Alex O’Loughlin FanArt


It is fanart day and do we have a couple of great new ones for you. From Alex all wet in many positions to Alex in the starring role of an old thriller movie before he was even born, the creativity of our collaboration partners shows through.


First thanks to Monika, imaginations will run wild as she took one of Alex’s iconic photoshoots and brought it to life in a new way.


alex o'loughlin fan art


Next Becoming_Bryna took a classic 1968 thriller movie and gave Alex the role instead. If you never saw this movie it is pretty good and has one of the most iconic char chases ever seen on film. Would love to see Hawaii Five O recreate something like it, however might be kind of hard since they are not in San Francisco.


alex o'loughlin movie poster


If you want to see the original poster and compare the McGarrett version vs the McQueen version to see how good Becoming_Bryna really is, we added it here.


Also from Becoming_Bryna, she was playing with the photoshop filter for another poster she is working on and came up with this gem. Not a bad  subject to play with, huh? Came up with a pretty cool look.





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