Three Rivers Episode – A ROLL OF THE DICE

Wow! What a tear jerker!! But a very powerful episode as well.

In this episode Scott returns to Three Rivers with his new heart being rejected by his body. Dr. Andy at first tries various treatments to get him out of rejection but they are not working. Scott, who has been through so much already, is ready to let nature take its course but after years of a bad relationship with his parents he can’t imagine how they would suffer, so he keeps fighting.

A young woman is brought to Three Rivers after a drowning incident but transferred to Dr. Andy when it is discovered she is internally bleeding. While she is at the hospital she crashes and nearly dies a second time of an insulin overdose…which the staff did not give her. This leads to the staff to find out which visitor has tried to kill their patient.

A runner is brought to TR with kidney failure and he requires a transplant. His wife is not a match but Dr. Foster arranges a daisy chain where 4 family members of patients all donate kidneys so that each patient gets a new kidney. The chain is almost broken when the runner is offered a kidney outside the chain but his wife, having met one of the other families who will benefit, cannot break the chain and decides to donate anyway. This storyline was VERY tense and I kept waiting for the worst to happen and the chain to be broken!! Alas it all ended well.

Scott is offered a new heart and he undergoes surgery. The new heart is immediately rejected though and Dr. Andy loses Scott on the operating table. Dr. Andy cared for Scott very much and battled for months in his corner, so he is particularly upset by the loss. Dr. Reed finds him in the cafeteria to comfort him and they end up going back to Dr. Andy’s hotel room. Thus begins the affair we saw coming between Dr. Andy and the adorable Dr. Reed.

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  1. New to this site… I also got tears in my eyes during 3rivers. I also enjoyed him in feed, even though i was shocked at first. Alex will do well in whatever role he plays.

  2. I have to start by saying it’s so wonderful to get a double fix of Alex each week with Three Rivers and Moonlight, but I was recently reading the updates from Tiffany about Alex changing agencies, which he needs to do if he feels that he wasn’t getting the proper representation where he was. But I was reading a comment from a woman whose name escapes me but she was down right nasty. Saying terrible things about him needing acting lessons not changing agencies..I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I guess her mother never taught her the important lesson about “if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” I just hope that these types of messages don’t get back to Alex. He’s such a class act and a wonderful actor and humanitarian. I sincerely wish him all the best with Hawaii Five-0. And I know that we all support him here. Have a good week everyone!

    1. Lisa.. i agree with you..
      alex is great.
      and tho not everyone agrees ‘weknow better’ lol.

      but , i have to say i ALSO LOVE DANNY on the show.
      he is quite the hunk as well..

      and i doubt alex would hurt one bit by amything negative ppl say here.
      he is quite confident in his skin, which he should be!..


  4. you ppl that do not like alex or the shows he is on.. go somewhere else AFTER you post ONCE that you do not care for him, the writers etc.
    others of us appreciate the man .. for his talent, his looks and the fact that
    that alone got me watching the show.. even if it was bad writing.. which i do not think at all.
    i would watch it and rave for it to remain BECAUSE the people in this country
    this show is NOT all about a hunk of a man!!!

    he simply adds to the flavor…
    i was thrilled when i saw on the TV show–>”the doctors”
    the surgeon whose work this show is based on..and alex ..
    people simply have NO CLUE how important this show can be for people needing or are apptroached about the possiblity of their dead loved one being a donar!.
    so please get off your giddy high selves about alex being such a hunk being the only reason this show,is any good.

    use your brains and realize HE likes this show for what it stands for as well as for being the star!

    we can agree he is a hunk, and i LOVE him but danny is a hunk too! LOL

    1. I totally am in agreement with you Hedy. The people who do not care for our Alex should go elsewhere and stop writing and talking SHIT about him. I am so fed up with these IDIOTS that don’t have anything good to say!!!

  5. I just finally got to read everyones comments and I totally agree with Cozette, & Suzanne Faith. I enjoy all forms of Alex’s work be it good to some or bad to others. Hat’s off to Tiffany, love your site and all the info you give to us about Alex.

  6. Hey Alex Lovers!! I just read on Alex’s Facebook fan page that Man-Thing will air tonight on the SyFy channel. It will be on at midnight Pacific Daylight. So check your schedules!

  7. I am trying to catch up with eps on internet. After about 10 attempts on different sites eventually caught up with it.
    So sad, Scott’s heart being rejected by his body.
    Very rush, rush job Andy and Dr Reed couldn’t get each othe undressed fast enough, an emotional and frustration affair by the seem of it.

  8. I am very happy Alex has the opportunity of having the remaining Three Rivers episodes shown on CBS. I have been a long time fan. I especially appreciate Alex’s potrayal as Andy Yablonski. I am a tissue recipient, and Alex’s involvement with Three Rivers and Donate Life has made a world of difference to me! My best and much gratitude, Alex!

  9. This thread has really gotten strange. I feel I must weigh in on a few points. Most of us are here because we adore Alex. Period. That doesn’t mean that we can’t recognize when he has been given material that doesn’t measure up to his talent. The determining factor is do you BELIEVE him in the role. I saw The Back-up Plan three times because Alex was in the movie and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. I liked him in Three Rivers even though the scripts weren’t very strong because he was always believable as Andy Yablonski. Alex is an excellent actor who has NEVER delivered a bad performance. I am so proud to be one of his true fans and wish him nothing but the best. Looking forward to Hawaii Five-O. Love you Alex !!!

    1. I’ve said this before on a different thread–I’m a nurse and I don’t care for any of the medical shows on TV. They aren’t realistic. Even when Josh was killed on ML I saw an ineffective attempt to save his life. But I LOVE Alex and I’ll watch anything he’s doing even if the script is bad. Who cares? I sit there dreamily watching that hunk of a man who’s young enough to be my son! Hollywood hasn’t caught up with Alex’s talent yet but when it does–look out world!!

  10. Oh my goodness, you’re right about The Back Up Plan – I forgot that I did download it and watch it on my computer. Sorry I forgot about that. I thought it was bad, but I don’t ever watch romantic comidies so perhaps it was a good one of that genre.

    And I have said I adore the man!! Stated that I loved Moonlight, Mary Bryant, Oyster Farmer, Feed, August Rush, The Shield, Criminal Minds — loved them all. The only reason I’m giving neg comments for the past few months is because, to put it mildly, the last few months have not been his best work.

    I’ve never been on any fansite before, and maybe I don’t get the unwritten rules. If the rules are to only talk about the bright and bubbly stuff, I can live with that. Ususally the blogs I’m on we have an exchange of ideas – back and forth – and that kind of stuff. Different viewpoints. Guess that is not wanted here. Fair enough, it’s your site.

    If I’ve crossed the line — I oppologize. I will continue to lurk, because this is a great site for information. Keep up the good work Tiffany.

  11. 100% lust is the criteria to be on this site???

    1. No of course not. It does seem odd that some people are coming here only to complain about the way Alex looks or how boring his shows are though. BTW you just said you never saw TBUP but you commented a couple months ago that you did see it and you talked about how awful it was… I just found it odd that ALL your comments for a few months now have all been negative about Alex or the shows he is in.

      If you are truly a fan then you are welcome but some more positive comments might be in order… since you are supposed to like the guy.

  12. I wish all you people that have nothing good to say about our Alex would just leave this site. It sickens me all the not nice remarks I’ve been reading latley. To each there own, so if your not 100% in lust over him find another site to complain on…

  13. Thanks Tiffany for all your posts!!!! I have not commented in awhile
    because of the negative comments!!!!!! We all care for and want the
    best for Alex!!!! Who cares if we don’t like what he wears!!! Let’s
    celebrate the man and his talent!!!!! All the best Alex!!!! Congrats on
    the Donate Life award!!!

  14. BRAVO! Tiffany, my Mom told me if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
    If no one got teary, they need to rethink the emotion process.
    I to thought this was a site for ALEX fans no matter what he does.
    If you don’t like Three Rivers don’t watch. Only two more episodes, so sad, this was a good series, too bad the eye didn’t think so. Thats strike 2, if they blow H5O, I hope ALEX blows
    them off. He’s to GOOD of an Actor to keep being yanked around.
    At least for now we get Alex 2xs a week, 3R and MoonLight.

  15. Hi again – just to clarify – the reference to critics is not about anyone who posts on this site but to those people who actually get paid to make negative comments on just about everything – especially when it involves Alex. Though the buzz for “H5-O” is still strong and CBS is promoting it with a vengence, there are those out there who have already written it off without seeing one episode. Let’s hope those people find a new hobby or at least someone else to complain about. We know in our hearts that this is the ONE for Alex this time.

  16. My VCR is getting a workout this summer for sure – with “Moonlight” and “Three Rivers” going on – I don’t want to miss a thing. Though I have the “Moonlight” DVD, it is still so great to see it again. As for “Three Rivers”, I am glad that CBS has decided to air the remainig episodes but I have to say that as much as I loved “Dr. Andy” – I am not looking backwards but forwards to seeig Alex in “Hawaii Five-O” in the fall. I think this type of character is one that will put him over the top. The critics are already out in full force but I truly think “H5-O” is a winner.

  17. I think Three Rivers might not have been the greatest show especially after watching Alex in the wonderful Moonlight but I still watched it because I love Alex. And Hawaii 5-0 definitely looks to be better than Three Rivers. So we go on and hope for the best. Still waiting for a brunette besides Coraline. She lost to Beth. Love you Alex.

  18. Suzanne,

    I agree the last 30 seconds were great!! Made sense, had some emotion to it —- but it still didn’t make up for the previous 42 minutes. Actors, even great actors, need a team of great writers and directors and editors to make things work. Alex and the other actors were let down on this one.

    I was hopefull when TR was in the planning stages, and giddy when they went into production, and could hardly contain my excitement when the 1st episode aired. And then sat on my couch stupified afterward, that something that I wanted to love so much, was so dreadful.

    I think alot of people on this post look at Alex like a mother looks at her child – that they are the most perfect, the most beautiful, the most talented creature on earth (which, by the way, my kids are), and can overlook……stuff. I can’t.

    That’s just my personal opinion. But ya gotta believe I’m rooting for the man.

  19. Yes, Jeanne, I am gonna have to agree with Tiffany. Lordy, the 3 Rivers show WASNT boring….are you kidding???? That last scene with the shirt off and ready to make love to that nurse./doctor? made complete sense…when something awful happens, you try to do something life affirming….and whatta way to do it! Yeah, you were a little harsh, and NO I certainly would watch the rest of ANY shows Alex does with a big smile on my face and love in my heart.
    Suzanne Alex’ls Forever fan

    1. In defense of Jeannie, I have to agree with her that the show (Three Rivers) is poorly written but it doesn’t mean that we don’t like Alex O”Loughlin any less. I have several actors I really like and when they’re in a bad movie or series, I can say that he/she sucked in a movie and it was too bad they got stuck in a movie/series like that and hopefully the next role he/she gets will make up for that bad role. “Hawaii Five-O” is definitely going to do that for Alex O’Loughlin as “Moonlight” did in bringing Alex O’Loughlin to the notice of viewers.

      In USA Today, there was a blurb which stated this was a bad series to display Alex O’Loughlin in for people who’d never seen him before Five-O comes on the air and I agree but because I know his work, I can ignore Three Rivers as being one of those roles he can forget about.

      I love Jack Lord (the original McGarrett) but he was in some pretty bad movies (The Counterfeit Killer—that is sooooooo bad) but it is in my collection on his material. Good or bad, I’ll still give him an “E for Effort” but it was bad.

      I like to watch Alex O’Loughlin but if he is in a bad film or movie, I’m going to say it. and wait for him to appear in a better role. It’s got nothing to do with his taking his shirt off or not. It’s nice to watch but it won’t make up for bad writing and a show he’s having to work at making it better. Sometimes, even taking off a shirt, won’t save a show if it not written well.

  20. Tiffany,

    I LOVE Alex. He’s my wallpaper on my computer — but I’m not blind.

    I loved him in Moonlight, loved Mary Bryant, bought the Oyster Farmer DVD, have googled everything he’s ever done. I even liked Feed. Didn’t see The Backup Plan cuz I don’t like romantic comedies – so I didn’t comment on that.

    But I’ve been negative on Three Rivers because it was a bad show. I know there are people here who love him in everything he does, but when the vehicle is bad I say so. Sort of the Emperor has No Clothes thing.

    Three Rivers sucked. It wasn’t meanness on the part of CBS that they canceled it, it was just no good. Alex is so much better than that.

    And for the new look — he DOES look like a doofus!!! That doesn’t mean I love him less. I love my husband, but I’ve blocked the door when he’s tried to leave the house in some rediculous man-brain-dead outfit. If he’s in the public eye, he needs to look good.

    I think I’m one of the most honest people on this board. I get the feeling from some of the other posts that they keep thinking if they keep repeating how good something is, that it will make it so. It won’t.

    And I’m SO looking forward to 5-O!

    So no, I don’t hate him, and I’m here because it’s a great site and you’re doing a terrific job.

  21. Ok, I tried to look at this one with new eyes, and – except for the last 30 seconds – found it incredibly boring and trite. I kept looking at my watch and thinking “when will this ever end”. And reading all the comments about folks needing Kleenex, I don’t get it….As I wrote in another post, I found the mood more of Barney and Friends.

    Horrid writing.

    I think we should be overjoyed that this dog is gone and we’re going to see Alex in 5-O. Seriously guys, could you really watch a whole season of this stuff??

    1. Jeanne, are you even a fan of Alex? I looked through your past comments and EVERY SINGLE ONE for the past 6 months was negative.. aka you hated the show or the movie, or Alex looks like a Doofus in that photo, etc. Why are you even here?

    2. I really tried to give this episode a chance but I don’t like the show. It is badly written. This one was worse than the first one I saw. Alex O’Loughlin and the rest of the actors can only do so much and with these stories, it’s not much.

      I know that Hawaii Five-O will give Alex O’Loughlin that range of acting he has always shown in other productions. The writers for Hawaii Five-O have done Fringe and CSI so you know those stories are going to be terrific and well-written!

      I watched a Moonlight marathon on the Chiller channel last week and it made up for Three Rivers…LOL So, here’s to Alex O’Loughtin, the Fall Season and Hawaii Five-O!!!

  22. Oh my I’ve just cried buckets, this episode is so sad all I could see was Andy’s face so full of emotion, I’ve lost count the times that Alex has made me cry such an award winning actor. Love the last scene Alex with his shirt off again I don’t get tired of that..Thanks for posting Tiffany
    Love you loads Alex XXX

  23. I agree with most every comment prior to mine…….lordy, what a shame to cancel that show too! Whatsa matter with CBS???? Emotion, great acting, not exactly the “perfect” casting of Moonlight but we could surely have gotten to know 3 Rifvers cast better…AND I grew up in Pittsburgh so it was a kick to see my home town on TV.
    The lesson in all this DON’T TAKE OUR ALEX FOR GRANTED!! He shines in everything he does, as they said in one of Moonlights episodes “one of a kind” Love to Alex from Suzanne his His Forever Fan–Please tell me he reads some of our stuff, Tiffany!)

  24. yes, it was a touching episode….
    In response to Sandra Fegan, Alex and amber in couple, NO, it was JUST a RUMOR, Alex said many times that he is single, otherwise someone would have accompanied Alex to Donate Life Person of the year 2010.

  25. This was a great testimony to Alex’s ability to be a fine actor. Great eyes!!!!!

  26. What an episode. Didn’t see that one coming. The scene when he had to talk to Scott’s parents was heartbreaking. Alex’s acting was terrific! Thanks Tiffany.

  27. What a tear- jerker…I hope everyone that saw last nights episode had there box of Kleenex
    near by. But then again….that part with the young Dr. Reed….badabam!!!!

  28. WOW what an emotioal episode. I loved it. The people at CBS must be nuts for cancelling the program. I find it mush more interesting than Mercy or Miami Medical. The ending was great. I kept wanting more. Hoping H5O works out better for Alex. CBS just has to get rid of their stupid critics. You roc Alex

    1. I totally in agreement. CBS does have to get rid of there idiotic critics and give Alex a

  29. Got to find ep on the internet. Well frpom what I have read somewhere. Dr Reed Amber Clayton and Alex were/are a couple. Was Scott the younng dark haired guy, who was wiyth that blonde young girl who also needed a transplant in Hospital at the same time as him?

  30. I totally cried. The face he made when he went to the parents was just so disappointed looking. It was a good episode though.

  31. This episode was worth the box of kleenex. Dr. Andy wow , finaly showed some passion.
    Too bad that he and Beth didn’t tell each other they LOVED one another early in the season.
    Can.t wait til next week dose of Dr. Andy.

  32. What a sad one. I, too had tears in my eyes. I also saw the affair coming. What’s wrong with brunettes?

  33. Dr. Reed is adorable – and let’s not forget Ms. Turner. Two adorable blonds who get to make out with Dr. Andy / Vampire Mick!!!

  34. i saw the ebisode last night i and i cried when andy went to talk with scott mom and dad

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