Alex O’loughlin Weekly Wrap -Week of August 8

Well another week of shooting has completed and there was some Alex O’loughlin activity to keep our appetites whet. There were some spoilers as well that got the H50 fandom buzzing so if you do not want to know about those be careful how much you read on. Season 7 is shaping up nicely with the same components we have all loved since conception…bromance, comedy, action, plots, villains, and of course Alex.

Here is the wrap:

alex waving to fan thelma


From the Keikis Show at The Kahala Mall August 13th with Tara Laulu. Looks like he is having a  great time.

alex o'loughlin tara laulu - kahala mall -8-13



Now for all the spoiler related stuff -Reader Beware

Shooting a scene at Sandy Rock (closer pic and video are further below)

alex o'loughlin stunt at blowehole
alex o'loughlin stunt behind the scenes
alex o'loughlin stunt fan photo
alex o'loughlin stunt from afar


alex o'loughlin and stunt man
alex o'loughlin stunt on lciff
alex o'loughlin stunt at sandy beach
alex o'loughlin stunt season 7




from Peter Lenkov- a result pic of the above behind the scenes shots

alex o'loughlin on screen sneak peek



And the BTS video



Other spoilers included some info from Peter that Catherine’s return in 150th episode would not be to marry Steve off or even to have the old flame reignite. That is over with too much water under the bridge. This was upsetting to McRoll fans  but makes sense to us.

Also he mentioned in another spoiler release from TV Line (excerpt below)

TV line spoilers hawaii five o


Source- Matt Mittovich

which of course made the McLynn fans happy.  Time will tell but the Steve/Lynn relation seems to keep Steve more light- hearted and fun and she seems to be a good match for him. Really looking forward to that story revolving.

What say you?

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  1. Im also kind of happpy Catherine is not returning to reigniate somethign with Steve. Their relationship was already doomed the moment she left him again with the ring he bought it for her. There was no story more for her to the writers to write anyway. Also regarldess if she could not tell she was a undercover agent, she still liked to him and beame a cloen of his mother and Steve could not put up with that once again. He needs to move on and relax. Lynn is nice and she is like a lady totally opposite of the police, she is liek free spirit. I hope they can be togehter eventually.

  2. Two super cute fan pics this week :heart: :love:

    1. Yes there were. He looks like he is about to bust out in the one at the mall. Such a fun guy!

      1. He is. Nothing is ever seems too much trouble for him. Fans are never a burden to him. He’s always happy to spare some of his time for fans to take a pic and I really appreciate that about him.

  3. This is the BEST news I could have ever heard. PLIs right, to much stuff gone on to have a romantic relationship any more. Like I kept saying she’s done to much to him that no man would keep putting up with even if they loved them. Especially one that has been trained to follow their intelengence. When Cathrine is around it’s always a downer. Time for a happy relationship. Moving forward hopefully with Lynn, someone he can have fun with & protect, not a woman who can beat up the mob.

    1. Agree with you and if she has been up to what is expected for the 150th episode reveal, there will be no going back for them. Poor Steve.

      1. Wow, that doesn’t sound good, maybe Lynn will be there to console him, I would love that!

    2. I agree. Yes, he’s a good guy, and he’s a loyal guy, and if Cath ever needed his help then you can guarantee he’d be there for her, but he’s no doormat, and I couldn’t see a way the writers could reunite Steve and Cath without making Steve look like an idiot so I think that relationship is best left in the past.

      I’m neither Team McLynn or Team McRoll – I’m Team Steve. I hope to see more of his softer side this season. A little less work and a little more play. He deserves it 🙂 :heart:

      1. Me to, I hope to see more of that as well.

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