Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up- Week of February 13


What an exciting Alex O’Loughlin week this was as once again, the team was shooting on location as well as some good social media pics popped up.

We have a special addition to our wrap up this week as we were provided a full synopsis of one of the fan encounters. Teri Davis who lives in the North Shore area got to meet Alex and hang out watching the shoot at Kawela Bay Wednesday and Thursday. She shared with us to share with you how it all went down. 

You probably have already seen the great pics she took of her, her sons, and Alex. They also included their cute puppy Banzai whose name was inspired by the famous surfing spot, the Banzai Pipeline. When you read her story, you will see how Banzai was very instrumental in arranging this meet. If you have seen the pics that did not give Teri credit, you will now know the story behind them and who took them. 


Here is her story and the pics to go along with it.

I saw the signs indicating that Hawaii 5-0 was filming not that far from where we live. On Wednesday I picked my kids up from school and we went over to Kawela Bay. We watched for awhile and Scott Caan and Grace Park waved at us, but we didn’t get to meet anyone. We had our English bulldog puppy, Banzai, with us and the crew and some of the extras were in love with him so they all seemed to be pretty cool about us watching. It was kinda rainy and we had an appointment so we left after awhile although we did grab a few photos of the set and Alex arriving from afar.


alex o'loughlin behind the scenes

hawaii five 0 behind the scenes hawaii five 0 behind the scenes hawaii five 0 BTS


The next day we did the same thing, but the weather was much better. A lot of the crew recognized us and we got shouts of “Banzai!” from everywhere. All of the “villains” from the show were going nuts over the puppy which was humorous to see considering as soon as they were rolling they looked so menacing.

Once again the cast was all there including Alex, Scott, Daniel, and Grace. They were all sitting in a tent about 10 feet away from where we were standing They hung out there between takes which lasted about 10- 15 minutes. 

At one point Alex walked by and pointed out how cute our puppy was. My boys (10 & 8 ) were thrilled just at that. The crew were so kind to us and told us at what points we needed to move to avoid being in the shots, but otherwise didn’t mind we were there.

Finally, we see Alex coming our way and we quickly realized he was coming to talk TO us! He said, “Hi kids! What’s your names?” Cole and Cody introduced themselves and got fist bumps and then Alex got on the ground and started loving on our dog.


alex o'loughlin and Banzai


I quietly started to ask him if we could get a picture and he said, “Of course you can. I get to play with your puppy and you get a picture.” Worked for us! Another person standing nearby offered to take the picture so I could get in it and Alex pulled me in for the shot (which I’ll admit I totally had an OMG moment!!). Banzai was on the ground and my son decided he should be in the pic too.  Although I was nervous at first that making that request would make us miss our picture opportunity, Alex agreed and it turned out to be the perfect shot.


alex o'loughlin and th davis family


He was super patient and friendly even though he was in between takes and didn’t have a lot of time. My oldest son, Cole, gave him a picture he had drawn for him in the hopes that he could meet him. Alex thought it was so cool that Cole made the 7 for Season 7 into the wave and thanked him for making it.


alex o'loughlin and Cole Davis


He said he really liked meeting us and our dog and I thanked him and told him that he just made their day. He said, “How cool!” Just so kind and friendly and my boys were smiling so big and just couldn’t believe they actually met McGarrett!

I think what made the experience so incredible was it was obvious he was very humble and it was honestly easy to chat with him. He made us feel really comfortable. I am still on Cloud 9.

Credit Teri Davis (Oahu, Hawaii)


On a side note, we joked with Teri that Banzai deserves some extra treats for the month and that he has become an overnight internet sensation. Our advice to anyone trying to meet Alex… bring a dog along to up your chances.


Teri also provided us some more pics from the set at Kawela that she took to include with her story so here you go. She said she was not able to get many as the crew asked her not to take any of the actual filming probably to avoid spoilers. That is understandable but she seems to have done just fine. Mahalo Teri for sharing not only your pics but your story behind them. A picture always has so much more behind it so thanks for reaching out to us and letting everyone in on your experience. It was so very gracious!

alex o'loughlin with puppy alex with teri and family

alex o'loughlin on location set alex o'loughlin on location set scott caan on location set hawaii five 0 set location

hawaii five 0 set area hawaii five 0 set area on location

hawaii five 0 set location kawela

Credit Teri Davis



Here are the other pics of the week


Also from the Kawela Bay location shot, another lucky fan ran into Alex and got a pic. It seems from this that McGarrett will be hurt again, but what else is new. When he goes out in the jungle like area it never seems to be good for him so maybe he should just stay in town.

alex o'loughlin fan photo




Aidan James was also in Honolulu for a show on the 14th so he kicked back with Alex the day before having a jam session. Aidan is holding the guitar that Alex used in August Rush, which was a good movie if you have not seen it yet.

aiden James and alex o'loughlin




Here is a BTS with Elisabeth Rohm who played Dr. Gray the other night. Such good actors to pull off the angst they show as McGarrett and Madison when they actually really like each other and have such fun on set.

alex o'loughlin and elisabeth rohm




This one was from Daniel Dae Kim on Friday was the shoot at Kawela Bay. He captioned the shot with “photobombed by a heli” which is obviously referring to the helicopter over their shoulders. One thing we know by now is this cast likes to have fun together and this pic is no exception. Thanks Daniel for sharing.

hawaii five 0 cast behind the scenes




Thanks again to Teri for the great Alex encounter info and pics! Through this exchange we have gotten to know Teri a little and she is really great! So happy for you and the boys that you finally got to meet Alex. 

If anyone else wants to share an Alex encounter that you have had, let us know and we will be happy to get it out there for you. We respect and credit you appropriately on the site as well as throughout all the social media channels. 


That is it for the week and sources say they are shooting 7.22 so only a few more weeks left before hiatus. If correct than they will probably break around the third to fourth week of March. This would make sense as they tried to cut their shot production schedule down to 7 days this year for some of their episodes. This will give them a slightly longer break.

WOW – where has the time gone!





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    Amo a série ,Amo os atores ,sou viciada ,Vou fazer uma tatoo com o nome HAWAII FIVE 0, não perco um episódio, São os melhores atores?!! Tenho os DVDs da 1°a4°temporada, aqui no Brasil só baixandi pela internet!

  2. Lovely pics. Very happy for you and the boys. What a great opportunity. Enjoy these memories forever! ?

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos! You’re all so lucky, and he really does seem very nice. I guess it’s true – when I visited Honolulu in both 2015 and 2016 (each time at the end of April), I’d probably missed seeing my favorite tv stars by mere weeks! I live in Fayetteville, NC and traveled to Hawaii to try and catch a glimpse… Glad to know Alex O’ is such a “fan” of HIS fans

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