Hawaii Five-0 1.12 Hana Makehewa Recap

This was a nail biter and chock full of HOT guys… just sayin. It begins with Danno and Steve making a beeline for Chin Ho who apparently was abducted and woke in a public square with a bomb around his neck. The bomb will explode if he moves from the area and a cell phone with instructions for Steve rings…

Then of course we flashback to earlier. They are investigating the body dump of an arms dealer. They are afraid that they must be dealing with a much bigger criminal boss or a guy with absolutely no fear. A video shows their guy and it is none other than Victor Hess, the man who killed Steve’s father. Thus begins the chase…

They track down the doctor that treated Hess after Steve shot him only to find that Hess killed the good doctor after he was feeling better. But they get a new lead on guy who could have helped Victor hide out and get new papers. They are able to find out where Victor’s condo is but of course he isn’t there. Steve lucks out though in a club where Victor literally walks past him. A chase ensues.

Chin Ho tries to intercept them on his bike but the bad guys get the drop on him and now we are in present time with Chin Ho attached to a bomb. Hess calls and demands 10 million dollars and safe passage off the island but the Governor refuses to pony up the dough. The remaining 5-0 team members have to get creative and they raid a stash of cold case drug money from a police locker. Afterwards Steve and Kono proceed to the drop.

Victor takes the money but throws it in the fire intending to kill Chin Ho anyway. Steve and Victor fight and some amazing acrobatics on Steve’s part are seen. He manages to subdue Hess and deactivate the remote. They let a bad guy get away but they caught another. They also stole 10 million in drug money with no idea how they can replace it so they have a big axe hanging over their heads.

The episode ends with the 5-0 team spending Christmas together along with Danno’s daughter Grace. So cute! Hess also gets a visit for x-mas and we finally meet Wo Fat!! He asks Hess how close Steve is to the truth about what his father was investigating and Hess says that he is too close… which does not bode well for Steve.

Wahoo.. many of my faves all in one episode… Alex, James (Hess), and Mark (Wo Fat). Hawaii Five-O is one HOT show!

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  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I love all your emails about Alex. My daughters and I look foreward to them.
    THANKS!! THANKS!! THANKS xD :love:

  2. Do You know , here we ll begin to see Hawai Five 0 , FINALLY in Febraury , in Buenos AiresArgentina !!!!!!!
    Great!!!!!! Alex we can see you ,,,,,,,

  3. I think this is a very well done show and all of the actors are great! Its a little sad though how tireing it is for them and I hope that the producers will slow it down a little for them, so that its more fun than stress.
    I was just wondering, is there any news about a second season and when it will show?
    Thanks for keeping us up to date Tiffany.
    Merry Christmas to everyone 😀

  4. new issue ..Entertainment Wkly “Best & Worst 2010” ..
    pg.. 133.. top of page w/a mixed photo w/ Alex & Scott. (top photo), that of lists…
    and …yup, more than a double take did i take…

    “Top NewSeries”…
    #1 “Hawaii Five – 0″…
    “”Top Regular Scheduled Series”…
    #7 “Hawaii Five – 0″…


  5. Tiffney..any info on what Alex is doing for the holidays? Going home to see Mum? Brining anyone with him? OMG can you just imagine Christmas morning with Alex!!! :kiss:

  6. Tiffany, Thx so much for the up dates into H5O & Alex. Merry Christmas to you & yours. Will keep reading what ever you wright…

  7. I know I’ve asked this before…but….why does Peoples Choice Awards have all categories but the comedy dramas and the one category for Hawaii Five 0???? I’m wearing my fingers out voting but whos complaining.

  8. Hi all you Alex fans!! I LOVE him and that show…bittersweet for me because I’m single and older and will never meet anyone like him..ahhh, at least I can see him on line and TV and the big blockbuster movey I’m sure they will put him in soon.(after Hawaii goes on hiatis) LOve from Suzanne
    Alex’s Forever fan :love: :heart: :sleep:

  9. Tiffany, thanks for the posts all year! I love reading all the comments. Christmas blessings and a joyful New Year to all! I wish Alex, Scott and all the Hawaii 5-0 cast and crew a stellar 2011! :woot:

  10. Merry Christmas to all Alex and H50 fans. Congratulations to Scott Caan on his nomination. He deserves it. He makes me laugh each episode! I agree with Carrie that ‘Steve’ frowns alot. Alex has such a beautiful smile, it would be nice to see it more often. I wonder if the stand in’s did that move where Steve jumps and wraps his legs around Victor Hess to knock him to the ground. That was soooooo cool! I’m sure as fit as Alex is, it would have been no problem for him!!!!!! Anyway, I’ll keep watching. He makes my week!!!!

  11. Just want to wish all you fellow Alex addicts A very Merry Christmas and a Happy Alex filled 2011!!! Best Wishes.

  12. Why does Alex look mad all the time? His eye brows are always downward, do you think its the sun? I think it would fit to have him in the dark shades he wore in Moonlight, better yet the baseball hat he wore in the dessert! Fell totally in love flipping through the stations and seeing that one. ^_^

  13. Tiffany, you are very lucky, I envy you, I love Alex a lot, I’m sure everything will work out in his life, I would see a scene with him and Sophia Myles in Hawaii 5 0. They both make a nice romantic. :love:

  14. Yes I thought the video of them having the fight around the fire was real good. Now there is another twist with the money all burned up and not being able to replace it. Just have to keep watching to see what happenes. Thanks Tiffany for two e-mails of Hawaii Five O in one day. Thanks for all your hard work though the Year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  16. I thought this was one of the best episodes yet. Lots of action and as Tiffany pointed out lots of hot guys. I of course am biased. I think Alex is the hottest. I like Scott but I really don’t see him getting a golden globe for his acting. He would not be funny without a straight man like Alex to play off of. I think Alex is funnier in his seriousness that he shows. Love that man. Merry X-mas to you all and looking forward to the next season of H5O

  17. this ep was for sure another winner and then some… & yup count me in as to alex/steve borrowing all that money… and seeing that turkey threw it & well now steve is on the hook for it… something says that well lets just say don’t be too surprised… amd well who knows right where that kind of ep could go right?

    as to Wo Fat is concerned… and the tie into all that steve’s dad left him & the rest since he has found out so far… u could say hold on to that surf board…
    well… have to get going… a friend of mine is letting me use their computer tonight…um, just been very much packing & un-packing of late..& yup not done yet.. lucky me..

    ok I know I’ve already posted this already .. and well…here’s #3.. and yup.. just incase between now and well… w/ everything…

    may you all have a wonder christmas, with a very much happy boxing day.. and a happy new year to us all…

    um, b/c of a special aunt (her birthdy boxing day) who well.. thanks to her, she for sure one of kind & for sure always encouraged me to always try things.. & well, it didn’t work out … what really mattered was I tried & did my best…

    u all take care… & um…if u wouldn’t mind… weather ones are talking that darn “S” word…w/4 + inches.. and w/ it theses weather folks think of us up here in this neck of the woods giving so many versions.. either way they will take credit… what elses is new lol.:whistle:

  18. I loved this episode,so exciting. Alex looked hot as usual and loved the fight seen with him and Hess. I am happy for Scott being nominated for a Golden Globe,but extremely disappointed that our guy Alex wasn’t nominated. Oh, well ,what is wrong with those people at the Golden Globes who nominate anyway. I was also disappointed in the Entertainment iWeekly I received not giving Hawaii Five-O a bigger mention. Can’t understand them either. ;-(

  19. I was so happy to hear Scott is nominated for best supporting actor…..he is just such a good actor and I cant imagine anyone being opposite Alex in that role. Reveived the new People for this week and they had the “best and worst” of 2010….not a WORD about Hawaii Five O and then a very small mention in Entertainment Weekly about Hawaii Five 0 in the top; five…what is the matter with these meatheads? Dont’ they know how good this show is?? Didnt’ mention The Defenders or Blue Blood either….why? THey did mention that awful zombie drama….ugh..how can people think that’s entertaining…again, just my opionio..thanks for all you do Tifanny…. :love: :heart:

  20. I also loved this episode. I was so involved with this episode that I actually found myself worrying that Steve was going to end up in jail because of the money situation. Now that is getting into the story. I can see where there are so many more story lines that can happen now. I am just so excited about it. Best show on TV. Don’t forget to vote for Hawaii Five-O as best new drama show on People’s Choice Awards. I vote everyday. Merry Christmas everyone!

  21. I know what you mean Lesa, us Aussies have to wtach online. I catch it every week, download it and save. You can catch it on several different programmes online. Same way I did Three Rivers, and many of the Moonlight eps.
    Apparently it is coming to channel 10 January 2011 I think, but then sodid 3R’s 1 ep. Living in the Outback I don’t get channel 10, so I still won’t get it. So fingers crossed for you guys in the big city.
    It was a really good ep, lots of action from our main man. 10 million going up in smoke. Which will probably will probably come back later to kick Steve in the ass.
    At present 2 weeks break for holiday season so I think repeats on TV. So check out good it or catch up on eps already been aired.

  22. There is a real cute clip of the making of the fight scene around the fire, at cbs.

    The only problem I’m going to have with the Wo Fat character, is that every time I see that actor, all I hear is, – “And the secret ingredient is “KALE!!” “. He is SUCH a ham!

    Really kills the mood for trying to imagine him a bad guy.

    1. Jeanne, you should see him in The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, he’s a good/bad guy. I’ve never seen him in Iron Chef, so I don’t have that image of him.

      1. Cradle 2 the Grave too… he is bad ass.

      2. If you’ve never watched Iron Chef —- don’t!!! It will ruin your image of him. His overacting/cornball routine is horrid!

        I think I’ll watch the movies that you and Tiffany suggested. I really want to buy into his bad guy act, and right now that’s impossible.

        Thanks for the input.

  23. It’s a shame… who know’s when us Aussies will get to see it.. I’m sure it plays out just as good as it reads…

  24. This was a very good show. This will be starting a story arc on McGarrett and I think that will be interesting to learn more about McGarrett’s family.

    I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

  25. I want to see another chap or track or episody , send me please!!! Here in Argentina we cant see

  26. One of the best episodes so far! Tense, fastly paced, broken here and there with Danny’s incredibly funny wit. And nice to see James again, long time since Spike, eh? And Wo Fat, ahh. Such fun. This is a fantastic show and they are giving us loads of hints and clues for what will be an action-packed season. I predict this show is going to be a cult classic as the original one was and will do amazing things for the actors’ careers.

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