Moonlight Episode Two – Out of the Past


In episode two of Moonlight we get a glimpse into Mick’s past and a case he worked on years ago. Mick took a case that involved protecting an abused woman from her husband. Mick decided to rough the man (Lee Jay) up in the hope it would scare him into treating his wife better or make him leave. It had the opposite effect and he killed her, staging the death to look like a suicide. He ends up going to jail but he is released many years later and thanks to help from a female journalist he has persuaded the public that we was wrongly convicted.

Mick is concerned that not only will he kill again, Lee Jay also knows Mick’s secret and can hunt him or expose him. As suspected the convicted felon goes after Mick by staging injuries and a self inflicted gun shot to make it look as though Mick attacked him. Mick goes on the run to avoid police and he goes to Beth for help. Mick and Beth turn the tables by sending a broadcast out on Buzzwire that tells the truth about Lee Jay and his involvement with two murders staged to look like suicide. The first one was kept from being public knowledge.

Reporters confront Lee Jay as he leaves the hospital and this forces him to show his true colors. He kidnaps his journalist girlfriend and calls Mick demanding that he turn himself in to police and confess to trying to kill Lee Jay, or he will kill his girlfriend. Obviously Lee Jay knows Mick has a soft spot for women.

Beth records the conversation on her answering machine and Josh takes the machine as evidence to the police. Mick and Beth decide to pursue Lee Jay by tracking the GPS on his girlfriend’s car. Mick finds them and a fight ensues. Mick is shot several times with silver bullets and about to be set on fire when Beth shoots Lee Jay from behind, saving Mick’s life.

Mick disappears as the police arrive and Beth goes to his apartment to find him. She walks in on him drinking blood from blood bags and sees his altered and very vampiric appearance. Mick tells her he is a vampire as the show closes.

I like this episode because it allows Beth to see what Mick is. It also shows us how vulnerable Mick is to the softer sex. He really fights to protect the innocent, despite being a self proclaimed monster.

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  1. We have only just received the first series of Moonlight and I love it, is there a second series?

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