ET Online Interview Video with Alex O’Loughlin 2-11-10

The Backup Plan Release Date Change

Did you see the interview last night with Alex and JLo? Frankly it was kinda boring and concentrated mostly on JLo. The real gem is on the ET web site… a five minutes video clip that didn’t air. Alex talks about being a father, what he thinks of JLo, and how he saw an advanced screening of The Back-Up Plan with a real audience and they LOVED it! He too really loved the final product. Can’t wait!! Enjoy!


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  1. Alex doesn’t hide that he has a son, he is just VERY private about him. He has said before that he made the decision to keep him out of the spotlight. I think it is wonderful that he is so protective of him and has allowed his son a normal life.

  2. Why hasn’t it come up before that Alex has a son? Who is the mom? Where does Saxon live?

    1. He has never hidden the fact that he has a son and I know we have discussed it here several times. His son lives in Oz with his mom.

  3. Hi Alex Lovers, This interview was so much better than what I saw before, The first time it was all Jen Lopez, which I like , but I love Alex and was able to see and hear him more. There was nothing boring to me and Alex seemed happy and was was his usual sweet and loving person. signed Hopeful

  4. As usual, Alex shines in every interview. If there were Oscars for best interviewed actor, he would definitely win one. He’s sooooo cute and smart!!!

  5. Not to invade Alex’s privacy, but yeah were did yous see all these pictures? I too have only seen one. The thought of him being a daddy is OHHH SOOO I don’t know , so warm and fuzzy. Does anyone know anything about this Diana, his assistant? I’m curious if anything is going on there.

  6. As soon as I saw the TV version, I went to ET on line and I was sure glad that I did. That was great. Have you guys seen a picture of Saxon? He is so cute – he has his father’s beautiful eyes, and from the pictures I have seen, it looks like Alex and Saxon adore each other.

    1. Yes, I have several pictures of Saxon. I don’t post them here though to protect their privacy. VERY cute kid. 🙂

      1. I’ve only seen one, but it was not a close up. I bet he’s a handsome boy. Where have you all seen pics? I’m just curious. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for posting this—so much better than what was aired. The interviewer said that they where very funny together and they are! Obviously got on very well. Alex is just SO adorable! I was very touched when he spoke about being a parent. Made me fall even more in love with him!

  8. for sure this had much more info than of what they did show last night.. and yet too as to timing and thoses fun things they call ads… o’well…. either way.. for sure I am even more of looking forward to seeing this movie.. and too.. the mention of even that well its like a boomarang chance.. and yet a sequal would be great…

  9. Learn something new every day – thanks Monica!!!

  10. Yes, he has a son named Saxton (sp?). He’s 11 or 12ish.

  11. Yup, this was MUCH better than what they aired! WHY is that?

  12. Did I catch that right – did Alex say he was a father?

    1. Yes, he has a son named Saxon. He’s about 12.

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