Alex Asks Us to Support Three Rivers


A message from Alex via his MySpace page:

Hello everybody.I thank you all for being so patient with me in this hectic time. I have been meaning to update you every other day, but am constantly inundated with requests, interviews, charity work… and of course Three Rivers.

We have had a rough start with the show as far as numbers are concerned.  Hopefully, this is due partly to East Coast football and baseball playoffs. But our wonderful cast and crew maintain an attitude of stoicism and commitment in the promise of more attention toward this show which I have come to love and believe in so much.

When I first read the pilot I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. If I could in fact breathe any life whatsoever into this surgeon guy, Andy Yablonski.

I have worked really hard and i continue to study everyday the medical text books and reference material I use for this show. I collaborate with everyone on the show to make it better for you on Sunday, and now we are on the air pushing through to what we hope will be a “back nine” pickup, meaning Three Rivers will live to see a full season. 

I want you all to know that as always, I humbly appreciate all the support I constantly receive and that I am fighting hard to bring you a show I hope we can all be proud of.

Until we speak again, thank you and please tune in to Three Rivers!

All my love,

Alex. x

I was a bit sad to read this note actually. As the owner of this site I read every single comment made here and many of the fans have not been very kind to Three Rivers or the character of Dr. Andy. Just this week we had yet more comments made by his fans that they hope TR gets cancelled.

Alex…  many of your fans are already proud. Remember that…

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  1. I’m so upset with CBS … I hate CBS !! …(Moonlight & ect.) 🙁

    Alex, leave them ! They don’t deserve you!! :angel:

    Kisses 2 u from Italy. Christine

  2. imi place three rivers foarte mult i love alex in hawai5.0



  4. I am sorry to hear that Three Rivers was cancelled. I watched all the shows online and truly think that Alex portrayed a wonderfully sympathetic and caring doctor; something we can use more of in our medical industry. As much as I enjoyed the show, I was left yearning for more about the personal lives of the main characters. We learned about the patients in passing, but were so slow to learn about the personal lives of Andy, Miranda, Lee, etc – the characters that we tuned in to watch each week.
    I am a big Moonlight fan and am looking forward to H5-0 as well!

  5. To Alex and the cast of Three Rivers. Now that CBS did another fataql blow to TR. I comend the cast and crew you did a AWSOME JOB! It made me feel if I ever got sick and needed medical help I would want to be at Three Rivers . I work at a hospital and I do see the ins and outs of the medical staff. I wish CBS would realize that they did have a great show and give it more of a longer chance. We the fans jump through hoops to watch Three Rivers and hoped and prayed that it would be around for a VERY long time. I see someother stupid shows that are around and they just keep going. Like my name is Eral??? PLEASE! It is a insult to the viewers mentality. I wish CBS would reconcider about Three Rivers.
    Love to you Alex and the crew!! I still think you are Greatness!


  7. Tiffany,

    Is everything ok. Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Hope you and your family are alright.
    Can’t wait for tonight. Three Rivers, at 10pm. Will this be the only time or are they switching
    it for good? Been voting everyday for Three Rivers, at least 20 X’s.
    Rumor or Truth- Cbs ordered 9 more episodes.

  8. Please, please help Alex; he needs our help. Vote for Three Rivers and do your part. Also, don’t forget to watch Alex on Three Rivers this coming Sunday.

  9. I LOVE Alex & Three Rivers. I think he’s doing a great job and looking good too! 😉

  10. Three Rivers is an embarassment to the medical community, and it’s insulting to those of us who have committed our professional lives at stewarding the gifts donated by families suffering a loss. Promoting donation is one thing; insulting us and making HCPs look like total imbeciles is something entirely different. Andy might be great, but the rest of the script is DOA.

    1. Okay, you have stated your opinion and cause based on working the medical profession but you failed to state ‘exactly’ why this show is an emarassment and insulting to you and the medical community . Expand your thoughts on why you believe this is true. If anything this show indicates that there is a need for the medical professionals to care about the patient beyond the dollar sign. Anytime I have been admitted to a hospital I have failed to see this in either the nurses or the doctors. They treat you like you are a number and nothing more. The show may be a fantasy but it provides the public the desperate need for more people to step forward and be placed on a list as a donor while entertaining us also.

  11. Wow, Is Rita new or did she bump her head.
    Who wouldn’t want to have Dr. Andys babies. Or try to work it out.
    The Blonde ER Doc it the one that I would pick for him,(shes not Sophia,that was a match)
    They kinda had a spark since the 1st episode.
    Can’t wait til next Sunday . TR is really becoming habit forming.Sunday to Sunday is getting
    to be a long wait.
    Y’all have a good week!!!!!

  12. Today’s episode……awesome! I felt so sorry for Alex (Dr. Andy) though. His wife would rather be married to her freakin job than to Dr. Andy. She needs to see a shrink pronto!

  13. I Love Alex and Three Rivers and will watch and tape the shows and hope the rumor that Three Rivers will be cancelled is just that a rumor. I voted for Three Rivers as the best medical drama on TV. signed hopeful

  14. Tiffany, haven’t gotten any updates this week. Haven’t gotten anything since 10/24.
    Is everything ok? I can’t wait for tomorrow night. another shot of Alex. It seems like Suday to Sunday is an awful long time.
    How is Three Rivers doing in the polls?
    Hope we have a shot of season 2.

  15. GREAT Three Rivers 10/25. Did anyone catch TR Saturday night at 8pm pacific time. It was last weeks but at least we got to see ALEX.

  16. The main problem here is the time and day Three rivers is on. For the East coast, you are competing with already established shows and enduring fans for those shows. For example, I was not able to see Three rivers this week and asked my friend to watch it and tell me, but she said that Sunday night has her favorite shows. Like all great TV series it is necessary to be consistent and possibly add new surprises to keep up with the already busy TV programs. For example, Add a few “A” list actors to star in a few of the shows. Add endings that give info. of how to support the causes. Go on Oprah to promote the show.etc. Time is your friend on this. Keep strong! Love Linda

  17. Hello Alex
    What a unique medical show…… you and your castmates are so “in the moment”. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, and i’ve even learned a few things…… the show itself (thanks to the actors and writers) can’t help but make us all think about our lives…. I don’t ever recall another medical show that has fallen under the “organ donation” theme. (I’m a child of the 60’s/70’s.. no other shows come to mind). Regardless of who was starring in the show, I was planning on watching it ever since I saw the promos which started about 2-3 months ago. (But I sure was glad to see you would be the main star of the show… I so enjoyed you in Moonlight and was sorely annoyed when they canceled that series…mmmm. bite me:-) but seriously, there have been many shows out there over the years that were canceled on one network only to be picked up by another…. maybe CBS just isn’t the place for it. .. time will tell…perhaps it needs to find a new home where it will be more widely accepted appreciated, and enjoyed. Perhaps the topic of organ donation is just too personal and serious for most people to deal with (on a weekly basis). IMHO, most TV viewers are not into quality programming… all they seem to want is another reality show….. (90% of which are crap), they are not into a quality medical show that makes us all think about our existence, how fragile life can be, and what can/will happen to our “parts” once we are gone. Now THAT’S reality….

  18. Hi Gang – just got next week’s issue of TV Guide – said that the new shows should be learning their fate soon. It said that “Three Rivers” has a LESS than 50/50 chance to make it. We need to contact CBS now, more than ever and ask them not to be so quick to cancel “Three Rivers” and at least give it a full season. Three episodes is not enough to determine if a new program is going to be a success, especially when 2 of the 3 episodes were delayed due to football. It’s now or never – contact CBS.

  19. Anything for OUR ALEX. Love 3Rivers,got my mates into it too. They are loving Our Alex. Thanks Cassie for the link, just voted. Come On ALex fans support our man never mind if you dont like his doctor role…..its ALEX .

  20. well being here on the east coast of the states goes… and yup this isn’t the 1st time that either football or baseball or whatever has as to put a major sort of speak by the network… and yes it can be anyone of them too.. and that even that there are way over load of channels theses days to assist w/ showing the sports as thoses mentioned… that well to say it still as happens and that of …. Three Rivers….

    anyways.. as to how this series is going as far as my 2 cents counts… that of as in like life it self.. nothing is cut & dry or even inbetween it either…. and w/ that said… hey theses days we’re of more than as to wanting tomorrow for today and that of not wanting to wait even of if as to well …u get the idea… anyways… as far as my 2 cents may count… and yes I do enjoy medical shows… that as to Three Rivers…. keep it coming Alex…. for as to the format of the way of show is shown… maybe its just well it is NOT a COPY CAT OF ANY OTHER MEDICAL SHOW…. as to so many of copies have of other medical shows…. and this is for sure WAY DIFFERENT AND …. MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X’s a ZILLION PLUS MORE….!

    YET TOO … how about this…. ok as to baseball that will tonite be deceided … and yet w/ football its just of welll…. anyways… let’s not give up the ghost just yet … ok? and well let’s just well….. give this series more time… for of like life is unknown as to here and then… that yet wouldn’t we still keep trying to keep on trying anyways… as life is life and without it.. where are we…? ok?

    for me I will be watching and keep up what your doing there all of you on Three
    Rivers… ok?

  21. I have been watching Three Rivers and find the show to be top notch. The characters are very different from one another which bring a spontaniaty to the dialogue. Alex is just a great character actor, not many in this business hold that candle. The show is well done, Alex is believable, he does the role justice. As for Moonlight, that was then, this is now. Good Job young man!

  22. I think Three Rivers is great ! Each episode gets better and better! I live in area that will not recieve tv airwaves since the digital change. I hate that. So the only way I can see Three Rivers and the Wounderful man Alex is on my computer. On the CBS link. Now that is a die hard fan. Must see Alex and Three Rivers. I must have my TR fix. LOL. The cast of TR does a fantastic job! I work in a hospital and It sure isn’t like that. Sure wish it was.
    Keep the POSITVE! Love you Alex.

  23. As Linda E. said, we need to send comments to CBS Feedback line with our POSITIVE
    messages of support for Alex and “Three Rivers” – It’s us to us. 🙂

  24. If CBS had officially cancelled Three Rivers, the net entertainment sites would know. They’ve
    reported nothing so far. It’s up to us to deluge CBS Feedback with our messages of support.

  25. I am and always will be a huge Moonlight fan, but Moonlight is finished it is time to move on and support this wonderfully talented, gorgeous man. I live in Australia and we have only had one episode of Three Rivers air here, but I just loved it, Alex gets more time to show us his wonderful acting skills and that beautiful smile of his. If we are all true fans of Alex then we should support what it is he is doing now, or we won’t have him on screens to look at, I will always watch he is or does…………GO ALEX YOUR GREAT.

  26. I think Three Rivers is Excellent! It keeps getting better with each episode. It shows how real people deal with real life. Alex and the cast do a fantastic job! If CBS pulls this I will never watch CBS again. I live in a place were there is no tv signal and thus I have to watch Three Rivers on my computer. Alex is a VERY talented actor! Yes I have seen him in all his roles. The role he is doing now looks great on him. Don’t get me wrong he did fabulous on all his others. It just shows he can do it all!
    Love and Support to Alex and the team!

  27. Three Rivers was awsome last night!!!!!! I Just voted TR has the largest response, 82% of the vote. House is at 22%. Alex looks like he ‘s having fun with this show, All I know is I can’t
    wait to see Dr. Andy next Sunday.

    Thanks Tiffany for all the updates.

  28. I have not seen Three Rivers yet, hopefully it will be televised here in Manila this year.
    I don’t have any doubts that Alex will be one of the finest actors in Hollywood, having seen Moonlight.. Beside the good looks, he has civic awareness and embarks in roles that will help enlighten fans to be more conscious about our important roles in society. Of course, not to forget that he is truly grateful to his fans who in turn appreciate his being an excellent actor. We can seldom find such humility in actors who achieve fame and fortune.
    Alex, we are praying for your success in the entertainment industry.

  29. Thanks Cassie for the info – just voted – “Three Rivers” is in the lead by a large margin. I also went on CBS Feedback line to comment about last night’s episode of “Three RIvers” – Hope everyone leaves a message, let them know how we feel. Take the time, it’s that important.

  30. DONE!!!
    Although the result s influenced by our love towards Alex IT IS IMPERATIVE THIS SHOW GETS A CHANCE TO DEVELOP AND EVOLVE so let’s make some noise about it!!!
    Thank you Cassie.


    1. Thanks for the link. I’ve done my duty and vote for our Alex (Three Rivers). Hopefully they will hear that we really do love this show. Again, many thanks.


  31. Send comments to CBS Feedback line, let them know how much we loved last night’s TR episode but despise the fact that, once again, due to football, programming was over 1 hr. late. As Heather said, she didn’t get to see it because CBS pulled it from their time slot out there. How is anyone supposed to get involved with a new program. new characters, etc. if there is a delay each week? The time slot needs to be changed if TR is going to remain in the lineup. Hope the rumors are not true regarding early cancellation – time will tell. Contact CBS Feedback line, voice your opinions.

  32. Just finish watching the third installment of TR…..awesome. Dr. Andy so compassionate with his patients; especially one in particular. The ex-drug addict getting a heart but takes off — of all the places the roof — to similar to me from a scene in Moonlight. I’m just going to take all the negative stuff they say about this great show and will still keep supporting Alex.

  33. Just got through watching the third episode of Three Rivers and it was wonderful!! It didn’t come on until after 10pm ’cause the East coast football game went into overtime!! Here they had the football announcers tell the audience that Cold Case wouldn’t be on after Three Rivers. The show was awesome!! The “Three River’s Romeo & Juliet” story line was sweet. Hope they have them back on again, follow their story. More back story on “Andy” and they showed a wee bit of the rugby game. Don’t forget to go to and make your POSITIVE comments.

  34. CBS pulled it, they pulled THREE RIVERS in MTN Time showing at 8PM … I don’t know what they are showing but it’s definitely not THREE RIVERS 10-18-2009. I am so upset with CBS … it makes me wished I had influence over their sponsors and could yank them also.

  35. dear alex i will always watch the show i think it is and awsome show i been watching it fron day one i think you are awsome and i wouldnt want to lost you or this show so you can count on me moonlight was the best and we all can only hope that they would do something about that show but we have him in three river so we all need to be happy that we have him in that show it is amazing show and he amazing so plz guys let back him up with this show i dont want to lost him or this show

  36. I’ve read all of the above comments and heartily agree with all EXCEPT the naysayers!! And right now here in NY it is 1 hour and 15 minutes past the end of the frigging football game. Which means once again TR will be broadcast late…an hr and 15 min late. I am so into this TR show that I have planned my whole Sun nite around it. I am really of fan of Alex the actor, the person, the talented versatile guy. So whatever he decides to do, I’m there for him. Go Alex… AND CBS, DO THE RIGHT THING.

  37. I am so sad:-( why can’t Australian TV support their own?!?!?! Why would they axe this awesome show and put reruns of NCIS?!?! I am so sad:-(

  38. The numbers were horrible for last week due to the 45 minutes we had to endure watching an overtime football game. We should all drop an e-mail to the CBS Feedback comment line asking them not to be so quick to cancel a show that has only had 2 episoded shown. How can anyone call that a fair and fighting chance – it’s not so we need to ask CBS to stick with “Three Rivers” and allow it to grow. It took how long for NCIS to catch on and now it is a hit for CBS – the same thing can happen for “Three Rivers” Hopefully the 4:00 game today will not run over and all programming will be on schedule so that we can tune in at 9:00 to watch Alex and “Three Rivers”.

  39. I really feel sorry for all those comments… Alex is great and I do believe in his common sense in choosing a role and I do know what he does involve himself in the projects and do the best. I loved him as Mick St. John, but as musch as I love seing him as any character. I watch Three Rivers here in Brazil and I love it!!! now, if they cancel another good work, God, what do they expect? First, if they want better results, give the series better chances: Sunday nights is not a good time, in my point of view and it can be a obstacle to call more audience…. Well, as for Moonlight, for Whiteout, for Invisible, for August Rush, for Three Rivers and whatever work he takes, I will be with him!!!

  40. Tiffany- tell me it is’t so. Did they really cancel Three Rivers.? How can they do this. It just started. Who do we call or write to PROTEST. They did this to MOONLIGHT the writers strike
    couldn’t come at worst time for a new show like MOONLIGHT. CBS blew it with MOONLIGHT
    how can they do it to THREE RIVERS. This a wonderful series, and Alex is great as a DR.
    He has worked so hard and studied for this role to breathe life into DR. ANDY.
    How can all these “ALEX O” fans want to see him fail. Moonlight was the best and now it’s gone. Alex is growing as an Actor and taking on more difficult parts. And can’t wait for TR tonight.

  41. Alex is an amazing actor and human being! i fully support any role he takes and deeply admire the dedication he shown to Three Rivers and to Donate Life! He deserves only praise and support! I like Three Rivers and look forward to tonight’s episode! GO ALEX!!!!

    1. I agree, I made sure that I was either home or dvr’d every episode. I would love three rivers to come back, and oh yea I’m with you in supporting alex in any role he does, he is catastic. thanks cat

    2. I agree, I made sure that I was either home or dvr’d every episode. I would love three rivers to come back, and oh yea I’m with you in supporting alex in any role he does, he is catastic. thanks cat

  42. hi i must say i do like three rivers i have been there for alex from day one moonlight was a good show but there was a lot of vamp shows i new moonlight did not have a change but three rivers will have alex i find you as a good actor and you have what it takes to be a good dr your part in three rivers is great your fan should give you a break you are a good dr i am right there for you

  43. I just ran across this in the NEILSEN RATINGS:

    “As bad as the ratings were for the Three Rivers premiere, its second week was even worse falling to just a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating. With CBS’ recent history of axing its worst performing new drama before the November sweeps, the show’s demise may be announced at any moment”


  44. How can people say they are fans of an actor and will “support” them in whatever they do and then turn around and complain when that actor steps outside of the box and tries to do more challenging or different roles, such as Alex is trying to do with “Dr. Andy” and “Three Rivers”? The best actors move on to different type of roles to avoid being known as only one dimensional and only able to play one type of character. For Carree and others who share her opinion about “Three Rivers” being “beyond them” is laughable. And what is so wrong with Alex’s demeanor? He is playing the part of a dedicated, compassionate surgeon who does not have to come across as a hard-ass to make a statement. I would hope that if I ever was that sick or in need, I would have a surgeon like “Dr Andy” there for me – I wouldn’t want some arrogant know-it-all taking care of me. Just a question for Carree -have you already written off “The Back Up Plan”, after all, it is a romantic comedy – a complete 360 from the “bad boy” T-shirt wearing character that you prefer. Guess you won’t be happy with this character either. Remember, this is just an opinion that I am entitled to express. 🙁

    1. ITA JoJo… to say that Alex has to play a bad boy is to pigeon-hole him into one role and actors HATE that.

      I don’t know about Carree but I called out another lady on another thread this week after she popped in to bash Three Rivers.. I pointed out that she had also bashed The Backup Plan and Criminal Minds. I really do think that some fans cannot accept any role but Mick St. John from here forward.

    2. I totally am in agreement with you JoJo. I guess some people are not die hard fans as we are and countless of other and support our Alex. That is what makes him a great versatile actor that he is. JoJo I guess people aren’t not just getting it! Yes, I too wish I had a Dr. Andy as well. I’m battling Acute Leukemia and one of my doctors has the worse bed side matter. I would prefer a Dr. Andy myself.

  45. WOW I believe ALex is doing great. I believe all the hard work will pay off. I think some of the fans are comparing this to moonlight and they shouldn’t do that! This is a whole diffrent thing. I believe in Alex he can do this! With all the love for this man he can accomplish anything.! My LOVE anb SUPPORT goes out to you Alex. Is there anything We can do for you?
    Love to you

    1. Yikes Tamara! Well, at least the anti-Three Rivers fans who also CLAIM to be Alex fans can go to bed all warm and happy that Alex is no longer on TV. They will have gotten what they wanted.

  46. A friend of mine in Los Angeles, CA informed me that she had heard that they already canned Three Rivers just after 6 episodes. I just hope it isn’t true. I can’t wait for another year and half to see Alex. Well it’s a good thing he has some movies in the works I suppose….that just isn’t fair and I am pissed off!!

  47. I’m sick of reading these negative comments. Sure, Three Rivers is not the type of program
    I would have wanted for Alex after Moonlight, but it really deserves a chance to succeed. I
    would watch him in anything. On the CBS website, not only are there nasty comments about
    the show and Alex, but also stuff from Kate Moennig and Daniel Henney fans complaining
    that their guys aren’t getting enough screen time. These people should be contacting the
    writers. Anyway dear Alex, thank you for your latest message and remember that your true
    fans are behind you completely. Hang in there.

  48. Hey guys, sorry, but I have some bad news from Oz, just read in the weekend paper that channel 10 have axed Three Rivers after only one episode due to poor numbers. They say they may reschedule over the christmas period in the non rating time. Bloody disappopinting!! Replaced by reruns of ncis of all things!!

  49. Reading this letter from Alex and then hearing all the negative comments being throw out there makes me sad. I too was a Moonlight fan and I know we Moonlight fans want moonlight back but what I really want is just to have my ALEX back. I don’t care if it’s a different show and movie or a tv appearance. I want all Alex all the time. Fine fight for Moonlight if you really think you have a shot but even Alex has implored with fans to let it good. Alex is more than just moonlight. He is a great package rolled into one and I think his efforts and hard work with Three Rivers need to be recognized. It’s not fair when people put Three Rivers down before it even started. These people need to give the show a chance. I want Three Rivers to succeed because I love Alex O’Loughlin and Alex O’Loughlin is three rivers, Support the show that can help him make a bigger name for himself than he already is because in my book Alex is a STAR, I’ve got nothing but love for that wonderful Aussie man. Thanks Alex for all the hard work you do for the fans who still love you for YOU.

  50. Dear Alex Angel.
    That is what I call you because to me, you are an angel. I am sorry people aren’t looking at the real you. The amazing talented, intelligent, warm hearted you. It blows my mind that anyone could complain. It definitely isn’t you if there would be something wrong with the show. You are the diamond in the rough. I have to say, you definitely stand out among your peers. Everyone needs to give this time. Why is everyone in such a rush to say FAIL. For God’s sake, good things take time to get good. Like Chile, or spaghetti, let it simmer a bit and then WOW, the flavor. Sorry, I love food. Anyways. Keep on keeping on. I am a nurse and yea, I noticed a few things. No big. The bottom line is the idea and the message of the show. I will just keep praying for you okay? I am so sorry people are so impatient. I hate fast food by the way. I prefer a nice leisurely meal. One to be celebrated. Okay, there I go again with the food. Sorry. Bless you okay. It will be okay. You are amazing you will get there I promise. Be safe. Love LULA

  51. OK. I have never left a comment on any website before. Period. But this has me just torked. If the fans who are whining about Moonlight would just stop and really watch this show they would see what a wonderful job Alex is doing. Did I love Moonlight ?… yes. Was I mad when CBS cancelled it? … definitely! Is that the only show I ever want to see Alex in? … NOT ON YOUR LIFE. He is an awesome actor and to truly grow as an actor he needs new challenges. I believe that TR is an incredible platform for Alex to show us just what a great actor he is. It is also a great platform for him to show us what a wonderful person he is. I’ve seen numeous interviews by Alex and in almost every one of them he talks about organ donation and what a wonderful gift it is. Alex, just keep up the great work. I will support you in whatever endeavor you take on next. Hopefully TR will last for many seasons. I sure hope CBS doesn’t screw this one up!

  52. I will be supporting Alex in anything he is in, I am trying to spread the word on my facebook page about him and his show, there are not enough aussies who know who he is so I’m trying my best to “educate” them!! I really hope this show does well for him and he needs to know that there are so many loyal fans out there.

  53. Olivia .No, not just Moonlight fans. A lot of us were Black Jack, Oyster Farmer, The Invisible and even The Shield fans. Days of old when he was a buff “hunk”. His expressions said it all. He didn’t even have to talk. He wore tight T shirts or no T shirts and was “Hot”. He let a lot of us down with the change in his demeanor. He was the bad boy you had to love. A guy of action. So, its not just about Moonlight. Hes been in the business a while and has done a variety things, but this is beyond us. Why he would chose to be just another cookie cutter “doc” on just one more medical drama. This is why a Lot of his original fans are protesting and have negative comments. Debbie was right What a waste. I’m speaking for several of us in my area. Now let loose on us, but remember we are entitled to our opinion to.

    1. You just don’t get it!! You’re like the rest. What the hell are you talking about cookie cutter “doc”. That’s the roll Alex is playing now. Sorry, his demeanor does have to change….Alex doesn’t always have to play the dark rolls. It’s good to see him in this role as doctor. Yes, he was great on The Shield, Oyster Farmer, Feed, The Thing and countless of other roles but he has to grow as an actor. I am still a huge Alex fan and will always be.

    2. carree

      A “buff hunk”? A “guy of action”? Alex is all that, but he is also *really, really smart.* And this role as a “ccokie cutter doc” gives us a chance to see more of that. HE has made it very clear that HE wants to grow as an actor. If you can’t support that, fine, go watch something else. But don’t denigrate what he is doing just because he has chosen to move on, and you and your friends have not.

  54. Remember tomorrow TR at 9pm. We got to support this great show. A lot of the Moonlight fans were just that Moonlight fans…they don’t know how awesome Alex is doing. I’m a huge TR fan and will always be.

  55. I can’t believe that there are any Alex O fans that would want him to fail.
    Three Rivers is a GREAT series. All the work that has been brought to the need of Organ donation and transplant. I believe in Alex and all that he does, to make this show REAL.
    I have been on the transplant list for 6 years, I’m waiting for a liver. So the process the show
    goes to has helped me alot. Dr.’s told me I only had 5yrs to live without a transplant. And now in March it will have been 7yrs since I found out. So I feel what Three Rivers is doing is GREAT. I support ALEX in all that he does

  56. I love Three Rivers and I am not usually fond of the medical genre. It is a show ABOUT something, has characters that have CHARACTER, and a cast that is incredible! I will continue to watch it and support it. I comment on CBS’s web site immediately after each episode, purchase the episode the following day on iTunes, talk it up to friends and family who are not yet watching it, make comments on other web sites that have both negative (attempt to refute them) and positive remarks. It was with a bit of sadness that I read his MySpace blog from this morning, as he has worked so hard for this show and will continue to do so. He is all the things you have all said – charming, charismatic, committed. We have to be committed as well and as his true fans support his work. I have been a fan of Alex’s for a long time and I will continue to be there for him and any project he is involved in. And I can’t wait for Sunday night and another episode!

    1. This is an excellent idea, after each show go into CBS and issue a positive comment about the show. I just added mine. I wished (in real life) that doctors acted like Alex does … kind, loving, and caring. Instead of the total reverse plus in it for just the money.

  57. I have to say that the show isn’t bad.. I like it.. I think there was some confusion with how they started the show, switching up the first 2 episodes, but I think it is a good premise and will last if given the chance.. with the other medical shows there is love interests and we divulge deeper into the characters lives.. Three Rivers has only been on the air for 2 shows.. so you really have to give it more of a try to see where these characters are going.. as they add on or take away.. I honestly think it is a show with more meaning then the rest of the medical dramas out there.. So Alex, for your fans.. hang in there honey.. you are doing a great job and we appreciate it..

  58. “Of ye of little faith” — I say this to the so called fans who have given up on you and your new show so quickly. I believe, and always have, that new shows sometimes need to grow within themselves and by this learning to constantly improve on itself. Shows must be given a chance to see what works and what doesn’t. Also .. as the series moves on, it can find new storylines for its characters. You know how it is when you first meet someone — you say hi, welcome, learn a few things about them at the start and then the next time you meet, you learn some more from each other, and so on and so on and so on. The networks, critics and fans should give shows more of a chance before yanking them off the air. Get to know what they’re trying to accomplish, get to know the characters, give them time to sort through it all and a lot of times you will then get the fantastic show that was first envisioned. Some series just need that time. There are others that grab you right from the start but others and depending on the drama and subject matter, need a little more time. I love you Alex and your work – each week so far I keep seeing more of something I’m liking about Three Rivers. I’ll always be a true fan and watch you grow into the great actor I know you are. Keep smiling – love your smile – it lights up my day. Joy

  59. Hi, Alex. I happen to love Three Rivers and will continue to tune in every Sunday. I know this show can make it. I believe in it and so should you. Lotsa love from PA, Tami.

  60. I too will watch anything that has Alex in it. I love the new show , it’s thought provoking and truly makes us all realise that we are immortal and when our times comes, we will have the opportunity to give another the gift of life! Here in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada I have recruited many friends to give Three Rivers a try and now they are huge fans of Alex and the show!!! Keep up the good work Alex . I’m your biggest fan in Canada.

  61. keep up the good work alex i know you can do it

  62. I too agree with MaryAnn, Natalie, JoJo and you Tiffany. I am enjoying TR and looking forward to eppy #3. I will always follow Alex no matter which roles he chooses. I am very saddened by the fans who are Mick fans , not Alex fans. Alex needs our support and I for one will be there for him. I too hope these comments get to Alex.

  63. Three Rivers is a very good show and i hope that people will give it a chance. I t is a show that gets better every week and you are a very good and talented actor, a show that i will watch every week.

  64. I completely agree with you, Tiffany and Mary Ann – those people are not there for Alex because if they were, they would stop whining about the loss of “Moonlight”, be glad that Alex is back in primetime, and get over it. Three Rivers and Alex needs our total support if it is to succeed. The time slot is horrible right now due to sports but TR has the potential to be
    a wonderful program if given the chance. When the entertainment programs were talking about the worst or shows on the bubble, TR was NOT one of them which is a good sign that things can only get better. The other 2 “medical shows” also have their critics so it is the genre in general, not necessiarily TR itself. It is very sad that Alex has to plead with wishy-washy people who call themselves fans. The true fans wants success for the actor, puts aside their wants (referring to those who only want “Moonlight”) and is happy to have the actor doing what he/she does – act. It’s hard to believe how selfish these so-called “fans” have been through this whole thing. They are entitled to their opinions, but keep in mind that there is a human being out there and his name is Alex O’Loughlin and he has feelings just as anyone else does. How would you feel if you went to do your job everyday and had to face criticism knowing you’re doing your best? You wouldn’t feel very good, would you? We need to support Alex and TR, and for those who want to see both fail, shame on you. You will never be happy unless things go your way, even at the expense of Alex and his career. Sorry for the little rant and rave, but some people just don’t get it and that is frustrating. In the event that these messages reach Alex, just let him know that there are more real fans and supporters out there than he realizes. Keep your head up Alex, and don’t give up, we’re not
    giving up on you!

  65. I’ll always support Alex in any project he’s in and always root that he succeeds. I wish him all the happiness in the world. He really is a sweet, compassionate, kind man who really deserves all he has and more. A true fan would support him in every way possible and not corner him in one role. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, he is an actor who has to act in different roles, his work is his journey and I’m just along for the ride. Thank you Alex, for letting me come along. 🙂

    1. Natalie, as always a goddess that speaks so much wisdom. AMEN hon!!!

  66. I really like Three Rivers, and I am not a fan of medical shows. I don’t have a problem with it’s time slot. Here on the west coast foot ball is usually over by 9PM. I am an Alex fan, I don’t care what he is in I will support him. I think a lot of his fans just want to see him in Moonlight and nothing else, as far as I am concerned these people are Mick St.. John fans and not Alex fans. All of us true Alex fans must unite and try to keep this show on the air.

    1. Amen Maryann! I also feel that some Moonlighters are still so bitter they want to see TR go up in flames.

  67. I have seen the first episode and to back up what Alex has said of the East coast football, the second episode was recorded and football interrupted this recording and I had on 20 minutes to view. I am going to watch the episode on the web if possible.
    I loved the first episode and was anxious to see the next. I am a huge fan Three Rivers and Alex (was heartbroken when Moonlight was cancelled). Pass the word around that Three Rivers is an excellent show and should continue for a duration longer than ER or Grey’s Anatomy…

  68. Some critics are so so “Blase’ ” . I support Alex and the other fellow actors. They’re working very hard to make this program stay on. I see it and It makes me what to conquer my Acute Leukemia head on. Good job Alex.

  69. As always, Alex is such a kind & considerate man. He always, thinks of his fans. I love this show & so does all of my family & friends. We will always stand behind Alex! I believe Three Rivers is getting better, each week. Come on Alex fans, stand behind our man!!

  70. I love Alex in anything he is in, but unfortunately I don’t think Three Rivers is in the best time slot to survive. I myself have missed the show due to scheduling conflicts with some of my favorites, and I don’t have TiVo or anything similar to record it 🙁

    With all the vampire shows that are now on air, I now know why CBS refused to continue Moonlight, but I still think they made a mistake, as I will always love that show.

    I support Alex in Everything, and I love the coverage YOU give him in all things. I’m glad I found your site. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  71. I just wanted you to know that I have recently purchased a signed photo of Alex, I think he is wonderful,. I unfortuatly will not see Three Rivers for ages, the joys of being British, but I’m waiting impatently for it to get here. I will continue my support to Alex in everything he does. I must tell you that myy friends and I used to have Wednesday Night, Moonlight night, we were all like a few teenages, it was brilliant! You have given a real jolt to me and my friends and I om just sorry it has taken this long for us to find Alex.

  72. i’m only here to give my support to alex, because here in portugal we don’t see yet three rivers show…(perhaps in 1 year later from now). But i want to say that inspite of being a great actor he’s a human person and a great one, and those who criticise him should do a little bit of things he does to improve the world and mankind… hope there were more alex’s in this world..
    just to say this and hopping to see here in portugal….
    all the best luck and love…

    1. Alex is the person we care & love and everything should resume to that!
      We MUST be supportive towards Alex no matter what specially when times are getting harder than expected…

      Tiffany you are absolutely right Alex’s words seem very sad … I dare to say he seems frutrated and he is so humble and caring allowing himself to take time to writte those words to all of us… what an amazing person he is.

      LUCÍLIA you can watch TR episodes in Portugal
      Lucília é possíve ver os episódios do TR em Portugal… maila-me que eu digo-te como.

      GO ALEX GO!

      1. hi flora thanks to reply to me… i can send you may mail… Thank aand bless you
        to others think in one thing – what actor in this critical moment woulg thought even to answer to the fans some of them so critical? none…not one. because alex is more than a great excellent actor wich is growing however, he is a BIG GREAT MAN who thinks in the others even in this moment. it proves he is more than a BODY he is a human being and me as total fan will support him in good and bad moments. He’s not mick ordr… he is ALEX a MAN .
        lots of love and success

    2. i tried to see ven in net here in portugal by cbs three rivers but the channel isn’t allowed here yet. not even in net? well let’s see again moonlght tonight in fox. 3 epsiodes in a role at weekend.get it there alex. FIRST YOY AFTR YOY THEN YOU. We will support you whatever you do. your real fans for the work you do, the things you do and may you be the sample for most od people in world….

  73. I am here for the long haul and hope it will be too. The show actually started to show promise on the last episode even though the show was switched –1st should have been 2nd and visa versa — (at least it’s not like SGU on SYFY which after 4 episodes flopped on all four and is ruining the Stargate franchise) this show has merit. I am not a medical show fan but this show has garnered my interest. I want the numbers to improve and see it for a 2nd season. It needs to be moved to Wednesday night or a different time slot where there is nothing to interfer with it.

  74. I believe in you, dear Alex. Do not lower arms, the success is at the end of the road, you are an actor and a formidable man. Love and support always

    1. i saw the 3 episode of TR and it’s awsome….. different from all the series of doctors and hospitals… And this serie put us think of what we could do to save other people with donating organs…. this is not a serie like ER or GREY’s only there to amuse us, but TR put us think that we can do something to change this mad mad world and of course ALEX is GREAT in the role because he is doing what he is A GREAT MAN A GREAT HUMAN BEING GREAT HUGE ACTOR AND PERSON and we shoul support him and TR because not only for what the TR means but for him because he represents the embassator of DONATING LIFE IN AMERICA. inspite of being in PORTUGAL wich could be there to support him and i’m doing what i can here….
      lot’s of love for all of you and even for those who likes mick not alex… Think in the human person he is and gorgeous man he his in all ways all aspects of life
      hugs and kisses and let’s kick some hasses in CBS FOR NOT SUPPORTING TR

      1. guys how can we vote and notice to CBS that we don’t want them to cancell TR like they did to MOONLIGHT?

    2. Dear Alex,

      No matter what you star in it will be a success I love watching you act I cant beleive you were born and raised in Australia were I come from I wished with all my heart the very best for you and your new show i bought your Moonlight season 1 and cannot get enough of it I wish they would follow the story line pity we never met being from Melbourne Aust myself

  75. i watch it every sunday and i love the show i will always support you i will always watch it love the show

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