Alex Lands Movie Role!


This is from the Hollywood Reporter.

Alex O’Loughlin, who starred in the cult vampire TV show “Moonlight,” is in negotiations to nab the romantic male lead role opposite Jennifer Lopez in CBS Films’ “The Back-Up Plan.”

Written by Kate Angelo, the rom-com centers on a single woman (Lopez) who turns to artificial insemination to answer her ticking clock, only to see her backup plan turned on its side when the man of her dreams shows up on the same day that her pregnancy test results come back positive.

Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch are producing through their Escape Artists banner. Alan Poul is directing.

Shooting is scheduled to begin May 11 in Los Angeles, making it the second CBS Films to go into production (after the untitled Crowley project, a medical drama starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser).

The Australian actor, repped by ICM and Andy Freeman, appeared in “August Rush” and next toplines with Kate Beckinsale the comic book adaptation “Whiteout,” produced by Joel Silver and being released by Warners this year.

O’Loughlin, who played immortal detective Mick St. John on “Moonlight,” recently booked a starring role in the CBS television pilot “Three Rivers.”

It is confirmed. Alex got he role!!!

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  1. my sincere congratulations to you alex!
    we believe in his talent and we know that one day you will shine too. as your fan wish you and your family reach your place in the sun. I know that is not easy winning in the United States, you left your country and was bet on other land. I imagine it was the beginning. Certainly was not a paradise, it was fight after fight. now reap the fruits. know that there are thousands of people around the world who recognize his talent. Australia has in fact to become a cradle for men intelligent, beautiful and much fiber as you. congratulations

    sincerely wish you a year of many achievements.


  2. OMG Alex was wonderful in Criminial Minds last nite. He blew me away. He can act so nerdy and serious!! Wonderful job, Alex. Can now hardly wait for Three Rivers. When he put the bread in his bullet wounds, that was a startling momenet and his times with the blind boy were sincere and heartwarming even though his mother was killed by Alex’s character. It was an amazing story.

  3. · Edit

    Hi Aussie Di,

    Without using fingers and toes, & since AOLO posts immediately after you click on the “Submit Comment”, then you are ahead of us in the U.S. in time… Given a minute here or there for finishing typing & when you posted your last entry, plus the time you gave in the post (before it actually showed time of post above the post in red which would be U.S. time, I believe), I figure that Australia (well the Sydney area, at least) is approximately 18 hours ahead of our time in U.S., but again not for all parts of the our states since we are divided into several time zones and sometimes rather confusing even for someone born and raised here…On the east coast(for the U.S. only, because Canada again has somedifferences, too, with it’s Atlantic time zone) we have either Eastern Standard Time most times of the year but from April through mid-October it becomes Eastern Daylight Time… Most of the mainland U.S. change time, including states in the Mountain Standard Time as I am, but AZ, where I live, never changes time…Coming westward the time zones on the U.S. are Eastern, Central(Standard or Daylight depending on the time of year, now in daylight savings time), Mountain Standard Time (and I just explained that previously) & Pacific… So it may be, say 6 o’clock in New York and up and down the eastern coast, but in the Central Time Zone it is 5 o’clock, in Mountain Time zone it is 4 o’clock, but may be different in various areas of the MST zone since my state stays constant & 3 o’clock in LosAngeles where Alex is in the Pacific Time Zone… In the United States Daylight Savings Time months time works in this fashion…in the season of Spring the time on clocks moves aheas on hour, so it would be 7 o’clock instead og 6 & so forth… In the Autumn time zones fall back one hour to the orginal time examples I gave… Now that you are completely confused, you can say “Those Americans can’t keep their time straight”… Can you imagine how poor Alex feels when he goes back to AU(only from the west coast it would only be 15 hour difference in time) when he gets off the plane to find he lost a day but then regains it when he comes back stateside???

    I’ve seen videos of Queensland and it is manificently beautiful… Sydney looks more like a coastal seaport in our states, but I am certain that the beach areas are really pretty… I have a friend who has called the outskirts of Adelaide (to the far west of you on the southwestern coast of AU), believe it is a place called Tetenfield (may be incorrect), home for over 25 years…He, however, does not live their full time since he still works in his former native land of Germany… I did hear Sophia mention Adelaide, on a local late night U.S. talk show (Craig Fergusen,)as someplace she has vacationed as she loves to swim and the beach…

    Speaking of fansites, I joined Long Legs O’Loughlin (correcting link, folks, ) yesterday and since doing so it will take me awhile to get through all of the emails I have received in the past day, really anxious to do so… Like this site, llol seems like it is going to be a friendly site, too… Did you get your approval from there yet? If so, what user name are you going by? Hope to catch up with you there, also…

    However, sharing a computer is a drag, but also do not let computer time interfere with hubby time…it can cause problems… I have my computer all to myself since I am widowed and unless my 9 dogs learn how to type and gain some tech knowledge, I can be on here anytime of day or night… However, I am going to get off here for now as it is time to feed my 3 horses (5:21MST) or they will have the neighbors believing they are starving… Then, since it was a mild heated day here in AZ, I did some yardwork, so I will hit the shower, have bite to eat, & then it will be getting time to stretch out the old bones as tonight “Brothers & Sisters” are back on in new shows (only 4 left for season) after a hiatus due to other programing being on for Easter…

    I will chat with you soon and Good Night there in AU…Tish

  4. Tish,
    you are a genius! I have now logged into the aussie fan base. Never fear I will still keep in touch.
    With regards to seeing Alexs’ acceptance speech, I caught it the 1st time on the web only. And of course I have seen it on various fan sites.
    It was very disappointing from our end, but then again, I may have missed it, working full time and not always checking things out on the computer (as I have of late!) I may have missed it.
    Yes Coogee is a beach area, but not a resort area, say like Hawaii, Fiji, Bali. Coogee, as I will repeat myself again, please don’t think I am being rude, is a part of Sydneys’ eastern beach area. And it is suburbia. It is only when you actually drive out of Sydney is where you find resort areas, but that is more apparent in our Queensland state – most famous is the Gold Coast, that is full of resorts,etc.
    Tish you have to pardon me with the time difference, sorry I am not quick enough to work it out but at this stage I am typing this at 12.53 pm Sunday time.
    OMG – I am excited now with this Aussie thread. I’ll let you know what’s happening on this side of the world.
    BTW – I also have to contend with 3 other adults to get on the computer, so normally I don’t get a chance till late at night. Today I am being spoilt I have had it most of the morning.
    Plus I envy you all looking forward to the Spring – that is my favourite season. We are now in what you call the Fall and I am not a fan of the cooler weather. Unlike Vampires I love the sunshine!

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    I see it did not come out as a link so let’s try it this way for an easy passage over there…

    Hope it comes through this time…If not just google in Long Legs O’Loughlin and see if you get a link to click onto…

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    Okay, Aussie Diane and any Australian fans logging into AOLO… We do love you being here and welcome a chance to chat with you all…

    However, Diane asked, also, if there was an Australina site that pertains to Alex (&Moonlight, as is in this case, but lots on Alex)which I finally found for you after cleaning some cobwebs out of My Favorites on my computer… I knew I had the name stashed somewhere…
    So here it is, sign up & have fun…

    And, in reference to a previous post here by Diane… the new fan site she also joined for Alex is Long Legs O’Loughlin so head over there to check it all out, too… I am sure Tiffany would not mind if we caroused, but also am sure she has the same info…however it is fun to intermingle and comment with others on different sites…


    I do hope that link works…if not try it without the ‘ sign in Alex’s last name…

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    PS Diane…it posted according to Central Time because of Tiffany’s locale, I guess, but it is the time I wrote here in AZ…

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    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the fill-in info on Coogee… It is always wonderful to learn more about other places especially since we have all reached hands across the seas & become friends via this contraption called a computer and because we all share a common interests that brought us together…

    Yes, Diane, you explained perfectly… But I do have a question, doesn’t Coogie also have it’s own beach? Did you get the telecast of Alex accepting the People’s Choice Award for Moonlight being the Best New Drama back in 2007 award show? If you didn’t you may still be able to check it out online a a site called YouTube if you put Alex O’Loughlin into a subject line where the space may pervail… He was standing there wearing a white dress shirt in a casual mode (tails out, half buttoned & no tie) and the wind apparently seemed to be blowing but in the background there was a beautiful beach area that I know not to be anywhere in the LA area… And this was filmed during the time that Alex was supposed to be back in AU on holiday, which I am seeing as a pattern of around the Christmas holidays that are also AU summer type weather… Hopefully you can check that video out online for yourself< Diane, and tell us all if this looks anything like the Coogie area?

    But please do not stay online so much it cause marital woes…

    I will have to check out that site you mentioned, Long Legs O’Loughlin, too…But, like you, I still enjoy posting here more often… Tiffany tries to keep it all friendly, as do I want it to be and this is why I like to post here…Once in a great while we get confrontational posts but we either reply firmly, ignore or bring it to the attention of Tiffany so she can handle it…

    We, fans, do not know this Nina Tassler personally, but I doubt we would want to…She is the head honcho at CBS Entertainment and has her office in Studio City, CA…her title is President of CBS Entertainment…

    Well, this being Saturday, I will take my leave and get some errands run as well as continue yard cleanup as we are now in our Spring like weather, which is warm but not the excruciatingly high heat we will be facing in another month heat in Arizona…

    Oh, before I sign out, this will post at 11:26AM MST (Mountain Standard Time/ AZ never changes to daylight savings time) on Saturday,April 18, 2009…What time would it have been then in Australia?

    Have a great day, Tish

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    Typo: 1st paragraph, 5th line “pay THEIR bills


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    Welcome to AOLO, if you are new…No, you are not the only one who wishes Moonlight to return to TV… the majority of us most certainly do… We also realize the duress that the cancellation of their show put on Alex, Sophia, & his other castmates… And we do understand that all of them have had to move on if they want to pay there bills and not live on the street in a cardboard box… We all certainly understand the term “Break a leg” as not being a bad omen wished for someone but a showbiz terminology meaning that the person voicing the comment is wishing the other well… And we all should realize that whatever comments were made on any site about Moonlight’s demise, whether it is on Alex’s MySpace page, or other lesser sites saying “Moonlight is dead”, that circumstances do change… How many times, in Soaps, for instance, has a charcter “died” only to show up again alive and kicking? That is the beautiful fantasy of the entertainment world; some show can be dead one minute and several seasons later show back up on the screen, good example is the world famous Original Star Trek series… Many of us older Alex/Moonlight fans were all considered Trekkies back then… So don’t count Moonlight out just yet…If we keep pushing, how can they keep saying NO? And how, then, can any corporation not realize that their head honcho is a bit daft in the noggin???

    But for now, Catherine, we must focus on something more tangible and also something that can fit nicely into Alex’s schedule if his new pilot of “Three Rivers” gets picked up in the Fall lineup for CBS… That something is having Moonlight made into a movie for on the big screen or as a series of sequel movies for the big screen as is being done with Twilight…And though I love the Twilight Saga, I feel that Moonlight will draw 100% more into showhouses because it has a more adult theme in vamperism…

    So if you want this badly enough, you, we must all write to the addresses above and to Westinghouse Corporation (can find address for same in older, not seen threads on this site or google it online to ascertain the head CEO to write to) who owns most of CBS Corporation… Sure CBS’s ratings will skyrocket on April 29th when Alex will be featured as a serial killer on Criminal Minds, which is great, but still not great, for again Nina will think she was correct all along as to Moonlight fans being “actor-centric” (another name, as I see her being degrading of us, for a CULT)… Since Nina has not a clue what is talent, she would not know the worth of Alex as a draw because he is actually very talented in multiply roles and achievements, she will only see all fans tuning in because we are supposedly Ga-Ga over The Man… Nina is so shallow it is pathetic…

    But do watch Alex in anything he appears in as we do want his career to soar so his agents will pull him away from CBS eventually ans he can then, and only then, become a giagantic star in many enterprising venues… Perhaps after his agents see that CBS will never put Alex straight on top where he definitely belongs then we have a better shot at getting a Moonlight movie or 2, but more importantly, Alex will get better roles and one day, we hope, will be walking onstage of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood and receiveing an Oscar for a some movie role…

  11. I really like him as Mick St.John in the Moonlight TV series. I really wish they would bring that series back. As for this new movie I’m not so sure about it. Maybe if they had any actress but Jlo. I really can’t say until I see the new TV movie. Am I the only one who wishes for Moonlight to be back on?

  12. BTW I have to comment on the “fans were too focused on Alex and not on the show”. I totally disagree, I have always enjoyed Vampire/Dracula story lines be it based on horror or as the current trend at the moment, romantic. With a good looking vampire as a lead, of course this is only going to be a hit. I also enjoyed it more with all the other actors. I had never heard of Jason Dohring before, but now I will be sure looking out for his future roles. And Sophia Myles, I loved her in Tristan & Isolde (another dvd in my collection), and again will keep an eye out for anything she is in.
    Don’t they realise this show was so totally different to what you get on tv now??
    Never mind at least it has brought us altogether

  13. Hi there everyone, goodness me you have all been very busy since I last visited, I don’t know if I can keep up with it all. My husband just commented that I have been spending more time on the computer than I normally do, and you wouldn’t believe it, it was only the other day that I said, I can’t sit in front of the computer for very long cause I get bored & blow me down, I should be eating my own words!!!
    Now Tish you mentioned Alex visited a place called Coogee, well Coogee is actually on the coast of Sydney and it is not far from the famous Bondi beach area. It is further up but definately not a resort town (we don’t call that here) but a beach area in the heart of Sydney so to speak. It is suburbia – I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.
    Wow you have filled in some spaces for me – I didn’t know that he was a Dad. I do recall reading that his parents weren’t together, but to be honest sometimes we don’t really need to know all their personal details, they do need some space, don’t you think?
    And I didn’t know that Holly and Alex are having time out – well they are both career people, I just hope they do remain friends and I am sure we all wish them well.
    Tish I have also found a few other fan websites and of course couldn’t help myself, I have signed on. Long Legs O’Loughlin is one that I am on now and I have been accepted into the fold.
    Whoa Heather you go girl!!! We need to speak up. See once again – I have absolutely no idea who this Nina woman is nor do I wish to by the sounds of it. We only have 4 free to air tv networks – and of course occasionally those tv execs’ get mentioned on the news now and then, but we don’t have Entertainment tonight,etc. reporting on our celebrities but we do have our regular Today & morning programs with celebrity news, etc. They are only for about 5 mins each program.
    I am in the process of starting to write my letters, it is a bit hard in between all the fan sites and doing my regular chores around the house, but I will definately write my letter.
    Hooroo from down under

  14. What’s your secret, JLo? First Clooney and Gere and now ALEX???? Is it kinda compensation for being married to M.A.?

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    OOPS, a typo…3rd paragraph, 6th line down on my last post should not read “dead head” but “DEAD HEART…

  16. · Edit

    WOW, that was one heck of a post, heather, and thank you for the way in which you so explicitely worded it, especially the description of Nina Tassler assuming she and only she is right… We all know she wasn’t… We all know that there were many of us who, I for one, who had never heard of Alex O’Loughlin until Moonlight… I do know he did one heck of a job in bringing Mick St John to life, so much so he made his audience feel, personally, all of Mick’s emotions…

    And, yes, all of the cast were wonderful…each of them brought their own magic to their own characters… each of them gave us all a reason to continue to watch the show because of the way they all, individually, presented each and every episode in the continuing storyline…

    As for the storyline, it was far from the usual blood and gore of vampire films…it made all of us feel that the vampires were not monsters, but individuals who had met an unfortunate demise but yet continued to live…each had a variety of emotions to make us actually feel for them as good guys, not some ogres… The vampires of Moonlight had wit and charm;as most vampires do, but our vampires, though living with a dead head actually had the sensation of heartbeat because they were not all bad…not even Coraline, in her own fashion…

    And how could we not have felt emotional for Beth, she was faced with loving two men in the beginning, trying to deny that to herself…Yet when Josh was gunned down, we saw her heart breaking within her, which would only be natural… And our last glimpse of Beth and Mick kissing as the door closed was so emotional for all of us, yet we cried from both happiness of them finally becoming aware that they belonged together & we cried from sorrow knowing this would be the last we would know of what we so wanted, the continuing love story…

    Nina knew full well the impact Moonlight had on the world, yet she saw fit to still cancel the show… It just goes to show how power can go to one’s head and how it can decieve those that hold the power into believing they are supreme enough to rule… Nina is empty and shallow and I agree with heather, let’s let the corporation that rules, as I have said before and many times, over CBS (Westinghouse) know how absurd it is to keep this dimwit broad on the payroll

  17. If we really want to see MOONLIGHT again, why not go to all of the MOONLIGHT
    sights and collectively gather all of the people to bombard CBS or SCIFI or whomever
    (nationally and internationally) to take another look at the series (either
    a 2nd season or a movie). I have, and my family has, written CBS and SCIFI that
    Moonlight is a family oriented series — but alone we are nothing. With the
    nomination of the Saturn award, winning People’s Choice Award and now the
    sell $$$ value of the DVD may add to our claim it’s worth another shot.
    It’s a far better value and more interesting than Twilight (movie), True
    Blood (HBO) which is distasteful and disgusting or BLOOD TIES (Lifetime).
    I read the response from CBS and they maintain
    that the fans were too focused on Alex O’Loughlin and not on the show. This
    claim is really legalistic based on the fans response to the show per the
    internet. Even when they offered the Blood drive is was based on Alex
    O’Loughlin. He is/was really great (and the very, very sexy vampire) but the entire
    cast made up the show as well as the writers on directors. We should focus
    on the show and go after TV Stations to take another look. As noted here Joel Silver who owns the rights to MOONLIGHT.

    Mr. Joel Silvers’
    Executive Producer
    Silver Pictures
    c/o Warner Brothers
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, CA, 91522or…
    Go to SCIFI and CBS (or user feedback
    on their CBS website under the Moonlight Category) and keep the pressure on.
    Also write individual letters addressed to the head of the corporations. Ms Nina Tassler has it her head that she was right and she is so right she will always be RIGHT (even if the ratings show she made a serious mistake). She/CBS figure that the drive for MOONLIGHT will stop eventually. We should show them it will not. All the groups need to be together not fractured into separate websites.
    I read where CBS has not totally dismantled the site where MOONLIGHT was produced. They kept parts of it intact for visiting public to wander through.

    Jennifer Lopez is a good actress. If you haven’t seen ENOUGH rent it (a must see), she did a great job. I also like MAID IN MANHATTAN, WEDDING PLANNER, MONSTER IN-LAW, ANGEL EYES JERSEY GIRL, and BODERTOWN. I think that Alex and Jennifer will provide a great performance in the BACK UP PLAN.

    However, I STILL WANT ANOTHER EPIDSODE OF MOONLIGHT it was left unfinished with too many questions unanswered.

  18. Tish,
    You’re the one that took this as a challenge.
    These are not “hackles” but comments you are free to take however you please.

    I could have interpreted your first response to me as a “put down”, but chose the less confrontational approach. Maybe you should do the same.

  19. Tiffany, thanks so much for all of the info, on Alex. I’m an older lady, but Moonlight was my favorite show! Alex will be good in any TV show or Movie. He is such a versitle actor. He will be good with Jennifer Lopez. I think she is a good actress. Some movies,don’t make it big on the Big screen;but are watched over & over again on DVD or TV. Alex will get more exposure, this could be a big break for him. He will be really big someday! He seems to be a very kind, hard working, loving man. I wish him the very best!! He has many wonderful fans of all ages! Alex, you are the greatest!

  20. · Edit

    Thanks Tiffany for the info…Am sure some of us would like to comment…

  21. · Edit


    I am also a friend on Alex’s MySpace page… And as I said things change daily… I have no fear of asking the man anything, but would do so in a more private form since I prefer snailmail as a more personal form of communication and gives both parties the opportunity to be more intimate in expressing their views and values… You would be free to do so also, if you so cared to do so… However, given the opportunity, it would be advantages to Alex because it would please his fans, who he cares a great deal about, for him to take the Mick St John role in a Moonlight movie when that does happen…He could not even say that he wouldn’t, at this time, if it did happen in the future… and neither should you…

    And since you wrote this almost like a challenge, please smooth your hackles down…This is a friendly Alex fansite and we want to keep it that way…

  22. · Edit


    I just had to read your post when I saw the first few lines on the posts thread at the right of this page…

    Had to laugh, thank you for that… I am speaking of if you had known he was in AU over the Holidays; was actually there for 2 months, I believe… I could just see you attempting to shake his hand and saying “g’day mate”…Now would that be before or after you fainted, hopefully into his arms… On an interview for FEED, Alex’s movie he starred in and co-produced, I heard him mention Coogie, which I believe is like a suburb, but also a resort town, of Sydney so this is probably where he calls home when he is in AU…he does have his Mum, Dad (though the folks are not together, Mom is remarried to a Canadian chap), & a sister who is younger than Alex is…plus, Alex has a son, about age 11 or 12 now, who also resides in AU, as well, with his own bio Mom, a former sweetheart of Alex’s (afterall we are all only human and when we are young, everything is thought to be “love lasting forever”)

    Holly and Alex are no longer together…they split in February right after the holiday back in AU… Alex states it as “they are taking a break”, and knowing men, it may be that it just hurts him too much so he stated this so he did not have to give further info… He is too sweet a man to go through such a pain, but it happens to all of us one time or another in life… As for my opinion, I do not even want to give it here…and Holly is, afterall, one of your countrymen…

    Anyway, I am glad to hear that you will be staying on here with us…

    And G’day to you mate, Tish

  23. To sound off about his role with JLo… go see this page:

    And vote yeah or nay on JLo as his costar choice.

  24. Tish,
    There is one sure way to find out if he would even be remotely interested in doing a Moonlight movie, and that is to ask him. He updates his MySpace page regularly, and he even answers private messages as much as he can. He answered three of mine since February so there is nothing to indicate he wouldn’t respond to such an important question from such a devoted fan base.

    Ask him and see. Yes in Hollywood, actors need to work and sometimes they have to take what is presented to them, but when their star starts to rise, they can actually choose what they want to play, and there are many actors out there who don’t want to be type cast into certain roles. It’s probably one of the reasons why Alex chose Three Rivers over any other project he was presented with.

    Think about it. But if you are so sure this is something he would like to do, just ask him…

  25. Tish I am not leaving this website at all! I love your hard hitting comments. You put the right words in. I can understand what Sophie is referring to. I also have been checking out MySpace, for which I have only joined up myself. And I am totally awestruck with Alexs’ comments. He is one very sincere young man. God how lucky is Holly!
    Anyway, back to what I was saying. He is one very busy guy. Honestly when I do write to him I would absolutely amazed if he does reply because he has that many fans now and he does state he intends to answer everyone of them. Honestly Alex, you don’t need to. Just come to my house and thank me personally. Nah wishful thinking again.
    Damn it I was reading he was back over the holiday break – man if only I knew wher he was, it would have been great to say g’day mate put it there sunshine!
    I hope to get my fingers out and write some letters.
    Yeah it may not resurrect Moonlight, but at least a movie would be great. It definately has to have Alex in it.
    Where on earth did the producers think he was not right for the role??? Like what the??!!
    And I absolutely love Sophie Myles, she looks like a real sweetie also.
    Love it – thank God I have my DVD and I can watch it over and over again, never tire of it that’s for sure.
    But at the moment like a good samaritan I am loaning to some girls at work who are also falling under the Alex spell.
    Aussie Di

  26. · Edit

    Sophie, sorry I misspelled your name above…

  27. · Edit

    Love it, the Aussie Di… Yes, sometimes we can be silly, but many times over we are very serious about Alex and his career… And we are all age groups, from the swooning teen to a rocking chair granny, like me…

    And, no matter what some may write, you must do what your heart tells you to do… Unfortunately there are a few leftovers from the follow the leader, not go with your own gut…And some of us are so set in following that they do not realize that “things change, people’s values and emotions change…So, Diane, go with your heart and go with your gut…

    I did check out an AU Alex fansite once…I will see if I can find the name again…I think it had the nickname of AU, meaning OZ, in the name…When I do locate it again, I will post it here for you…

    I do hope that even when you find a AU Alex fansite, that we still continue to get posts here from you… It has been a pleasure chatting with you…

  28. · Edit

    Well, you do as you so wish to do, Sofie, but in the real world of Tinseltown, if a part is available, any red blooded actor will vie for the chance to play it… Now,as for the man who made Mick St John a household name on every woman’s lips across the world, I do not think Alex would pass up the opportunity to recreate his coveted role on the big screen… It would totally amze me if he let it pass to some wanna be Mick…Like Joel Silver, I also feel, there is no Moonlight without Alex… Yet, I still firmly believe that somewhere down the road, along with Moonlight fans continued help in pushing the future of such an endeaver closer, there will be a Moonlight movie…

    We are not a world of actor-centric people, but given a great plotted vampire love story, we all become vampire-centric and run with it…So let’s run people….

  29. hello to all
    I would like to maintain contact with all who are part of this site, so I leave my email if interested and can send messages to me. I live in the state of Pará, northern Brazil and here we have several fan club sites alex. here we meet to watch him work around the end of the sure his star is shining more and agree to what he wants us all to follow in their new projects, I want to follow everything he does. please emtrem in good contact, let the invitation to tifany, Jessica; diane sofie and atodos who love the alex.


  30. Speaking for myself, as much as I loved Moonlight and all its characters, I am going to respect the words and decision of it’s star… Alex O’Loughlin… the one we are all supposed to be fans of. When the show was canceled, and did not get picked up by another station, he very clearly told everyone of us… to move on. The message is still up on his MySpace blog.

    He clearly has, and I think it’s about time we did the same, and supported him in his NEW projects, instead of reashing old ones he might not even be interested in doing.

  31. good day to all

    I would like to make the impression that the work of alex emtre has left his fans here in Brazil. He has a large legion of fans here in the Amazon where I resido.Estamos waiting with great anxiety his new work. Love you too alex. please if possible meet up with me through the e-amil Dream you can, maybe I can talk to my great idol, and maintain contact with him. We know that the guy is a very public with their carisamático

    I know that I am not disappointed.

    alex you have a great day on set for filming of rivers trhee



  32. Oh my we are a silly bunch aren’t we. Yes lovely Tiffany keeps me posted via email all time time – thanks Tiffany. She has kept me posted since I first joined up in ’08. Just wondering is anywhere aware of any Alex Fan Club in Australia??
    I promise as soon as I can get my act together I am going to compose a letter. I am determined. I may not have the right words like you Tish as you seem to know what to say, but I will do my best.
    Has anyone heard from Alex personally?
    Aussie Di

  33. · Edit

    Adding a bit of Corny humor here:

    In the memorable words to the theme song from Bye Bye Birdy, I add a little twist…

    “We love you Alex
    oh yes, we do”
    “We love you Alex
    and we are true”
    “When we don’t see you
    we’re blue”
    “Oh Alex
    we love you”

  34. · Edit

    You are very welcomed Diane and please do keep in touch here with us all here at AOLO… We have a very, very friendly site here at AOLO…Easily accessed and to use as well as fun to be posting on…Our site administrator is Tiffany, who does a wonderful job keeping us all posted about the Newsflashes pertaining to Alex, which we all look dorward to…

    Let us all know if and when you hear from Joel, his associates, or anyone who can connect us to putting together a Moonlight movie project with Alex and our TV cast… It may take awhile to get a response, you may even be told that Moonlight is dead…but then you reply ro them< “Well it is time to wake the dead; afterall it is a storyline about the undead, Vampires”… And don’t let anyone put the cabash on all Moonlight fans dreams…


    Good luck, Diane, and it was lovely onlune chatting with you…

    Hugs, Tish

  35. The movie has a great premise and I believe that both Alex and JLo can carry it off. I have seen all of JLo’s movies and liked all but Gigli and I blame Ben Affleck for that mess. He can’t act at all. At least Jennifer tries and she can do comedy ala Maid in Manhattan,which was very good.

  36. That’s great news for Alex, i’m sure he’s gonna be great in that role, i love Jennifer Lopez the chemistry should work between them i think. And the story actually sound interesting for a romantic comedy.

  37. Hey Tish,
    This is awesome – I am onto it. In answer to some of your comments re where Alex grew etc., I am not enriched with all the information as you seem to have – btw you also have Alex living in your country now. Of course I seen Alex in The Oyster Farmer – funnily enough I fell in love with not only him but the character he played, etc. when I watched it and this is before Moonlight. It is so funny listening to him in his Aussie “Ocker” accent. Love it. It was filmed in a lovely part of Sydney – well it’s more up what we call – the Central Coast of Sydney. The story line is a bit lame, but I enjoyed it regardless. It had a cast of great aussie talent, one of Jack Thompson (who is a legend in our country), Kerry Armstrong, who is a sweetheart (she did spend time in the US), and of course our Alex (who was the main character).
    I will endeavour to send letters to all. I did notice that Joel has had a huge impact on Alexs’ career. Obviously there is a great comradrie between the 2, and this is only enriching Alexs’ career.
    It does make us Aussies’ very proud when one of our rising stars fulfill their dreams, etc.
    You also have to remember, we don’t get a lot of stuff here till months after it has aired on your networks or theatres. I really hope Alex comes home to promote his new movies.
    One can only hope.
    I appreciate all your assistance.

    Aussie Di

  38. · Edit

    So sorry, Diane, I almost forgot your request… And I see you are from Sydney, AU, just like Alex, well he mostly was raised there though he was born in Canberra…Though he is stateside here since 2005-6, I believe, had you ever seen him in Sydney or watched any TV shows and movies he made in AU?

    Okay, Snailmail is what is regular post office mailing…And in regards to mailing from AU, I think you must purchase International Coupons or something like that to mail to the US… I know I had to to mail to England to Sophia Myles (Beth Turner/Moonlight)…Now I am not certain what it would be called in AU, but here in US when we want mail to absolutely get to a certain place, we send it Certified & if we so desire to make certain it gets to a certain person we also add it to be registered and pay for a return receipt of the signature as they must sign for the delivered item…

    The first person I would approach about making a Moonlight movie, or sequels of Moonlight movies would be the man who’s property the show had been when it was under production…. Joel Silvers…He has yet to release Whiteout, in which Alex has a minimal part, and that has been on the shelf for a couple of years now…It is promised, then reneged, then promised again, so we will see if it makes it out soon as has been announced for this time… From what I can see, I have not read about any hits from Joel’s Silver Pictures since his animated “Speed Racer” did not pull all stops as he thought it would…Think Silvers ate his shirt on that one…Silvers really pitched Moonlight and it became his baby… he fought hard as we did to get it another season…but now with the advent of all Twilight, which is more designed for the youth (though I must admit I loved it too and saw it twice in theater and have my own DVD of same plus read every one of the the books in the Twilight saga…It grew on me but it began because I was Moonlight deprived… Now if we all pitch to Silver that we crave Moonlight in movie-form sequels for the adult audiences that had to soak in there vamperism from a teen-toned replacement, Joel may grab hold of the reins and lead us to victory in getting the only option we have left with Moonlight, movies…Of course we must stress that we will not settle for any other cast but the cast that was on TV including Alex as Mick St John, Sophia Myles as Beth, Jason Dohring as Josef, etc…

    Okay then, that said, so you all have a fair idea of how to approach a man who has been Executive Producer of many movies and TV favorites; as with anyone in his position, he still needs to hear that we appreciate his talents and his abilities… Capieche?

    His Address is:

    Mr. Joel Silvers’
    Executive Producer
    Silver Pictures
    c/o Warner Brothers
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, CA, 91522

    Now we can all write to Alex and the best place for him to actually get his mail and read it himself is through his personal manager’s office in CA…This office, as I have been told from sources within the firm, does not open any of Alex’s mail and they send it to him or he picks it up or has it picked up for him….And I was also told he is genuinely sweet as he appears on film or interviews, he does not put any act on…Sooooo

    Mr. Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freedman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides St
    Suite 18
    Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292

    I absolutely see no reason to write to Nina Tassler about a Moonlight movie request as she would find a way of burying the project…so let’s get it up front and noticed by other Powers That Be before she can…

  39. · Edit

    Fonda, (eg “Barefoot in the Park” with the young Robert Redford) & Gere (eg in “Pretty Women” & “Runaway Bride” both with Julia Roberts), both have wonderful comedic timing,and our Alex is perfect in his comedic timing…I have personally known some wonderful Australians and their sense of humor far surpasses anyone I have ever met, so to Alex comedy comes natural…we could see some of this in Alex’s scenes with Jason, as Mick & Josef, in Moonlight…

    And I do hope he can carry J-Lo in this movie because she will be it’s downfall if he doesn’t… I read at another site that J-lo fans are opposing Alex being her lead…Well, tough, she is not a box office draw and is certainly passe’…No way, even in her music career can she equal the likes of Celon Dion or Whitney Houston… J-Lo is nothing more than a sex symbol and broke up a relationship to get Marc Anthony, for this I have little respect for her…If she wanted to stay married to this man she stole perhaps she should be home raising her twins…

  40. We’ll !

    anyway i hope it’s gonna be a success for the both of them

    The end.

  41. It’s a lead role in a major US picture and his first…of course he took it! I doubt it has anything to with JLo. JLo is the lucky one not the other way around..she will still be on the B list but Alex will perhaps skyrocket when they see him take a romatic lead.

  42. ^ i desagree she was one of the draw, Jane Fonda did other movies since and they all tanked at the box-office same for Richard Gere i think people tend to underestimate her, and personnaly i think she’s a good actress, very underrated but people blame her for movies like Gigli when she was probably the best thing about it. And people need to get over it the film is like 6 year old. Also Alex must think that they can work well together since she was cast months before him and the movie is around her character.

    PS : they aren’t moderate success those movies had a budget between $40M and $50M.

  43. I would say those are moderate successes, especially since almost 50% of the domestic profits went to cover filming costs. It could also be argued that her co-stars were the draw in those films…Jane Fonda, Richard Gere, etc. She also gained popularity when she was going out with Ben Affleck. When she got dumped her image plummeted IMO. And she has been out of the movie scene for over 3 years.

    I hope the movie does well…but I could care less about JLo…I think she is kinda blah as an actress. I would rather see Alex with someone else but I will support this movie all the same.

  44. JLo not a big box-office draw ? really ? i checked how her rom-coms did at box offic Mojo:
    Maid in manhathan = $150M world wide
    Shall we dance = $170M
    Monster-in-law = $150m

    hopefully this one will have the same success.

  45. Ps- I did enjoy Jen in Monster-In-Law.

    Sydney, Australia

  46. In response to Alex possibly starring alongside Jennifer Lopez – I think why not?? J Lo may have starred in some bombs of late, however I did enjoy but I think this is great for Alex.
    It just proves that he is a wanted man and the more credentials he builds up for himself, all the more we get to see him on the bigger screen.
    Good luck Alex with your negotiations.

  47. Hi Tish,

    Thanks for the info – you have to help out here. I am emailing from Australia – can you please provide me with the “Snailmail” details ie – address, etc. Or if you can point me in the right direction on where to find it.
    I know this may sound like “folks are dumb where I come from”, but unfortunately I am ill equipped with all relevent details, and I so desperately want only the best for not only Alex, but for all his fans.


    Sydney, Australia

  48. · Edit

    Diane, that was so beautifully stated, thank you… NOW TAKE THE SAME POST AND SEND IT TO TPTB, including Nina and Joel Silver via certified registered snailmail…

    And if we all express ourselves so maturely in snailmail letter, sent as recommended above, we may just have a better chance at eventually, if not sooner, of getting a Moonlight movie or a full set of sequal Moonlight movies with our original casts… Even if Alex is signed to a TV series, as with other stars, even our Moonlight TV cast, they are free to do other projects like movies…

    A good example are the stars of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Patrick Dempsey has made several romantic comedy movies for the big screen as has Kathryn Hiegel…

    Our young stars of Twilight, now filming the 2nd sequel(hopefully when they film the part in Italy they are safe), New Moon, yet they have done other movies in the meantime…Out now is the one with Kristen Stewart called “Adventureland”…

    So I see no reason that Alex and our Moonlight TV cast cannot be available to film some Moonlight movie sequels for the big screen… Cna you? Would you not go to see every one of them?

    That is unless, Nina puts out some decree to stop Alex from doing so when he, if he, renews his contract with CBS again…That my dear fans is a reason to ascertain a way of getting Nina out of her position, which I have always felt should happen; in my opinion, as I see it, she is out to ruin Alex’s fandom for whatever childish reasons she has… And in my opinion, I do not look at Nina Tassler and see an educated mature business woman, let alone a woman…

  49. Sadly I have finally watched the very last ep of Moonlight and it has only made me want to cry out for more more and more. How can we go through life now thinking what happened after Mick finally succumbed to all his fears and wants???
    And poor Beth who was so ready to give up her love for him just to set him free. But Love won over once again. It was just a beautiful, that had me clapping with glee but still saddened that there will be no more Moonlight.
    Of course I only wish the very best for not only Alex but all cast and crew that worked very hard to bring enjoyment into our lives.
    Thank you

  50. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I agree with Heather and also think J Lo is a very good actress. I have seen all her movies and think Enough was excellent acting. I don’t see anything wrong with J Lo with our beloved Alex in a movie together.
    signed hopeful

  51. I loved Jennifer Lopez in ENOUGH, MAID IN MANHATTAN, WEDDING PLANNER, JERSEY GIRL, ANGEL EYES, and I would love to see her with Alex O’Loughlin in BACK UP PLAN. I think she puts on a great show. Don’t kill it off before it materializes.

  52. Hi Everyone – not too sure about this one only because of Jennifer Lopez. I can not see her opposite Alex in anything, especially in a romantic situation. This could be one of those movies that goes to video because of the lack of box office because she has not had many successes in recent attempts. What has she really done lately that’s been a success other than have babies? Nothing. Of all the actresses out there, why her? Guess we’ll wait and see.

  53. That would be great to see Alex in a movie. I do agree she is not a big box office hit. But you never know because we all love this man and of course his fans will see it.

  54. · Edit

    Let’s hope it does catch the eye of any other studio than CBS and whatever other producers who are not affiliated with CBS, Tiffany…

  55. Tish, this is a major motion picture and would be in theatres. I do agree though that Jennifer Lopez is not a big box office draw. She has done several of these so-so romantic comedies like The Wedding Planner and Shall We Dance. I don’t anticpate it would be very big but I will take it all the same. Maybe the hot mystery guy (Alex) will catch the eye of some other studies and producers.

  56. · Edit

    Oh we can only hope and pray… But not too clear on something here, is this to be a movie made to go into theaters arond the world or is it going to be a made-for-TV- movie?

    I like the storyline, but just cannot see Jennifer Lopez opposite Alex… Her movie with Richard Gere, “Shall We Dance” apparently did not stay in box office very long, which, in my opinion, indicates that her sale-ability as an actress is not that well received since I feel Mr Gere definitely is still a Hot Item even after so many years on-screen entertaining us with his obvious talents… And that Alex began to be in Australia, but not yet given too much of a chance yet here in the US…I would not like it if this movie failed because of the wrong female lead…it would not do Alex much good for I already feel that J-Lo’s career is washed out…

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