Alex O’Loughlin Pic Collection at Sunset on the Beach


It is late and we are gathering pics so thought we would provide some now and of course many more later. We will provide credit to all the pics but might not get to all the link sources tonight as it is really late but we will come back and do those over the weekend.

These are the ones of Alex so far.

Click on any pic in the collage to make them bigger.

Also a couple of vids at the bottom.



Credit CBS

Credit CBS

Credit Michelle Makalena FB


Credit suzi.slamher IG


Alex O'Loughlin with fans

Credit ocwahine IG

Alex O'loughlin selfie SOTB

Credit claualarcon7-IG


Alex O'loughlin with fans at sotb

Credit Egan Ionue IG

SOTB premiere- Alex

Credit ehiku IG

Alex O'loughlin on red carpet

Credit missjamieleighdouglas IG






Looks like another SOTB is in the books. Mahalo to all for the pics and videos.

Moore in the days to come.

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