Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Wednesday


There is only a couple of days left before we get to see the long awaited stay-cation episode. This one is expected to be fun and light just like our Whimsical Wednesday fanart day. The virtual wall once again has been filled up with some wonderful art from the creators. Dive in and see what they have for you this week.




First from Sonja, we have Stan from the Back Up Plan. Look how much Alex’s eyes stand out and pull you in through the use of shadowing and colors. She knew exactly what to emphasize in this great profile shot. Even Stan on the left is pleased.

Credit Sonni




Keeping with the two in one concept, Gaby provided us another beloved Alex character, Dr. Andy. Once again Alex’s eyes are penetrating in the upfront shot. It is all about emphasizing his features in this one. Through the use of white on white in some areas shows the desire to emphasize the others.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe



This next one which is from Monika, actually added to the two in one and made it three in one. It is also neat how she chose a different character as we never know what the “wall” will look like until we get the submissions and none of the artists coordinate what they are doing. Based on that, it is always neat to see such a variety and even sometimes an un-arranged theme.


This piece will sure be a favorite among Moonlight fans. Keeping with the theme of his eyes and definition of Alex’s features, WOW! This one can be really mesmerizing and it is hard to keep your eyes off of it. Amazing shadows and definition- great job Monika!

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz




We did one this week too. Figuring it is cold and wintery in the majority of the world, we decided to bring you back to Hawaii and the nice warmth. With this you can imagine sitting on the beach with  Alex/Steve as he is looking out towards someone.

alex o'loughlin fan art



Technically since this is the Valentine edition and since Silvia was not able to do a new one this week, we pulled one of her pieces from our gallery. Alex is surrounded by hearts and rings and sharing the love of the upcoming holiday. Anyone want to be his Valentine? (sorry, redundant question) 

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia




Bryna  also got called away at the last minute so she was not able to create a new one this week but she did provide us one she had done in the past. If you love Mick and you love Kono – you will love this.

Alex O'loughlin fan art

Credit Becoming_Bryna



To all the artists, we thank you for sharing your talent and creativity.




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  1. All of those are so good, But I really love Mick & Kono. Brrillent!

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