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  1. What an awesome picture of Alex! I cannot wait to see him on Oct. 4! Alex, we have missed you and your smile for so long. I am so glad that you are back!

  2. Wow, beautiful photo of Alex. Thanks for posting!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Natalie about the address label covering Alex’s picture. He has got to be the most handsome man on the planet right now , bar none! Article says “he can break your heart then give you a new one, OMG can you stand it! I liked the first part of “Matt’s take” stating that Alex is A MAJOR RISING STAR and how serious CBS is to make sure TR is a success. Everytime a promo comes on, it just makes me want to watch TR even more. I think CBS got it right this time. Hurry October 4th. 🙂


    Alex looks absolutely perfect!
    I truly hope that a Portuguese channel can pick TR asap otherwise I’ll turn a monster and surely a very difficult person to handle due to frustration..
    Being serious my inner desire is TR can succeed since the beginning giving Alex’s the chance to show himself being at the same a perfect portray of what the transplant’s world is…this is very important issue and hopefully will make people more aware of the importance of being a donor and how one person can change so many others in need.
    I know Alex will be the perfect character and surely will do his best to be absolutely faithful to the one’s he is role playing.
    I’m just waiting for the most perfect TV show ever, relating with medical procedures of course!

    Thank you once again for all the news available.


  5. Who’s on the cover? I happened to be in the store, and picked up a TV Guide that said “Fall Preview,” but no Alex. I’d love to read the article; I can’t really read the scans. Thanks peoples.

  6. No, it’s not the scan, there is definitely a dreamy, heavenly feel to it; a perfect match to Alex – also being dreamy & heavenly!! Also you can see a bit of his upper arm tats, and as we have been noticing the gradual disappearance of the lower arm ones, they do appear to be gone on his left arm, at least. So glad they gave him the full 2-page spread treatment!!

  7. While I was checking my newest e mails a new promo video of TR came on CBS….Holy cow, hard to believe Alex could look even better than the previous ones…but he does. Ck it out, Tiffany, it’s a keeper.

  8. Oh wow, can’t wait to get my mail tomorrow …sure hope my TVGuide mag is there. Haven’t received it yet, It’s been too long since TV Guide had any tiny little mention of Alex. The picture with the article is awesome as usual. And I read recently in an article somewhere about Alex’s sttempts to address erroneously rumors about his parents. How thrilled I was to read that his father teaches Science and ASTRONOMY. I am an amateur astronomer and have been the Treas at an Observatory on Long Island for 28 years. Astronomy is my other passion.. Ales and Astronomy. Awesome. I love my life.

  9. That is Alex go the extra mile or two ti get to know his character, and get under the skin to play the part to the best of his ability, I had read previously that he shadowed Gonzo for quite a while to get the feel of the man he is going to portray and the feel of the job he is going to have to act out for the cameras. If you ask me the real doctor and the actor are both perfectionists in their own way,
    And shucks, not sure about the real doctor, but Alex is sure cute and good looking,

  10. I’m still waiting to get my TV Guide. It should have been here by now but you know since Alex is featured it will be late. My god, he’s even got cute toes. This man is just perfect. 🙂 Thanks for uploading this.

  11. Was so happy when I saw my issue of TV Guide this week. A little picture of Alex on the front of the TV Guide (though his picture was obscured by my address box) I could see his smiling face. I eagerly flipped through the pages, where is he, where is he, hope that it’s a big article, where is it. And voila, there it was on page 58. To watch on Sundays, Alex!!! Ah, a picture in Beverly Hills! 😀 This and the #4 Emmy Magazine article and I’ve been in heaven this week! Thank you for posting this Tiffany, I can look at this marvelous actor over and over again.

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