Pre -Blessing Season 7

As we await news for the blessing to start this upcoming Season 7 of Hawaii Five O- check out the previous ones. Brings back some memories and it does seem as if time has flown for them. If you compare season 1 to season 6 , look at how young Alex was.

Blessing collage Hawaii Five O
Six great season blessings = six great seasons!


Here’s to Season 7- we will update where you can watch live (if you can) when it is released. We will also have coverage of the day afterwards so keep on the lookout for more info.

As of midnight PST there has not been any info about the blessing being shown live but you can tune into the Hawaii News Now live stream starting around 6am Hawaii time and see if they cut in.

UPdate: the blessing can be seen on

Here is a quick video of Billy V of Sunrise Hawaii with Alex on Facebook.


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  1. Indeed Alex look so young in Season 1 blessing, time really has gone by to most of them. Just hope this season will be as good as Season 1 and do not dissapoint.

    1. I guess even the beautiful age. 🙂 Agree hoping for a great season.

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