Hawaii Five-0 207 Ka Iwi Kapu Recap

This episode begins with two documentary filmmakers exploring a historical site that is believed by the locals to be inhabited by the spirits of their ancestors. They are looking for the Night Marchers, warrior spirits who some have claimed to see at this sacred place. The female documentarian trips and lands on a duffle bag with something alarming in it. She begins screaming first at that and then at something behind her partner as they are apparently attacked by someone or… something.

Meanwhile Danny is taking Grace trick or treating at his hotel. She is not into it and luckily for her Danny is called away on police business. He meets up with the the rest of the team at the crime scene and even though they tell him he needs to wait for a priest to bless them before they can access the scene he decides to explore the area anyway. And of course he has to sneer at the idea of spirits cursing him for good measure. He is rewarded later with a huge rock lodged in his front car window. On the way back to headquarters he and Steve have a spirited debate about the idea of a higher power and an afterlife.

At headquarters Max, dressed like Neo from the Matrix, informs them that the female victim was killed with a shovel blow to the head and the male victim was buried alive. A print was found on the lens of her glasses but the print was identified as that of a man who died a week previous. They go to the burial site of their dead suspect and find his coffin is empty. They also hear from a friend of the victims that a man had been bothering them at the sacred site where they were filming. He attacked them at some point and was knocked to the ground and hit his head pretty badly. The team wonders if this man might have wanted a little revenge.

While they are investigating the reappearing dead guy they visit the apartment where he was supposedly shot. Danny speaks with a kindly older woman outside who tells him an apartment is available. This gives him the idea to convince the landlord to lease him the dead guy’s apartment for a bargain price.

After looking at the video feed from the documentarian’s camera they figure out that the print got on the female victim’s glasses when she fell face first on a duffle bag that had a severed hand in it. Someone was likely trying to get rid of the dead guy’s remains when the documentary filmmakers stumbled upon the grisly scene and were killed before they could talk. They also find a dozen or so other bodies when they do a thorough scan of the area. But who had motive?

After a visit to the scene Danny finds his other car window smashed in. Rather than believe he is cursed he figures out that it may have been a homeless man that warned them away from the scene. He and Steve go venturing into the forest to look for the guy and they find him, complete with camp, tent, and bloody machete. The blood turns out to be animal blood though and the homeless guy seems pretty harmless. He is just trying to protect an area he considers sacred. He ominously tells Danny that anyone who doesn’t respect the place opens a door and the dead will seek them out.

Max gives them a new lead when he tells them all the bodies found were already dead prior to being buried at that hallowed ground. He found that some tissue and ligaments were removed to sell on the black market. They were all buried at the same place leading them to the funeral director as a suspect. When they get to the funeral home though they find the director has been embalmed alive and Lori is attacked from behind by the culprit… the funeral director’s partner in crime.

After establishing that Lori is a-okay they get back to business and they use the info they found at the scene to track their killer. He works at a hospital and did not show up to work but from his financials they see he bought a property recently. That is where they track him down. He is living in some sort of warehouse with lots of lye. When the man is surprised by their presence he opens a lighter and sets himself on fire. The lye explodes and takes the whole building down. The 5-0 team gets out okay of course.

At the end of the episode the team is helping Danny move into his new apartment, which he must have gotten for a steal. Kono and Lori are carrying boxes and Chin Ho and Steve are carrying in a brand new mattress. Danny is marveling at all the free labor he managed to wrangle up. The landlord makes an entrance and Danny asks about getting a dog. When the lady tells him he cannot have a dog he reminds her of the older lady with the cute dog who told him about the apartment.  With much confusion the landlord tells him he is describing a tenant who passed away when she fell down the elevator shaft. When Danny discovers that he was tipped off to the apartment by a dead lady, he bolts and tells his friends to pack it up because he out of there.

This was a light hearted and fun episode. Not my fave but it had its moments. Also couldn’t help but notice the subtle hints that Steve may be a bit more than professionally interested in his new team member Lori.

What did you think?

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  1. I found this on the internet. I think that after a petition to get rid of the character Lori Weston was on the internet, there is another petition to keep her on the show and now is spreaded on the internet. So for that I guess Lor character wotn be gone anytime soon. Just my thoughts of course.


    I do believe that after yesterdays episode more people will start to like Lori, more becaue she stole last nite show in a way to put it. . I mean I still dont like the character for many reasons that are already stated here and in other sites, but her role yesterday was goofy and even got the attention of the main 2 characters Steve and Danny at the end of the episode something that Kono never did. I guess that Kono is seen by them like the little sister, the relative of of Chin Ho, on the contrary of Lori that she is seen like a women not seen like a relative.

    1. Come on ladies!! In case you haven’t noticed – TIFFANY’S BACK!!!
      She has posted recaps of both H5-0 208 and H5-0 209 episodes. I’m sure you have all been waiting for her return sooooo let’s get back into the swing of things and show her how much we appreciate her. I’m looking forward to reading your comments – Shirley, Maria, Linda and all the rest of you delightful ladies – let’s get this conversation started.

  2. Episode 2.10 will be a BLAST I cant wait for next week also, for this explosive episode. It looks intense and everyone pitching in for McGarrett

  3. Tiffany: Sure have missed you this past week. Hope you are not ill and will be back with us soon. :heart: Tomorrow night’s show looks like it could get a little tense between Danny and McGarrett. Those two are so great together but I can’t imagine them living together under one roof. Bromance or not. LOL All they need now is for Danny to adopt the dog from last week’s episode. .
    By the way, McGarrett is up against Castle (and losing so far) in TvLine.com’s “Law Enforcement’s Crushes Quarter-finals” so ladies – VOTE.

    1. My apologies. Must have hit the submit button twice. But hey, it was worth repeating LOL

    2. I cant imagine Danno and Mcgarrett living in the same house either. I mean Steve with his Navy Seals rules and way of doing his stuff so strict and perfect and Danny being so loosen up and relaxed I thikn Danny will get lunatic (hehe!!) living with Steve, he wont put up with. And tonite ladies is shirtless Steve again for some seconds mmmmm so gorgeous!!, :love: :kiss:

  4. Tiffany: Sure have missed you this past week. Hope you are not ill and will be back with us soon. :heart: Tomorrow night’s show looks like it could get a little tense between Danny and McGarrett. Those two are so great together but I can’t imagine them living together under one roof. Bromance or not. LOL All they need now is for Danny to adopt the dog from last week’s episode. .
    By the way, McGarrett is up against Castle (and losing so far) in TvLine.com’s “Law Enforcement’s Crushes Quarter-finals” so ladies – VOTE.

  5. Somewhere in the internet I read a review for the 2.10 episode the one with Jimmy Buffett and wow according to the review it looks like a very nice explosive episode: rebels are included. I cant wait for this episode!!

    1. Yeah, Titi!! When we were in Vegas we heard that Jimmy would be on H5-O. When I saw the plane on Monday’s episode I thought that would be the one as Jimmy is playing a pilot when he’s on H5-O. Can’t wait to see him on my favorite TV show with our hunky Alex!! 😀

      1. and on this episode 2.10 we have old characters return for this show (Jenna, Joe, Wo Fat, the Navy seal head y from the third episode) and the navy seal who Steve saved in the parachute. Unfirtunately our beloved Steve will be in danger in this episode and I believe he will be hurt.. Dont say more hehe!!

  6. Sadly, on another subject, neither Alex nor HF-0 made it to the finals at People’s Choice. I voted many hundreds of times, as I’m sure other fans did as well, so I don’t trust the results. Maybe that’s just sour grapes, or other fans were just more persistent. Fans at another Alex/HF-0 site were reporting that they kept being bumped out of the site and weren’t even trusting that their votes were being accepted. I feel so bad for Alex. 🙁

    1. Me too im sorry for Alex and for the H50 series beaue last year at least H50 were nominated and this year and even won not even that this year. Does that say something? I mean, Could it be the bad writing on this 2nd season or fans discomfortt ofnmany things? Or H50 is not marketed enough to the public? Someone posted here long time ago that in Vegas tehre is a CBS store or something that has memobilia of NCSI and other CBS shows but there was none for H50. Odd. But i feel sad for sure about next years People Choice Awards for sure. 🙁 ;-(

      1. That was me, Emma. I was shocked that CBS had NO promotions in Vegas for H5-O. They even had a special attraction at the MGM Grande that allowed you to be the “investigator” for CSI. All I saw at the MGM was NCIS and CSI–absolutely nothing about H5-O. Even “Mike and Molly” were there. I sent CBS and email and told them how disappointed I was. 🙁

    2. Noooooo!!! Does this mean the public (the ordinary people) dont think H50 is worth to have been nominated? Are people then watching less H50 this season?

  7. This is impressive. What a great photography work. such a professional Scott is


  8. Tonites episode all I can say is it was a great one 🙂 but I stil miss my ¨”Book em Danno” line. Nothing of the line yet,. I hope the line will come in upcoming episodes.

  9. Okay ladies, it’s Round 2 of the Ultimate Law Enforcement Crushes and so far Alex has a slim lead over Zachary Levi from Chuck. If you want to see him win this round, you better start casting your votes.
    http://www.tvline.com should get you to the website. Happy voting. Hurray, it’s Monday!! :p

  10. Hey girls dont forget to tune this November 11 ( I think it is H50 date) for a chance to see if Alex is the one chosen on the H50 stars to log in the internet to chat with fans at hte CBS facebook and twitter site.

    here is the information about this promo.


    1. It is today, Maria that H50 takes over facebook and twitter, although I just checked and they aren’t on yet.

      1. It looks like Daniel Day Kim wil be the one for tonites Social Network Takeover so if any of you are able to chat with him either on Facebook or Twitter try to get him to talk about future spoilers heheh :p 🙂

  11. I did not know that the police was involved about threats made to Peter L for having Lauren German on the show, just now that you are saying Muffie. I just posted what I saw in other sites and what other fans said about her character that most of fans are discontent. DId not know real threats were involved in this to Peter.

    Of course I agree that the best way to address someone is polite and being objective and thru a letter of course is the best way to get results. Fans get frustrated is why fans comment what they say on the internet. I guess the more insulting comments from fans are the more Peter will never listen to fans, like i said people just are discomfortable and take it out on the internet.

  12. I like the tats. And I’m sure he does, that’s why he has what he has. They mean something to HIM and that’s why he has the lower back tat. He comes from Austraila and I’m sure they are not so hung up on the whole “if you have a tat here it means this” thing. Don’t judge him on where or what he has.

    1. I totally agree Lisa. I’ve just about had enough about all this ranting over Alex’s tattoos. It doesn’t matter a fig whether we like them or not. Alex does so get over it!! What do you think he’s going to do – remove them just to please his fans?? It’s his body and if you truly are a fan then you would accept him, tattoos and all. And just for the record, I am not a fan of tattoos but I have learned to love and accept them because they don’t make the man. It’s what’s inside that counts and Alex is sooo much more than his tattoos. I barely notice them anymore.

  13. Upps check this out I j sut found this site that spoke about last Mondays episode (The halloween one) . Not so good reviews 🙁 . In the site they say is the worse episode they have seen so far on this season, I guess not only us on this site are aware of how the stories are developing in this second season. So many other fans are really dissapointed.

    Something need to be done I guess.


    1. I read the site this fan Sylvia mentioned and wow definiltey not good reviews for H50. The person who wrote that article is very dissapointing on how the show is going. Some of the fans who made a comments there believe H50 wotn make to a 3rd season if the stories continue to being that bad written.

      I wonder where is the spark that use to have this series in the 1st season. We all have to unite and get the message across to Peter L or the writers that many fans are discontent in how the stories are going this season, that bring us the magic back from the 1st season specially the majority of people wants Lori to be out of the series, she is not adding anything to the show and she is not helping either, she is taking tasks that are meant for Kono. And whats up witjh Lori saying Danno to Danny? I thought that was only reserved to Steve, since he is Steve close friend, his partner. Chin or Kono never called Danny Danno, just Steve and there comes Lori saying something that does not belong to her. Even on that she is taking over.

      Give us our old H50 Peter!!!! 🙁

      1. Yes Lori has to go. I mean I love other cop shows too plus H50 and so far I havent seen in this season that they have added new cast members to their shows, the only exception I have seen in the other cop shows I like is Ted Danson on CSI, becaues in this case they needed a leader, which they did not have for this new season, so he was brought to join the team IOther than that ther other cop shows still ahve the same main cast fromt the season beforer only in H50 they brought a new actress, Lauren German to play a new partner to join the team Lori Weston and so far most fans dont even like her, she has nto fullfil most of the fans expectations.

        I read somewhere that Loauren German signed only for 12 episodes but that was when she was hired to play Lori Weston, some months ago
        I guess,

        I hope is true and dont let her stay more or Peter change his mind and let her stay for more episodes or even to the end of this 2nd season.

      2. Before you all get head-up and start hounding Peter L. about Lauren Graham you should know that because of serious threats towards Peter, he is blocking all negative comments about her and the police are now involved. The suggestion has been made that you write a polite letter to CBS stating why you do not like what is happening on the show. This should be a letter not an email. If you are so determined then follow through following correct procedures in order to see results.

  14. I dont remember do you any of you remember if we all have seen (throu the course of the series) all the items that are inside Steve dads tool box? I mean i remember the desk key, some photos of the explosion where Steve moms died, some Japan postcards, the Japanese cross that Mokoto gave to John Mc>Garrett, but I wonder if those were the onkly items on that tool box or there are more that we still dont know about. I hope there are more items that way, it can be more intriguing and misterious so there will be more stories about all the tiems and the person related to each itme it in the future. Could be also good stories for the future.

  15. OMG! This episode was amazing!!! There was funny parts and there are signs in every episode that Steve and Lori are into each other! They’re super super super cute together!! They’d make a really good couple!!! I LOVE YOU ALL <3 they're all so hot!

    1. And I love how the men and the women get along so good! They couldn’t have casted them any better!!! LOVE YOU ALL(:

  16. Oh my……….I just found this site that shows what he did with the rather modest tribal tattoo on his back. Don’t think I like the change.


    1. I dont mind for tattoes. I mean Alex arms tattoes are ok and they look nice, but the one in the lower back is kind fo eerie you know in my personal opinion. I dont like how does it look like, is kind of weird to take almost the whole lower back from one side to the other side and it lookd odd and I guess he retouched it I believe it was smaller before.

  17. If youy were a H50 writer what story line will u add to an episode? It has to be a fun, action pack., drama story line No need to explain the whole story just a brief summary

    1. Alex takes such a bashing on some sites from people who claim he can’t act. I’d love a two-part story with Steve kidnapped by Wo Fat, or some other villain, and in real life or death danger. A psychological battle between the two sides. I’m sure navy Seals undergo special training in resisting interrogation and mind control. Alex would simply knock people’s socks off with his acting abilities. :heart: :love: :heart:

      1. Ooooh, good idea, Linda!

        I think people either forget or are not familiar with the original HFO. Jack Lord played McGarrett the same stoic way so that is the character, not Alex in real life. I agree that he is a strong actor and versatile.

      2. Hey Linda I like ur story it can be a very interesting one, Ohh I so wish something liek that may be in H50 I believe that more stories where Steve can use his Navy Seals traingin skills are needed on this season

  18. Has anyone heard anything about Jenna returning for an future episode? I mean I thought she was definiltey gone after the second episode of this second season but I heard she may be back for one episode.

    1. Last June it was stated that Jenna Kaye would be a recurring character. Hope so- there is a lot to find out about her.

      1. Thanks Cappi I know now when Jenna is going to be back I jsut read a a spoiler on the internet when exactly she will be back and the episode looks pretty interesting, If u wnt to read the spoiler let me know and i tell u.

    2. Jenna Kaye is going to be back for one more episode. I’ve been wondering about Taryn Manning, who played Steve’s sister Mary Ann. Taryn had a rant on Twitter last year after her episodes were finished, I think because she was going to be dropped from the show. It was later implied that she would be back for Season 2.

  19. @M L Staats . Is ok im not disrespected by your opinion perhaps Im too caught up on this second season and things that I so far dont like that I get carried away and like to search deep in the story lines, But you are right Steve and Catherine were only hooking up they wre not even bf and gf or going steady or even dating it was just a mere physical relationship, where Steve only look for her to ask him for favors in return of sleeping with her and making out with her, but it had just a hint of care on Steve part, like teh BBQ gathering at the beach in teh first season, he just care for her but not as a woman who will eventually love, they were more like friends with benefits. But like you said, it wont be professionally correct if Lori get involved with Steve, they both have risky backgrounds and high level jobs, she as a FBI agent and he as a former Navy seal but this is where we all dont understand if Peter is nto writing Lori to be Steve a future love interest, why and why in each episode so far, there are hints of Steve liking her, I mean this is not realistic..

    1. @Mily, I am very glad you did not take offense at my comments because I was not trying to cast aspersions on your beliefs. I think we are all very involved in this show and the characters and I know I am. LOL And we do agree on what would be realistic and not. We have only a few more days for another episode! 😀

  20. Alex as a person is really a very smart guy for sure, very authentic it seems he does not want the Hollywood lifestyle to take over him, in a magazine or interview he said some years ago when he was living in LA, this quote:

    “But it has taken me a long time to get used to the way LA is you know because there’s heaps of surgery, heaps of sex and there’s so much on show. Whereas Australia’s different, we don’t subscribe to that bullshit. I found it quite confronting, but I’m at the point where you just plug in for it.”

    he also quoted like 2 yrs ago:
    “I’m really private. I never have and I never will plug into the Hollywood clique”

    Another of his quotes:
    “I just try to carry the sense of integrity and authenticity I had in the beginning of my career, because I think that’s what makes people interested in you in the first place. It’s important not to lose that.”

    Last quote he said back in 2008
    “I am not an actor for that kind of recognition.”

    I hope he never be dragged by the Hollywood curse when celebrities change the way they are just for the money and popularity and being famous.

    This is why i like Alex so much, he is a real man! :love:

    1. Thanks for these quotes. I hadn’t heard all of them before.

      I’m curious; I’ve read where he finds nude scenes “icky” to quote Alex, but he’s done quite a few, albeit not for a while. I think The Shield was probably the last time, and, for all we know, he might have been wearing pants. Of course, the actress he was with obviously wasn’t, and Alex’s hands were–how do I say this delicately–strategically placed. I wonder if that means he’s really finished with them. Quite frankly, unless the scene truly does call for it, I think it takes away his integrity as an actor. Granted, I’m not adverse to seeing a little skin and that Shield episode was very hot, but…… (and no pun intended, ladies, I can just hear you laughing, Muffie & M L!).

      Anyone read anything additionally on this subject?

      1. I’ll have know I am not laughing, Shirley. I’m snickering!!! :angel: So there!!! In one of his interviews on You Tube, Alex said he was completely naked in the Shield scene. And there was absolutely no doubt about Alex being naked in The Feed….there was just enough of a front view to confirm that.

        I saw the interview where he said he found the nude scenes icky and kind of creepy. He also said that there is nothing fun about having thirty people watching you, a camera stuck between your legs and a couple of make-up girls standing by to make sure your butt wasn’t too shiny. I’m not sure the subject has ever been brought up (no pun intended, Shirley and M L) since then. 😉

  21. Oh boy, I would be grateful if she leaves the show after episode 13.
    I already casted my vote

  22. I found this poll “what do you think of Lori Weston”


    1. I casted my vote already and you?

    2. I guess it is a fans general conception all over the world, noone really likes the character Lori Weston on H50. I mean is just a very small % that likes her but the majority perhaps a 80% dont really like her.

      This must tell Peter and the writers something. Get her away from H50. give her a story so she could leave the show in this season or at the most at the end of this season, next year, if she must stay for a few more episodes.

      I mean if she was more believable and her character was different maybe we all would have like her but that has not happened yet that is why fans discomfort on her. I mean the TV shows are done for the fans and ordinary people to watch them and enjoy this kidn of entertainment, if we dont like something, then the person in charge of that show must do something to fix it otherwise fans stop watching the series and the makers of the show will be responsible for a bad show.

      I have nothing against the actress Lauren German is her character on H50 that fans dont like at all. Was not a good choice to bring her in, is ruining chemistry, camaradery, interaction from the original 4..

  23. I liked most of this episode, though I don’t know which person was the killer. I also couldn’t remember who the dead man on the table near the end was – the one with the tube in him. I didn’t think there was nearly enough of Steve in this episode and way too much Lori. Lauren German had originally been signed for twelve episodes, so there are five left with her. I hope the producers don’t add more. They must know the majority don’t care for her.
    A lot of posters on Facebook were wishing that knock Lori took to the head had been fatal. LOL. I’m one who would like to see McGarrett softened up a bit, but making cow eyes at Lori is just wrong, especially after Peter Lenkov insisted she wasn’t brought in as a love interest for Steve.
    Maybe the additional people is just a measure to lessen the work load of the core four. On the other hand, I’m thinking Peter Lenkov has too many other projects,and has lost interest in this show. I hope that isn’t true, but he does spend a lot of time in LA.
    I really don’t think anyone should be writing anything about Grace Park “giving notice” as though it was common knowledge. No one involved with the show has even hinted at anything of the sort. That is how unfounded rumours get started.

    1. 🙁 Really Lauren German signed off originially just for 12 episodes? When did she say that? Is that why perhaps she is ¨”Also staring” on the credits rather than the main star at the main sequence where Grace Park is? because she could be killed off any moment or at least she can be easily get rid of? That makes sense, if you think Grace Park is still in teh main sequence and Lauren German is not. But honestly she is taking screen time of Kono and this is not fair, Kono has been reduced to merely administrative office duties, she is hardly on the field anymore. Well the episodes all the fans have seen so far, were episodes already taped before even the season began or at least taped after 2 o 3 episodes of the new season and until now we are watching it, that is why Lori is still there. b ut I guess is now the time Peter could give her a story to go away since now is where the new episodes for the future are beign taped if this does not happen now for the future episodes and Peter finally decide to get rid of her I guess it may happen at the end of this second season perhaps but not sooner, so I guess we have to wait until the season ends in order not to see Lori anymore, just if Peter decide to get rid of her. Maybe he thinks now is too soon to let her go and he will like to wait until the end of the season to do it.

      Well like u said originally she was sign for 12 episodes, I hope Peter L. keep that promise, because now, things changes often and it is a surprise for the fans. Yes Peter L insisted Lori was n ot going to be a a love interest for Steve but it seems the writers are changing the story, u could see subtle signs of Steve liking her so maybe she will be for more than those 12 she originally signed. Too bad!!

      And why she has not briefed the governor like she was supposed to do? Wasnt she brought to keep an eye of the whole tieam so they follow the governors new rules and policies? , She has not done all of that all so far. . Well i dont mind Steve does not follow any rule haha!!, I love the way he is so far in teh show, follow his own instinct. and seen like a strong character.

      Another original story line that already had changed by the writers or the same Peter, like I said, All these changes are affecting the show, Peter and the writers had to stick to their stories and not change anything else. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many dissapointed fans giving their opinions in many different web sites that I hope Peter is reading them in order to make H50 what it used to be just in teh 1st season.

    2. Linda you said u will liek to see Steve softened up a little but now it brought to my attention this: If the writers decide that Steve will end up liking Lori, where Catherine will be in all of this? I mean I know she is no longer in the show, but it will be seen as Steve cheating on Catherine, because they never really broke up, she just was transfer but the relationship is supposedly to still be there, they decided to see each other again if she had some leave in the future (we know that will not happen), I mean they were never really brole up sort of saying. I think then that Lori and Steve should not end up together is not right (I dont like her anyway, she is bland, she does not even smile and she is a team stealer) but she is supposed to be only a coworker so let her remain that way and ….writers or Peter…., dont give love story lines to Steve, it iwll be like he is cheating on Catherine.

      1. Mily, first, please understand that I am in no way disrespecting your comments or view on relationships and we do agree on the fact we don’t like Lori’s character. However, I don’t see Steve and Catherine as a couple. They were not married/engaged/going steady but rather two consenting adults who chose to share their physicallity whenever they were in the same area. Therefore, I don’t think if the writers had Steve involved with anyone that he would be perceived as “cheating” on Catherine.

        At the risk of upsetting Tiffany’s Zen 😉 I will say again that I doubt seriously that two individuals such as Steve and Lori who have reached such a high level in their fields of professions would risk the inherent problems which arise when two people working together face when they become involved romantically. And let’s face it, we as women may have come a long way, but one thing is for certain: in work-place affairs, things usually go wrong more for the female than the male. I don’t see a FBI agent who has worked her way up to the level of Homeland Security being dumb enough to risk such a folly, even for someone as handsome as Alex is. Just my opinion.

  24. Tiffany thanks so much for the great recap. I read all these ..ugh…long winded comeents and I must say it’s entirely too much analyzing for my taste. I love this Show, adore Alex, really like the actors and guests we see every week. I think the writers know what they’re doing and I’m willing to watch open-mindedly each week to see what transpires. As to Steve and Lori’s thing…I don’t see any big deal. I would like to see some dialogue tho’ relating to Kono’s return to the team. Remember guys, last week Steve said nobody’s messes with my team. Let’s believe him.

    1. But Barbara, some really like to analyze and make long-winded comments! 😀 As soon as you see any postings from those given to such measures when we communicate, you are completely free to ignore us and not read our comments.

  25. More guests stars coming in, to H50 check this out


    Is it good for the show to add a guest star in each episode of a season?

  26. Have any of you noticed that Alex may have had in his teenage years perhaps his both ears pierced? I took a closer look on a pic of him and it cleary shown his both ears were pierced, he has the hole scars there. I dont like him Alex with earrings, if he decided to pierce his ears nowadays, for me, he wont look good with them. :p :p

    1. Tina: Alex wore earrings for his role in “The Invisible”. I can see Alex with an earring. He’s been compared to Johnny Depp and it certainly didn’t harm his image. Of course, I think Alex would look yummy :whistle: no matter what. :heart:

      1. Piercings and Tattoos are a personal preference and very generational. While I am not a huge fan of tatts, I am more comfortable with earrings and they don’t bother me. And as for Johnny Depp, well, I like him in eye make up, too. LOL Some guys can get away with these things and for me, it doesn’t detract in the slightest. Alex is young enough he could carry off all those things and still be adorable.

      2. M L: you and I are certainly on the same page when it comes to Alex. lol Don’t you think Alex with an earring would conjure up memories of a young Douglas Fairbanks? (who was before me time, by the way).

  27. Tiffany Can I make an announcement here? Is pertaining teh show and something I jsut read in other website, involving Facebook, Twitter and fans. Is nothing bad , it may be funny though. Just let me know and I write what I read.


    1. I have read that he also wore an earing in his eye brow. He was a bad ass growing up. :heart:

  28. Sorry, I meant hes’ mine. Being a medical transcriptionist you would think I could spell (ha-ha).

  29. Oh my, I just saw the cartoon clip of the 5-0 team doing Monster Mash. It was absolutely adorable. Thank you for the link. I liked Mondays episode. As far as Lori goes I don’t really dislike her but am not crazy about her either. Just waiting to see where they go with her. She seems to be getting MUCH closer to Steve. Stay away, he’s mind, lol. I was surprised with the locker room scene since I did not think they were that crazy about each other. Oh well. I just hope she doesn’t take screen time away from Kono. Miss the cameraderie between the four of last season. Danny sure headed out of that new apartment fast enough, didn’t he. Funny. Thank you Tiffany.

  30. I saw already the promo from CBS too and if u take a look at it, It says. “Hawaii is getting hotter” and then add :”on the new Hawaii 5-0″. Sounds like hidden subtle hints. Who knows, Im jsut guessing here. I

  31. Tiffany, thanks for the latest update about the Halloween episode.

  32. This was a great episode–the scariest part was when the rock was found in the Camaro’s windshield!! ARRGGHH!! 😮 I love that Camaro!! And that little old lady sure made a believer out of Danny 😆 I loved that they filmed at the sacred Hawaiian temple overlooking Wiamea Bay. I was there last Feb and took pictures. It’s a very quiet and spiritual place. And I believe that Steve and Danny were looking for the homeless guy up by Wiamea Falls. I love that they film all over the island–so many beautiful places to visit. I’m afraid I’m with everybody who isn’t into Lori. That clunk on the head should have put her in the hospital!! A bad thing about this episode–the bad guy was a NURSE xD I hate when they do that!! I’m a nurse and it seems we become the fall guy when they need a “medical” person to blame. Anyway, thanks Tiffany! Good job with the recap.

  33. Hey girls I’ve just seen a 10 second brief promo for next Mondays episode and on this one I do see Kono running with the Steve, Danny in some street in order to catch a bad guy. Also the 4 (Chin Ho, Kono Danny and Steve) are with Max at some sidewalk discussing something and in that promo although is just a 10 second promo I dont see Lori and again our beloved koala guy wearing the color that suits him better (green and blue shirts)

    1. Upps i think the one running was Lori and not Kono. I hope at least they are both running with Steve and Danno. The episode looks interesting though. Cant wait.. 🙂

  34. Tiffany great job is summarizing. I have not read all the posts and I am keeping an open mind about Lori but I agree with NiecieW that last week’s lockerroom scene was not believe to me. It should have been Danny. I don’t like what they are doing to Kono. Somehow this season the wonderful banter between Steve and Danny is missing more than on. I really prefer the old format of last year than this new character of Lori. I do like Joe White. I use to wait and stay awake to see each epsoide on Monday night (I get up at 4:30 am. to go to work) but now I see it On Demand the next day because the show is starting to change.

  35. After reading the updates and comments over the past few weeks I have come to the conclusion that I believe we are just ” over-protective” of Alex/Steve and the rest of the 5-0 team. We want whats best for them as the characters they play and their real life future. The people who have written this season have also written for the first season, well of course according to wikipedia, so maybe something totally off guard will happen at the season finale but we’re not “seeing” the hints yet cause we are protective.

  36. Lauren German needs to GO! To get my Hawaii Five-0 ‘fix’, I have started watching Season 1 that I bought on i-tunes. I watch one episode every couple of nights. The producers and writers better wake up and return to the Hawaii Five-0 format of season 1.

    1. I agree. The addition of her character is not adding to the show….rather it is taking something away.

  37. OK, I’ll assume Grace P. isn’t leaving the show, but if that is the case she should be royally pissed at the way they have transformed her character, Kono has been dark, depressive and isolated, almost unlikable. While Lori has become the team player and cheerleader. You have to think what is behind all of that? or Who?
    What happened to thanks Kono for taking the fall for all of us, Sorry you loss your badge and we’re still hear for you. How’s that gun shot wound? Let’s celebrate Kono being back with the team. (No love at all.) But everyone come running when Lori gets a bump on the head.
    I don’t believe you need an official announcement from CBS, when the obvious has already presented itself. Corrent me if I’m wrong but have the Kono and Lori characters parted words with each other or do they just happen to stand in the same room from time to time?

  38. You know I just have a lot of questions. There is definitely something going on behind the scenes. The question is what? Personally I do not believe Grace is leaving the show. If I am wrong about this then something is up with her. This is a break out role for her and she is making more money than she ever has, why would she leave? Plus that becomes one less Asian and fans are already complaining big time about the lack of natives on the show.

    As for the Lori character, again personally I do believe the brass at CBS are well aware of the complaints, let alone the ratings, although H50 holds its own with Castle its chief competitor, however, and although I too am trying to be patient to see where this Lori character is going, I still don’t see what she has added to the team. The character is just not needed and she throws the team balance off, let alone the constantly forcing her down our throats . . . which is what everyone is revolting about.

    There are certain aspects of H50 that are Steve and Danny, “Danno” being one of them. And that scene in the boxing locker room from last week was totally unbelievable. There again that should have been Steve and Danny.

    I could go on and on, because as I stated at first I just have tons of questions that I want answers to. Because of this it has become really hard for me to watch the show. The first episode was still the best.

  39. Tiffany, thank you for the recap – exactly right as always 🙂 . I so love the show but also miss the magic of season one. The best part of Hawaii 5-0 (besides the scenery :whistle: ) has always been the camaraderie between the team – they care for each other, they bicker, they protect each other….it’s fascinating to watch the interaction. Love Steve..Love the carguments. Love the relationship between Danno and Grace. Love Kono and her ability to kick a** with the best of them.
    That said, I really think they made a mistake with Lori. I’m sure she’s a nice person, however bringing her on really upset the dynamic! Everyone else in the show fit. Catherine, and Chin Ho’s girlfriend are smart, accomplished and attractive. The chemistry works. Lori feels like the token skinny blonde who was transparently brought in as a love interest for the main character, and who would just happen to appeal to the 18-49 male demographic. She also looks like she’s never even held a gun much less cleared a building or shot a suspect. It’s not the blonde thing, it’s the character. Seriously – please make her go away!! Catherine and Steve have more in common, and I can really see that storyline developing. Their barbecue on the beach was wonderful.
    Thanks again for all of the information, photos and links. I really enjoy your site and promise to visit it through at least season 10…

    1. I totally agree with you Gracie. The locker room scene was all wrong – it felt like the previous weeks scene with Lori and CHin when he said Lori was “alot like McGarret” ?? really? Don’t think so. It just seems like the writers are forcing it all. I am sure Lauren is a lovely person but this matching is all off. Did Peter L even do any chemistry testing with Alex and Lauren. I get what people mean with the token blonde thing – of course there is nothing wrong with blondes ( am one myself sometimes!) but her physicality doesn’t match the team. I love the show but each week find myself hoping next week will be a bit better. On another note, (not sure if I am allowed to write this here – sorry if not) , i have read on another website that Alex and Lauren have been seen having a cuddle off screen so if thats is true it is VERY strange that the chemistry doesn’t translate onto screen?

      1. Mando,you read on another website that Alex and Lauren have been seen having a cuddle off screen , What website gives this information, it is the first time I read it, so maybe the rumors, lauren and Alex are dating, is right, and I find on his twitter, Lauren German quote “If you’re in the present moment with year open heart, then by definition you’re “at the right place at the right time.”, so …. :whistle:

    2. Gracie: I totally agree with your assessment of the Lori character. They brought in an actress that would appeal to the 18-49 male demo, but she seems totally unbelievable as an FBI agent. The character adds nothing to the show. For lack of a better word, all I can think of when I see her is ‘fluff.’ Her acting is bland; no expression, no passion, etc. as the others have. I think that’s why she’s not a good fit for this team. Unlke the female characters that you mentioned that are strong, intelligent and attractive. Jenna had more animation, and I’m curious to see where they are going with that story line.

      And wasn’t she supposed to be making sure that Steve and gang follow the rules? I don’t see that going on at all. In fact, why haven’t we seen the govenor if he’s concerned about Five-O’s tactics? He hasn’t requested a status meeting with Lori? Doesn’t seem very realistic.

      1. Shirley, you took the words out of my mouth, I was thinking the same thing. Lori has no expression at all, she is limp unliek the other ones. and also I was thinking the same thing that she was brought to make sure the team follow the governor’s rule, and so far that has not even happened yet. H50 still work their own way they did in the first season, no red tape no burocracy and yes, What is up with teh governor, Lori is supposed to meet him once in a while and brief him, Lori is supposed to be the one keeping an eye on the team to make sure they follow the governor rules and brief him, that has not happened either. I thought of Lori as more like a girl with character, not to equal Steve but like to have a stronger attitude so at least she remind them that there are rules now to follow, that way Lori and Steve can be angry at times, they question each other since both are totally different and the dialogue could be more interesting and so does the story line.

        I am starting to guess that the writers and Peter were not satisfied with their own original scripts for each episode, and now they change the story line almost the same day they shoot an episode, just a hunch. That is why each episode for us is a total surprise and are not the ones we all expected in the beginning.

        Also curious about Jenna story line, they have to continue it in the future at some point dont leave us hanging and guessing.

  40. Tiffany: The only negative comments I have seen are in reference to the rumor that Lori has been brought on to replace Kono and that she will possibly be a love interest for Steve. I have not read anything about Grace Park leaving the show and if she is, then why didn’t they kill her off when they had opportunity to when she was shot?

    I am really trying to see Lori in a different light and admit I have influenced by reading too many negative comments on this and other websites SO I’ve decided to stop being caught up in other people’s frenzies. I’ve also decided to stop reading every Tom, Dick and Harry’s reviews of the show because they all seem to feel it is doomed to fail.

  41. I really hope Grace Park is not leaving H-5-0. The “team” was perfect. Why change something if it’s working beautifully?

  42. So glad to see this recap, Tiffany. :p I was hoping you would write one and have been anxiously waiting for it. I thought this episode was fun and very enjoyable. Loved the banter as always. Was a little disappointed that Grace’s role was so short but I realize they have time limitations.

    I was surprised when Lori called Danny “Danno”. I think it was inappropriate – it is a special name that should only be used by Grace and Steve and I feel the writers screwed up on this one. Also, it bothered me that Steve was so concerned about Lori’s bump on the head but when Kono (who is/was a valued member of the team) was shot, he didn’t even inquire about her.

    I love :heart: this show but miss the “magic” of season one. I know that every show goes through growing pains and hope these will pass. I want Five-0 to be as successful as the original, but feel the writers are letting the cast and the fans down. ;-( Am I the only one who feels this way? You all must know by now what a huge fan I am of Alex (and Five-0) and am only voicing my concerns out love and not malice. If I am out of line…I apologize.

    1. It’s fine Muffie. I have to say though that I totally disagree. I really like Lori, and the banter, and Steve’s tender feelings for her. Never much liked Catherine but I like the new gal.

      1. Tiffany, what I neglected to add was that in this episode, I even found myself warming up to Lori. I like the “girl-bonding” over not dishing about Lori’s Halloween costume and the teasing / ribbing from the guys about it was hilarious. I think a lot of the negativity about Lori could have been avoided if she had been introduced to us more casual basis. That way we would have gotten use to her being a part of the team. Maybe if Kono’s story-line had been resolved first and then introduce Lori it would have been better. And maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about ;-( :woot: =]

      2. Muffie, most of the argument s against Lori that I have seen have nothing to do with the character. Lots of negativity about her hair color (what is wrong with blondes exactly?), comments about how she is taking away from Danny, carguements, Kono, Grace, etc. Just because some fans think they are getting “less” of certain things they like they seem quick to jump all over Lori’s character. Quite frankly Lori gets very little screen time so I cannot see it myself.. how it is the fault of this character.

        I am intrigued enough by Lori, and Steve’s reaction to her, to want to know more about her. If Steve’s likes her, so do I.

    2. No Muffie u are not alone so many people feel the way as you do even in otehr sites all over teh internet. The writers are letting us all down this season. There are more fans who dont like Lori to the ones who like her. And yes now that u bring this about Kono;s injury is true Steve did not even ask about her injury like he does not care, he cared more about loris bump in the head. So what does thta mean?

      That it may be a future relationship betwween those 2 i guess. I dont buy what Peter said quite a while ago that Lori and Steve wotn hook up, that is not true, there has many subtle hints so far, like Tiffany wrote on the recap,He is starting to like her. I miss tthe magic too. and I miss my book em Danno. a trademark. Just it has been pronounced once in this season (the 1st episode)

      it is all confusing to me for real I mean Grace isolated, Lori possible love interest for Steve, less carguements this season so far, Dannys daughters Grace little screen time also, the infamous Book em Danno gone. The team dont work as a team now, they work separately sort of saying. I dont know what Peter is doing and the writers with this H50 if it continues like this, this revamped H50 wont even reach the 4 season and teh original had like 12 seasons~!!!

  43. That is what I was going to add. Steve and Lori togehter in the future?????? No no and more no He sure gave hints he is interessted in her more than the professional work. So I guess what Peter L. and the writers said like one month ago that Lori wont be Steve love interest just a coworker was pure B#^$$( (sorry for the word) . They lied to the fans and changed their story recently beaue those hints made me believe they will end up liking each other and falling in love. Steve is the one giving more hints than her with him.

    Their parts in the dialogue was forced for sure and not believable 🙁 👿 I dont like where this is going between them. Still Im not convinced on Lori’s performance on H50. She is having too much screen time and tiem that had to belong to Kono. I mean if you can take a look at the credits, Lauren G. states as “also starring” but Grace Park is in the main opening sequence as a main character,. so what is up with that then?????? IT means she is important and now she is reduced to simply administrative desk duties, she barely out in the field wit the rest of the team, Lori is. It should be the other way around, but no, the writers insist she is jsut anotehr team member, sorry I dont buy that. If they want to keep Lori, the writers and Peter they have to make her believable so far her perfornance is poor and she does not add anything and let Kono be a team member like in the first season, not side her out so Lori can take her place. Maybe Lori is the replacement so maybe some of the rumors maybe be true that Grace Park is leaving the show, who knows!!

    Not only on this site fans does not liek Lori, I have browsed other Alex fan sites (facebook etc) and even a fan forum on the same CBS website and in all of them I read fans really dont like Lori and they ar mad that Kono acts like she is not part of the team anymore and Lori taking over, and are afraid of the ratings and the future of H50.

    I hope Peter L and the writers are reading all the opinions fans are saying on the internet and take note otherwise is as easy as change a channel and watch anotehr show. I mean I love H50 sicne the beginning but this 2nd season is not what I expected to be in their 7 episodes so far. There are more misses than hits. I hope they fix this in future episodes before this season ends the next year otherwise you know what will happen….

    Hey Peter and the writers Fans dont like Lori and Kono needs to be back with the team read on the internet. Can u take a hint!!!!! 👿 🙁

  44. OK, not to give a shut out to another web site, but have you guys seen this–http://hawaiifive0online.net/2011/10/29/halloween-night-with-hawaii-five-0/#comment-3041? It is hilarious. My wish, however, would be to have th real cast actually do and/or get their reactions to this. In light of the fun episode, I think they would have a riot.

    1. Hi Shirley, I couldn’t get your link to work. If it’s the video where they are dancing to “Monster Mash”, just google “youtube Halloween Night with Hawaii Five-0” and you should be able to see it. I agree, it is hilarious.

      1. Muffie: Yep, it’s the Monster Mash dance. Wasn’t that fun?

  45. What this episode proved to me was that Grace Park is being fazed out. Lauren G. has had more screen time in the past four episodes than Grace had all last season. I do not believe she was brought in to join the team, she is Grace’s replacement. Kono’s character has been isolated all season, she is not part of the pack anymore. The writer’s wrapped up Steve killing the governor in 20 minutes of episode 1. It tool 5 eps. to prove kono working undercover to get back in five-0. She is apparently being punished for giving notice. I expect her story ending will be tied into the season finale. Unfortunately, the producers went with an unimpressive cookie-cutter blonde. They could’ve brought Kelly Hu back as laura hill’s twin sister. Would have been a better replacement. It’s really sad to see how the writers/producers have treated Grace. All the Lori haters better get used to her. She is definitetly the replacement.

    1. So Shelly What do u mean “She is apparently being punished for giving notice” and her story ending will be tied into the season finale”. Does that really mean, Grace Park is leaving the show? Are those rumors confirmed now 100% ?

      I wonder if the actors themselves have a say to the producers and writers in the stories they are given in the scripts when they dont like something about teh plot. I mean l lets give an example lke Alex saying to the writers and Peter L. “my character hooked up with Lori, why are u giiving me this story I dont like it, change it”.

      I feel bad for teh H50 actors that im sure they are reading on the internet that fans really dislike the actress Lauren German as Lori W. character and fans want her to go or give her anotehr kind of story or make her character different, if she wants to remain on the series. Just wonder. 🙁 👿

  46. hi i did not watch last night show because i had a little fever but it was tape for me so later i will watch but one of my kids said it was a good one so i will watch it now thanks for the info

  47. Tiffany, I promised you I would not mess up your Zen by being negative so I can’t answer you on how I feel about the scenes with Steve and Lori. LOL

    1. Have at it M L. I am in a good place today. LOL. ^_^

      1. You are TOO kind to me, Tiffany!

        Seriously, I don’t dislike poor Lauren since I don’t know her at all. But I am one of the fans who doesn’t understand why her character is there. I like the energy of the first season better because it seems hard to fit in everyone’s character with something to say in each episode. I don’t really care about her hair color, that doesn’t concern me in the least. I think it would not be professional to have Steve and Lori involved, I’ve already said that, so I will just have to believe that all will work out and the show will remain on. However, that said, since I am not paid by CBS to write for this show, my opinion really doesn’t matter. The fact the show is being filmed in Hawaii is good for the local economy so I hope they stay in production there for that reason, too.

        I guess I wasn’t in too much of a mess-with-Tiffany’s-zen mood today after all. LOL

  48. Tiff: I was waiting breathlessly for your recap of this episode. I really liked it because it was more light hearted. Some priceless quotes (and I’m paraphasing here, really not quoting, mind you): calling Max, “Keanu” and the “we’re out of here–pack it up; we’re out of here” at the end especially after he heard that the old woman died in an elevator shaft when she had told Danny that the elevator was broken and to take the stairs–very cool. Telling Steve to “shut up” every time something bad would happen to Danny. The carguments (and there were a lot!)–talking about religion, Grace, etc. Sorry to see so little of Grace. Even though most of the best writing was for Scott, I enjoyed it nonetheless. I laughed quite a few times watching this last night on tape after working 12 hours–very long day–although not nearly as long as our beloved leader, Alex!

    I gotta say–I think Peter is yanking our chain about Steve/Lori. Since you asked, Tiffany, I didn’t care for those parts–seems forced and not believable. We’ll have to see what develops.

    I also missed just the 4 of them being together more, working as the tight-knot team we know they are. Hopefully more of that in future. Thanks so much for a great recap.

  49. Husband LOVED this episode. He says poor Danny is cursed for life now for violating the spirits. The team worked well as a unit on this one!

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