Alex O’Loughlin Of Three Rivers

A new interview with Alex by Time Out NY. Some interesting little tidbits including what he listens to when he works out and that he as sweet tooth.

Alex O'lLoughlin in leather


What’s your fitness routine?
Pretty extreme. I’m playing a surgeon currently, so I’m trying to say on the thinner, leaner side. I’ve seen a lot of the surgeons move around the hospital quickly, eat on the run; they’re pretty lean.

So how do you do that?
I do circuit training, interval training. I do this interval thing called Tabata. It’s 20 seconds on, ten seconds off at 100 percent intensity. I aim for four days a week.

Do you ever freak out before a big shirtless scene?
I don’t really care that much about it. I get in shape, but if I needed to get fat for a role I would.

Is there anything you won’t do, fitness-wise?
Swimming in a pool back and forth drives me crazy, but I can run for hours. Whatever I can do outside I prefer to do. I much prefer to get up in the hills, use trees and rocks.

You ever hurt yourself while working out on the rocks?
All the time! I been hurting myself since I was like five years old. People ask what kind of kid I was—I used to steal bricks from construction sites, build walls from them, then ride my trike down through them. I fell out of a rope swing when I was six years old and I’ve had a couple motorcycle accidents, so I have to keep my core really strong. Every workout I do has a core-based strength to it. If you focus on your core, doing Pilates and things, everything else will respond better.

What do you listen to while you work out?
Rock. Hard rock. Like, really old Metallica, from their first four albums, or Soundgarden. Tool. I love working out to Tool.

Do you ever take vacations from working out?
I’ve taken many vacations over the years. What I’m discovering now that I’m no longer in my twenties. I’m not 21 anymore, I’m 33. Holy shit, though! My body’s never been better, and I’ve never felt better in my body. I have an ultimate goal: I want long-term health. I want to be fit when I’m in my seventies. The work I do now and the seeds I sow now will pay off later. So when I take vacations, I’m not a slovenly person. I’ll really enjoy take a nice long walk on the beach or do surfing. Plus, I’m all ADD, I’m fidgeting all the time, which must burn a few calories.

What diet do you use to support your workouts?
I have to be a vigilant. I eat half a cup of oatmeal, a banana, honey and a splash of milk for breakfast. Organic chicken, rice and pasta, and vegetables, steamed. I cook with no oil or butter. I have a really low-sodium diet. I drink about a gallon and a half of water a day.

You ever give yourself a break?
I have a very sweet tooth. You could put a giant chocolate cake in front of me and I will eat it. Unashamedly, no apologies. But if it’s not there, I don’t eat it. Once I a week, I have one day off where I eat whatever I want. Honey Smacks! They drive me crazy. And Froot Loops.


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