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  1. Please see this thread if you want to weigh in on Three River’s being doomed or not:


  2. One: there is nothing sexy about blood dripping from the fangs in a mouth….

    Two: I am not one of the Knowledgeable Critics who are saying that Three Rivers will fail… They know more than you or I put together…so I feel they know something more than we do!

    Three: Being actor-centric will get no one anything they want…Most fans concentrate on the whole picture afterall we are no longer teenager screaming at a rock concert now, are we?

    Four: You had begun this blog because of Moonlight, but many times I, as well as others, have noted your shying away from the reason the blog was formed with anti-Moonlight remarks, especially against fans who still honor it as it was, a phenomenal show which will live on in memory until something constructive on film can be achieved and honored…

    Most Moonlight fans will watch TR, but not with a sour face… Many who are not even Moonlight fans, or new ML fans accumulated due to the showing on the SCI-FI Channel, all feel this show’s morbid nature…Yes, other med shows showed a death storyline, but not the fact that someone had to die to save someone else’s life…It is too sad a scenario for fans to watch week in and week out… I also feel CBS also knows this but TR was only their 3rd choice for a Fall pick, so it is quite obvious they are not too much in favor of the show surviving and then before it gets out of the starting gate, with other season premieres & new shows, it is postponed for some reality fiasco show (Sorry Survivor is as phony as a show can get… I watched a few times and can tell you that most of those competitors are actors trying to get a foot in the door of acting) that is not true entertainment at all…

    1. One: Geez Tish the picture is of two vampires. If you find blood and fangs so distasteful I am suprised you ever watched Moonlight.

      Two: Knowledgeable Critics? They are TV journalists and bloggers. I am a newspaper journalist myself although I have taken to other things in recent years. Guess that would make me every bit was qualfied to offer an opinion. I am not saying I anticpate a success or a failure I am just saying that it is too soon to say either way since the show hasn’t even aired AND fan bases are not even being considered. I have admitted it could fail but to dwell on negative reviews gives momentum to that idea. The law of attraction…

      Three: Having actor centric fans will keep an actor working. I think your issue is that you only want him “working” as Mick St. John. I do not share that opinion. I may not be a teenager at a rock concert but there is nothing wrong with fans that are. Show-centric fans are more likely to get nowhere… how many fan groups for defunct TV shows are still out there… lots I would guess. There is nothing wrong with it, just saying that actor-centric fans are more likely to get what they want… their actor in more roles.

      Four: I started this blog after seeing Alex in Moonlight yes. I had a choice between starting a Moonlight fan site or an Alex fan site. I realized that I was attracted to the leading male star more than the overall show… hence AOLO. I did not want to cover the other actors in the show and really could care less about them still.

      I have not made any anti-Moonlight comments. My pro-TR and pro-TBUP comments are being perceived by you and other die hard Moonlighters as a Moonlight slight. That just isn’t so. Or maybe you disagree with the fact that I like other vampire shows more than I liked Moonlight. I get vocal in support of these other shows when Moonlighters come here to bash them.. that is just tacky and it bothers me. Either way it seems I am anti-Moonlight if I am not obsessed with the show. Maybe I am anti-negativity.

  3. I would also like to add that the only reason I will even watch TR is because of Alex… I am not actor-centric & my fan status for Alex came due to Moonlight for he portrayed Mick St John as no other actor ever could…this showed me the man is truly talented, to take the tired old vampire genre scenario & turn it into a work of art…That is what Alex did…He will probably even make people fall for Dr Andy Yablonsky, but not to the degree of the Mick Fanbase…

    His show is also going up against some tried & true shows on ABC and with the fact that CBS is holding back its premiere, people will already be involved with the new season on those ABC show… CBS is putting a reality show in where TR should be premiering;this is not saying much for CBS’s loyalties to Alex, now is it? Survivor gets premiere billing week before a new show???? NOT, shows only disrespect for all in that show & all Alex fans… Myself, I loathe phony reality shows…if you watch one, you’ve got the concept of them all….

  4. I am going to be honest here myself having been around this blog for a long time; since the original 2nd season campaign… Many fans joined then to get some news on, not only Alex, but news on the threats hanging over Moonlight… It was a sad time & called for us all clinging together to soothe the pain from losing a most unusual show. Moonlight wasn’t just a TV show; it was a phenomenon that will outlast most of the vampire TV series now airing… It may not be on our TV screens, but it is still not away from our memories, most bought & viewed DVD of a very long time, and whose characters linger in our hearts…

    The negativity I am feeling from you Tiffany surprises me because you ran all things Moonlight during that campaign… You were all gung ho & all for it not being canceled, so how can you be so blaze about it now? Above is s hideous picture of supposed love…and a hot couple… I see something fiendish, not sexy… Mick 7 beth were truly sexy…

    And as far as the critics posting the failure of TR has not a darn thing with anyone here putting any form of negativity or bad luck on Alex’s new show… These critics are not basing their reviews on that pilot but the whole morbid scenario of such a show to the viewing audience… No way can anyone present show after show about transplants & not realize that someone’s death had to precede the organ donation… It will not be Alex’s fault if this show fails but the whole concept of mortality; one does not tune into a show so they can be faced with the stark reality of the future… One watches TV or a movie for relaxation & to get away from reality… Reality and our own mortality comes soon enough…I should know, lost loved ones too dear to me including my 9 year old son…So do not attempt to proclaim this and that anyone, TR is too serious a show to air on TV, perhaps one movie, but not weekly TV…

    1. Tish I happen to like the picture above. It isn’t supposed to be LOVE at all… it represents a SEXY sci-fi couple.

      Anyway, I am not the one being negative. I have read many say they will boycott the show because they are holding a grudge about Moonlight. Others say they will watch but say they hope it will fail and relish telling others how it is doomed. Everyone is entitled to their feelings but it has no place on an Alex fan site.. which very much IS actor centric.

      YES, I love the show Moonlight. This site was started due to Moonlight. I will always be a Moonlight fan… that has very little to do with TR though. Why are you even bringing it up… it is almost as though supporting TR is not permissable to Moonlighters. Why is that? LOL. Should I watch TR with a sour face so I can be back in the “club”?

      TR may in fact fail but I will feel lucky to have 13-22 episodes with Alex in them. And I don’t feel that the concept is too morbid. How many people died on ER? LOTS! One of the most horrific, heart wrenching TV moments I can think of took place on ER when Dr. Greene died. Cold Case has someone dying in each and every episode but yet that show is popular. TR has just as many things going for it as not… Alex of course, Henney (who has a HUGE Asian following), Kate (who also has many fans) etc. It has an ethnically diverse cast which is great for bringing in all kinds viewers. Who knows if it will last but I CHOOSE to remain positive. A minimum of 13 weeks of Alex can never be a bad thing.

  5. Tiffany,

    Yes, it was me that said that a few months ago. I never lie so I don’t plan to lie now. I was only just repeating what I have physically saw with my own two eyes. My personal feelings will have nothing to personally do with the ratings. I have no super powers that can boost or down grade ratings. I am not a nielson house, so my viewing choices are not being counted. I also said I will watch to support Alex, but it is not a show that interest me. And, several critics said the same thing. I am not a 12 year old to verbally spar with you Tiffany. I am above that. I live in America where I am affored my freedom of speech.
    Retract you claws. they are not appreciated or necessary.

    1. I am just being honest too Laura. You are bringing negativity here because you HOPE his latest project fails. I find that sad… especially on an ALEX O’LOUGHLIN fan site.

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    I’m not going to slam you, you’re just being honest with what you read, you sure can’t help what others write about.

    It would sure put NT in her place that’s for sure. No ill will to Alex an any way what so ever, but being the crazed Moonlight fan I am. I’m really pulling for the movie and write letters weekly.

  7. I know I am going to get slammed for my comments, but here goes. I have read at least 6 reviews online about Three Rivers. I am sorry to say, they were awful. The critics went as fars to say in their own opinions TR will be the first new show of the season canceled. They say many other bad things, that I won’t write down. They all praised Alex’s work though. They gave it a 10-1 chance of failure. Maybe this will leave the door open for that movie. Maybe everything is finally falling into place. Maybe we can get the series back. We have not gone away. We keep writing letters. go to tvsquad.com and cast your votes for favorite vampire tv show. Moonlight was way in the lead past True Blood as of late last night. Let’s keep voting and show hollywood we have not forgotten Moonlight.

    1. Well, the episode that the critics reviewed is not the one that will air as the pilot from what we have read. they said they will likely cut it up and use bits and pieces. They are re-doing the first episode and JUST filming the others so maybe they are tweaking and improving based upon what reviewers have said. We already know they have made numerous changes.

      Before the show airs is a bit soon to be writing it off but then again wasn’t it you that said a couple month ago you hope TR does fail because you are mad about Moonlight? If all of Alex’s fans are so negative then it WILL fail. Your comments have made it clear that is what you want so Alex can go back to Moonlight with his tail between his legs.

      The fans can make TR a sucess… if they “want” to.

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    I didn’t know CBS could NOT get back Moonlight wow, maybe that is a good thing, it sure leaves it open to WB & JS to shop it elsewhere especially for our movie we are so pushy about. I quit writing NT long ago because ——-. I am sending letters to all the other places. Now that the Body Politic got the final ax, maybe Jason can insert his 2 cents for a movie along with Alex. Wouldn’t that be great!!!

  9. I would like to know if it did also. If anyone finds out, please let us know.

  10. Anyone happen to know if EW’s new vampire issue has Mick in it??


  11. Sorry I just saw a typo I made above…I meant to type two show biz STAGS, not stages…

  12. ML fans,

    Unless Joel & Les Monvees come to some sort of a PAX, CBS has no hold on Moonlight any longer…Moonlight Rights are owned solely by Warner Bros… CBS, in its own way, admitted to making a mistake by canceling ML, but it had not a darn thing to do with ratings, instead it came down to two show biz corporate stages butting antlers…

    Save that postage to CBS fore more letters to Warner Bros & Joel Silver plus all the agents of each Moonlight actor (agents get the bookings, agents do make things in Tinseltown shine)…

    I also feel strongly that CBS gave Alex the project of Three Rivers, not only for his choice, but because CBS just cannot get back rights to Moonlight…

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    Here are some address’s hope this helps you and anyone else, it took me a minute to find them, I have some more or you can get them from the Moonlight cam pane forum at moonlightdreamsfreeforum

    Mr Joel Silver
    Silver Pictures
    4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg 90
    Burbank, CA 91522


    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, California 91522
    (818) 954-1744
    (818) 954-6000



    Warner Brothers Home Video Customer Feedback

    http://www.warnerbros.com/main/help/cus … rvice.html

    Kenneth Werner, President
    Warner Brothers Domestic Television Distribution
    4000 Warner Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91522


    Sci-Fi Channel
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    21st Floor
    New York, NY 10112

    – Mr. David Howe, President
    – Mr. Mark Stern, Vice President of Programming
    – Mr. Mark Miller, Senior Vice President, Sales
    – Mr. Thomas Vitale, Senior Vice President of Programming



    Ms Nina Tassler
    President, CBS Entertainment
    4024 Radford Avenue
    Studio City, CA 91604

    Mr. Les Moonves
    51 West 52nd St
    New York, NY 10019


    Amy Baer, President and CEO
    Mark Ross, VP of Production
    Maria Faillace, SVP of Production
    11800 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025
    (310) 575-7700

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    Laura, just catching up on some sites on Moonlight and found your post. That is really not too bad at all considering the short run and part of those were re runs.

    I miss Moonlight so much, I just have to pray our cards and letters will be important to someone and we’ll get our movie and then pray for another series.

  15. Dear Wubbywubby Melinda,

    I hope so too. I email CBS under their feedback section weekly. I take turns writing to Joel Silver and the WB people, because they hold the rights also. There is still so much being written about how great Moonlight was, maybe someone in the industry will realize how much it is still loved and wanted back. They have to see that after a year and a half people are still writing in about the show, and it is being nominated for different things at different web sites. I wish I had the head head guy’s name at CBS higher than Nina Tassler, and I would write him too.

  16. A few weeks ago when we were voting at tv.com for best vampire show of all times. Moonlight came in third. Anyway, I was putzing around the site and came upon a best out of 100 listing. In the drama category, Moonlight came in #69 or #68 out of 100. I think that’s pretty dam good for a show that was rudely axed after only not even a full season.

  17. Actually if you go in there to vote and get results, Moonlight have by far got the most votes 60 somehting%, and all the other ten have 30 something percent split between them.

    Not sure when thye do the tally, but in my books they brings them to no.1 couple. Never watched Roswell that I remember. Perhaps it wasn’t on in Australia, or should I say on the limited programmes I have, living in a remore area we don’t get all the channel our big city cousins get.

    1. The poll is just a way for others to weigh in but it won’t change the lineup on the actual page… it is based on opinion, not live Internet data.

  18. mick/beth are #1 favored couple on tv too.

  19. Mic and Beth Alex and Sophia The sexiest vampire and human couple ever. The couple that started it all . They opened the door for Robert and Kristen and Stephen and Anna. CBS you certifiably nuts you had and owned the gold mine and closed the door. The show Moonlight was the best of all shows that I have seen in a long time. You are crazy if you don’t do all that you possibly can to bring back the show and give the fans what they are craving. Fire who you need to . Hire who you need to and return the show to us. You could start this fall with season 1 and begin filming for season 2 ASAP. Mic and Beth the hottest couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mick & Beth are the #1 Sexiest Vampire Couple.

    Vampire addicted, is that what you wrote in the CBS feedback section? Good for you. I leave a comment there once a week. I usually start off by “it’s me again”. Keep it up. We should all overload their feedback section daily or weekly.

    Good for you!!!!!!

  21. Come On Now, just #5!!!! When I see Mick/Beth, I see the handsomest vampire ever created & the most alluring woman, who ever was penned, who loves him…. They have unbelievable chemistry, it even showed up off the show as well…

    Not everyone who posts here loves blood & guts vampirism… Taken back to the original TV vampire drama, Dark Shadows, again not at all blood and gutsy… Most of the women love the mystical magnetism of vampires, but not the blood & guts, sorry to a few who disagree… And I am one who goes for the the non-violent vamp, myself…

    I did not tune into Moonlight to be scared out of my wits, but to enjoy an ongoing love story with a supernatural twist… And the chemistry that gave me this enjoyment was Sophia/Alex’s portrayals of Mick/Beth…

    Apparently Moonight is coming into limelight again…Some articles are looking favorably upon a possible movie, so in order to get what we all want, a Moonlight movie, start asking respectfully & maturely in snailmail letters to TPTB…for addresses check out the Vampire/Moonlight thread on the right hand column….

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    I would have put them at no 1 also…to me they had an awesome chemistry I just can’t watch them enough. So far I haven’t seen any vampire series that can compete….but that’s just me.

  23. Mick and Beth to me would be no. one. Who was #1 thru #4? Who ever rated this should start over again.

  24. If this is any sign that Moonlight, PLUS the Saturn Award for best series on DVD plus 2007Peoples Choice award for best new drama, then we sure do need our Moonlight back. CBS you sure missed the boat where a great show is concerned.

  25. Just went to Sauidoo, never went down the bottom before, but you can cast your vote. Mick and Beth are romping it home with 90.7% of the votes. That must make them into no.1. Also nearly all the comments are for Mick & Beth. We rock ladies.

  26. MickBeth, first. last. always!

  27. Mick/Beth should have been #1!!!

  28. No brainer for me. Mick & Beth all the way

  29. I apologise Tiffany. I am up to Season 4, and so far Spike and Buffy were together because of one of Willow’s spells. I have yet to watch 6 & 7. I sort of remember Spike saving them all from hell,a nd boasting about it in Angel, because already watched all 5 seasons of that, when Spike joined wolfram and Hart.
    So certainly don’t remember, Buffy being with Spike again. At present she is with Riley in 3 & 4.

  30. Pinkeva,

    Alex and Sophia are not “so in love” nor are they “tormented”.

  31. I think Mick and Beth had that whole “sexy couple” package going for them in a classy and very touching and romantic way. I think “Moonlight’s” many fans just swooned when they were together – the chemistry was awsome. It didn’t have to be raw or bloody — it showed a strong bond between them but in such a sweet and tender way.

  32. Why did they cancel ML again? It was such an awesome show. It had everything! I miss it so much.

    1. CBS Nina Tassler’s fault. Tassler said Moonlight was actually more actor-centric – translation, fans showed up only for Alex, not for Sophia, Jason or the genre. Another CBS show Jericho had an online campaign, and when CBS renewed it, the fans did not show up. Tassler stated that that weighed in on the decision to cancel Moonlight. Another excuse was the ratings. Moonlight ratings were good, but after the writer’s strike (which was also a factor that derailed Moonlight – they lost 5 new episodes) ratings dropped. People have their pattern in viewing, the disruption by the writer’s strike was not good. Had it not been for the writer’s strike, I think Moonlight would have gained viewers and would have gotten higher ratings. Moonlight was replaced by the Ex-List. It bombed after 4 episodes and garnered only a 5.3 million viewers it’s last show. Tassler really blew it. A Canadian show, Flashpoint replaced Ex-List, it did better with about 10 million viewers. Flashpoint will return later in the season on CBS.

  33. Hey, there is nothing more I can say …that we all haven’t watched, felt , listened and loved about our MICK and Beth.

  34. Firstly I would like to thank Tiffany for her tireless effort
    i really appreciate it.
    Iwould like to say i am delighted that mick and beth,
    were in the top 5 after 1 series thats some acheivement
    I still miss moonlight. there is nothing to touch it on tv.

  35. Mick and Beth are definitely the sexiest couple ever. They are so much in love, and the way Mick is always looking at Beth it burns up the screen. Moonlight should still be on.

  36. Alex and Sophia ABSOLUTELY. So in love but tormented. Would have liked to see them for another season. Maybe a movie will be made and we can see them together again.

  37. MickBeth is the greatest couple to ever grace the TV or movie screen. The chemistry between them sizzles.

  38. They always looked stunning together in their scenes 🙂

  39. it is mick and beth all the way. i still miss them and moonlight.

  40. Mick (Alex) and Beth (Sophia) are the best couple forever in my mind. Thank you so much, Tiffany

  41. Mick and Beth sizzle because of the underlying chemistry and passion between them That’s what brings out the sexiness. Now for visual sexiness go back to Episode 6 when she tried to seduce him after taking the bc crystals. She was an absolute knock-out!! I’ve never seen her look more sexy or gorgeous and her attitude and demeanor was nothing short of a sexy seductress. Another scene was at Josh’s funeral. Even though she was in mourning her entire countenance was oozing sexiness. Just the way she was looking at Mick and the vibes coming through between the both of them was absolutely hot and sexy. And him, even though he was all beat up he was still gorgeous and hot and sexy as ever. So yes I do believe they should be on that list, maybe up higher because they are the sexiest and hottest to me.

  42. No contest. Mick and Beth are thr hottest couple yet. So sad they cancelled Moonlight. They generated more fans in one season than the others did in 6.

  43. Mick/Beth. ALex/Sophia they sizzle together, the chemistry, the leading up to it, The denial becasue of mortal and immortal, the snatched kisses from Beth the pain and torment in his eyes. Need I say more

    1. Sandra just wanted to point out from the comment on Squidoo… Buffy and Spike were together for a large chunk of season six and some of season 7 too. They lasted for more than one episode.

  44. There’s really nothing too sexy about MickBeth, except for Mick of course! They worked as friends who were attracted, but sexy? No. She seems like a nice girl, but he’s way too hot for her really. He needs someone a lot sexier, or sexy at all actually. Sorry.

  45. Mick (Alex) and Beth (Sophia) are definately number1!!!

  46. Alex and sophia (mickbeth) are a very sexy couple. But then I think Alex sizzles with anyone. Very biases as Alex is definitely the most sexiest guy around at the moment.

    Can’t help but dream that one day Mick St. John and Moonlight will hit the bit screen.

  47. great job scifi mick/beth are # 1 moonlight is the best show ever.

  48. I think its a great decision that they are in the top 5! Moonlight rulz!! Mick and Beth are awesome!!

  49. Mick and Beth will always be the sexiest couple to me.

  50. Alex O’Loughlin and Sophia Myles as Mick & Beth are definitely the sexiest vampire/human couple ever!!!!! They sizzled big time.

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