Sophia Myles Speaks Out About Alex

Tube Talk recently did an interview with Sophia Myles. Sophia is the dashing Alex O’Loughlin’s TV love interest Beth on their TV show Moonlight. So what did the lovely Sophia have to say about Alex?

Q: Discuss the chemistry between you and Alex.

Sophia: It’s absolutely luck. I’s like the gift you wish for. If there was a formula you could produce, then every show would be a hit show. I’ve had a lot of costars and leading men, but it’s like normal life. Some people you click with, and some you don’t. We make the other one better. It’s like playing a really good game of tennis everyday. Out of character, Alex and Sophia, our relationship is based on humor, and we laugh our asses off. If you filmed us off screen it would make an even better show than Moonlight. It’s hilarious.


Looks like we need to see some bloopers or behind the scenes action for the Moonlight set!

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  1. Comment Commentaire
    o comme moonlight me manque!!!!! c’est tellement injuste d’avoir annulée une série aussi bien conçue!!! sophia et alex étaient vraiment fait pour leur roles
    depuis les vampires sont devenus à la mode et eux ont la chance de pouvoir faire plusieurs saisons ,c’est vraiment trop injuste car mick et beth étaient les meilleurs!!!il faut vraiment qu’ils nous fassent une suite!!!!!

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