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I saw the movie last night (Saturday). It was important to me to go on opening weekend to show support for Alex.

I was initially a bit anxious about how good it would be since it got many negative reviews. The theatre I went to also put it on one of their smallest screens… so obviously they were not anticipating crowds. Sadly only a half dozen people were in the theatre.

But guess what? I like the movie. It was not an action packed summer blockbuster caliber movie but it was entertaining and it had an interesting story. I also loved the cast… Kate, Alex, Gabriel, and Tom were all awesome.

It takes place in Antarctica and Kate Beckinsale (Carrie Stetko) is a US Marshall who was heavily traumatized by her last mission and chose exile in Antarctica to recover and also punish herself a little I think. After 2 years of nothing serious going down she finds that for the first time ever, there has been a murder there. This happens 2-3 days before the base is going to be evacuated before the winter storms come that last 6 months.

Obviously though the killer is among them so Carrie can ignore the investigation and just bide her time until they all go home but that means the killer will get away with it. She chooses to see if she can find out whomever it is before they have to leave. As she closes in, the killer has no choice but to try and cover his tracks, killing MORE people who can put the clues together.

Together with a UN investigator that has been flown in, Carrie discovers an old Russian plane that had cargo someone was willing to kill for. Who who???? Duh, duh, duh…..

Well, we knew going in that Alex played the bad guy, heck we had pictures of him with a pick-axe. Many people thought this info spoiled the movie.. but it doesn’t. Knowing that Alex’s character is the killer is only one part of the mystery to be solved.

Alex was FABULOUS in his role, although the naked running scene was too fast and blurry to be enjoyed. He played the role of cocky, arrogant party boy pilot, really well. The fact that he was willing to go to the lengths he did was fascinating. In fact my fave moment of the whole movie was a smile. Yes, just a smile but it was sooooo cryptic.

Carrie Stetko was hooked to a rope that helped them make their way from one building to the next without losing their way. The “whiteout” or storms that frequent the area make it impossible to see more than a foot in front of your face so the ropes keep them from getting lost to the elements. At one point she falls and the rope is tugged. Alex’s character, is also hooked to the line, and when he feels the slight tug he knows that she is there and that his target is almost at hand. The smile was so evil it gave me chills.

I also liked the scenes where he and Carrie were together. He was completely aware that she was his match and he WANTED a chance to best her. The fact that she didn’t give him the time of day was infuriating. I felt that he REALLY wanted to show her just how BAD he was whenever they were in the same room.

Anyway the critics can kiss my arse.. the movie was good and Alex was GREAT. I just wish he had more screen time AND I don’t want to spoil the end but I felt that some romance between Carrie and Gabriel Macht’s character would have made the movie even better.

So what did you think of it?

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  1. I’ve just read what you say and I can’t wait. It makes me wonder when I’ll be able to watch Whiteout in Spain. Let’s hope it’s soon.

  2. i went to see white out last week and i found it very good but there was not a lot of alex but i new that going in but what of alex he was in was good alex is a good actor and white out was a good movie but when the movie comes out i will buy it so i could add to my alex collection
    i must say alex playing a bad guy was very amazing i saw him play a vamp now a bad
    boy and now a dr what is next for alex who nows a cant wait gio alex you are a good actor

  3. I went to see Whiteout again today, I went Saturday as well. I just had to see that face on the big screen again. Funny how when you know Alex is the bad guy you sit there rooting for the bad guy all the way through it. I loved the red towel scene as well. And Alex looked oh sooooo good in the bartender (Wipeout) scene. I will be buying it as soon as it comes out on DVD to add to my Alex collection. The nude scene wasn’t what I was expecting and goes by so fast you hardly notice it. But, that wasn’t the reason we all went to see it anyway. No Alex fan will be disappointed with the movie, except that there is not enough of Alex in it.

  4. Just saw Whiteout and MAN—-it was AMAZING to see him on the big screen!!!!! He is……just no adequate words! Will have to go again just to see the “red towel” scene! 🙂 Also LOVED the scene were he was pouring drinks! The movie was suspenseful, my friend and I enjoyed it—of course we only went to see ALEX and he does not disappoint!

  5. I couldn’t get to the movie so am looking forward to the DVD. Thanks for the review can hardly wait until the DVD gets out. Alex is great so am sure will like the movie.

  6. Whiteout will be released to DVD 2-2010 for those who are interested in purchasing it.

  7. I never listen to the critics because for the most part I enjoy what they don’t. They seem to live in another world. Alex is great at whatever he does. This is just one more example.

  8. I went to see the movie last night and what can I say that has not been said already, I loved the movie but again not enough screen time. All the actors did a great job but the best by far had to be ALEX, I also agree the with Tiffany full marks for the review . The best bit for me had to be the Half naked ALEX & the Evil smile which made me smile. I hope that the English fan’s get to see Alex in Three Rivers, and if not then I’ll have t wait for the Back up plan in January. In the mean time I ‘ll have to make do with Moonlight and Oyster Farmer on DVD.

  9. I am in total agreement with all of the above. You guys have said it all for me. Tiffany’s review is so comprehensive and true…better than any I’ve read from so called critics. I went on opening nite here in NY Fri with my grandson…also a small crowd but we uwually only have small crowds… it’s a small town! And yes, Angelbones I kept looking around to see if anyone looked like an Alex fan. I so wanted to know I was in their company. As for all the comments about Alex’s smile, my favorite was when he smiled in Mary Bryant just before getting shot…and then there wre all those great smiles in Oyster Farmer. Well I could go on and on. You guys know what I’m talking about. One last thing, Alex does do a bad boy well, but we also know him to be a great romantic aka MOONLIGHT. Quick, bring on the DVD of Whiteout. Can’t wait to play it over and over. And Happy day, Oct 4th is coming soon.

  10. I also went this weekend to see Alex on a really big screen, and I wasn’t disappointed! I liked the movie, but loved Alex. I even sat up closer to the screen than I usually do just to get a better view! And I agree with all of you – not enough Alex, not enough Alex, not enough Alex!! That killer smile made my day! I happen to like “bad boys” and he makes a GREAT one!! Nice to see the tats not covered and the natural Aussie voice was a treat. As for the critics, I never listen or read them anymore, I’ve waisted way too much money on crap that the critics loved. While the audience was light for Whiteout, it looked light for all the other movies playing, so maybe it wasn’t a good weekend overall. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD and to add it to my Alex collection. And Angelbones, I agree – what a wonderful audience we would all make if we could all be there together.

  11. I loved the bartender scene! He’s a natural! I wonder if the bubbling is really true (see the movie to know what I am talking about!). It was a good movie, not great, definitely needed MORE ALEX! And more Tom S as well!

  12. I’m going tomorrow … wish I could have gone sooner, but my schedule didn’t allow it. I felt guilty all weekend! I can’t wait, especially now after reading the comments above. I wish all the wonderful people who read and contribute to this site could enjoy the movie together. What a great audience we’d be!!

  13. I also went to see Alex’s movie on Saturday to show my support for Alex. I too thought the movie was good and although it may not have been slow for others, Alex was enough to keep my interest. And like Tiffany, I too saw that killer smile and smiled to myself in the theatre. On thing for sure Alex is truly a bad boy! And that just make me love him more. =)


  15. I also enjoyed the movie. True, it wasn’t a summer action blockbuster but it was enjoyable. I thought all the actors and the plot were believable. I learned long ago never to listen to movie critics. I went to see Whiteout with my son who has been a fan of Kate Beckinsale’s since the Underworld movies and he liked it as well. He’s 24 and of course he thought the best part of the movie was in the beginning when Kate was undressing and getting into the shower. My favorite scene was when Alex’s character called Kate’s character a crazy bitch. I laughed and leaned over to my son and said, “That’s funny. A guy who runs around killing people with a pick ax thinks she’s crazy.” Hopefully, I’m not the only one who caught the irony in that scene. Bottom line is don’t listen to movie critics!

  16. I’ve seen it twice and hope to see it again this week. I’m sure it won;t be in theaters for long as it seems it hasn’t brought in a lot of viewers. However, I do have to say that the people who were there seemed to enjoy it. I know I did. There were some plot holes but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be from the reviews.
    Alex rocks the red towel! And I agree with you about the smile. It was the most chilling thing in the movie. The nude running scene did go by quickly so don’t blink. Alex was the second guy out the door and he’s wearing a hat. Just a glimpse but so worth it. Watch over Kate’s left side for the door to open and the guys to come running out.
    Defnitely a must see for any Alex fan.

  17. Yes, that Russel’s evil smile got me chilled !!! Mr O’Loughlin’s facial expressions alone spoke a lot more than thousand words ! Great review, Tiffany !!!

  18. I too went opening weekend to give the movie all the opening support possible. I found it to be a good story line, acting was great and movie was overall entertaining. But, I too only went to it for Alex. Those few moments of him on the big screen were of so worth it. That smile melts your heart and Alex was fabulous all the way through it. My local theater also had it playing in one of the smaller screens and there were only a dozen people in it. But, I support Alex all the way and wish him the best of luck and success in all he does.

  19. Well I went to see it Friday. I said the same thing Alex didn’t get enough screen time.
    He looked wonderful. your right the smile, he can say more with one smile and a look
    than anyone else. Can’t wait for Three Rivers next month. At least I’ll get my Alex fix every
    week. As it is now, I flip back and forth between Moonlight dvd, And the Shield, and the Incredible Journy of Mary Bryant. If i need romance I watch Moonlight, Bad boy the Shield,
    Mary Bryant well what can I say. I’m so glad Alex has gotten all this attention, More people will
    find out what a wonderful actor he is.


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