all short, and the five o’clock shadow.
    Oh, well anyway is good. But I miss Moonlight, that’s when I first found him, so hey, the hair went with the characater.

  5. I do miss Alex’s longer hair!

  6. I hated to hear that Jlo was going to be Alex’s leading lady for this picture. I had hoped his first big leading role in the states would be with a more popular female lead. I cannot stand Jlo. Most of her movies have not done well at all. I will give the movie a shot when it comes out because of Alex. I will also tolerate seeing a film with Jlo in it because of Alex.

  7. for what show? movie (wateva) is this????

  8. Hmmmm, cant say I have heard of this movie but am willing to take a look when it hits Aussie shores, a girl must support fellow Australians! Heres to hoping that it gives Alex the recognition that he really does deserve!

  9. No, no, no, no, NO!!!!! Alex is too good for J.Lo and too young. Yuck! although he does look yummy.

  10. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Oh I forgot one thing she is also beautiful and I love her voice. signed hopeful

  11. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I must agree that JL is a great star and she would help Alex get better known. I have seen most of her movies and enjoyed them all and she is very versatile, she can sing english and spanish and can speak both, she can dance and act and is a mother too.She needs a pat on the back, don’t you thnk? signed hopeful

  12. yeah not a big star ? are you serious ? who doesn’t know who Jennifer is?, she has been doing movies for more than 15 years, worked with Coppola, Soderbergh, Nicholson, Sean Penn and many more + she had something like 5 #1 movies at the box-office. Don’t late your love for Alex drive you crazy. She’s the star and you have to accept that, and there is abosolutly nothing wrong with that, hopefully the movie is gonna turn out good and will help Alex to get even more films opportunities..

  13. Not a big star? I have to disagree there. She was a FlyGirl on In Living Color which was a massive success, a movie star opposite some good leading men like George Clooney, she rose to superstardom when she played Selena, then a singer with huge record sales, then she did more movies, and dated one of the Hollywood’s golden boys Ben Affleck, then married another huge pop star, and then had twins in the middle of Hollywood’s obsession with starlet babies. She is a pretty darn big star and if not for her presence on this movie I highly doubt any paparazzi would even be snapping pics of Alex so I am happy that we get to see him cause of HER huge paparazzi following.

    All the pics we are seeing on set are due to her stardom…not Alex’s. Hopefully that will change after the movie.

  14. I clicked on the here and here and can say I am upset to say the least…

    Celebrity Gossip gushed about JLo and again Alex was ignored like Latina referred to him as What’s His Name”…

    Now folks, this is certainly not fair, JLo is not a big star as far as I can see, a few movies that really went no where…but Alex has been in films in his native AU, besides coming here, for longer than JLo was ever heard of… For crying out loud, the man is talent personified & has the formal training to boot, less can only be said of JLo…

    If you go to that site read what she said to her stolen husband, Marc Anthony, pertaining to s scare with their twin daughter…It was all about JLo, not really, as a Mom reading into it, about her ill daughter or caring about Marc’s feelings, for example this is what I did not see: “God honey, what will we do, she is my life, our life!” Yep as I was told, She is all diva &, as I see it, very little heart…

    Please, all I can say is, Alex beware….

  15. Alex is looking fantastic as always – if Alex is in it I know I will love it!

  16. Getting used to ALex’s new hairstyle// :Loved teh Mick St John longer locks. But then short is also good, makes him ook yonger and cheekier. I noticed he’s still got the tight Mick pants on though. LOL
    Jlo looks good also.
    Thanks for the photos

  17. ohh good jlo is soo beautiful i like her soo much is soooo perfeckt to see togheter alex and jlo and i can not wait to see the movie….. good bless u alex love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Oh! I think they look so adorable together. Love how their characters are dressed! Al looks so perfect and J Lo looks beautiful. I cannot wait to see this movie. J Lo is so lucky to be with Al and this cannot hurt his career either! A win win! Go Al!

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