Moonlight 1.11 Love Lasts Forever

1-11-screencapEpisode 1.11 of Moonlight titled Love Lasts Forever picks up after Mick helps himself to a sample of Coraline’s blood to see if he might figure out how she managed to change from a vampire to a human. In this episode he enlists Beth’s help to find a scientist that can analyze the blood. Mick doesn’t want to enlist the help of any vampires because he feels that any “cure” for vampirism might be seen as a threat to others within the vampire world.

At the same time, Beth’s boyfriend Josh (a prosecutor) is trying to indict a vicious drug lord who threatens Josh’s life when he won’t back off. While leaving work Josh is attacked and given a photo of Beth with an “X” over the face indicating that she has been marked for death if Josh does not drop his case against the drug lord.

When he returns home he explains to Beth what has happened and she talks him out of dropping the case. He and Beth connect again after weeks of tension and they make love. With all of this drama going on Beth forgets that she had an appointment with Mick to see the scientist the next morning and he shows up at her home to find Beth and Josh dressed scantily and to overhear Josh ordering round the clock protection for Beth. Despite Mick’s emotional distress over seeing the two of them so close and hearing their endearments for each other he tells Josh that he will keep an eye out for Beth during this crisis.

Mick and Beth finally make their trip to see the scientist who explains that Coraline’s blood sample is normal as far as toxicology goes, which frustrates Mick. The scientist also tells them that she had assumed this sample was from a child because it was very pure and that it is a VERY rare blood type. Beth shares that she too has this rare blood type and she an Mick discuss the possibility that somehow this may be the reason Coraline chose to kidnap Beth all those years previous.

On the way out of the building Mick’s super sonic hearing alerts him to an attack on Beth’s life and he manages to pull her to safety just seconds before getting shot in the head by a sniper. At this same time the sample of Coraline’s blood was destroyed. Mick takes Beth home and they wait for Josh, who decides to increase security around Beth.

Josh then executes a raid on the drug lord’s home and arrests him during his daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party, humiliating him and his daughter. Unfortunately a hire powered attorney manages to arrange a 5 million dollar bail deal and the drug lord is released on bail. Upon hearing that Beth has survived his “hit” he instructs his men to go directly after Josh.

The next morning Beth witnesses Josh being abducted at gunpoint as he leaves for work. Mick and Beth race from the house and chase the kidnappers. They locate him at a park just as the assassins are preparing to shoot him. Mick attacks them and Beth works to pull Josh out of the car. Before she can get him out, one of the gunmen still in the car unloads several bullets into the trunk (where Josh is) and Josh is shot.

Mick and Beth attempt to manage his bleeding as best they can and both do CPR as Josh’s heart stops. At this point Beth begs Mick to turn Josh into a vampire. He refuses, saying that life as vampire is no life. Paramedics come and take over CPR but they declare shortly after that Josh is dead. When Mick attempts to comfort Beth she angrily tells him to stay away from her.

Mick is devastated by this response and he accompanies Josh’s co-workers to the police station to interrogate the assassins for the whereabouts of the drug lord. In a hilarious scene Mick is allowed 5 minutes to try and get one of the men to talk. Mick sits with his back to the police officers and allows his fangs to emerge and and scare the man senseless until he tells Mick where the drug lord is. Mick gives the officers a false location and he goes after the drug lord himself. After having his heart broken by Beth’s words he cares very little about people seeing who or “what” he is and he wreaks havoc on a Hispanic hideaway bar, tossing people around like rag dolls until he finds the drug lord, who he then kills with obvious satisfaction and revenge.

After this occurs Mick visits Beth who is sitting among pictures of Josh, drinking and crying. Mick asks her to remember that he while he wouldn’t turn Josh into a vampire, he (Mick) didn’t kill Josh and he wasn’t responsible for his death. Beth was unmoved and stated that Josh would still be with them if Mick had only turned him and she asked Mick if he would have made the same decision if it had been her that was dying. In his mind Mick knew that he didn’t know what he would do but he answered that he would have made the very same decision and he would not have turned her into a vampire to save her life. Beth turns away from Mick in tears and Mick disappears into the night.

This concluded the episode. Spoilers for next week leave us to believe that Coraline might inject Mick with her “cure” rendering him human….we shall see.

Here is a video recap of the episode:


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