Alex O’Loughlin Whimsical FanArt Day


It is that time again – time for Whimsical Wednesday and the collaborative fanart day! The artistic fan girls have brought you Alex in different ways again this week so thank them if you see them around social media anywhere. Once again their dedication and creativity is appreciated.



First we have Silvia who created an amazing profile shot encompassing Mick’s ring he always wore. The definition in this is awesome and really showcases  Alex’s eyes which is one of his best features. She took the image of the ring and also detailed it out. One can only imagine what Mick would be thinking about in this one.

the ring- alex o'loughlin

Credit Silvia



Adding some color to the mix here is a unique way of looking at Alex and his name. As you can see, McGarrett is intertwined among the tiled letters and in different but quite serious looking pics of Steve.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz



Sonja went with some color and background changes for Alex and he looks pretty good. From this Christopher Morris photoshoot back in 2010 where she enhanced the blue and the depth of the color in his vest to the very appropriate background wall added in the GQ Australia photo, she has enhanced his look well. He also really stands out better with these than the actual backgrounds of each pic. The original pics are here and here for your comparison. Good job Sonja!

alex o'loughlin fanart alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Next we have one from Gaby as she added a scalpel and some other enhancing pieces to this familiar shot of Alex as Dr. Yablonski. The shadows and fades of the addition looks so pristine, one would never tell it was not the original promotional material for Three Rivers. She also booted the costars at the time and made our favorite TV doctor front and center.

alex o'loughlin fan art

Credit H50Europe





This Steve McGarrett poster from Bryna is a once again a role switch and this time she took Clear and Present Danger that originally starred Harrison Ford and wrapped Alex around the flag instead. Always nice to see some patriotism and he makes it look so damn sexy.

CleearAndPresentDanger alex o'loughlin

Credit Becoming_Bryna







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