Hawaii Five-0 1.7 Hoâ’apono Recap

This episode started very much like a CSI, which was a bit different. It shows a domestic struggle and a woman being murdered in her home. Then it shows a frantic man running away from police. He ends up taking a hostage all the while screaming that he did not kill his wife. He ends up on the memorial battleship the U.S.S Missouri with a bunch of tourists as hostages. The 5-0 team comes in to investigate and they are told the man (Graham, a former Navy SEAL) has given them 4 hours to find his wife’s killer or he will kill hostages. Thus the drama begins…

Steve decides he needs to get on the battleship so he goes aquaman in a truly swoon worthy scene where he strips down and goes swimming. He makes his way onto the ship but his position is given away and he decides to pose as a tourist and becomes one of the hostages.

Danno and Chin Ho investigate the couple’s home. They find a book with Russian writing, some keys, and full bottles of anti-psychotic medication leading the team to believe they are dealing with a psychotic who has gone off his meds. They visit his doctor who explains that Graham was being medicated for post traumatic stress experienced due to his military experiences. He stopped making his meds when he decided they were clouding his judgement. He also started having blackouts making it possible he could have killed his wife and blacked it out.

Steve tries to gain Graham’s trust with SEAL stories while Kono tries to get the victim’s daughter (from another marriage) to share what she may have seen. Steve unfortunately loses Graham’s trust and gets locked in a bathroom but the tour leader helps him get out. They briefly reminisce about Steve’s grandfather whom the tour leader served with on the U.S.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor and Steve lifts a fingerprint from a knife he palmed off the hostage taker.

The victim’s daughter Lily tells Kono she saw a man at  her home (that was not her adoptive father) and that the two of them talked funny (another language) and yelled and then her mother was hurt. Lily is alarmed to see a man on the beach nearby and runs from Kono. Kono goes after the strange man only to hear a scream as Lily is abducted in the opposite direction.

The 5-0 team figures out that it was the biological father who abducted Lily and that he killed his former wife when she wouldn’t return to Russia with him and their daughter. He was an abusive husband and the victim had fled Russia, changed her name, and tried to start a new life. Kono, Danny, and Chin Ho manage to stop the ex-husband’s plane from leaving in a wild and crazy move by Danno that surely had bit of McGarrett’s usual flare.

Steve manages to dissolve the hostage situation with no lives lost…


A very good CSI-ish episode with a strong story and unlike some other episodes it didn’t try to be overly complex and confusing. I give it 4 out of 4 aquamen.

** Cool stuff… I am a huge vamp fan so this episode was a kick for me. The Governor’s new Public Safety Liaison was the same gal who played a vampire on The Vampire Diaries. The little girl will be the future Renesmee from the Twilight saga… Edward and Bella’s half human , half vampire daughter. They make the third and fourth cast members to also play vampires.

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  1. so far this has been my favorite episode. he is without a doubt the sexiest man alive. 👿 👿 :heart:

  2. I was just watching the last ep in slow-mo and I saw his back tat!! In the scene where he walks toward the water, and Danno says “Good luck aquaman”, watch his back. The black backpack doesn’t cover everything, and you can clearly see the bottom right egde of his tramp stamp.

    Do I have time on my hands or what……………..

  3. Cool, Adam Beach (Graham) was born in my Province Manitoba and Alex made White Out in Manitoba. Pretty cool. It was a good episode, Alex looks very healthy.

  4. OK… AS TO PEOPLE’S SEXIST MAN…. and this isn’t no joke either…

    it seems that as to their version is as to of the gentlemen of who have been on their covers for the sexiest man… and u vote as to the #1 out of them all. no joke!

    to say that like many of you and of well the way it was let of it be was given out by the press and yup including ET… that um, for sure it wasn’t this version for sure…

    yet of if anyone of who may still of as to see which ones of their one’s from the covers they’ve got posted… and well, lets just say of the ones they did have their/people covers.. Hugh Jackman..

    o’ here if u still want to check it out.
    http://www.people.com/people/ Note/ its as follows…
    PEOPLE (then) small print of “Hot Now”,
    YET look too left of that for… & in bright yellow letters…

    “Vote ! Sexiest Man Ever ” click on it. and you go thu like what they call 3 rounds of choices and then u pick 1 of those…

    just thought you’d like to know…

  5. I thought I recognized the name of the actor who will be playing “Wo Fat” but it’s not from any acting that I’ve seen. If anyone has ever watched “Iron Chef America” on the Food Network, you will recognized this man as “The Chairman”, he was also on “Dancing with the Stars” a few seasons back. Sounds like things will begin to heat up for November sweeps! Thanks Tiffany, as always.

    1. I know him from my teenage years when Only the Strong was one of my favorite movies.


      He is a martial arts fighter IRL.

    1. I am not familiar with Mark Dacascos. I read a little about him on your link but I’ve not seen what he’s been on. So, I’m not sure about this actor until he shows up on Five-O. I was hoping to see the character of Wo Fat return, though.

  6. I have tried sending a vote on People Magazine’s site regarding sexiest man and it must be closed…they keep sending me my vote back with no notation??? Knuckleheads. Anyway, hope you are all have a good day. Hope Alex is okay, I say a prayer of blessing for him every day and his crew, to keep them safe and happyi…I guess the answer to that is who wouldn’t be happy in Hawaii especially since the weather here is getting nasty! (Youngstown Ohio)
    Love from Suzanne Alex’s Fan forever

    1. Hey SUZANNE, I live in Warren. We’re neighbors!!! 8)

  7. Thank you for the weekly recaps, Tiffany. Kudos to Alex and the H5O team for another well acted episode! I liked the addition of Robert Loggia as the tour guide.

    I’m glad there was a tribute to James MacArthur.

  8. FANTASTIC EPISODE!!!! Best one yet. Side note- – there is a great article in the new TV Guide about Scott, complete with great pic of both he and his cute dog, Dot. This article complimented both Scott and Alex and said something on the lines about them being the most talked about duo in prime time. Don’t know where anyone got the idea that H5-0 is on “the bubble” since it just got the go ahead for a full season. That wouldn’t have happened if CBS thought H5-0 was not a hit. I personally know a current Navy SEAL so when McGarrett was talking about BUDS and using other words, I knew what he was talking about. I think Alex is doing an excellent job and his portrayal of a Navy SEAL is very believable in every way. Can’t wait for next weeks episode and the one after that and the one after that, etc. Thanks Tiffany for the updates and for this great site. You rock! 😀

  9. Oh Please you guys you are tortouring me here in England we still havnt got a clue when and if H05 will be shown here and all that talk of tats, chests, swiming trunks etc is just DOING MY HEAD IN!!!!!! Will have to get out me Moonlight DVD to have a quick fix tonight! :sick:

    1. Bunty all of the episodes are free to watch online on the CBS website!

      1. Thanks Robyn for the info I shall certainly think about that when the dark winter nights draw in but would be preferable to see his beautiful face on a large screen rather than peering at him on a little monitor. But if needs must……..

  10. Best episode yet !! Great story ! Tied in so many things .. Pearl Harbor memorial….Brave sailors past & present…PTSD…A good crime story….the human element….our awesome characters !! It just keeps getting better! Alex is a sheer joy to watch!

    I am happy this wonderful episode is dedicated to James MacArthur. Rest easy, Friend.

  11. Tffany, thank you, every time I receive an email with your name I am very happy because I know the wonderful news is that Alex, who I love very much, this series is pretty cool, to each end of an episode I’m anxious the next, he’s everything a woman dreams of having. kisses (Nel).

    1. Regarding that “shirtless” picture – BE STILL MY HEART :heart: There goes my inner vampire demanding to be fed again 🙂

  12. Thx Tiffany for the update. Unfortunately I live in Australia & don’t get to see any H50. I have asked CBS as to when we may get it, but I guess there’s no harm in asking. Anyways Thx once again. I’ll just sit bk and be patient… Gd luck with H50 Alex..

  13. Hey Barbara L….I agree. I get Entertaiment WEekly too and the article about Scott was great but they made Alex sound as if he wasn[t even in the show it was almost a put down of Alex. All us fans know without Alex, as much as we like Scott, there would be NO HaWAII FIVE O!! Everybody seems to think they are the “expert: at tearing these shows apartl Read on another site that as of November 1st, Hawaii Five O was climbing the charts and after the football/baseball games have gone…they will get even better coverage. Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  14. A great, great episode. Love the shirless scenes of Alex. Love to see his tatoo’s also. Glad the program is doing so well. I wouldn’t miss an episode for anything. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  15. Loved last nights ep…… Was not shocked that they covered up his lower back tat- it makes him who he is but not who Steve is, maybe that is why they don’t show his gecko tat. Love the man, Alex and Scott work well together (or so it seems, thats why they are actors). I heard that CBS ordered a back 9 which is great news for all the Alex fans.

  16. I’m liking this show more and more each week. I think the “on the bubble” comments are really off the mark. It’s obvious that the show is geared toward men (guys LOVE to blow things up) and if it’s doing this well during the football and baseball, I can see where it will soar when the guys aren’t torn between the show and sports.

    And as to the Danno character, my take is that folks always lean toward the vulnerable characters — and Danno is a walking billboard for the vulnerable, sad guy. Steve is all hard edges and aggression. They work perfectly together, but I think it’s harder for people to identify with “perfect”. I’m hoping they soften Steves character a bit so that Alex can show that he is more than capable of nuance. Moonlight showed ALL shades, while the Steve character is much more boxed in.

    I was also amused that they covered the back tat. I’ve been waiting to see if they were going to show that. And the way that he’s “buffed out”. Wowsa………….

    1. They also cover up his gecko tattoo–the one over his right nipple. I don’t know why–Hawaii has geckos too–they’re all over the place. You can hear them chitter at night and find them crawling on the walls. But don’t kill them–they eat the cockroaches!! They’re heroes!! 😆

    2. I don’t believe Hawaii Five-O is on the bubble either. It may be DVR’d but that still counts for ratings. It’s getting a full season and I don’t think CBS would waste it’s time on a show not doing well. CBS seems very happy with Hawaii Five-O. It does win its time slot, too. The episode last night was very good.

      Remember the baseball series is going on along with football. That is going to put lots of shows on a backburner for being DVR’d but I don’t think this will hurt Hawaii Five-O.

      It was nice seeing the dedication for the late James MacArthur (Danny from the original series.) when the show started.

    3. Hi Jeanne. Just a comment ….. I don’t think Alex has a ‘real’ tattoo on his back. I had read that a fake “tramp stamp” had been added for the “Feed” movie.

      1. Nope, his tramp stamp (lower back tattoo) is real. We saw it in Feed, The Oyster Farmer, and a glimpse in Moonlight. The one he had added on for feed was a giant cross on his back.

  17. Just wanted to say that I love Hawaii Five-0. I signed up and started posting over at cbs specfically because of this show. But as much as I try to post positive stuff over there, I seem to get shot down. ***sigh*** Anyway, have watched from the beginning and will continue to do so. Last night’s episode was great. I’ve been inspired enough to do a bit of fanart and write some fanfic–that’s when you know I LOVE a show.

    1. Most blogs and websites have their professional “trolls” and haters. These people are not capable of writing anything positive and should just be ignored. I hope you continue your positive posting, Vanessa. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. REPEATING SOME INFO: If anyone wants to make comments about any CBS show (and CBS “owns” Alex for better or worse right now….go to your Google or internet and type
    “CBS Comments” it will pop right up and you can make all kinda comments, good or bad about what you do or don’t like on their shows. Freedom of speech….that’s why we are voting today! Love again from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Love

  19. ATTN; LORNDADUNE: That was about the most mean spirited comment I’ve EVER heard on this site and especially about someone who is such a vital part of the show…he completes the characters of Danno and Alex together. I don’t think Ive heard anything to the contrary from anyone. He’s a cutie, and like his father James Caan, a really terrific actor and genuinely nice person. You are gonna have a hard time enjoying the show if you dislike Scott so much! Boooo! (comments just in fun but also I’m serious) Love from Suzanne
    Alex’s Forever Fan.

  20. Thanks Tiffany for the recap. I’m glad the World Series was over before H5O came on–our Giants WON!! Wasn’t interested in MNF–waiting for H5O to come on. Again, a shirtless Steve/Alex is worth waiting for (sigh! :love: ). I enjoyed the banter between Loggia and Alex when Steve pulled rank “You got that, Sailor?” to a man old enough to be his grandfather! But Loggia snapped off a smart salute and “Yes, Sir!”–true to character. I’m glad they also had the tribute to James MacArthur before the show started. Too bad they weren’t able to get him a cameo appearance. I also noticed all the “vamp smell.” 😉

  21. What is not perfect in Hawaii 50 is Scott’s “Chewing the scanery”!! He over acts. I find his emoting annoying and phoney. Hawaii 50 suffers from too much of him in most episodes. # 7 finally got a thumbs up from me – Not much Scott in it! (AT last!)

  22. :heart: i just now got to see my actual first episode of hawaii 5.0 i was excited to watch this show Ive been keeping updates on each episode so I wouldnt miss seeing this show thank you everyone for letting me view your comments pictures etc i fell in love with Alex when moonlight came out it was my favorite friday date night I would wait all week to see him with his amazing vampire eyes just his eye color makes me blush i feel like a teenager with a huge crush .Silly I know and his movie The backup plan was hilarious i couldnt stop laughing especially when he was at the doctors office with Jlo and he passed out and the word vagina was repeated my daughter even loves that movie shes only 9 she asked me what happened to Mick long hair and if that was the vampire i told her yeah shes misses that show thank you for keeping me updated everyone cant wait until next Monday :heart: Comment

  23. edge of one’s seat for sure last night.

  24. Who besides Alex, and the two from thus episode played a vampire? I was trying to remember but drew a blank.
    This was a great episode. I hope the show continues to do well. :p

    1. The guy who killed Steve’s Dad was Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  25. I think I’ve calmed down from reading about Hawaii Five O being “on the bubble” which I guess is show business talk for not being PERFECT!!! I will ignore the negative comments about the show and read the good ones and there are plenty. I can see why Hollywood stars dont’ read their reviews. Critics can be very nasty. Last night’s show was terrific as usual..kept trying to remember Robert Loggia’s name all through the show. VERY well done and Alex is the MAN! Those comments about Scott being somehow better than Alex in acting ability or whatever, are ridiculous. Those two compliment each other, couuldnt be a better fit on that show, and both deserve a big hug and kiss. love from suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

    1. of as to this about the bubble goes… and yes I have already done a feedback(cbs.com).. of as to that… and yes I did keep it polite and too… ask of as to they would please keep and doing everything possible to allow “Hawaii Five -0” to stay on the air & on Monday Nights at 10pm…

      just a suggestion and yet for sure it wouldn’t hurt to well let CBS know of how we feel…. right?
      o’ & remember …. as to vinger best to keep that w/ salads only.. and well keeping it positve… for sure it sure couldn’t hurt… and too who knows… way we are… and tooo prayers just for good measure for sure together can help… right? RIGHT???

      THAT IS RIGHT!!!!! think about it and well… every bit can only help.

  26. I am a Moonlight fan and love this show. I get up at 5 a.m. Eastern time to go to work and I still watch it at 10 p.m. at night, then I catch it during the week on On Demand. My husband also watches this show twice a week. Go figure. I will just ignore those Alex detractors.

  27. I believe that the two, Caan and O’Loughlin are the necessary are like sugar and salt in a receipe, one is the compliment of the other. Therefore, how do rave about one and exclude the other. They make the show what it is. I have enjoyed watching Hawaii Five-O (true it’ not Moonlight) and it will be around for a while. :woot:

  28. I too read not only 1 article praising Scott Caan but leaving Alex O. out,…I like
    Scott Caan but Alex is the center of H50’s magnetism. Scott has many friends in the press…his father James Caan has many friends in the press. 😉 Alex O’Loughlin is the best, :love: we can’t imagine the show without him as the lead! Having Daniel Kim, Grace Park & Scott Caan doesn’t hurt either.

  29. All sounds great for aquaman. I have to wiit a little longer to get to see it, it’s not on the internet yet.

    I truly hope H50 is not in trouble, it is a very good vehicle for our much talented man. It annoys me that some of Alex supposed fans don’t like the show. I loved Moonlight and H50 is not ML, but it is a good show. We get to see our man every week. Alex’s career can not stand all these rejected shows. Probably Castle has beat it some of the time, but that is a well established show, with followers. I myself rarely watch Castle, so perhaps I am not a good judge . Also I see in CBS site I think it is ep 10 is going to be on a Saturday night.

    H50 is an expensive show to make. It needs time to work it’s magic on people. We are getting to see a little more about each charaacter each week. Yes Alex is right if this doesn’t go well, what do people want??

  30. Love to see him sweat!!!! Nothing like a hot and sexy guy to get your blood boiling!! Mercy!

  31. I thought this was the best episode since the pilot, with a nice, fairly long shirtless scene of
    Steve near the beginning. Alex was gorgeous and his acting was especially great tonight. I also loved Robert Loggia’s (the navy tour guide) character. I also thought the navy seal fugitive was the best protagonist so far on the show. He was played by Adam Beach, a really good Canadian actor, who also had a recurring role as a cop on L&O SVU a few seasons ago. Fabulous episode. If they have many others as good as this one, they’ll do well. Great work from everyone !!!

  32. Just watched the episode a while ago and was so excited throughout…loved it, loved it, loved it. And thanks for your very comprehensive recap and other interesting items. Today I read in Entertainment Weekly an article about Scott Caan. Great article but once again somewhat of a putdown of Alex. Love Scott Caan, but don’t agree at all with the negative comments about Alex. Was just happy to see more PR about H50.

  33. Was a great show tonight. Yes great abs and wished I could have seen more but enough to drool some. I like that they are showing his tatts on his arms but why not on his chest..

  34. Oh, come on. Where are the pictures of those gorgeous abs that were on the screen for like five continuous minutes of the episode? :whistle:

  35. Thanks Tiffany for another fantastic recap/review. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but couldn’t resist reading all about it. Am really pumped now to watch it (as I always am). Can’t wait! Woo Hoo! :woot:

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