Hawaii Five O Episode 8.08 Gif-fable Moments


This past episode brought lots of Steve time and thus Steve moments. At first we did not think it was going to produce much for gifs but as we went through it, there seemed to be more than we originally thought. Here are the Alex moments that we thought worthy of a gif. Hope you do too.


We will start with the strutting moments, as the McStrut as some have coined it, was apparent a few times. We even slowed one down for optimal visual effect.




Then there was the badass McGarrett that no one would want to mess with


And right after the compassionate side everyone loves to see.


The confusion and disbelief he came in dead last was certainly not something he is used to.












Alex’s facial expressions and movements always show up in an episode and here are the notable ones for 8.08












His irresistable smile (and smirk)














Pointing things out












And a great way to end this post





















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