Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-Up-Week of September 25 2017


It’s really good that season 8 kicked off on Friday night as this week of behind the scenes and fan photos has been the slowest yet since Alex returned to filming in July. They were shooting out on the water, and beyond, this past week so no public shoots, and hence a really slow week. Here is the wrap-up with the few happenings that did occur.


Behind the Scenes

As we mentioned, they were filming on the water and here are a couple of quick vids from the cast sharing the boat with Alex.


This one is from Meaghan’s IG stories as Alex points out a couple of tuna fishing spots


This one was from Beulah’s snapcat






To show you how slow the week was, here’s an editing clip from the week that we have to say made a lot of fans’ day and probably was the highlight of the wrap-up material. Peter shared a short clip of Steve and Eddie (Steve’s soon to be dog) swimming together. If you don’t know that Eddie has his own IG page, you are not following him yet. You should, as it provides a lot of insight into his life in a cute and clever way. There has also been some behind the scenes too, so Check it out!




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Prior weeks

Here are some photos from Kristen Crandall who was in Hawaii when Alex was filming at Magic Island. She released them this past week and they are worth including.  She got some really good shots of the day. One of them even falls under the best pic of that location shoot,  in our opinion. Can you figure out which one?




Also this pic was posted this week but it was taken back in July at the time the season premiere was filmed. Alex is posing with Mike Buck who played the fire captain in Friday’s episode.

Alex O'Loughlin behind the scenes



Also back from July, this filming video was shot.




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Also, from September 8 when Alex was filming some night footage, this fan ran across him. Interesting info at the source.

Alex O'Loughlin fan photo





That’s it for another week and hopefully as they continue to shoot episode 8.09 this week there will be a little more public action. The season is in full swing now and it was really fun to see Alex back as Steve Friday night along with the rest of the team, new and old. Season 8 is shaping up to be a fun ride.  


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  1. Ohana Casting on FB.

    “We are looking for a photo double for our Hero McGarrett! You just need to have a flexible enough schedule to work with us from time to time pretending to be the man himself. 😉 If you have ever been told you look like Alex please submit a recent photo… You could be working as early as this Sunday!”

    1. Thanks for sharing with us. Here is the link to this FB post Cali is referring to in case anyone knows anyone that fits the description.


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