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  1. Hi,

    I saw the movie yesterday also, I was glad to see that the theater was full at 11:15am, hope it continues. I agree with above comments, not enough screen time for our Alex. Loved him in it, he has mentioned in previous interviews that he likes to play a “bad-ass” and does it very well. Look forward to reading other comments when more have had a chance to see it.
    Now can’t wait for Three Rivers to start.

  2. oops, didn’t double check my typing before I submitted. Should be “not ENOUGH Alex in it.

  3. I went to see Whiteout today after work. I liked the movie, the mostly loved the scenes with Alex in them. Those eyes, that face, accent, curly hair………….OMG what’s not to love. Just as Teal said above, not even Alex in it. But when he was in it, he was great. He got to be an Aussie citizen with his full accent. Loved it, loved him. But, what’s wrong with Kate’s character saying “she wasn’t interested in doing a strip search”. I wouldn’t have passed that offer up. Just can’t get enough Alex. I want to watch it again, and again and again.

  4. Hi,

    I saw the movie today……of course, Alex is GREAT and BEAUTIFUL….he doesn’t disappoint!! Unfortunately, not enough screen time…..I sat there wishing I could hit “pause & repeat”. He is soo beautiful….no shirt…..tats in full glory (and I don’t even like tats — except on him)! I wish they could have written Alex a bigger part.

    The first showing was as 12:10 – I arrived early and was the first one in the theater…..however only 4 other people came and they were all men! I was disappointed that not more people were there.

    Nasty, rainy, really cool (59 degrees) weather today (storm coming up the East Coast) and I would not have gone out for anyone other than Alex……..he is so worth it!!!

  5. Yep, Barbara, Americans alwyas put the date backwards, well to me anyway month, day year. It alwyas confuses me I am a day month person so yes, it was relased 11th Spetember.

  6. Am I reading the release date of that preview correctly? It says 11-09-09. Apparently they moved the date up a couple months which I am glad they did. The sooner to see Alex on the big screen.

    1. Barbara, the release date is 9-11-09.. today.

  7. Is Alex die in this film? I want see this film….ghrrr

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