Alex O’Loughlin Wrap-up November 25th – December 3rd 2018

Our now called “anytime we can wrap-up” is here again as we were surprised to see so many new pics this week that were worth some notice. Thankfully, the “wrapper” was available to put it together. The majority of the photos came from either CBS or a new scuba adventure company that was opened by Alex’s Navy SEAL friends. They are some really great pics so enjoy!




There were some great BTS shots that were shared by CBS, and Meaghan Rath took a couple of them..

From Meaghan Rath IG Story





A couple pics of Alex were shared by the comic book store the show filmed at. You can check their FB page to see more BTS (without Alex)



A fan met him on his coffee run



New/Old fan pic from 2011 or 2012



Alex helped his friend Enson Inoue with his new business venture. 



Here is a BTS action scene pic with Ian, guest star, Raoul Max Trujllo and his Navy SEAL friend. Looks like Steve gets injured again. 



And to conclude, there have been so many great pics of Alex enjoying scuba diving with his friends at Trident Adventures. Trident just opened a scuba diving business on the island and is owned by Alex’s Navy SEAL buddies. What an experience. 




Alex o'Loughlin Scuba Diving




That is it! We will be back when we can or when there is some action that can not be ignored.

Have a great week!




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  1. Love it! He is always so cute and hot!


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