Alex O’Loughlin Taking One Day At A Time

waterbaording agony - alex o'loughlin   Another new interview with Alex O’Loughlin has come out and this time it is from Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line. In the interview, Alex addresses his thoughts on the 150th episode, the road to getting here, his feeling about McDanno and raising kids in today’s world. He also doubles down on his recent comments […]

Alex O’Loughlin Admits He Sought Fame, But No Longer Wants It

h50-season-5-photoshoot_   As most of us know, Alex O’Loughlin recently turned 40 and he also seems to be reflecting on life a lot since then. First he spoke of an end date in mind for Hawaii Five O and now in a new article appearing in this morning’s Sydney Morning Herald  Alex O’Loughlin reflects more on […]

Alex O’Loughlin to Leave Hawaii Five O

alex o'loughlin photo shoot   Pic Credit CBS   There have been a few rumors spreading lately that Alex O’Loughlin would be leaving Hawaii Five O soon and everything from his character will leave with Catherine in the 150th (which of course we know is not true ) to this is his last season. Well this news that was […]

Alex O’Loughlin Pic Collection at Sunset on the Beach

star-advertiser- alex o'loughlin   It is late and we are gathering pics so thought we would provide some now and of course many more later. We will provide credit to all the pics but might not get to all the link sources tonight as it is really late but we will come back and do those over the […]

Blessing Season 7

Alex O'loughlin season 7 blessing interview It is official! Alex is back on the set of Hawaii Five O and they started the season as they always do with a traditional Hawaiian Blessing.
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