A Message from Alex – Hello from Pittsburgh

From Alex’s MySpace page:

Hi everybody.
So I know you have all been anxious to know exactly what I’m up to, and I’m sorry it’s taken me a minute to get back to you but things are now clear.

As some of you know I did a little guest role on Criminal Minds which was a lot of fun. I got to work with some great friends and terrific people and I had a really good experience. The episode is called The Big Wheel. I hope you enjoy it.

I am currently in Pittsburgh filming a new pilot for CBS called Three Rivers. It is about as different from Moonlight as anything could possibly be (laughing right now) but that being said I sure hope all you “die hard” vampire fans come with me on this journey!

Three Rivers is a wonderful story about donors, recipients and surgeons in the world of transplant surgery and of how all these people’s lives are affected on a daily basis by the miracles and devastations involved in surgery today.

As I’m sure you can appreciate I have been totally consumed with my research and preparation for this role, and along the way I have discovered a secret passion within myself for cardio thoracic surgery! Who knew?!! 😉 It is very interesting, very important and I believe this story we are about to embark on will be something you will very much enjoy being a part of.

I hope you are all healthy and well and until we speak again…wish me luck!!

All my love,
Alex O’Loughlin


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    I do hope that Alex will get to read your post…And if he doesn’t read here, write to him directly at his Personal Manager’s Office because they are not, by law, to open his mail… Alex sends someone in to pick it up or he does so himself and he reads all of his mail I was told… It may take awhile to get a reply or for him to get to it, but do try to jot him this note personally…He will definitely appreciate your letter…

    BTW, my best to you and your husband for much success in his transplant whenever that will be done…Though we do not know you, I, for one, will keep you in my prayers…I do hope all of us here at AOLO will do the same for this couple, it is dangerous for, not only the patient hoping tha their body will not reject the transplant, but also for the donor as well, because they are under a knife sedated and that, alone is dangerous, but that they are also risking themselves for infections as well…I am glad you are a match, Lori, for your hubby, and you are also one loving wife…

    Now for that address:

    Mr Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freedman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides Street
    Suite 18
    Maina Del Rey, CA, 90292

    Let us know when Alex replies to your letter… Good Luck…

  2. Hi Alex:

    Its great about “Three Rivers”. My husband is on the Kidney-Pancreas transplant list and currently on dialysis. i’m also his “live” donor as i’m a match! Its such an important topic and i’m really happy you are involved with it. He’s also is in Pittsburg during the week, working for his company at Shadyside Hospital (he’s in hospital management). We live in Cleveland and he comes home on the weekends. We were big fans of Moonlight and i told him about your new series. I really hope it gets picked up and he does too. We wish you great success in your project and hope to see you soon:)

  3. olá alex

    eu aproveitei o gancho e já que minha amiga adrianne postou aqui uma mensagem. também vou deixar aqui para voce meus sinceros votos de muito sucesso em sua nova trajetória; three rivers está sendo aguardado com ansiedade por todas nós aqui no brasil. eu também vivo na amazonia. quem diria que um dia vc se veria em tal situação? vc é elogiado por todos que tem acompanhado seu trabalho; atravéz de moonlight resolvir assistir toda a sua filmografia e descobri um brilhante e esforçado ator; por favor gostaria muito de manter contato direto com vc. informe seu endereço de e-mail e eu vou tentar me corresponder com vc

  4. muito obrigada alex
    eu vivo no brasil;mas precisamente na região amazonica. tenha certeza que aqui vc também possui uma legião de fãs. olha vc esta´muito bem na foto por aqui; melhor que tom cruise e brad pitt. talvez seja pelo seu jeito muito carismático. continue sempre assim seja humilde e todas as pessoas o admirarão.

    beijos de todas as sua fãs da região do alto e baixo amazonas.

  5. Alex, I must admit something. When i first started watching Moonlight, I thought it a bit odd, it wasn’t my type of show because I was used to crime scene shows and such. Now it’s like I can’t live without Moonlight! My cousin had me over one Friday night and she had watched the show before, but i hadn’t. We watched and i fell in love with the show. it only took that first episode for me to know I had to watch it every week. That same cousin just bought the DVD of Moonlight and we are trying to plan a time to have a Moonlight party!
    I am most willing to follow you in your new role as a transplant surgeon! it may not be the vampire romance that we are all so used to, but I think we could all use a new doctor show on the channel that I personally love! i watch practically every show that is on CBS.
    as Patricia said, i also think Alex can go farther than CBS in his career, but i also think that us fan girls could use a big small screen hero to save us from the problems the world puts on us! I think Alex is just the man to do this for us!
    thank you so much Alex, and i really hope “Three Rivers” gets picked up,
    all my hope and love,

  6. Well, CJ, the name Andy kind of goes along with his character’s surname, Yablonski, which is Polish, I believe… Many eastern states have a greater populas of families decended from the Slavoc countries, Poland, Cheks, Hungarians, etc, so the producers went with a local area ethnic name…

  7. Who better to perform Heart Transplants? The gig was made for you. The stories of recipients and doctors will be so interesting, Alex. There is so many stories to be told and you are perfect for the role, apart from the name, “Andy.”

  8. And if this new medical drama, Three Rivers, does succeed to get to our TVs, it can never “make up” for that blunder CBS made, via Queen B, of cancelling Moonlight…As Alex said in his new MySpace message, “this is as different from Moonlight as you can get” or something like that…

    As much as I appreciate the fine,versatile and rare, in today’s lineup of actors, talents of Alex O’Loughlin & will watch his new show to root him on for I strongly feel that Alex will go farther careerwise than dumb CBS, no show can or ever will replace the Moonlight… Moonlight offered us fantasy, which is why it was so popular… I don’t know about you folks, but I, for one, like a bit of fantasy in my entertainment flavors since this world is so messed up with real tragedy that Moonlight cast its beam to take us all from the real…

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    Hello Alex, I hope that when you read my comment that you are well …. and I tell you it is a pity only have done a series Moonlight, I saw all the episodes and liked, however I see the whole series is … lol … it is love that view and saw that the series Moonlight has only just 16 episodes and would like to know if you continue and I hope you …. looool …. because I am anxious to know whether the “Beth” is the “Mick” and will relacção them. I hope everything goes well in the recordings of your new role for the film Three Rivers, and so come see me in Portugal or buy the dvd and I look forward to leaving here the dvd of Moonlight. Well I hope you have many more roles as actor and surprised that in more and more with the movies and series. A hug and good luck

    Adalgisa Annett Gomes

  10. Yes, we all wish Alex good luck with the “Three Rivers” pilot and let’s hope that as he put it – “die hard” vampire fans follow him on this journey, as I am sure we will. Alex seems to be upbeat and positive about all of this so we should be too. Although we dearly love and miss “Moonlight”, let’s put it behind us, as Alex seems to have done and let’s focus on total support for “Three Rivers” so that we can once again, see Alex on a weekly basis. Fingers crossed that CBS is smart enough to learn from their huge mistake in cancelling “Moonlight”, that they pick this pilot up for the fall lineup and let the fans decide its fate, not a bunch of over paid exes like Nina. Listen to the fans. We know what we want. Guess we’ll find out in May.

  11. Oh Alex, I’d follow you in whatever role you get. You say is quite different from Moonlight, but there’s still blood near around. Your Moonlight fans donated blood…I can already picture your Three Rivers fans donating some kidneys… just kidding, don’t freak out.
    Yeahh, now I can truly say “SEE YOU!!

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