Hawaii Five-0 Episode 203 Recap – Kamee

Last week’s episode was only good. This week’s episode was AWESOME. It began with a couple hiking their way to a scenic waterfall for a little sexy time. They were surprised by Mother Nature though when a storm broke out, sending them to look for cover. They found a tent in the forest and upon opening it to see if it was in use they find a dead body.

Meanwhile Steve and Joe are at a military facility doing some target practice. They reminisce about the past and Joe tells Steve he is transferring to Hawaii permanently. They celebrate by knocking back some cold ones but are interrupted when Joe gets a call about the man in the tent. He was a member of SEAL team nine and the apparent cause of death is suicide but Joe is not buying it. He doesn’t think a man who took a leave to work on his marriage would kill himself. Steve agrees to look into it and he puts his coroner Max on the job.

Later on they meet at the 5-0 headquarters. Max, dressed like Inspector Gadget (LOL), tells them that he found evidence that this shooting was a homicide so the case is officially reopened. Steve, Joe, and in Chin Ho start by investigating the scene. They find a liquor bottle with some kind of substrate inside of it and they see soil evidence that indicates he was hiking elsewhere. They make their way to the area they think he might have been and Chin Ho almost gets shot by a homemade booby trap device. Steve and Joe deactivate the trap and they find a pot farm nearby that is under video surveillance. To lure the dope growers to the scene they start uprooting some of the pot plants. It brings the growers out in full force and they are arrested after they fall into a little 5-0 trap.

Danny and Lori go to the SEAL’s wife and ask her some questions. They find out that the dead man thought his wife was having an affair. They follow that lead while Steve hits a dead end with the dope growers. The man suspected of having an affair with wife begins to look like a suspect when they find his fingerprints on the liquor bottle, which was also laced with an incapacitating drug. But Max leads them to the body of another SEAL from team nine who was killed in a homicide made to look like a traffic accident. They now know someone is trying to kill off all the members of this team.

The team gets some indirect assistance with identifying other team members and finding out why they are being targeted from a SEAL named Wade. They find out that a surviving member of a cartel raid is out for revenge on the team that decimated his operation and has hired a hitman to run them down one by one and make it look like accidents so that other members of the team are not alerted.

Kono is hanging out with some other disgraced cops and she is offered a job. They run down the bad guys just like the cops do but they seize money and assets instead of arresting them. She has to provide intel on current police raids though and the subtext is that she use her connection to Chin Ho to do this. Kono is obviously conflicted.

Lori investigates the cartel who is after SEAL team nine and she finds a known associate on the island, renting a home. They go to the home and find lots of top secret info on various SEALs, including some on Steve. They also find his next target, who plans to skydive that same day. The man is drugged and then thrown off the plane unconscious. Steve jumps after him and manages to tether himself to the unconscious man and save him. This was one AWESOME scene and regardless of certain fans who think he is being made out as a superhero… I think a SEAL would in fact know how to skydive.

When the plane lands the rest of the team tries to arrest the hitman but they end up having to put him down. Wade invites the team to their command center and allows them to watch operation payback in progress… taking out the rest of the cartel in retaliation. When Chin Ho, Danny, and Lori see the SEALs in action they are impressed and awed by the fact that Steve used to do missions like this and they proclaim to be very glad he in on their team.

The episode ends with Kono logging in to the HPD’s computer system using Chin Ho’s login info.

A+ episode for me!

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  1. Niecie – thank you so much for you invitation of friendship. Your gesture has touched my heart especially because it is so unexpected. I was told that the internet would open up a whole new world for me and it certainly has. I would love to keep in touch with you but everyone keeps telling me not to post my email. Hope you understand my dilemma. Thanks again. Look forward to future comments from you.

  2. Hav eyou noticed in this episode at the end when the team is watching a surveillance video on how the SEALS were working and our Hottie was with his arms crossed watching the video. OH OH MY doesnt he look EXTREMELY SEXY AND HANDSOME, AND HIS ARMS LOOK SO YUMMY :love: :kiss:

    1. Yep, he sure does have yummy arms! Very masculine, very strong and protective looking.

  3. ML Staats: You must think me horrible because I have deep feelings for Alex, but you have to understand where I am coming from. I am more or less confined to my home and my days are filled with constant pain. My contact with another human is limited to two days a week when a worker comes for a short time. Add severe depression to the pain and life can sometimes feel like it’s not worth living. I don’t consider myself a cougar either, as a matter of fact I haven’t thought about male/female relationships in almost twenty years. Then I “met” Alex and discovered there are ”other feelings” besides pain. Alex is a delightful diversion and is easy to care about. The more I learn about him, the more captivated I become. His eyes and that wonderful smile light up my life and watching him is a way, sometimes the only way, to deal with the pain. It’s a wonderful fantasy and as I’ve said before, I am not ashamed to admit I love him. He gives me a reason to want to go on. That is why this website is so important to me. I can’t stress enough how finding it has changed my life. Tiffany’s updates and people like yourself, make me feel like part of a loving, caring family. Life isn’t too bad after-all and it’s all because of that adorable Auzzie.

    1. Muffie – sorry to hear about your confinement and pain. I hope some days are good for you. Thanks for putting yourself “out there.” No one feels you are “horrible” for having “deep feelings for Alex.” Nice to have a diversion from real life, but consider some advice from this recent Grandmother. A famous DJ (famous at least in Philadelphia) says you only “go around once” so if you can, try to get out of the house once in a while and enjoy life to the extent you can. Alex is great and I know what’s it like to daydream, but you might find that meeting some new people, will make life more worthwhile as well. Take care.

      1. Faye, thank you so very much for your concern. I don’t know what made me “share” my problems with everyone. I usually try to hide them from others. I do try to get out but there are several factors in play here. Besides the obvious issue of pain there’s the mobility and also a financial issue. That is one reason I wanted so badly to get the internet – to open up a whole new world for me. And even though it may be only through a website – I have met new people and cherish the friendships that have been formed. Thank you. :heart:

    2. Muffie, not for a second do I think less of you in any way at all. I love being in contact with you and enjoy all your posts. Not only are we almost neighbors, I see we deal with similar pain issues. Nobody ever dies from pain but one surely can wish one would, don’t I know that. I would love to be able to communicate with you privately if you are so inclined except I don’t quite know how we would exchange our email addresses. Oh, heck, let me give you the one I use for business communications and I want you to know you can contact me anytime you feel like a chat or need some “company.” I completely get where you are coming from and I do know about the constant pain thing. Drop me a line sometime: word-princess@hotmail.com

      And NEVER think I have Judgy Pants on about how you feel about Alex, okay? Promise me that.

      Love to you, Dear.

      1. Muffie: Just a quick note. You are not alone. We are here for you. I understand as I have chronic pain myself. II think that, unless someone experiences chronic pain, I think it’s difficult to understand just how encompassing it can be. Grab on to anything that gives you joy and respite. And what a delicious diversion Alex is! Take care!

      2. Thank you Shirley. I truly appreciate the kindness you have shown me. I never imagined that by joining the discussions on this website I would be fortunate enough to find friendships as well. Thank you all. Now, enough of me. IT’S MONDAY!! You know what that means…..Hawaii Five-0 is on tonight!! I’m looking forward to the interaction between Steve and Joe. And seeing Alex shirtless :love: what a lovely way to end the day. :whistle: sigh. I’ll be counting the hours….enjoy the show and I eagerly anticipate future discussions with you all. :heart:

    3. Muffie please count me in as one of your internet friends. And anything of Alex I can share with you I will, as I am a professional journalist. Please send me your email and I can keep in touch at times without being on this forum. I really do understand what you’re going through, as my Mom is the caretaker for my grandmother.

      1. Niecie, Would love to correspond with you. Have set up a new email account to do so. It’s – muffie49@hotmail.ca. Look forward to “chatting” with you.



  6. Just some minutes ago I was watching this epsidoes, numerb 3 and I love when Danny asked Steve if he participated in similar raids like those Navy Seals showed the team at the end of the episode then Steve answered him: Neither I confirm or deny. I found that so sexy, the way he replied that beacue he acted like a total Seal and so gentleman that he let Lori pass first thru the door

  7. Muffie: I hadn’t seen this smile montage before. Wow! No wonder you watch it when you need a pick-me-up. He does have the most amazing smile. I then watched the Mary Bryant video clip that showed up afterwards. I hadn’t seen the film since Christmas. I forgot how great looking and just how amazing he was in that film. I probably should get it on DVD. If you watch that video, you’ll see one of my favorites–Will dressed up in all his finery, walking on the beach, after they escaped. Looks almost like a uniform (sigh). Alex in uniform–gets me every time. I had to stop watching all of the clips that showed up, or I’d have gotten nothing done tonight. That url you provided is a keeper. Thanks!

    1. Shirley: Isn’t that video cute!! I don’t know how anyone could watch it and not smile. It’s just a real “feel good” video and definitely on my favorites list. Glad you liked it too. I have two favorite scenes in Mary Bryant…the one where they have just gotten married and Will gets this sheepish look on his face before they “retire”. The other one is when they are on the beach and Will has his newborn son in his arms…both are such tender moments. :angel: :love: sigh :heart: What can I say..I’m just a romantic at heart. I loved that show – thought it showcased Alex’s many talents perfectly and it was a great story. I got the DVD so I could enjoy it over and over again.

      1. My favorite sceen in Mary Bryant? When Mary has to give Will the key through the window to the food storage–the emotions that cross Alex’s face–you can tell he has talent–pain, love, longing, frustration, reluctant acceptance. There are so many moments in the film–those 2 you pointed out, Muffie, for sure. How gentle he was with Charlotte even though she was tossing things off the boat is another one. How excited he was to land, and, even though warned that fraternizing would result in flogging, he still starts to undress Mary as soon as they are alone–that impish grin–priceless. Yep, guess I’m going to be making a purchase today on Amazon!

        Have a great weekend ladies!

      2. You’re right, Shirley – so many touching scenes in Mary Bryant. You’ll enjoy watching it all over again. It’s our Thanksgiving this weekend and I have a lot to be thankful for. One is discovering this website and enjoying these talks with all you terrific ladies. Tiffany – as far as I’m concerned you have the best website going and I’m sure that I am not the only one grateful for that. Can’t wait for our next chat. My thanks to all of you for making a difference in an otherwise very lonely life. See you next week. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  8. I think we dont have to worry about for the moment about Lori s character to fall in love with Steve or viceversa anytime soon, that is not on the executive producer plans for the moment. He tweeted about that after being interviewed by some reporter and he said and I quote:

    “”How is she a love interest? I’m baffled since we’re not writing her as one.

    I believe CBS might have said “potential love interest”…

    Would love for folks to just watch and not “anticipate”, [Lori] is a co worker. Catherine returns soon enough” 😀 😉 :p

  9. M L: I like your comment about showing that we just don’t dry up like dust as we age. Now if only they’d show a woman of Joe’s age as well who can kick ass just as well–kind of a more mature Kono if you will! 😉 😉

  10. Here, here! I agree with all that’s been said. Will curb the negativity from now on. “If you don’t have something nice to say……” Sending only positive vibes to Alex and Tiffany.

    Here’s a positive–I absolutely LOVE the Max character–he is always good for a laugh. The “Inspector Gadget” line and getup–I laughed so loud. It was nice to hear Steve throw that zinger out instead of the usual–Danny. And I love the Joe White character as well–so nice to have a father figure for Steve since he’s been without one for so long.

    Can’t wait to watch the smile video tonight. Thanks ladies!

    1. The Inspector Gadget line was the best of the episode. LOVED it. I like the way Max and Steve get on, it is a really funny dynamic.

      1. I agree. Max is a keeper. His quirkiness is refreshing. And a little comic relief doesn’t hurt, hence our love of Steve’s & Danny’s banter. I really like the Joe White character too. I hope Terry becomes, at the very least, a semi-permanent member of the cast.

        Tiffany, have you had a chance to view the video yet? Hope you enjoy it. Whenever I’m feeling a little down I watch it again and can’t help but smile. The music and that smile if infectious. :p

      2. Max is adorable and fits right in with the team. You can tell he feels so important when he is around Steve.

        And I totally agree that Joe White gives Steve a father figure he needs so badly and I would like it if he were at least semi-permanent. He’s a good role model in that we all don’t dry up and go to dust past a certain age. I liked the scene where he did that awesome shooting and you could see how impressed Steve was. I think it’s important for Steve to learn things about his dad and how much his father loved him from Joe White.

  11. Tiff, keep on sending recaps-I for one greatly appreciate them especially when I’m not able to see the show-like this past Monday night. Work problems. You do a fantastic job. I think we should all just enjoy the show and hopefully the story lines will improve. By the way, SEAL stands for Sea, Air and Land. They are trained to do a great many jobs from flying different types of aircraft to train in freezing cold water in Alaska. Lets not forget what they can do on land. So, Tiffany keep on w/the recaps because I truly appreciate you and them!!

  12. Tiffany. That comment I made about you being like Alex’s smile…well maybe this will brighten YOUR day…there’s a video on youtube you should watch…and there’s two ways to see it.

    You can either google: Youtube Alex O’Loughlin – favorites smiles
    Or ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElCaj6DJSVA

    1. Muffie, you little dickens, you, talk about making someone smile! Alex has that special something, doesn’t he? And it is so much more than just being a beautiful man physically. His charm, wit and intelligence shine through and he is someone you wish you could hang out with.

      THAT made my evening! So, I propose this: I will keep watching to make sure Alex has a venue to stay in the public eye because he is too talented to let slide away no matter what CBS does.

      Secondly, I will refrain from messing with Tiffany’s Zen because she, too, is too cool to have to put up with that. Anyone who digs Jeff Bridges as much as I do should not have to deal with Negativity.

      I do have to say, this is a fun group. Cheers to you all!

  13. Tiffany, I love what you do with the recaps. I can honestly say when I wake up on Tuesday mornings, the first thing I do is check my emails for your update. Sure, there are some episodes that are better than others, but I love them all. I don’t care who Steve is involved with. I watch the show for him and it doesn’t matter about everything else. I think that Danno and Steve still have the same chemistry. I find something funny in every show that they do or say. Love them!!!!!!!!! Thank you for doing such as awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ladies, I do not want people to stop speaking their minds. I do not want anyone to think they have to censor themselves. It is just mighty discouraging is all. I try to stay optimistic and upbeat and the Lori/Laura hatred just boggles my mind frankly as does all the negativity surrounding the last two episodes. I enjoy watching and writing the recaps (I do it for several other shows/sites to) but to have 99% of the comments be “I disagree, it totally sucked”. Its kinda like… eh, why bother?

    1. Tiffany, you should bother because it is YOUR opinion and this is YOUR site. I in no way meant to slam your opinion and now that I know I have contributed in discourageing your, I feel badly. I am annoyed with CBS, not you. But from now on, I will watch the show out of support for the original cast members and I will be more respectful of your feelings.

      Obviously we are highly defensive of Alex and worried about the show being tossed aside but this does not reflect on you. You are as entitled to your opinion as any of us. But if it comes down to not having this site with all the lovely clips and interviews you offer up, I am quite capable of holding my opinions in check.

      Tiffany, I tend to write edgy pieces and delve into politics as well and am used to being disagreed with. As long as discourse is civil, I can deal. It’s when things turn personal that it becomes upsetting and clearly you are feeling this personally and that saddens me. We are guests in your cyber living room here and upsetting such a good host is bad form. I will keep my comments positive.

      Again, I’m sorry. 🙁

      And I do think you have a superb talent for synopsis which I covet.

      1. Thanks ML, I am really not taking it personally. I mean it is not hurting my feelings or anything. Each and every comment comes to my inbox so it is hard not to be a little down when you get like 40 negative emails in a row. Its not about me, I know that but I still get bathed in the negative glow and I generally like to try and see the bright side of things. To quote Jeff Bridges, it feels like people are ” really messing with my Zen thing.” :p

      2. Exactly this has nothing against you in particular, We are annoyed by CBS or the H50 writers whom if they keep writing not so appealing stories CBS will take note and could decide to cancel the show or to have them produce less episodes and we are concerned that is not fair to Alex that this show that was a hit in teh 1st season goes down the drain and Alex will have bad luck because 2 of his previous shows were cancelled by CBS as well.

        I mean so far many of us believed that the 2nd and 3rd episode were not so great, and we really dont like the addition of Lori, is how we feel becaue we are following each episode and that is the conclusion we came up with and that i there is something wrong with the scripts and the writers are the ones to blame. The actors just act on what a script say.

        I know we are speculating the fate of H50 too soon in just 3 episodes but we are foreseeing that if the future episodes will be just like the 2nd or 3rd there is really something to worry about. Lets pray it wont happen.

      3. Tiffany, I get where you are coming from, nobody likes her Zen being messed with!

        And BTW, don’t you just love Jeff Bridges?

        I know, if we are going to post things that mess with your Zen, we could put a disclaimer at the top: NEGATIVITY ALERT and then you could skip over it. Seriously, I can understand your position but I guess some of us feel very strongly about this, even though it is a TV show. Something about Alex moves us. He has that Paul Newman/Cary Grant thing going on and I know I feel sort of protective about him. Most likely because I’m old enough to be his mother and feeling anything else would be unseemly. LOL

        Hugs to Tiffany!

      4. Maria: I read that this season will air 22 episodes instead of the 24 we were fortunate enough to get in Season 1. This is not because of cancellations though – apparently 22 episodes is the norm. Just thought I’d mention this in case someone thought CBS was cutting H5-0’s air-time already.

        Tiffany, I too, am sorry that I might have been one to “bring you down”. 🙁 I know I can be very opinionated and sometimes speak without thinking. ;-( I certainly can understand where you are coming from. I love your website and like others, am eager to see your name in my email inbox. You’re like Alex’s smile, :love: you light up my day. 8)

      5. Totally love Jeff Bridges! GORGEOUS and sexy as hell.

      6. Thanks Muffie. :love:

      7. ML, I too, am a “more mature” lady but let me tell you there is nothing wrong with feeling “more than protective feelings” toward Alex. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen heads over heels in love with this man. I think it has a lot to do with this “Paul Newman/Gary Grant thing” (as you put it) that he has going on. These qualities are not found in most of today’s breed of actors. Plus the fact that he isn’t “full of himself” and is such a humble and caring individual. To put it in a nutshell – he is our DREAM MAN…a rare find these days. That, with his obvious sex appeal is why he appeals to such a vast range in ages of his fans. Besides in an interview with HawaiiNewsNow, he said his demographic was between 18 and 65yrs. I’m sure we all fit into that range. lol 😉 :whistle: :love: :angel:

    2. Tiffany, I want to thank you again for hosting this site and for all the work you do on the recaps. I am just curious about a comment that was made about Alex having appeal even with us more mature ladies. While he certainly appeals to me and I have done some crazy things because of that, I wonder how much of it is Alex himself and how much relates to the character he played on Moonlight- Mick St. John the character was old enough for any of us to fall in love with. Steve McG. is another story. Just curious.

      1. I can only speak for myself, Faye. I had never heard of Moonlight as it was not telecast where I live so my first exposure to Alex was Hawaii Five-0. I had never heard of him until it aired. I figured the “reboot” would probably suck but watched because Grace Park is from Vancouver (a short ferry ride from where I live on Vancouver Island) and I liked Daniel Dae Kim from Lost. I soon wanted to find out more about it’s lead star and quickly became a devoted fan. Is that what you were getting at?

      2. Muffie – Yes, some of us “fell in love” with Alex because of Moonlight – a show that ended more than three years ago. If you have never seen it, I suggest you buy the DVD. Also I realize Mary Bryant has already been mentioned and he was great in that. We see a different side of him in Hawaii 5-0 and as much as I care about Alex, not sure I would be here if it weren’t for Moonlight. Alex played an 80 something year old Vampire on that. But anyway each to “her own” and that’s fine.

      3. Faye. When I “discovered” Alex, I naturally wanted to find out everything I could about him so Moonlight was the first DVD I bought. I can see why so many loved that show and why they were so upset when it was cancelled. Then came Mary Bryant in which he was brilliant, and then Oyster Farmer and now the H5-0 DVD. He is such a versatile actor and from what I have read, a very down-to-earth person and all round really nice guy. But you’re right – to each her own and the reason we are all here is because we support Alex and wish him continued success. It’s great to be a part of this extensive “family”.

      4. My first encounter with Alex was when he was being groomed to take over in The Sheild. I caught sight of a face in the gritty, dim light they used to film that show and was immediately put in mind of Paul Newman. There was something special about that face so I waited till I saw the name when they ran the credits. I looked Alex up, became familiar with his work and decided this was a young man who has that certain thing, that quality that jumps out at you from the screen.

        Then CBS started pushing a new Vampire show that seemed a little too much like the Buffy spin off, Angel, but I knew I’d check it out because I was so drawn to Alex. Lo and behold, I discovered how superbly crafted Moonlight was and unique for an American TV network show and I was hooked. As we all know, CBS made a huge mistake cancellng that show. It would have been at the front of the resurgance in vampire interest and the last episode was set up perfectly for another season. It should have been bumped up to the ten o’clock spot and they would have had a runaway hit franchise on their hands.

        So, that’s how I “met” Alex. LOL He has to him that Paul Newman/Cary Grant style. He is an intelligent, gifted actor with such penache and as has been pointed out, there is a humanity and lack of hubris to him which seems a throw back to better times in the industry.

        Now, while I confess I find him absolutely beautiful, I have always had a rule prior to being married that I do not date people who are young enough for me to have baby sat or given birth to. LOL I’m not a Cougar, if you will. So, I keep my lust/interest in Our Guy in the realm of wanting to be his agent or to write scripts for him because I truly believe he has what it would take to be a major hitter with longevity. He has such an endearing way to him, a beautiful smile and a sweetness. I envy whomever he does wind up with and there are times I’ve idily thought it would be lovely to be single and young. LOL Above all else, I believe in his talent, I think he’s very special.

  15. Tiffany, I enjoy your updates about Alex and H5O. I look forward to them each time they are posted. I like H5O, and I will continue watching the program.

  16. Tiffany, don’t give up on us!! Your website is great–and I haven’t been viewing it all that long. I didn’t discover Alex until I caught a rerun of ML on cable and fell instantly in love!! I never had an opportunity to watch ML when it aired, nor 3Rs. But I’ve caught up now and never miss anything he’s doing. As far as the H5O episodes–some are homeruns and some are ho-hums–that’s TV. I liked this episode more than last week but that’s just my opinion. I’m worried that CBS is going to screw this up for Alex just as they’ve done in the past. We got a second season of H50 which is more than Alex has previously had. Just hope everything continues to go his way–we all love him so :love:

    1. I agree Im worried that CBS may screw this for Alex for the third time. I know H50 is the biggest TV show Alex has been involved with specially knowing that the original series was a hit back then. I mean I know Alex is not responsible but the writers are, if they keep writing bad stories so the ratings go low. I mean the actors just act on what it is written on a piece of paper wrote b y writers (scripts), so the writers are the ones who have to fix the stories, not the actors.I know that we are just already in the 3rd episode of this seaon and it is too soon but hey look at the new series the Playboy Club just aired 3 episodes and it is already cancelled by ABC due to low ratings and bad stories I have read not so good reviews or mixed reviews of the 2nd and now the 3rd so if the ratings go down, Im afraid CBS could ( I said could) pull the plug of H50 and now more that I read that 2 writers from the last season are not this season. We have to stay positive and believe that the upcoming episodes will be much better. H50 needs a bit more intensity to the stories, similar to CSI (and I also like the 3 CSI) or NCIS, I mean not the same but those shows always keep u in the edge of your seat the full hr, with twists and turns you are not expecting in the same episode something similar like that we need this season on H50.

  17. Ugh… you ladies are seriously killing my enjoyment of and willingness to write about this show. I toyed with not even writing this recap and now I wish I hadn’t. It is nothing but a time suck into negativity.

    1. Tiffany, your recaps have been great and I appreciate this site. Sorry about any perceived negativity. Thank you so much.

    2. I think we need to think positive about the show thats all. True its not the same and hopefully it will get better. And next week he is shirtless 🙂 who knows! We all might be in for a big surprise with the upcoming episodes! Good surprise that is!

    3. Oh, Tiffany, NO! You are so talented at this and in no way does CBS’ inadequate writing reflect on your summary skills. I think you are so talented. There are writers out here who have to turn in synoptic writing to our agents and simply lack the talent. I know I have to pay a synoptic writer to do my synopses. I was gong to contact you to ask what rates you would charge.

      No, do not take our unhappiness with the writing on this show as any aspersion toward you and this site. You have a great site here where we express our opionions freely and you give us the place in which to do it. I admire and respect you greatly. I worried you would take comments personally so refrained from posting much this week but in no way do I hold you responsible for CBS.

      All this said, please, tell us if you would prefer that we not speak our minds freely. If that is the case, I will gladly refrain. I have liked that we are so devoted to Alex and that you always come through with wonderful clips and pictures. Please do not take anything that I have said as an assault on your talent. But do tell me if you would be more comfortable if we didn’t say anything about how we feel.

      Again, I think you run the best site and you have real talent for the game.

      1. I agree with M L. Absolutely no reflection on your talents, Tiffany–not at all. Just like no reflection on Alex’s talents if writing isn’t up to par. Please let us know if you’d like us to refrain; we’re just so darn glad to see “Tiffany” in our “from” line when we log on and throughout the day because we know we’ll get great photos. videos and recaps. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that gets me through the workday! Thanks!!!!

  18. If we, Alex’s ardent fans, feel like this, what must casual viewers be thinking? Yes, we’ll stick with the show because of Alex (although I have to admit, I could not do so with 3 Rivers), but they won’t. Ratings will suffer. That won’t do Alex any good. We should voice our opinions; it might not do any good, but it definitely won’t if we don’t voice them.

    Part of the charm of last season was Danny’s family story, although less face time for Alex. So far this season–nothing. Carguments were a huge hit–so far, not so much this season. Even if Steve knows what’s going on with Kono (and that’s just our guess), it doesn’t make sense that they don’t even talk about her, don’t see her, nothing. It’s ridiculous.

    I did enjoy the story lines with Mary Ann, although I didn’t think the actress was believable as Steve’s sister. Alex has stated that he was disappointed when they put the kebosh on the sister as he would have liked to develop more of Steve’s personal life.

    And even Jenna Kaye, who could be annoying, had more chemistry with the gang than Lori does. There is just nothing.

    I do enjoy Max and Joe however. I know Max is listed as a co-star and Joe is just a guest star, but it would be nice if Joe became semi-permanent since he requested a transfer to Pearl Harbor; although my husband thinks something is up with Joe that we’re not privy to just yet. I don’t mind bringing in folks that others have worked with on other shows as long as they are good actors. Remember, they brought Beth’s fiance in last season.

    As far as re-working the original series stories–remember, there wasn’t much television back then–stuff that would fly then certainly won’t now. Just get better writers!

    I, too, am perplexed as to JLo movie rumor. I’m sure that’s all it is. As someone else noted, the film did poorly at the box office. I enjoyed it because of Alex but would have much rather had a different actress in the lead role–I have never cared for JLo. I just don’t get the attraction to her. Now the actress who played her best friend? Hilarious!

    I didn’t think Monday’s storyline was too bad (certainly not as bad as the previous week), but the sky diving? Even the music sounded kind of superman-like as Steve flew through the sky. I warned my husband, “OK honey, no comments about how unrealistic this is” just before it happened.

    Anyway, ladies, I do enjoy this give/take and the various opinions. Remember, when all is said and done, we are all united in our appreciation for Alex and wish only the best for him and his career.

  19. je suis d’accord avecvous tous ici!!!!je ne supporte pas lori ;on a juste l’impression d’un rajout qui ne sert à rien !!!je trouve qu’il n’y a aucune alchimie entre les acteurs
    pourquoi tout ce monde en plus?
    alex est la raison pour laquelle je continue de regarder et je trouve qu’il était bien mieux dans moonlight avec sophia!!!! laquelle continue de nous manquer terriblement!!!ce couple fonctionnait à merveille et ça va etre très dur de faire accepter une autre co star aussi merveilleuse!!!!
    dommage qu’on ait pas pensé (ou voulu )donner un role à sophia myles sur hawai!!!!
    j’aurais adoré revoir encore ce couple!!

  20. I am delighted with the second season, great incorporations, I like writers, congratulations to the writers, Alex SPECTACULAR! I do not like fans who do not get a chance to Lori, it is very unfair.
    The first season was tired of so many families Danno, I do not like the character of Rachel, contributed nothing, and the latter do not act well Danno causing to be unfaithful, he always believes that it works well, which is legal and focused. .. was a great blunder.
    I am so glad this second, the series revolves around the main character, Steve McGarrett, that additions, is to support the commander … And I think if we are patient Lori will also be a good support.
    Sorry for the EnglishI do not know the language well.
    Thank you very much Tiffany. 😆

  21. I believe two writers left the show after last season. I feel Hawaii Five 0 is heading down the wrong road- was again not impressed by the episode. Season one kept me on the edge of my chair each week and was the highlight of my evening. I will continue to watch this show because I have been an Alex fan for a long time. However, this is not the show we all fell in love with last year and I find that very sad indeed.Out with the new and back with the old.

  22. i guess we all agree on something the character of Lori Weston has to go We dont really like her she is not adding anything interesting to the show, she is lame for sure i dont want her to see her as steve love interest , she deserves other type of women, not necessarily in the military but a totally different character.

    Writers need to change the plots they are falling with these last 3 episodes i mean since kono is out of the picture sort of saying i want to see how the 3 remaining members deal with that. Bring Mary back she is part of steve life and also she may know things about their father that maybe steve does not even know so that should be an interesting story. Rachel needs to return again for a danny story and hey Dannys daughter was part of first season story why the writers removl her characte just like that r in this new season i dont get it. Or the little girl return in upcoming episodes do any of u know?

    We dotn want H50 to fall in ratings so CBS may decide to kill the series and dont even last to the 3rd one the original series lasted like 9 seasons or more. Writers need to spice up the stories more This new version of. H50 cant be like the new version of Charlies angels that i read is not doing good in ratings and maybe it will get cancelled. Why dont the writers take the original series episodes and stories and copy them of course making it contemporary with some changes that matches the current time and adding new things
    in the original series there was even a story of Steve gf killed and wo fat was behind that. also there was a story of Steve got seriosuly injured investigating some case and the rest of the team was the one in charge of the investigation, I mean stories like that we need now to put an example.

  23. :love: Liked this eppy but so looking forward to next weeks!!!! I see that Alex has his shirt off once again!! One of the things I liked about these shows is the previews for the following weeks cuz you know they are only getting better!! Whooohooo!!

  24. I liked the episode,Alex was great as always. Love everyone except the Lori Weston character played by Lauren German. Don’t know why they added this unnecessary character to the show. Lori character is uninteresting and not personable at all. Oh,how I wish Alex would do another movie. Love him in movies,especially romantic-comedies….or dramas or anything. 😆 :love:

  25. Well, I didn’t like the 1st episode of the season, but this one was great. The new girl on the show is totally lacking any charisma to “any” of the characters. However, the one who plays Joe belongs on this show. Looking forward to next weeks. Don’t forget, if you miss a show it’s available on CBS via computer. :love:

  26. I love Alex :love: So I will watch the show and support it 😀 ..I would hate to see it get cancelled, then we couldn’t see Alex every week 🙁 ..He just gets more gorgeous and sexy every time I see him :love: :heart: ..And he is the best actor ever 😀

    1. Completely agree Tammy dear, we who “are his fans,” we can not fail now, and with some of these comments “does not help too much.” Greetings. :heart:

  27. I agree with most of you abort Lori, she brings nothing to the show and there is no chemistry between her and any of the actors. But I disagree about last nights episonde. I thought it was great. I love the Max character and the Joe character. As far as Kone goes, she will be back and I think we will find out that Steve knew all along she was undercover, because it is so obvious that he has s;hown no interest in what is happening to Kone. I love Al;ex in anything he does and I still think the show is great.

  28. Hey ladies what do u think of the new guests stars coming to H50? Im talking about the producers bring actors who had acted together on other shows before H50 and now they reunite with their former co stars.Let say Terry OQuinn and Chin HO (Lost), the 2 guys from Heroes, and now I read another Lost character may do a H50 episode. I mean dont u think is too much of the same thing? I mean if they want to bring guest stars, let it be actors from other shows that are not related to Heroes or Lost, so far most guests stars are just from those former TV shows. It i just my opinion and something that brought my attention at this moment.

    1. Tina Alex has some great actors that appeared with him were are they at? I’m sure he has something to say to the writers since he is the main character, I think he owes it to his fellow actors to give them a chance to act with him again. Would love to see Beth and even Lisa on the show.

  29. Watching Hawaii Five 0 still amazing the important for me Alex still the BEST. I looking forward to watch new movie coming up. Hoping soon Alex with J Lo :love: They are awesome. Keep up the good works :heart:

    1. What’s this about a new movie? Are they doing a sequel to “The Back-up Plan”? This the second time I’ve heard about Alex doing a new movie – please give any details you might have. As for the fate of H 5-0. If you truly are a fan of Alex, YOU WILL support him by continuing to watch H 5-0. I too, would hate to see the show cancelled and that will only happen if viewership goes down. I may not like some of the changes, BUT it will not prevent me from watching it every week.

      1. I really don’t think there will be a sequel. I suspect this is a rumor or something started by someone who didn’t realize there was a movie. The original movie did not do that well at the box office and I don’t think CBS films is making more movie. With regard to Alex, I am a fan, and I will continue to watch the show. But, even being a fan, I think I have the right to comment when I think they are making changes this year that are not for the better.

      2. Faye: I agree totally about having the right to comment on changes that we feel are not in the show’s best interest. Maybe by doing so, the “powers that be” will take a second look and take heed of our concerns. The point I was trying to make, was to the “fans” that say if things don’t go the way they think they should – they will stop watching H5-0. Alex is an amazing actor. I don’t think I could watch “Feed” but I admire his conviction in doing this movie to prove his point of view on the subject. I wish him nothing but success in everything he does. :heart: I’m not very good at expressing myself so I hope I’ve made sense.

  30. Haven’t written in a long time – Tiffany I love all the posts. Thank you. I really love Alex too and because of that I want to give the show a chance. I really am enjoying the episodes so far in Season 2. I wish them all the best always. I think they will tie loose ends together as in the past. Good luck Alex and all the cast-love you guys!!!!!

  31. Well I totally agree with all of you here. There is something missing about this 2nd season of H50. I mean how come Steve has not even care that Kono is no longer a cop and the one who cares is Chin ho but still Chin ho has not even told anything about it to Steve.

    Too many characters for sure. Lori is not adding anything interesting to the shown she just add information on things she has investigate and inform Steve that is all and that task Danny or Chin can easily do it, we dont need an extra character for that. so if she said that her character did not bring anything to the show, why the heck, the producers cast her in the first place, I dont get it. We need more plots similar to the 1st season. Also what about the Rachel story? The writers simply remove it and that was all? Dannys daughter was part of the SOTB premiere and so far she has not even being on the show. Whats up with that?

    I really hope Kono will go back to the team after her ordeal is over, but then again why dont they see that the money stolen was put back by Senator Jamieson, they have to investigate that to clean Kono and besides how come Steve does not defend her, he was involved too he knows what is all about and so far he is not even getting involved or even mention her in this season episodes. We need MORE ACTION, MORE TEAM WORK episodes, otherwise the TV series could go low in ratings and you know what happens when this happen, CBS could pull off the plug on series and it be a very very sad, misfortune and terrible thing for Alex that 3 of the shows he has acted had been cancelled, we dont want that to happen. We need to let our opinions heard to the H5O producers and writers, so they can fix the future episodes.

  32. I agree about the money, though remember the found the burnt money and matched it to the records, so they know that the money in the locker isn’t from the bust.

    I also agree about Lori, she feels forced and doesn’t have good chemistry with the either Steve or Danny. I didn’t like the fact that they tried to give her a cargument with Danny. It felt really uncomfortable and she came across and nosey and rude to be honest. Even though she wasn’t given much to do, it shouldn’t matter, she should make the most of the time she has and she isn’t doing that. I really hope that she isn’t involved with Steve on the sly and that they are keeping it quiet. I had hoped that she would be better this week, but in the end I am finding Lori as a character a very big disappointment. I really hope she isn’t here the whole season.

    I thought the episode last night was good, but we need more team time. I think we have too many new people at the same time and it is taking away from the core four. I would like to see how Steve, Danny and Chin would work if there wasn’t a Lori and Kono there. How the three of them could solve the case together and try to figure out a way to help Kono. That would have been a better story, I think. Maybe they could have introduced Lori later.

    1. I can’t belive they let Mary Ann go and brought this Lori girl on. Ther was more of a chemistry with her and the cast, and could have been so many story lines come from it. I am losing intrest more and more as the season goes on. sorry, but those are my feelings.

      1. I agree with you Annie why they let Mary Ann go, she was more important to the show than this Lori girl. Im sorry for the actress who portrays Lori nothing against her, simply her story on the show is not credible and it is boring. Mary Ann knew many things as she was growin up with Steve and also about his dad but they wotn bring her back ever again? Not fair. The stories need to be changed, as much as I was devoted to the 1st season if the stories wotn change I may do change channels Monday nite and it be a very terrible thing for Alex that another show he was into did not last, We dont want that, the writers and producers need to know this. They have to fix something that never was broken.

    2. Judy, I agree with you regarding the cargument between Danny and Lori. Forced, lame and fell flat.

      Too many people crowding the scenes and no chemistry. Except for Max who is just adorable and so serious about his job. I like him. Of course, Alex is always so handsome and I do like Terry O’Quinn’s presence, showing us that older people can still rock. The scenery was lovely as always. I have made my feelings abundantly clear as of last week so I’m not going to say more.

      Oh, I DO think Tiffany does such an excellent job of summarizing the plots. That is such a talent to have. And I always look forward to reading this lively group’s great thoughts and opinions and we are united in our admiration for the talent Alex has.

  33. Very good episode. Great photography and stunts as far as the in air rescue. I agree a little too much going on. I definitely can do without Lori and the Kono bit is starting to wear thin. The team would not leave her to hang out to dry like this. Maybe she is working undercover, and that is supposed to be a surprise to us, but I think it is turning a lot of people off, that there is no communication between her and this otherwise close knit team. I heard Catherine is supposed to be in the next episode and I am looking forward to that, but no evidence of it in the preview.

    1. I bet it’s the break-up episode.

  34. Ok, Shirley, here you go….I think he is thinking – Shelly, where have you been all my life, I can’t believe you’re mine..God do I wish…..Got to love the Lord for making fine specimens like that!

  35. I wasn’t crazy about this episode either. I agree with Leigha, Lori is about as interesting as a box of rocks! Steve does not need a love interest, he needs to stay focused on catching the bad guys! Plus I don’t want to see him making out with anyone, that would just ruin my whole week! HaHa!!!!

    1. I don’t think Lori was particularly interesting in this episode but that is because she was given next to nothing to work with. I don’t hold that against the character or the actress. She really wasn’t used all that much and she didn’t detract from any other person’s air time.

  36. OK, I was just too darn tired last night to watch, but I went ahead and read your recap anyway, Tiffany. Hope to view tonight. Thanks as always!

    I love this photo of Alex. Want to have some fun and see who can come up with the most outrageous lines/thoughts Steve and/or Alex could be having at this moment? Might be fun.

  37. After watching this episode, it seemed obvious that after Danny made a comment to steve about Lori and Steve appeared to blow him off, we will see some episode in the future that Steve and Lori have been involved for some time on the down-low (ex. Grissom and sarah CSI) and I believe that Kono is working undercover on a sting operation for Internal Affairs. It’s all been done before on other shows. No surprises. I expect Kono will be back with the team in about 3 more episodes

  38. I don’t agree. Really didn’t like the episode.. I wonder if they have hired new writers because they certainly have lost the feeling that was prevalent throughout last season’s episodes. I want the relationship with Danny and Steve back. Lori is as interesting as a box of rocks. Every time she is on the screen is time we lose with the other characters. I want more Danny, more Chin, more Kono. The plot was okay. Just too many characters involved. This season has too many actors. What was wrong that needed to be fixed. I don’t get it.

    1. Sorry, I disagree with you Leigha. I’m with Tiffany on this one. This episode was a big improvement over last week’s. I love Max and his quirkiness. And Joe adds a much needed calmness not to mention a father-figure for Steve. Someone who can help Steve deal with whatever he finds out about his Dad.

      The only new addition I have a problem with is “Lori”. Lauren said on the red carpet at SOTB that her character brings – quote: “absolutely nothing” to the show. AND SHE WAS RIGHT! She was suppose to be “a female McGarrett” and as far as I’m concerned, Lauren was miscast. What really bothers me is that Steve and Danny seem to have forgotten about the other member of their team. Why aren’t they moving heaven & earth to get Kono re-instated??? And how can she be charged with stealing that money when the Gov. Jameison replaced so technically, it isn’t missing. I know I can be a little dense at times but I don’t get it.

      1. Muffie – not having been at SOTB, I have no idea what Lauren said, but if she said “absolutely nothing” than I don’t get it at all. Odd for the actress to say although I definitely agree. I really would like to see Catherine back although was hoping it wouldn’t be in a break-up episode.

    2. leigha, i agree with you about too many actors, lori is my time to hit the fridge, and the chemistry w danny and steve is gone. i to think there are new writers invloved, they better get back on track or this season is not going to go into a third. die hard alex fans will stick to it but the rest of the audience may find changing channels an option.


    1. You know, it’s weird. On the 50 Undercover site–everyone there seemed to love last week’s show, where I think there were more on this site who did not. It appears, from SOTB, that Peter knows about the Undercover site, and I sure hope it does about this one as well. I love the interaction on this site, Tiffany, because, we, as Alex’s fans, can interact so easily.

      1. Most of the fans here are Alex fans before they are H50 fans. On the other site it is the reverse. Straight out shows fans are likely more objective than Alex centric fans.

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