The Backup Plan Release Date Changed

The Backup Plan Release Date Change

Major bummer!! Thanks to Natalie for the heads up on this.. it appears that the release date for The Backup Plan is being pushed back from January 22 to March 12, 2010. Why? According to ET Online, CBS Films has had “overwhelmingly positive responses from test audiences” for ‘Extraordinary Measures’ so it will be the studio’s first release. The movie, starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, was the studio’s first feature to go into production.

Following “Extraordinary Measures,” CBS Films will release “The Back-up Plan,” a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin, on March 12.

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  1. really so bless if i can be see alex…. 😀 .
    I;m yanti from indonesia….
    I hope my dream come true ( reallly hope for that ) ameenn
    God bless u alex.. :love: :angel:

  2. Now movie pushed back to April 16, 2010.

    1. 🙁 This movie isn’t going to come out. That’s really unfortunate.

  3. Yes ReeRee he’s got a son back over here in Australia named Saxon, 12 or 13 years old. So he had him whilst young. No one knows about the mother, but Alex does have him over I think. I heard a comment somewhere there was a boy with him on set for a while on BUP. Also I have a couple of photos with both of them, one in a pool Alex obviously helping him to swim, also sitting down together more posed and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
    Alex being a very private person likes to keep Saxon protected so not much know about him.

  4. the backUp plan will be worth the wait girls coz our lovely boy is in it. By the way whats this about Alex having a son?????? any one got any info

  5. Hi Jenny, Mount Isa probably changed since you have been here.
    About time out man got press form his homeland.
    I read his blog and posted it on the latest three rivers comment page.
    Did you watch Three Rivers? I was wondered whether or not they playes ep2 first over here, or the original ep1 Ryan’s first day.
    You mor ethan anybody can understand why I don’t get all the channels othrs enjoy. Our geographical location.

  6. Hey everyone, Alex has a new blog on his myspace page. Sounds a little concerned about the numbers for Three Rivers.

  7. A heads up for my fellow aussie Alex fans…have just picked up a copy of this week,s WHO magazine, with a lovely two page spread on our boy. Fantastic to see him get some aussie press exposure, even if the cover has that other vampire from Twilight plastered all over it!!

    Sandra, not only heard of Mt Isa…been there, years ago though.

  8. I love Alex and have seen 3 episodes of Three Rivers. The show is really good and Alex is great as expected. My only complaint is that he is not on screen enough. Hopefully that will improve.

  9. that sucks i am going to be gone that hole mounth in march!!!

  10. Hi Adele. Not sure if a Statelite dish would work, we are just too far away form anywhere. 10hrs drive to Townsvile, 24hr drive to Brisabne Unless you have Next G on your mobile, hte coverage drops as soon as you leave Mount isa, you pick it yp at some of the places.
    I too get DVD’s from other sources, Ebay or Amazon. I have hust released stuff like Smallville 8, Supernatural 4 and waiting for Bones 4 from Amazon, now I have found out I can play American DVD’s .
    I have heaps of Alex’s stuff. EVen just bought Criminal Minds Season 4, there is a special thing just called Vincent with unseen interviews from Alex about Vincent. Also bought The Shield season 6 just for Alex’s Kevin Hiatt . Plus about 5 of his lesser roles Movies made earlier in his career, August Rush, Mary Bryant, The Invisible, Black Jack, Oyster Farmer and of course a couple of copies of Moonlight.

    One of my Moonlight frends in USA is sending me Whiteout. , Another one is recording 3R’s for me and mailing it, Never met but we are Moonlight sisters for that I am very grateful.

  11. Hey Everyone:-) I watched the first ep of three rivers last night, I was so so so happy to see alex on our screens again!! Sandra I wonder if there is any way you could get channel 10 through a satellite dish? it’s good to see that aussies are supporting alex too!! it’s just harder though coz we don’t get as much as US, I buy most of my movies from a US website coz you guys have more to choose from!!

  12. Hi Moonlight Lovers, It breaks my heart because CBS is doing it again and I know Alex is so hurt, I watch Three Rivers each week even if it is not my favorite because I love Alex and I am hoping the story line picks up so it won’t be cancelled. signed hopeful

  13. Hi Jenny Walshm form sort of my neck of the woods, well sort of give ora take a few thousnad ks. LOL
    Hope you enjoyed Three Rivers. Us Aussies sort of get short shift, cna;t watch lots of the stuff CBS put out beacuse of where we are, along with lots of other fans not living in USA.

    Pity I don’t have channel 10, Ever heard of Mt Isa?

  14. Actually, they’ve got troubles in post-production. Last week all the music editors quit. Studio is trying to go around the director. It’s awesome!

  15. well it is only to months i can wait we had to wait to january so march is not that far off

  16. Hi Everyone…..have enjoyed reading all your comments for weeks and finally decided to join the party!! What can I say about our lovely Alex that hasn,t already been said. I am from Brisbane Australia, so a big hi to Sandra & Adelle. Was really pleased to see our main paper today had a big feature on Alex and Three Rivers. Hope all goes well tonight for the premier, looking so forward to it.

  17. Boo to CBS !!! Was the Harrison Ford movie finished before The Backup Plan, that it has
    has already been presented to test audiences? Alex’s fans are always made to wait for
    anything we see him in. I’d been counting down the days anyway, now we have seven
    more weeks to wait.

  18. Major bummer is right! Looks like CBS is messing with Alex again. Sure hope I am wrong. Thanks Tiffany.

    1. That’s what I think, too. :/ He needs to stay away from CBS; it doesn’t look like they’re helping him at all.

  19. Tiffany: thanks so much for your reply and explanation. It always boils down to the almighty dollar, doesn’t it.? Too bad. Well, we’ll just have to be patient again and wait on our dear Alex. Really do hope that TR will attract more people and continue to improve its ratings. We sooo need Alex to have success with this project. I am praying and watching and hoping…..

  20. Unbelievable that they would do this to Alex again…Why in the world can’t both movies be realeased in Jan? Someone in the know please explain that to me.. They’re two different types of films. Well, CBS just better give TR a better time slot so we don’t have to wait for football games to end. I wrote to CBS about that and got a reply thanking me for my input. I hope they take it seriously. Will be looking forward to ET Fri and hope it actually does air. The more Alex I can see on TV the happier I am. And I do feel bad for you Aussies who keep getting pushed out of the loop. Hope that changes too.

    1. Barbara, perhaps it is the marketing budget. They probably feel that the Harrison Ford movie has the bigger draw… an action movie and big names so they want to start with a bang. They also put lots of money into advertising so maybe they want to stagger the costs… and recoup some of the costs before they have to invest more.

  21. Hi Adelle,
    Yes, Mount Isa is quite nice. A long way from anywhere in the Outback. Hot and a Minning town. We lack lots of shops. I have digital but all I can get is Multiple SBS and Multiple ABC also an Aboriginal one. Channel 7 which is Southern Cross, ABC, SBS and Imparja which shows channel 9.
    It is an 10 hr dirve to Townsvile our nearest big city, and 24hr dirve to Brisbane capital city.
    We get up to 40 odd degrees Christmas time. When we get the wet, like last year we were cutt off, Coles had food airlifted in. We are nearer the Northern Territory border, well a 2hr drive.

    I find it frustrating that CBs won’t allow this geographical region (anywhere not America to watch online.) Enjoy Three Rivers tonight what time is it on?

  22. Hey Sandra:-) I can’t believe you don’t get channel 10, it’s not fair:-( I’m from Sydney, is Mt Isa nice? Unfortunately I haven’t seen much of Australia and I was born here, but I plan to do a road trip soon so we may meet up one day!! I hope you get Three Rivers soon, it’s such a shame.

  23. Hey Tiffany—just did a search for Alex on my Direct TV and Alex shows as a guest on ET Friday, October 16th! I checked their sight and did not see any promos past today. I guess this is the piece that got bumped on the 2nd? Anyway—wanted to pass that along. I sure hope they use his segment!

  24. Hi Adelle fellow aussie. You are lucky where I love no channel 10. Now doesn’t that suck.
    WHiteout not even got here yet, so BUP bound to be on later here. No idea where in Oz you live, if a Major ciry may have had Whiteout, but me in Mount Isa (Outback) we get everything later or not at all.

  25. I wonder if that is the same date for Australia too, or we may get it here even later? Well at least we have Three Rivers, tonight is the first episode in Australia, sooo excited!!

  26. I was really sad when I read that it had been moved to March 12. Saw Alex’s shirtless pictures, got me all hot and bothered, now I have to wait 🙁 Yes, Alex is worth the wait, but for 5 more months? Ugh!

  27. Oooo, looks like CBS is messing Alex over once again. 🙁

  28. Booooooooooooo! Totally BUMMED!!!!!!!! I need my Alex on the big screen!!!!!!!!

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