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  1. He just looks tired. Who are the two guys with him in the one photo?

    1. Is it possible To meet Alex O’loughlin and Scott Caan

      Karine Rebuffel

      1. If you are in Hawaii sometimes you can run into them or watch the filming. WE are not associated with the show or Alex so we can not make such arrangements. Being in Hawaii while they are filming is your best bet.

  2. Well Deserved! Congrats Alex! I’ve been a donor for over 20years and I truly believe in this cause. It’s nice to know that Alex is a down to earth, caring person who believes in saving a life with Donate Life. Whoorah Alex!

  3. When Alex started working with Donate Life, I signed up to donate my organs. It just made sense. My daughter was born with chronic renal failure and survived on CAPD until her death. She was only 7 weeks old when we was diagnosed, but they never considered transplanting her because she was so young, that’s why she stayed on dialysis. The night before she died they the doctor’s talked about transplanting her. She was only 3 years, 11 months and 23 days old. That was back in 1989, they’ve come a long long way in transplanting organs.

  4. Hey Laura – e-mail me honey – I’ve missed you!!! Hi Jojo!!! Back home from New Orleans and it is still TERRIBLE over there. I cried everyday. It just tears your heart right out of your chest. Don’t even get me started on the bureaucratic BS cause it really ticks me off ( I am trying to curb my NY mouth piece here). Slept for 16 hrs straight when I got back (no joke). Glad I went and tried to make a difference. They seriously still need major help but had to get my behind back to NY.

    Went to a friends designer sale today and picked up some HOT men’s shoes. Does anyone know what size shoe Alex wears? Don’t want to give him something that doesn’t fit – gift faux pas. Besides my nephew would steal every pair if he knew I had them (yes I created a monster). Since Alex likes unusual shoes and every one knows I dress the socialites & actors here (never mind that I am going to need another apt soon for my own shoe collection). Figured I would give him some of them the next time he comes to NY and I hit him up for autos. My little way of saying thanks. Maybe I can start refining his wardrobe from the feet up and make all you ladies happy. 🙂 What can I say I have a compulsion to correct fashion faux pas.

    Hey Alex if you read this – love the green shoes (I was wearing green shoes myself that April AM) but I have a pair of blue exotics in particular here that are on fire. Lets just say that my fashion roving eyes were on these shoes in a NY second. My friend was laughing so hard watching me cause he knew ahead of time I would get the top picks in the food chain over a bunch of men. Personally I thought he was going to create a miracle and give birth to a cow he was holding his belly so tightly from laughing so hard & LOUD. Okay I will admit – I enjoyed watching a bunch of men flirt relentlessly to steal these shoes away from me but this little gal is just way too fast in too many ways. If you come to NY in Sept to do the junket for H5O – look for the red head in the designer heels (easy to spot a native NY’er amongst all the tourist) and come get these babies. If I can’t make it to CBS studios that day, highly unlikely since I am 10 minutes away, I will give them to Jackie (security) or Brian (cameras) to give to you. I just know in my gut you will freak over them.

  5. Jazz from New York, is that you. This is Laura from Green Bay. I see you went down to help with the oil spill and the animals. How great and what a heart you have. Wish I was in a position to do it. Just love animals and my heart just breaks for them. Get in touch with me when you get back. Email or call.

  6. Wow! Congratulations on this award! What an achievement! What is with those shoes?

  7. How about giving Alex the same haircut he had on Moonlighting.This one he has now does not do him justice.It does not have the “hot man” effect that the other one has.And what’s with the suit and the shoes.Someone please teach him how to dress.He’s become a big star now.

    1. Oh….watch out Belindabell. If you say negative things on this board they will hand you your head on a stick! Any critique is seen as hating the man. Some of us love the man/actor, but see room for improvement.

  8. Correction. The http://www.cliqueClack poll is for Your All Time Favorite Vanpiire. You can vote only once. Alex is now in fourth place. Let’s all vote and boost him to First!

    1. I even tried using a different email address to vote again but it didn’t work. It may be because I used the same computer. Let me see if I can vote again from my desktop since I’m using the laptop right now. Heh-Heh–let’s see if I can vote again 😉

  9. Alex congratulations you deserve it for all the work you´ve done as a spoke person for donation…and the green boots…I just love them!!!

  10. Thank you JoJo I appreciate your kind words very much. It is very difficult down here in New Orleans taking care of all the critters literally covered & their lungs swimming in oil. We have been able to save many but there are also many that just did not make it and it just tears your heart out. The damage to the environment is heart breaking. I am a Personal Shopper by trade but also a licensed vet as a hobby. So I felt I needed to come down here and donate my services to help out. We should all do what we must to help others when our help is needed. I too am a blood & bone marrow donor and have myself as an organ donor if anything should happen to me. My life is blessed and I am happy so paying it forward is the least I can do to help others. After all we are all humans and in one shape or another we are all connected to each other by six degrees of separation. I commend Alex for giving of himself to help others. It is extremely honorable and must be admired. If every living person could be as giving – the world would not be such a selfish, self centered place.

    1. Jazz – we definitely need to ‘pay if forward” any time we have an opportunity to do so. The smallest gesture can make a huge difference. Seeing the wildlifes trying to fend for themselves is heart wrenching because they can not speak for themselves and you can see the desparation in their eyes. When it comes to kids and animals, nothing gets to me more than that. Again, your efforts are to be applauded. We have all been connected by this Tiffany and this website because it really is a small world and we are just a tiny speck in it. God Bless you and all those who are making a difference along the Gulf Coast.

  11. Alex, congratulations on your receiving the Donate Life 2010 Award! I appreciate all your efforts with Donate Life and the contributions you have shared as ambassador. I offer a special thank you, as I am a tissue recipient as well as a donor. With gratitude and fondest wishes!

  12. There’s a new poll on CliqueClack asking who is the sexiest vampire. Go to it to vote for Alex. I tried voting more than once, but that can’t be done. He’s in third place right now so Vote!!!!

    1. I just voted Char! Mick is still in 3rd place. Imagine! Only one season on CBS and look at all the vamps he’s up against!! Alex does us proud 🙂

  13. Alex is his own man and does not have to be trendy or a fashion guru for anyone. He was given this award because of the good person that he is on the inside. I don’t think his wardrobe choice is going to change the man inside and we wouldn’t want him to change, would we. There was a comment about his teeth looking better???? I don’t remember seeing his killer smile in these pics. NOTE TO JAZZ: Your comment on New Orleans has put all of this into perspective. Your efforts should be applauded. Thank you .

  14. Wow!! reading these remarks I wounder if they come from his fans. Why all the harxh words? you should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you past judgement on him.He is av beautyful person regardless. P.S. I love the shoes!

    1. I could not be more agree with you…that’s exactly my point, he can do whatever he wants, and he does not look bad at all. That’s why i said let’s not make of this a BIG DEAL, i think is unnecessary, and i love the shoes as well.=D

    2. Not about the SHOES guyz.. I like the shoes, but they should be TIED. They are not timberland boots and he’s not a THUG..You would def be one of those enablers who would agree with him if he wore a turd on his head.. A person that TRULY cares for someone would tell them the TRUTH.. In a nice way.. Nothing mean in my comment..

  15. Well, I think we are over reacting here, we have see him multiple times on the red carpet..and he has an excellent taste in clothing and he always looks remarkably handsome..lets not make a big BUZZ out of nothing, and I don’t think he looks that bad either..so come on! Anybody can have a bad day!

  16. Gimme a break. Lets not be naieve people, Alex has chosen to be in (and LUCKY to be in) a business that is not made up of the REAL world, its a business of make believe. Those who are FORTUNATE enough to be in this business no matter how cruel it could be work hard just to remain in it. I LOVE Alex just as much as the next guy, but if here were my son, I would tell him the truth bcuz i care for him and want him to stay in the biz if thats what makes him happy. He duznt look happy, anyone who is happy cares what they wear. Maybe he’s too much of a nice guy for the business. I want him to succeed, I want to keep seeing him on the big screen and I know he’s a great guy, thats why i continue to watch no matter what he looks like but lets get real guyz, its a tough business and u have to roll with punches and LOOKING GOOD is part of the roll. Congratulations to him, i know he deserves it..

  17. He can wear whatever he wants…CONGRATS ALEX…YOU ROOOOCK!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!!! WE LOVE UUUUUUUU!!!

  18. Y’all have made me LOL! Poor Alex. You seem to have forgotten that he is a guy…ALL guy.. and a young one at that! Alex has curly hair….. and it looks like it is VERY curly. I imagine it takes some serious coaxing to be smooth and well put-together as we are used to seeing it. We have already seen pictures of him with part of it sticking up…. I know I have. He likes his green shoes…. and did you see the comment from “Donate Life”? The shoes were a hit at the party! All the snipets I have seen about the party and Alex have been that everyone has been delighted to talk to this humble good-hearted gracious man! We need to give this gorgeous man that we all love and think the moon and sun rises and sets in a break! I was so happy to see that he won this most deserved award…. and I think we just got a glimpse of our REAL Alex! Enjoy him ladies…. because we all adore him!

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    I read all the comments preceding mine…where are some of you guys coming from ??? You are looking at photos of the REAL Alex O’loughlin, not one of the roles he is playing.. This is is the real man and he was here for the Donate Life Award which he sincerely deserves. I applaud him and his participation in this movement. I liked Jazz’s offer to help with his fashion attempts. But looking at him here I still see the Alex O I have come to love and appreciate. Whether he looks hot as Mick St John or scruffy as himself I think he is divinie. Congratulations Alex and good luck with your H50 series. Love you in Three Rivers too.

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  21. Congratulations Alex well done, as for his clothes I really don’t care what he wears, to me he would look good even wearing a black bin liner !!!
    Love you loads Alex XXXXX

  22. I have been following Alex even before Moonlight and I must confess this is the worst he has ever looked. He looks like he just woke up and pulled out the first thing he found in his closet I know he has a heavy beard and has to shave twice a day sometimes, so when he can he just lets it go. H5O begins shooting soon and he will have to shave every day so I think he is letting it go until then. He has worn the grey suit before and the green shoes which he wore during his promotional tour in NYC for H5O and TBUP. They look good with the jeans he wore then. He does have a stylist, but they must have not been around before this event. He is still our Alex and what matters is his dedication to DLA, he is true hero.

  23. Thanks Jeanne. No collection needed – I would do it for free – Alex does not even need to be around. Just need access to his closet to pull his existing pieces together properly and get him a few new pieces if needed. I have been dressing the elite & yes the not so elite for over 30 yrs (sorry cannot give any names). As an up and coming actor Alex does indeed have an image to uphold. That is the nature of the biz ladies. The fashion critics can be brutal as you know. Edgy & trendy is fine but not everyone can carry it off. You need to know your body type & coloring and emphasize your assets and hide the flaws. The suit , shirt & tie are fine but the green shoes throw it off kilter. Since he likes his green shoes & so do I, a brown or dark green suit would work better. He just needs a little tweeking is all. Plus the pant legs need to be pulled over the shoes. Alex has long legs and he is shortening them with this look. I can’t help it – when I see a fashion “faux pas” I need to come to the rescue – it’s in my blood. Whether you can afford high end designer labels or not you can always take what you have and look like a million dollars if your pulled together properly. Look ladies I am not trying to beat your man idol down at all. In fact it was not Alex’s looks that reeled me in to begin with – it was hearing his voice while I was cleaning every Friday night (never saw his face until 3 weeks later). Then his acting abilities and facial jesters caught my attention. Look you can be the most attractive person in the world but if your inner heart is black that is a major turn off for me. I don’t know the dude but he seems like a sincere down to earth man and I would have to know him persoanally to judge him otherwise. All I want to do is help him beat off the fashion police with a baseball bat. In his industry he needs to be aware of that when he is in the public eye. Nothing is more breathtaking than a well put together lady or gentleman regardless of the cost of the wardrobe. Ladies if I could get a hold of his wardrobe the next time you see Alex your jaw would drop to the ground. Now wouldn’t you all like that???

  24. i am happy for alex he worked so hard for donate a life i am happy for him now the world nows who alex is

  25. Like Billy Joel’s song says “I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOUR ARE”. Alex is being recognized for his work as a humanitarian – not as a fashion model. .

  26. I hate to say it, but he looks like a doofus!! Since when do men wear suit-pants bagged at the ankle??? He’s in an image business, and he should know better. Especialy when he can look so blasted HOT!

    I think he’s going for edgy and trendy, but it’s worse than the “not caring” look.

    Perhaps we should all take up a collection and send Jazz out to meet him, slap him upside the head, and get the boy some style!!

  27. I’m far from being an expert in this topic, but oh God, he needs an image manager URGENTLY!!

  28. Alex was honored for his heart and soul, not his clothing. When you have both a kind heart and a caring soul, the rest doesn’t matter because the true person shines, just as Alex does all the time, he shines. Congratulations!

  29. Oops – forgot 2 things:

    Alternate suggestion – a brown or dark green suit with an interesting weave of fabric to go with the green shoes. Much better approach then the gray suit with a solid blue tie. Also when you have a solid suit go with a funky print on your tie. It makes the outfit pop. Stay away from striped shirts with plaid ties sweetie. Have seen you make that mistake too. Like I said – just some fine tuning. You do have some nice individual pieces Alex, you just need to learn how to put them together for a sharper look.

    Second – Congrats on the award it is well deserved. You should be extremely proud of your accomplishments. Giving of oneself is the most rewarding experience in the world. I left my Sex & the City lifestyle to be here in New Orleans for a little while to help save some of the critters from the nasty oil mess. What a whole lotta love and a tooth brush can do. 🙂

  30. The hair, the scruff, the suit , the tie, the shoes (being a shoe freak myself I LOVE unusual shoes and I do LOVE his shoes) – none of it bothers me at all – separately – but together it is a walking nightmare. Trust me I know – I dress the elite for a living. Nothing wrong with being different – we have enough clones out there in the world – I thrive on unique & making your own darn statement – however it still needs to be pulled together properly with some finesse. My 22 yr old nephew refuses to shop w/out me on his coat tails and we live in different states – the kid is HOT and dressed to kill even while attending medical school!!!!! I normally charge for my expertise but Alex, I would do you for free cause you need some serious fine tuning honey. If you have a fashion consultant she/ he needs to be fired. Alex your a good looking man – even casual & relaxed you can look like a million bucks if your pulled together properly. I don’t know – maybe your tired & over worked, maybe your color blind like my Dad, maybe you were in a hurry and threw clothes in a suitcase without thinking about it. Shit happens & face it we all have our bad days!!!!! Sweetie there are millions of woman out there that would love to ripe your clothes off – I want to do the opposite. You need to …..WORK IT…..OWN IT……..

  31. It is wonderful to see someone in the public eye not be overly concerned about superficial things; he was there for all the right reasons – to support the cause of Donate Life! I truly believe he had no idea he would win this award!! One of many attributes this man has that proves his worth as a terrific human being. He is NOT not just another pretty face!
    Congratulations ALEX!!

  32. Love the shoes. Love the way he dresses. Love the scruff.

  33. Congrats to Alex! He was so deserving of this award. Alex usually dresses and looks sharp but here, he looks like he just got out of bed! He also looks tired. He’s been working too hard. A little rest would do him a world of good. I still love him no matter what. Thanks Tiffany.

  34. Alex’s hair is okay!! Anybody can have a bad hair day. He is probably just so busy. Glad you got the award. Love you.. Can’t wait to see you this fall in H50. You roc.

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    Congratulations to Alex! Love his unique green shoes for a unique, one-of-a-kind man. 🙂

  36. This award could not have gone to a more deserving person. Have you people never had a bad hair day? Alex, has had a crazy schedule, lately; give the guy a break! Alex is still the most caring, compassionate, hottest actor out there! We Love You Alex, so glad you won this award!

  37. I think Alex likes to do his own thing. messy hair and needing a shave, I think he is one of those guys who have to shave a lot, Also a lot of times his tie is not quite up and top button undone. Still love him. He is a very casual man, his teeth look better.

  38. I love Alex’s hair the way it is, but shave the beard off! 🙂 If Alex likes his green shoes, he likes his green shoes! No comment. I’m so proud of Alex for winning an award. Way to go! *clapping* 🙂

  39. CONGRATULATIONS Alex, it’s great
    alex looks better, less thin, He is gorgeous….

  40. How could someone so GORGEOUS…. allow himself to look so scruffy? Please Alex, let your hair grow and shave….. what has happened to you? But we do love you.

  41. I realy love Alex but sorry he looks like just got off drunken bindge or just flew in from Oz

  42. Congrats to Alex. Well deserved for receiving this awesome award. But those green shoes gotta goe. You’re still awesome and handsome as ever though.

  43. Green shoes were a hit last night – everyone commented on them.

  44. I agree. Alex you are so hot. Looks like you just got out of bed. And I know you love your green shoes but they just don’t go with everything. Also, I agree about the hair. Loved your Moonlight hair but not possible for every role, I know. Love you always and take care.

  45. Way to go Alex! I knew you would win. It could not have gone to a more deserving person.
    By the way, I just watched Casino Royale with Daniel Craig, and I could so see you in that role. The world missed out!

  46. Yeah, I have to agree, Alex looked MUCH better in that grey suit he had on a couple weeks ago…..those green shoes have got to go. NOT classy, Alex and NOT what you should be wearing for an award like this. Grow your hair longer like Moonlight. Love you no matter what BUT your hair looked like it was combed with a mixmaster. Love you anyway, Your Forever Fan Suzanne

  47. Tiffany–can you provide a link for us? I looked all thru Facebook and couldn’t find it. Thanks!! You do a great job for us!

  48. Oh No!.. whats up with Alex?? He looks like he crawled out of bed and threw his clothes on and didnt even have time to tie his shoes.. Thats not very respectful to the award presenters.. Sorry Alex, love u but u need help….

  49. hey… this is great..,and congrats & all the best Alex… o’ and as to thoses green shoes go… hey to say he is for sure not following the so-called whats in today that just might more than not be out tomorrow… more to you Alex..

  50. There’s those crazy green shoes again! LOL! Congrats to Alex on a well-deserved award.

  51. hi what is up with alex hair he is so so handsome and he looks good good luck you are the best

  52. Love him too but..his hair is so weird here.What happened????

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