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  1. holy moley!! what a picture, thank you so much tiffany, love the updates on season two even though it hasn’t reached the uk(any ideas when it is gonna reach us?) it won’t spoil it coz i will still watch it! this is alex we are talking about! hope you are all enjoing season two……. so jealous!!!!

  2. Just saw the extended promo for next week’s show and it looks fantastic, however, Kono didn’t appear in any of the scenes. Maybe the rumors of Grace leaving the show are true. Hope not. Love Kono.

    1. Muffie, I sincerely hope Grace Parks is not leaving the show! I really enjoy her.

      1. Same here M L. Kono can sure kick ass! And the fact she and Chin are cousins is neat too. I like the “family” theme of Five -0. Just like Kono and Chin are family, so are Danny and Grace, and the Five-0 members – Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono. They act like a family – caring about and protecting each other. It’s another great aspect of this dynamic show.

    2. Wow you really took the words out of my mouth. I was going to post here something about the promo as well saying I did not see Kono on it either, Something does not sum here, she still is on the credits as a main character yet she has not had enough screen time becaue the Lori character is taking over and Lauren credits is not even on the opening sequence and there is a rumor she may be leaving?? . Really there are rumors of Grace leaving the show??? When she said that or where did u read that? Well that is no good!! 🙁 😮 If she leaves the show H50 ratings will drop hard. Something is not right on this second season of H50, there has been many ups and down on the stories. MMMM

      1. Addition of Lauren German Some like her some does not like her and want her out of the show
      2. Kono;s little screen time so far. Is it becaue Lori will take over?? Just a thought
      3. Where is Grace? Why she has not been on the show so far?

      I hope Grace Park wont leave the show it can be a catastrophe for teh show. She is very important to the team, she is witty, nice, etc

      Kono dont leave!!!!

    3. I haven’t yet seen the promot for next week’s show, but I understand it is a Halloween theme and that sounds very cool. Can’t wait.

    4. We need to confirm whether this rumor is true or not true. Peter L has to make an announcement if that will be the case, dont you think or even the same actress Grace Park. In the first season there was a rumor that Grace was leaving almost at the end of the season I just read on the internet which of course it never happened but now that here is mentioned that again there is a rumor of her leaving I am starting to wonder where this came from. I dont want H50 to be like Two and half man, they added Ashton Kutcher as the main character and I just read the ratings are no good.

      May it be the reason why Kono’s character has less screen time this season in order the fans to get used to the idea of her leaving the show and get use to Lori’s character? I mean everything is so hush hush and now Im very worried. 👿 ;-(

  3. Muffie: I agree; much nicer talking to you! I didn’t know you could download those videos. It would be a heck of a lot easier when I need my Alex fix. I’ll have to check that out.

    Although I haven’t seen the episode yet, Alex looks amazing in the photos. Very ripped. He must really be working out and eating right. Always handsome, even better now.

    1. Shirley: You’ll probably get onto the process of how to download videos quicker than I did – I went though “icyideo.com”. Let me know how you make out.

      1. Muffie: Thanks! Don’t be too sure about that–I am so technologically challenged–it isn’t even funny! But I’ll give it a whirl and let you know how successful (or not) I am. Thanks so much.

        What a great community we have here–very helpful and friendly. I always look forward to the posts. Wish I could view the video links at work during lunch; they block them, so I have to send the links home and sometimes I don’t get to them for days. Work sure does interfer with all of the important stuff, doesn’t it? 😀

  4. I found this on the internet and I think to myself, Wow this can be a very good story for a H50 episode. I mean it is sad and terrible what happened to the kid mentioned in those news, but the story seems strickly ripped from Hollywood and it could be a story for an episode since Steve is a navy steal and has background experience, etc.


  5. chaque episode de plus avec lori me fait dresser les cheveux et aujourd’hui,je trouve qu’elle a fait beaucoup d’ombre au travail de kono et qu’elle a eu plus de place et je n’ai pas apprecie;pour moi,elle ne passe decidement pas et je n’aime pas sa façon de jouer
    son personnage est de trop maintenant alors j’espere qu’elle aussi sera mutée alleurs!!!
    par contre j’apprécierais que sophia myles obtienne un role et là on verrai la différence de feeling!!!

    1. Michlela,
      Je vois que tu adores Sophia comme moi, es tu membre du fabuleux site Simply SophiaMyles (moi oui!). Lori n’a pas de chime avec Alex (comme certains le disent, je ne retrouve pas cette étincelle qu’il avait avec Sophia) mais Lori n’est là que pour 12 épisodes, donc patience…..Sophia a de nouveaux projets (théatre) j’aimerais aussi qu’elle fasse une petite apparition dans H50 (j’ai envoyé un tweet à PeterL à ce sujet, jamais eu de réponse!!!) de toute façon, ce que je sais est que même s’ils ne partagent plus l’écran , ils sont toujours en bonne terme. (c’est le plus important, pour moi :p )? à bientot Michlela. Bises.

  6. Is it just me or does Alex just look better and better? I thought it was a good show. Am also wondering about Lori being with Steve. I think they might be beginning to like each other. I hope she doesn’t take too much screen time away from Kono. Thank you Tiffany.

  7. I agree with the previous comment about Lori, she is like a big pill you have to take, you keep trying to swallow it, but it just won’t go down. Enough, send her away like Jenna Kaye. And what was the point of the Kensi character, they couldn’t find a deaf person in Hawaii to read lips. Another overly hyped guest star.

    1. I so agree with you on the Lori character be gone alread she is so annoying. I really just like the 4 of them they had so much better chemistry.

    2. Shelly, Kensi has one of the highest security clearances. The tape could not have been handed over to just anyone who could read lips because of that. Commander White knows Kensi, she has a clearance, she can be trusted and involving her in a potentially dangerous situation would be okay, whereas asking someone not involved in the intelligence field could be very dangerous to that individual.

      And being a brunette, she is kind of Steve’s style and I think he sort of liked her when he first saw her. And perhaps there will be some interesting story at some point regarding Jakarta, Kensi and Commander White.

      BTW, kind of cool seeing Commander White hold his own with Wo Fat. Not bad for an older dude. LOL

      1. Like I said, I haven’t seen the episode yet, but, in the trailers and photos, I think Steve and Kensi look good together. I just think he looks better with a brunette–someone more substantial, not fluffy–Steve would want someone intelligent and strong, I think. Although I have to admit that Mick and Beth made a great looking couple, too, but Beth was a strong looking blonde. But what do I know? 😀 Of course, Kensi may make another guest appearance at some point (or maybe a crossover with Steve going to her show), but she won’t be a permanent cast member due to commitments to her current show. Maybe we’ll just see Steve play the field for a while.

  8. That’s amazing! Alex :love: in the ring. Still continue watching the Hawaii Five 0 still great and they are the best especially ALEX. Keep up your good efforts. So enjoyable :heart: watching the show!

  9. HI ALEX :heart: WHY ONLY ONE PICT. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  10. Niceeeee body….thanks Tiff for the pics…… i had 300 hypertension when I saw him:love: 😆

  11. I am sick of the Lori character being crammed down viewers throats. The acting just isn’t there. Also, It is very far fetched that “Lori” would be the one in with Steve before the match, if anyone it would have been Chin or Danny. Kono’s role has diminished as Lori takes up more space. I, for one, certainly hope that the Lori Wesson role goes away. Lauren German is the wrong actress for this show to begin with.

    1. I agree now that Kono is back with the team and yesterday beign the first time she seem to be back with the team but her role has diminished, Lori is getting all the screen time and she is not even in the opening secuence, Grace Park is.
      I smell something fishy with Peter L and the writers. Also Kensis role yesterday mmmmm I dont know I did not buy it. but someone says here how could not they find a lip reader in Hawaii and they had to bring Kensi, but I guess Kensi was broughtt for a reason I guess, something fishy too with her and Joe.

  12. I feel in tonites episode that indeed Lori is starting to like Steve. I guess Peter L. is trying to pull the fans leg. He may had clarified that Lori was just another co-worker but maybe the writers had soemthign else in mind as a surprise . In tonites episode Lori complimented Steve and he even ask her if she indeed was complimenting him and he even ask her something about her life (Im not giving away all details)

    Are we seeing a future relationship more than simply boss and subordinate relationship? I guess it might happen you know.

    1. Please Maria. Don’t give any more of tonight’s details away. It kind of spoils it for the rest of us that haven’t watched it yet. Maybe you save your comments until tomorrow after Tiffany gives the recap of tonight’s episode. Thanks a bunch. Look forward to hearing from you then.

      1. Sorry sorry It wont happen again My apologies to all!!! I jsut get carried away after I see an episode.. No harm intended to any of you..

      2. Maria. It’s hard NOT to get carried away when it comes to Alex. As to last night’s show – I don’t think there is another mole. I think the reason that fellow was murdered (the Japanese man in the wheelchair) was because Joe asked Wo Fat to explain about “Shelborne” – whoever or whatever it is. Anybody else have any ideas on the subject? I, too, was disappointed that Kono had so little airtime but loved our Alex as usual. :heart:

  13. Hey ladies dont u miss our¨ “Book´em Danno” pick up line? I certainly do, Just in the first episode of this season Steve had said it. I hope the pick up line returns again soon hehe.

  14. I am not going to give away details of tonites episode that I already seen in my country for those who have not seen the episode still y, but I in my opinion I believe there is anotehr mole who works for Wo Fat 👿 you wont believe who is it but it is odd that this new mole is a bad person. that person do not seem like a bad one I mean for what I seen In the episode i believe it.

    . So I stop here and we can share the episode when most of you seen the episode.


    1. Inded thre is not like a connection from last week episode and tonites.

      Well last week episode she got cleared that whe was working undercover for AI and if u could see in the lkast scene when they we all walking together Steve said, lets go home then you could see all of the members walking togehter in slow motion including Kono. But still writers had never made a scene where Kono and Lori introudced each other and also Kono has not asked why Lori started to work for 5 0 or who she was.

      Today it was like implied that the introduction took place and now they know who they are because in tonites episode they seem they already know each other and perhaps that introduction took part. I guess writers did not want to waste time filming a scene of Kono asking who she was or Lori responded her, it was all impiied, but I do believe at least the writers had wrote a part a small part where those girls introduced each other, so it was part of the series.

  16. Yes we have to vote for Alex and the show it is time he get the recognition he deserves and mroe this year that Hawaii 5-0 is the most successful show he is ever been with, beacue who knows if the following year 2013 he wont have the same luck as this year, so we have to make that happen. all the fans.

    I have noticed something in this season episodes after Lori met Steve for the first time in the second episode. The new governor supposedly appointed Lori so the team wont get away with the way they handle things like in the past, no burocracy so the team will be limited. So far I havent seen any of that, because Steve still is calling the shots and everyone just obbey including Lori, she jsut do what Steve says as the team leader and I hope it reamins taht way

  17. ME ENCANTA !!! ALEX WONDERFUL :heart: :heart: :heart: ! ! ! TNX 4PIK TIFFANY 😀

  18. Isn’t he the most gorgeous creature??? This is great proof and I think they did a great job covering up those wrap-around tats. Like all of you guys, I’m anxiously counting the minutes to tonite’s episode. Lovin’ the idea of Kensi coming to help Steve. Thanks a great big bunch Tiffany.

  19. Oh yeah is right! I keep watching the promos for tonight. HOT. Although trying to figure out how much makeup they must need to hide his back tat (or perhaps they CGI it out).

    On another site, is a gag reel. I am just dying laughing and smiling over it. They work long days, but it sure is nice to see them have fun on the set as well. And Alex–smiling, goofing around–can’t ask for more. As he’s said, he’s not like McGarrett and thank goodness because I love seeing that side of him–the fun, goofy side.

    Looking forward to your recap tomorrow, Tiffany. Thanks so much!

    1. Forgive my ignorance, Shirley, but what does CGI stand for? And I agree about the gag reel. He’s just a big kid at heart and who doesn’t love that about him. .

      1. Hi Muffie

        Here’s wikipedia definition of CGI. By the way, I haven’t yet seen the episode. It comes on at 10 in Cleveland, and I just can’t seem to stay awake after a long day at work. Thank goodness for recording technology.

        “Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the application of the field of computer graphics or, more specifically, 3D computer graphics to special effects in art, video games, films, television programs, commercials, simulators and simulation generally, and printed media. The visual scenes may be either dynamic or static.”

        Gag reel–wish I could just buy that alone. I watched it a couple of times last night on-line–they look like they are having so much fun; I’m so jealous!

      2. Thanks for the information Shirley. I keep forgetting about Wikipedia, but talking to you is much nicer anyways than looking it up. Re the gag reel – I’m so glad they included it on the DVD. The video on you tube is exactly the same as the DVD version and a friend showed me how to download videos and save them under my Documents folder which makes it much easier to view it. What do you think of last night’s show? Doesn’t Alex look wonderful – really healthy – drool. :woot:

  20. Please, please everyone out there vote for Alex and H50 in the People Choice nomination poll. This year we have to push both over the top. I think I voted from 6pm to 8pm every day since the poll came out. Come on! We can do this!!! 😀

  21. Fantastic 6º Ep. and grandiose Alex!! Thank you :love:

  22. OMG :heart: :love: ..WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY :woot:

  23. Nice pic for sure. I cant wait to see Alex shirtless tonite. And in teh promo with Daniela Ruah, he looks so darn gorgeous!!! Poor Alex. I hope Chuck L. wont smack Alex that much I dotn want him to be all bruised, but we know this is for TV so I guess he wont be that hurt, hehe!!

  24. hi thanks very hot just love the photo i cant wait to see hawaii five 0 to night got my tape ready i tape it a lot so i can watch it in the moring after my daughter goes to school

  25. Hi Tiffany. We missed you last week. Great picture – can hardly wait for tonight’s episode. Hope Chuck doesn’t hurt McG too much ;-( and did you see the chemistry between him and Kensi in the promo. :love: HOT!! I think this is going to be an amazing eppy. Look forward to you recap tomorrow. Thanks for post this pic. :heart:

    1. Looks like I should have edited my comment more closely – must have had my mind on Alex’s abs instead of what I was typing. You can understand that.

      I forgot to remind you to keep voting on peopleschoice.com for Alex (Fav. TV Drama Actor); Daniel & Scott can be typed in the “other” box. Same with Grace – you have to type her name in the “other” box too (Fav. TV Drama Actress) and finally Five-0 for Fav. TV Crime Drama. Come on – show the love :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

      1. Wowwww…awsome like the usual.
        Hi Muffie……for sure……I give mi vote last night to everybody from H5O.
        Peeeopleee…pleaseee vote for our dearest cast members …they deserve the fan’s appreciation :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:

  26. Missed you Tiffany..Great pic of of the man…Plz don’t hurt his pretty face :love: :heart: .Am anxiously waiting for tonight 4 1/2 hrs.

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