Hawaii Five-0 206 Ka Hakaka Maikai Recap

If you are International and rely on my recaps to keep up to date with the show then you need to know I skipped a recap (last week). I just wasn’t into it and didn’t want to recap it, sorry. The big reveal from last week was that Kono was working undercover and was finally able to rejoin the 5-0 team.

This week’s episode was probably my fave of all time. I am very much an action chick and this episode was action packed. My husband is usually pretty ambivalent about the show but this week he was GLUED to the screen and even made a comment about not walking away so he wouldn’t miss anything. Yeah… we likey.

It begins by starting at the end. McGarrett is about to enter a cage fighting ring. Lori is helping him prep and perhaps showing that she is starting to develop a soft spot for her boss. I think she admires and respects him more than she initially thought she would and she likes the side of him that would go into this fight so that made me curious about the motivation for it. Danno thinks Steve is going to get his ass handed to him so he tries to convince him to back out before he gets hurt.

Then we move backward 48 hours…

Steve is meeting with Joe and NCIS agent Kensi, that Joe enlisted for help in deciphering the audio from the video of Wo Fat and Steve’s Dad. Kensi tells them that they are discussing “Shelburn” but no one has any idea who or what that is. Before Steve can discuss at length he gets called away to a case.

A man (Jake) is shot in the chest and then dumped in the pool. His home is also robbed and the MO fits with a slew of robberies in the area. Victims were tied to a chair, interrogated in front of loved ones and then robbed. No one had been killed in those robberies though. In true Daddy fashion, Danno is consumed by the fact that the victim was a father and he makes sure to break the news to the tween son.

They start by tracking the robbers and they do that by narrowing in on what they had in common. All victims ate at high end restaurants in the weeks before the robbery. After interviewing one of the victimized families they narrow in on a valet company that is used at all the restaurants. They figure out which employees worked on the night these family’s ate and those same employees were NOT working at the time of the robberies. The criminals copied the house keys of their intended victims and then pre-approved the housewares while the families were not home. The 5-0 team figures they targeted Jake’s home because he dined at these restaurants and owned them as well.

They raid the house of one suspected criminal who has a record and they find surveillance photos of the homes being hit. They find one they don’t recognize and are able to track it down. When they get there it is being robbed by the masked men they seek and they successfully arrest them all. The ring leader is adamant though that they did not hit Jake’s house. He tells the 5-0 team that he didn’t know Jake, only his sister, who was ousted from the restaurants a few months before. This tidbit gives them incentive to look into the victim’s sister. They find out she left management of her brother’s restaurants and was instead given a position at his charitable organization for keeping kids off the street. They also find out that upon Jake’s death his estate is settled upon his son, with Auntie controlling it until he is 25. This looks like motive.

Joe arranges a meeting for himself and Steve with the man who lead them to the video. Just after he gets off the phone with McGarrett about the meet Joe is attacked in his apartment by Wo Fat. A knock down drag out fight ensues after Wo fat makes it clear he intends to kill Joe and then Steve. Joe is very nearly killed but he manages to get the upper hand at the last moment but Wo Fat escapes.

Steve and Danny ask the sister some questions about her motive for killing her brother. She insists that she was not fired and that she volunteered to work for her brother’s charity. They also ask if she owns a gun and she tells them about a gun they kept at the gym they run the charity out of. They confiscated it from a gym member and kept it in an office desk. When they go to the gym to apprehend the gun, it is missing. The only other person who knew about the gun besides Jake, the sister, and the brother in law was a fighter who had been trying to get sponsor money out of Jake so he could go pro. When they get to his home they find his Jeep outside and the missing gun on the floor board. The guy spots them and runs but McGarrett is able to go hand to hand with the guy and bring him down, breaking his arm in the process. But when he is putting the cuffs on Steve spots a hospital band on the guy’s wrist that places him at the hospital during time of death. An interrogation further convinces them of his innocence and instead makes them suspect the brother in law, Marshall, who was encouraging gym fighters to hit up Jake for money so they could go pro and he could manage their careers and pocket 20% of their earnings. Marshall also had an opportunity to plant the gun.

A little research leads them to a store surveillance video where Marshall is buying up duct tape and cleaning supplies around Jake’s time of death. They arrest him at the gym and he admits to his wife that he tried to shake Jake down for money so that they would be financially independent. They fought and Jake ended up getting shot so Marshall tried to make it look like a robbery gone bad.

This brings us back to the cage fight. Steve stepped in for the fighter he injured since it was a charity match and the charity was a fighter down. Now the admiration in Lori’s eyes makes even more sense.  Steve fights and does a tremendous job, for which his team pats him on the back later.

After the fight he meets with Joe and they find John McGarrett’s friend was tortured and killed by Wo Fat after he attacked Joe. The episode ends with Joe voicing his concerns that their investigation got this man killed and that more could get killed if they don’t back off.

This eppy had LOTS of action and it had the right amount of Steve versus Wo Fat story line. It is getting really interesting. A+ episode from me.

Other thoughts – I like Lori and so far the fans bashing her are not swaying me. Her scenes with Steve this week were spot on. I noticed that Kono was very underused which isn’t bothering me because she has bored me to tears so far this season…which is all in the writing I am sure. I wonder if there could be truth to the rumors that she wants to leave the show and they are slowly phasing her out. If not, I am confused about what exactly they are doing with her character. I hope Joe’s proclamation about Wo Fat killing people is not a warning for us.

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  1. i know the show is leading to steve being interested in lori but i feel the little looks and smiles he gives her are reall. i know he’s a great actor and could pull it off, but i worry it’s not acting. pleas tell me i’m wrong, i don’t like her and would rather see him with say all of you?amber.what oot: say all of you?

    1. So u think that Alex O Loughlin the actor is falling iin love with Lauren German the actress? Ohh my God! Plizz dont make that happen. that may be difficult for them to work on the show and tarnish the concept of the show.I mean he said he is very cozy now being alone with his dog Dusty but u think he fell in love that fast with her? Ohh now so you think Alex may not be single anymore soon? Oh noo!!! 🙁

    2. Carrie, it’s the acting! Alex is an extraordinary actor. Remember, in Moonlight, Alex and Sophia had a great complicity on the screen (but they were not a couple, to the great damage of some fans, it’s true they were a beautiful couple ! :love: ) idem in TBUP with Jenyfer. Alex has always been like that with her ​​co-stars.
      Now, as Alex said, “He wants to keep his private life.”
      and on the website WhodateWho, it is said that Lauren and Alex are not dating, so…

    3. I don’t like her either. I think they could find another actress with a little more personality and spunk! I personally liked it when it was just Steve – Chin Ho – Danno & Kono!

  2. I so look forward to hearing about Alex and the latest updates about HFO! The photos are great, too!

    1. I just read something on the internet that happened on last nite episode and I dotn like the sound of it at all!! But I wait for all of us to comment about it and give our opinions when Tifanny give us the re cap. Looking forward to it.

  3. I cant wait for Tiffany to give us the recap of the latest H50 episode!!

    1. Even though, once again, I couldn’t stay awake for HF-O AND I have to work late tonight so probably won’t be able to watch this evening either, I, too, am looking forward to the recap. It sounded like a fun episode.

      I’ve been watching my library copy of season 1–all of the deleted scenes, gag reel, commentary and select episodes and scenes that I love, and I gotta say–season 1 rocked! I’m having so much fun re-watching. I loved the commentary that the director and the 4 of them did on the episode where Chin and Steve were trying to get the witness back to court. Nice to see that the cast agreed with a lot of us–that the Rambo makeup and the whole log scene was a bit much. Fun to hear them laughing and making jokes about themselves. We all take ourselves too seriously; it’s nice to see that they do not. The director didn’t seemed too pleased, however, as it sounded like a lot of this was his idea. Oops! 😀

  4. And the fans keep getting lucky and lucky running into Alex. Those are lucky fans and it seems Alex does not mind a bit of attention from fans, although he is not so much into the spotlight and ll the paparazzi stuff. That picture was taken on Saturday I read.


    1. See, Alex? It doesn’t help to hide behind a hat and sunglasses!! Your devoted fans will still recognize you! 😆

  5. Anybody out there a Jimmy Buffett fan?? I read on his website he’s slated to guest star on Hawaii 5-O!! He’s going to play a pilot and the episode will air in November. Remember when Alex played a pilot?? 😆

  6. Another lucky fan in Hawaii that ran into our beloved sexy Alex O and posted her pic over the internet. Man, those fans are so lucky to ran into this guy and he always so down to earth and happy to take pictures with their fans. I wish I can ran into him for sure but I think I will faint if I have him in front of me, I wotn be able to control myself hehehe!!! :woot: :p

    Here is the link


    1. holy poop! he looks great, but would think he would have more of a tan. I cqn’t belive how lucky people are. They are just smiling normal, I’d be excited, “come on down” 😀 🙂 ^_^ 😮 😆 :p :whistle: :woot: :love: :kiss: :angel:

    2. Yep…I saw the picture……..hiper/mega/ultra/super nice…….i’m soooooo jealous……lucky fans!

  7. I was wondering, does anyone know or read in interviews, or on TV if Alex has mentioned he will like to do big screen movies in the near future? I mean Alex does a wonderful job on H50. but it be nice he is just not typecast as Steve Mcgarrett of H50 and he can expand more his acting skills doing other type of characters.. He said this to a magazine: “Once you’ve done a couple of films, I think the whole idea of being a movie star — well I don’t know about the ’star’ thing — but the idea of working regularly in feature films that’s my dream. To go from one character to the next and get to tell a million different stories, that would be wonderful, I’d love to be able to do that.”

    I hope Alex will do another movie in the near future.

    1. Maria: I think he said that quite a while ago–about working in film. I’m guessing he’s probably just happy to be in a successful project.

      I would absolutely love to see him in film because I’ve enjoyed all of his past ones, but, considering his workload on HFO, I kind of doubt that he has the time or energy to work during his hiatus. Even Scott doesn’t seem to work the hours that Alex does, so, of course, he has time for other things. Plus he’s based in LA; if Alex wants to see family, he’s got to take the time to get to Australia.

      Of course, since I don’t know him personally, I may be assuming way too much here.

  8. This was a great episode!! I nearly fainted when Steve walked out to the ring!! I also liked the part where Steve in SEAL mode runs down the fighter on the roof and Danny runs him down in the Camaro–Danny seems to use his head more than brawn 😆 Also, I was not left with the impression that Kono would NOT go back to 5-O. When it was revealed that she was undercover Steve slugged the IA agent and told him not to mess with his team again. Lori was better in this episode–I haven’t been a big fan of her so far. But she seems to be warming up to the team and she has something to add–ie profiling. If they leave Lori with the team and Kono stays–Hawaii 5-O becomes a team of 5 😉

    1. There has been many mixed reviews on Lori, Some say she is taking screen time on Kono, knowing she is a main character and how is that possible. Soem say she is not fitting on the team well enough. and needs to go.
      I dont understand why Kono has make up on, she does not need to, she looks fine au natural that is how we got to know her in the first episode, simple, and natural they have to keep it that way to make it different from Lori, dont change that.

      Speaking of this episode. I dont think Joe is a good guy, he is hiding things from Steve and it looks like he is betraying him or that is what the writers want fans to believe. Kensi role last Monday? Not so good for me, little time for all the hype it was created for her and that is not waht is called cross over. But the only good thing she was good at was, that now anotehr story can be developed , like what is the link between Joe and her and what happened in Jakarta and if it has anything related to Steve’s dad., in the case Terry O quiin will keep coming to the show as a guest star. Good plot for future episodes.

      Poll: Who do you think killed Mokoto?

      a. Joe
      b. Wo fat
      3. A hit man ordered by Joe or Wo Fat
      4. Jenna???? (HAHA!!)

  9. I jsut found this site and I have to say is very good one I love to post comments specially when I love so much H5-0.

    Definitely blue color is Alex must have color for shirts. He looks extremely delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! In teh promo for nex tmonday episdoe again he wears a blue navy color SHIRTand ohh my he looks GORGEOUS!! Also emerald, black and white are colors that suit him to perfection. So sexy I want to have him!!!!! :love: 😀 :kiss:

  10. I just read that Greg Grunberg from Heroes is reuniting with Masi Oka (Max) on 11/7/11 episode. As you Losties know, he is also reuniting with Daniel and Terry as Greg played the pilot that was sucked out of a plane by the smoke monster. I like Greg and am glad that we’ll be able to see him on HFO.

    I also read that Danny adopts a dog–sort of. Should be hilarious.

  11. Oh ladies–we have to vote–and often. I just noticed the stats–must be some high schoolers voting again:

    Game 2.1
    54.7% Finn Hudson, Glee
    45.3% Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0

  12. Just read that E Online is holding a competition for the ultimate tv character crush 2011, and our beloved Steve is on the list. Here’s the URL where you can vote: http://www.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/ultimate_tv_character_crush_2011_vote/271420?cmpid=sn-000000-twitterfeed-365-kristin&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_kristin&dlvrit=51396

    1. Hi Shirley: I started voting yesterday but I should mention that this round of voting closes today @ 7pm PDT, so if Steve doesn’t get enough votes, he won’t be going on to the next round. Also, Kono is on the Gals List.

      1. Muffie: Thanks for ithe nfo. I’ll try to vote more often this afternoon and hopefully everyone else will, too.

        As I anticipated, I bombed on downloading the videos. I’ll have to ask my IT friends the next time they are over. I’m sure my husband is going to want to know what I want to download–better keep it between us girls! 😀

      2. Shirley: If you want to drop me a line at “muffie49@hotmail.ca” I’ll send you the instructions that worked for me. (I don’t want to take valuable space here).

  13. LINDA E – I agree with you, I think Joe is a bad guy and in the end Steve will find that he is not helping him. This episod was definetly better than the others, they must have went back to the original writers. I like the idea that the guest stars had bit roles and our guys were the majority opf the show, only thing is I still don’t like Lori on the team, she just seems out of it., and why is Kono taking a back seat to her. Who was Sam, I don’t remeber him.

    1. I totally agree Joe is a bad guy as well and Steve is not expecting he will be. He is his mentor therefore he be so crushed, angry and furious when he eventually finds out Joe betrayed him and broke his trust. Who kill Mokoto???? Was it Joe or Wo Fat? I know some people dislike Jenna, but she is an important piece of the story on H50 knowing that she was the one picking up Wo fat after he killed Victor Hesse in jail and also Jenna was reading about Steve info on the computer before she got caught.

      We need to know the link between those 2, not fair the producers or the writers keep fans guessing and assuming, and leave that piece of the story inconclusive and fans just wonder

      I wonder what is Joe hiding I really want to know and those kind of episodes should be very interesting to watch. He is also is hiding something that relates to Jakarta with Kensi, noticed how Steve ask her abotu Jakarta and she did not want to answer, very suspicious, I wonder if Kensi was Joé’second wife, because when Steve was speaking to Joe over the phone and ask flirtly about Kensi, Steve said that she seem like the type of woman hhe likes and it resembles her second wife. I wonder what is the hidden relationship between those 2.

      And yes Lori has to go, she is dividing the team, and Kono has been like sided (I dont like that) I miss my carguements, I miss my Book em Danno line. Hopefully writers take a note on what fans wants and take into account our opinions and fix this mess, we need the book em and the carguements soon and now.

    2. The Sam that Kensi mentioned is her partner on NCIS, the character played by LL Cool J. that is his name there, Sam

  14. The main case last night was pretty routine and just so-so for me. I loved the MMA stuff and wasn’t our Alex just super FABULOUS? I liked that the writers were realistic and didn’t have Steve winning, just because he’s our hero. The haters on other boards would have had a field day with that.
    I also wish Kensi had had more scenes, especially with Steve. I think he liked her. I love that Steve and Sam know each other, which opens up more possibilities for later. I think the two Seals should work together.
    Terry O’Quinn is so good at playing bad guys, that I wonder if Joe White killed Mokoto. I know, he had the fight with Wo Fat, but he could still have his own agenda. In his last words with Steve, he seemed to be warning him off. For his own good?
    Love, love, love super Alex!! :love: :heart: :love:

    1. Joe definitely has his won agenda and for the looks of it sounds dangerous and more if Joe warned Steve like the last words he said to Steve. But I wonder why Joe was brought in to help Steve and now he seems he is betraying him? I mean fthe first signal is thta he never deliver the tape to DOD , and now Joe is telling Steve to back off and stop digging in teh past.

      Then he and agent Kensi seems ot have some hidden agenda on themselves as well specially something related to Jakarta specially when Steve asked her about it and she changed the subject and Steve looked suspicious. So i guess it be a nice story to develop, it will be very interesting, maybe is the reason why Kensi was brought to make a guest appereance so fans will take note who she was and we started to hear about Jakarta and Joe and her. So what is his deal?

  15. Check this site out ladies. This lady is one lucky day to take a pic with our beloved koala Alex. Teaser; Alex is shirtless


    I hope u can open the link

    1. OMG. I so want to live in Hawaii. Looks like they just ran into each other. This is not fair, you run into no one like that in Ohio!

      1. That lady was one of the “Ultimate Fan” contestants who was flown to Oahu for Sunset on the Beach so the picture was probably taken then.

    2. That pic was taken at the North Shore of Oahu where the surfing is the best. Looks like Alex has enough time off to get on his board!

  16. I seemed to see some chemistry between Lori and Steve. In a way, I like it, in a way I don’t. I like it because HE SHOULD BE MINE!!! And I do like it because they do look really cute together! So I’m fine with whatever happens! They look really good togetherr!!!!!!!!! BUT IN ANOTHER WAY, HE’S MINEEE! :heart:

    1. Oooo no no noooooo…….. HES MINEEEEE 😆 😆 😆

  17. Did anyone notice something on the dead guy on last nite episode? I believe the dead guy was none other that Mark Hamill, Stars Wars Luke Skywalker. He really resembles him a lot!!!

    1. I am convinced that was Hamil, but I can’t confirm. Let me know if you find out for sure.

  18. I really liked this episode also. As good as Alex looked in the fight ring, I actually thought he looked best in the blue shirt when he met Kensi from NCIS–LA. The blue was a good color for him. Showed off his eyes and his hair looked good there (a littlle longer). Plus he had some good closeup smiles. I actually thought he had better chemistry with Kensi than he has with Lori. I agree with a previous poster in a previous week that said she has more the looks of a bad girl nemesis. Not bashing her, but I find more chemistry with Alex paired with a smart lady with a good sense of humor. That’s why I think he had more chemistry with Kensi. The back-and-forth banter keeps them on an even level and creates chemistry and interest. If you think back on the characters that had good relationships with Alex’s different characters, thats always been there. I just don’t see it or feel it with the Lori character. Good episode with a good amount of Alex!

    1. totally agree with you ElleMc : ” find more chemistry with Alex paired with a smart lady with a good sense of humor”. Alex is so funny, he loves to have fun, laugh, he needs a partner who has the same sense of humor .

      1. I totally agree–thought he had chemistry with Kensi and liked their conversation, although I was a bit surprised at how brief her appearance was. After all, she was at SOTB premier. Of course, if they want Steve to have a permanent gf, then it’ll have to be someone else as the actress is on NCIS.

        I liked this episode. Alex looked great. Also they are giving Chin some better lines lately–I especially liked his comment to the shave ice guy (can’t remember his name) about the popcorn. Even the husband laughed at that.

  19. Tiffany, Has Kono always bored you to tears or just this season. Grace Park does not write her lines. Hawaii Five ) can not afford to lose her from the show, she is very well liked. Also, did you receive my e-mail regarding the Australian Opal rock?

    1. So where does these rumors started in the first place? That she may leave the show? I follow Hawaii 5 0 on the internet, Facebook, and other sources and I havent read anything about her departure so far. Did Grace Park hinted anything at the Suset of the Beach Premiere. So far I never heard her saying she was leaving, but I guess, the writers are the ones with the story to give the actors to follow. We need to ask the writers of the show then (LOL!!!) What is going on with Kono, her little screen time so far and she is a main character. What does that mean?

  20. It was a good episode sure but I can see the concern we all have for Kono storyline this season. I also thought after she got cleared up she be back full to the team, but yesterday that did not happen, she acted more like a guest than a recurrent role. I wonder what is going on with her this season. I guess we all are confused about Kono story line. We need some answers about this confusion once and for all by Peter L or the writers and yes Lori starting to have eyes for Steve that is positive and he is noticing it.

    I think Kensi and Joe had some hidden agenda and story about something that happened in Jakarta and Steve really noticed that that is why he asked Kensi about it in a suspicious way but she changed the subject. It can be interesting if they develop that story more.

    Who do u think killed Mokoto? How did Wo fat find out about Mokoto? I think teh story of Steve’s dad and the things he found out about the governor, Wo fat and other people, is a story that wotn end soon, which I like, beause each time we find new things about it and it drags us to the edge of our seats with new developments. The story did not end with Victor Hess death. I wonder where the tool box is now? Who has it? Are tehre more things there to let us know more abotu Steve dad? We need more stories about it too.

  21. i love Lori!! and i would love to see a thing between her and steve! i don’t like steve being left alone with no love in his life. job is not everything! i’m sure the warning about wo fat killings will come to a point when again someone close to Mcg will die- i fear it’ll be Joe.
    good recap- i loved it and i loved the episode! :love:

  22. Great recap Tiffany – WELCOME BACK!! I missed you last week. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this column and look forward to it all week long. Wasn’t the fight scene between Joe and Wo Fat something else? Had me on the edge of my seat. Lots of action, a little comic relief, gorgeous scenery (Alex, of course) made this a favorite eppy of mine as well. I thought Kensi’s involvement was a bit small though. I was disappointed she didn’t have more of a storyline, but that’s just me.

    I , too, am very confused about Kono’s storyline this season. I thought once it was revealed she had been working undercover, she would be re-instated and made part of the team again. It all feels disconnected to me. I noticed that Kono does not appear in the promos for next week’s show either. Hopefully we’ll get some answers in future episodes.

    1. Kono is reinstated. She worked the case with them.

      1. Oops! of course she is. How dumb of me – don’t know where my head is. :woot: ‘Cuze me while I scrap the egg off my face :whistle:

  23. I must say after sleeping on it-last night’s show was really good! Did like the cage-fighting part-showed Steve in different light. Yes, I think Lori is starting to have “eyes” for Steve. He even had that quirky little smile when talking to her. Kono situation-I hope she doesn’t leave, maybe she’s still filming Battlestar Galactica if she’s still on that. All in all, thumbs up GOOD SHOW!! Love to know how we can boost the ratings though.

  24. Really loved this episode too! Was on the edge of my seat. Thanks for the recap Tiffany. I look forward to your posts. Love, love, love, the cast – especially Alex!!!

  25. I liked that Danny, being such an Uber Dad, took into consideration the murdered man’s son might be showing up and ran out to break the news to the child. Nice touch and so very Danny.

    Also liked that Commander White put up a fight against Wo Fat. Not bad for an older dude! LOL

    1. I loved that part about Danny too. The look on his face when he realized that school was out and the boy would be coming home. Priceless! Great acting. I’ve always loved the family aspect of this show – I think it’s one of the show’s more endearing qualities. I hope Danny’s daughter makes an appearance soon – love the interaction between them.

  26. the show last night was a good one well last week kono came back with the help of her boss now she is back with 5-0 i tape all the shows because i have to get up early in the moring to get my kid ready for school but i sawhow when she came back with 5-0

  27. Tiffany I love all your re-caps, they are right on target. This was one of my favorites too, loved all the action. I hope On-Demand has it listed tonight so I can watch it again. I wait all week to read the ladies comments & loves, & desires. Thanks again, for all your time & energy, so we can share Alex’s adventures.


    1. Jibsea,

      The entire last episode was about Kono. She got pinched and then they found out she was working undercover. If you didn’t see that then you missed an episode.

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