Alex O’Loughlin Wrap Up-June Hiatus


Another month has gone by and Alex should be ending his time off real soon which is probably better for the fans than for him. He hardly was seen at all during this last month and pretty much ended this hiatus like he started last year’s… completely scarce.

With that being said there were a few things for the month to review for the wrap-up and we have added them below.


New Photos


The only new pic that showed up that was recent was this one posted June 26th. Alex and Malia were heading back to Hawaii from the San Francisco airport. This Malia fan got a pic with both of them onboard and even mentioned something about swapping seats. alex o'loughlin san francisco airport




New- Old Pics

There was also this set of pics that were posted just recently of Alex behind the scenes on the Three Rivers’ set. They were taken by a product placement consultant that used to visit the set and had some special privileges. Check out her post to read more.

alex o'loughlin three rivers BTS alex o'loughlin three rivers BTS alex o'loughlin three rivers BTS




A few other things happened this month such as CBS Watch released a video of Alex talking about Father’s Day and the dates for the season 8 premiere and the season 7 DVD were released. See below for the details on all three of these events.








That’s a wrap on June. Thankfully for all the fans that like behind the scenes pics and videos, they will start shooting real soon. The Blessing is expected to be July 6th (speculative date based on previous years’ timing) which is less than a week away. So enjoy your Fourth of July for those that celebrate it and get ready for season 8! The news should start coming in more as soon as they scream ACTION!




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