Alex O’Loughlin Interview With TV Guide Offers Closure


This is the week of interviews and learning more about Alex O’Loughlin and the Hawaii Five O big 150th episode. I guess fans can be happy that these milestones occur as we get a lot of interviews to help promote it.

Although the other ones have included some personal stuff, this one is pretty much all about the 150th episode so, no the closure is not about Alex leaving the show, The closure he speaks of is with the two women that have provided love and pain in McGarrett’s life; Mom and Catherine.


This article does provide a major spoiler so read only if you want to know.

We have included a couple of excerpts that do not below.


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McGarrett and Danny (Scott Caan) have clashed a bit this season about McGarrett bouncing back too quickly from his liver transplant. Will he face any negative consequences from returning to the field so soon?

O’Loughlin: Nah, man, he’s pretty resilient, this guy, isn’t he? Pretty resilient. He has a moment or two where he’s like, “OK, I think it’s time for me to go to bed now.” He declines after-work drinks at least on one occasion and says, “I’m going to take everybody’s advice and go home and watch TV because I don’t feel so great.” But yeah, beyond that, he’s healed up good.


What does McGarrett learn about Doris in this episode?

O’Loughlin: The Wo Fat storyline seems to be something that McGarrett will never really evade. It’s going to be something that’s in his life on some level all the time. So, we are going to meet one of Wo Fat’s relatives who’s a part of this story, and the connection between McGarrett’s mom and Wo Fat’s father, we bring that into the light.


Read the rest of the article at TV Guide if you want to read the spoilers.



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