Hawaii Five 0 Season 8 -Who’s Going, Who’s Coming, What’s Next


Over the last few months, there has been a lot of news and rumors about what is happening with the Hawaii Five cast for season 8, and that came to a head even more today. Based on that we thought we would try to sum it up for you in one location. First of all we want to say we do not have any inside info about this and will not pretend we do. We will just bring together some of the info that has been happening in a what we do know-don’t know way from all the various credible sources.


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What we do know


    • It has been verified that both Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan will return in their roles as Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams respectively.


    • Sadly, it was reported today by numerous credible sources that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park will NOT be returning in their roles as Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalkaua. Both Daniel and Grace have been with the show since it’s inception in 2010 and will be sorely missed.


    • Season 8 will premiere on September 29 at the regular time slot of 9pm


    • The season will begin shooting in the beginning of July


  • In the first part of June we had heard that the show was looking for a  new female character to be cast. An actress from LA has been awarded that role.


Spoiler room on Hawaii Five 0




  • There will be 23 episodes for the season



What we do NOT know (yet)

    • There has been rumors that Alex will not return after season 8. The only thing we can say about this was in his recent interview with CBS Watch Magazine, he said he was feeling better and could go on a year or two more. Whether this newest info about the cast changes will change his mind is unknown.


    • We are assuming that Chi McBride will return as his role as Lou Grover


    • One would think that Ian Anthony Dale as Adam, Julie Benz as Abby, and Londyn Silzer as Sara will not be returning because their storylines were so tied into the main characters of Kono and Chin. However, this is unknown as it is possible the writers could find a clever way to keep them on the show. It would be really sad to lose them, too so hopefully they have worked that out.


    • There has been rumor that there will be another cross-over but this is not verified.


    • Whether there will be a Sunset on the Beach event in September is not known. This is however, very likely based on previous years but no official announcement has been released
    • Whether there will be a season 9 is way to early to tell and speculation at this point is not worthy of your time as season 8 has not even started. Take it one year at a time.




There you have it! What is known and not known as of this date going forward. It is a sad day in the Hawaii Five 0 fandom as both Chin/Daniel and Kono/Grace were beloved members of the Ohana on and off the screen. Unfortunately this is TV and a business that does not always make sense to the actors or fans.

We solemnly wish for the best onward for both Daniel and Grace. We also want to acknowledge the void that Alex and all those that will start shooting soon have ahead of them.  The original cast and crew have seemed so close and enjoyed working together and this has changed that dynamic greatly. Much Aloha to ALL in the new path ahead!





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  1. Hello. Yes this is tv and the business doesn’t make sense to outsiders. BUT the cast of ‘Friends’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ were able to get it done. They stuck together, with some taking pay cuts even so no one leaves. That makes sense. Are you and Scott thinking, “heck Hawaii 5O is only going to last one or two seasons more because Scott or I might leave anyway so why bother working with Park, Kim, and CBS on a deal that would keep us all together?! I want to get PAID while I’m here yaknow?! It’s just business they’ll understand!” How much of that was true?! Scott and you can take less money so Daniel and Grace can be paid equally. You two don’t star in this show by yourselves; how presumptuous. Now what about the fans who have been here since day one?! Call Scott, put pride away, and fix this!

    1. Ok, first of all this is NOT Alex as we are just a fan site. The post and our site clearly states that we are not connected. The rest we prefer not to comment on. Thanks for following.

  2. Thankyou for this summary! Can’t seem to grip that there won’t be Kono and Chin next season…it’s hitting harder than I thought even more than Alex considering leaving after season 8. Maybe because Alex gave really good reasons for wanting to leave. On a high note Daniel Dae Kim has started a production company which will keep him busy:)) and I know Grace will excel in whatever she pursues next. Wishing much luck to them both! Hopefully that’s the last of the sad news for awhile!

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