Photos and Video from Shooting Yesterday

A fan posted photos and video that she happened to snag in Hawaii as Alex, Scott, and crew were filming a pawn shop scene. Seriously, if you live in Hawaii this is how easy it is to go and get a glimpse of this gorgeous man???? Enjoy!

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  1. hawaii is lucky to have alex when i first saw alex it was love at first bite : :bandit: :heart: :angel: :kiss: :love: :

  2. hi just got the time to watch it and cant wait to see it when will it be on

  3. I seen the sneak peek of Hawaii Five – 0 cast. So grateful and glad to conitnuously watching. LOTS of FUN, good things to learn. Daniel, Grace, Scott and best mention as always Alex the BEST. Keep up your great tv shows and as well coming movies hopefully. GOOD JOB WELL DONE. I definitely watch the Hawaii Five-0. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:

  4. ok… um.. has anyone checked out as to like yesterday by chance? r/ there is several “sneak peeks” for this sunday’s ep ? its the newest one that has 2 w/ it … and yup i double checked to make sure i did see what i saw… its 2nd clip …look for alex/steve rushing and w/ cell phone to his ear… : check it out.

    also,”Hawaii Five-0″ in UK is. Sky 1, starting Sunday, February 6th in the 9PM .

  5. Thanks for the fabulous video H5O, Tiffany! I loved seeing Alex in this scene.

    1. Thanks Tiffany, ‘and the member who got this great video. I also love to see how Danno and Steve always disagreeing about something,it’s hysterical. Wish I lived in Hawaii,not only to see Alex closeup, but the weather is great there. (No Snow) *Sigh* :love:

  6. I need to move to Hawaii too and Alex O’Loughlin just gets ULTRA hotter and sexier
    by the mil a second and I have to be on this show so I can play Steve’s girlfriend who is
    an OSI agent who helps 5-0 on their cases.
    Kelly Ann Scovell(Green Bay,WI) :heart:

  7. OH MY ….I think I need to go to Hawaii. Thank you Tiffany for sharing !! I can’t wait to watch it on Sunday this weekend, I have got to get my Alex O’Loughlin fix…HaHa :love:

  8. thanks tiffany… 8)

  9. hi thanks great video cant wait to see it and you are right danny is allways yelling at steve i guess that makes the snow great i love the show

  10. Danno sure does yell alot at Steve. I’d bust his chops but Steve just seems to ignore him. Danno should just relax and let the Navy Seal work it out. :love:

  11. Oh Boy! I GOTTA get to Hawaii………..

  12. So cool, thx Tiffany… luv that Alex…

  13. Boy, sure would like to live in Hawaii! To catch a glimpse of Alex so easily OMG! Thanks Tiffany! :heart:

  14. I have got to move to Hawaii.. It’s much easier to get pics from tapings than here in LA! :love:

  15. WHOOHOO!! :woot: Is it really that easy to find them shooting in Honolulu?? I’m leaving for Oahu in February–I won’t get any sleep until I see Alex in person :love:

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