Whimsical Wednesday FanArt in December


It is mid December and the time where being busy is taken to extreme, but thankfully all of our contributors still made time to do something for fanart day (except for us-oops). As always we appreciate the great works and contributors behind them.


From Mick to McGarrett and even a Captain America thrown in, the pieces this week are all Alex O’Loughlin in creations never seen before.




Silvia returned this week with this eye popping jungle piece symbolizing Steve reflecting on memories of the Wo Fat crash in season two, the plane encounter on the island with Lynn  in the beginning of season six, to the most haunting memory of them all, the plane crash in the season six finale that almost took his life. Is this one just a dream or a future reality? Hmmmm…

alex o'loughlin fanart jungle

Credit PurpCanary




Next, Monika decided to add a moving Mick giving us the feeling that he is going to be gracing us with his presence coming right into the present at anytime. That of course adds to the already mystical feel of the whole art.

alex o'loughlin moonlight fanart

Credit Monika Warzenietz




Moving along, Gaby also returned and created a special manip of Alex as Captain America. Recently there is talk of his potential of playing the Green Lantern so, Gaby decided to stay with the superhero theme and along with Jerry, who has called Steve Captain America, make a imaginative reality lifelike. Wouldn’t it be great to see Alex play a superhero on the big screen one of these days?

alex o'loughlin as captain america

Credit H50 Europe




Sonja provided us two pieces. The first one is an up close headshot with a festive background getting us ready for our holiday edition of Whimsical Wednesday. The second one, also along those lines but with a different flair, shows the green and red Christmas festive colors lighting McGarrett as he gets ready to take down a bad guy.

alex o'loughlin up close fanartalex o'loughlin steve mcgarrett fanart

Credit Sonni 




Last but never least, (the first will be last and the last will be first afterall), we have Bryna who has provided a look inside what would happen if Mick was head of Five-0. Technically, since Mick is a vampire and lives forever, he could come into the world of Hawaii Five- 0 in an alternative universe that Bryna has created. It is really cool if you think of it that way. Now you can actually picture it with the help of Bryna’s imagination in the pic. 

Mick meets Steve

Credit Becoming_Bryna



That is it for this week and as mentioned prior, we will be doing a special holiday edition of fanart day next week to get us all in the spirit (that is if the Christmas music since Halloween has not done that already :)).





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