Looking for More Vampire Love

What is a freshie to do when their main vampire is on hiatus?

Well, if you are looking for another awesome vampire series…I have found it. A series of vampire novels with a great love story between a vampire and human. A movie based on the first book is also coming out in December.

Check it out…Twilight.

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  1. I don’t like the twilight series that much, i mean really a vampire who sparkles i want the old fashioned vampires that burn or can’t have to much expose to sun. something, but realistically sparkling, no thank you. that sounds stupid. i read all the books i just didn’t like it. i like Angel/Buffy series. i like Moonlight. i have even read vampire academy but twilight just doesn’t give me the fix of vampires not like the academy series does anyway 🙁

    1. I am totally in agreement with you. To me if a vamp sparkles he is simply so so GAY. Straight vamps burn from the sun and feel extremely weak…as I do….da. That is why is prefer living in Washington State then California.

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  4. So….. where is toilet? Hehe))) Joke, relax 😉

  5. I Know, & you won’t be able to keep your nose out of the other 3 as well… I now have just 100 pages left to the end of Breaking Dawn & hate to finish…

    All the Stepanie Meyer Twilight series are well worth the $ & no one will be disappointed reading them all….

  6. I started the first book Twilight and you are right Pat, I can’t put it down.

  7. OOPS!!! Tiffany, that top line should read:

    To Everyone Who Posts on Any Threads Here at AOLO…
    So I am hoping you will send to all & hopefully we can get more discussions opened here again…Miss it!!!!

  8. To everyone who past on any threads her at AOLO,

    OMG, I am about to complete reading all 4 books of the “Twilight series” by Stephanie Meyer…

    Yep, the 4th book, “Breaking Dawn”, which was freshly on store bookshelves as of August 2nd… It is the longest book of the series, but it is one, like the rest, that is smooth moving reading & so hard to put down… I am hating to come to the end of this book and the 4 book saga in the next 200 pages…

    I saw the Coming Attraction at a local theater for the movie version of Twilight, the movie, which will be in theater in either November or December, 2008… Oh so looking forward to it… I like what I saw on the big screen to entice me that the movie will be as enjoyable as the books… I just am hoping that they haven’t crammed over 2000 pages of 4 books into one 2 hour movie as that would not do fair justice to the works of Stephanie Meyer… I hope there will be sequel(s)…

    As for the young actor playing the main male character of the novels, Edward Cullen, the young manis awesome… He may not be an Alex, but he is still pleasing to the eyes… This newcomer, & I am afraid I do not know his real name, is a mixture in features that reminds me of Jame Dean (the actor who died in a car accident in the 50s) and Leonardo Di Caprio… Awesome!!!!

  9. Some great news caught my eye over at Moonlight Army…

    Remember that Alex was in another TV show prior to Moonlight, but, of course, he was not the lead… Moonlight was his 1st TV lead…That other show was “The Shield”

    I am not certain if Alex only appeared for 2 season in “The Shield” or if he had been in a couple… If anyone can answer this for me, i would greatly appreciate the info…

    Oh, so getting back to the news that caught my eye:

    On August 26th, 2008 the 6th season of “The Shield” with Alex will be released in DVD…

    So we may not be able to get the Moonlight Season One DVD yet, which I am uncertain what is detaining that…but we can get to see Alex in action, in human form with a bullet proof vest, in his other TV series to fill the Moonlight void for now…

  10. Hi Everyone,

    I have completed reading the first 2 books I bought of the Twilight series, “Twilight” & New Moon”… I will tell you, though each of the books I bought in paperback form are 500 pages, 2nd a little more,it was easy quick reading and so well written that I found them hard to put down… finished both in like 2 or 3 days… Now, hardback or not, I HAVE TO go back to Barnes & Noble and buy the 3rd in the series, “Eclipse”… In August, the 2nd to be exact, the 4th of the series, “Breaking Dawn”, will be on the seller’s bookshelves…

    And, folks, do not give up hope on getting our Moonlight back… Behind the scenes work in the campaign is still in progress… Joel Silver is still fighting for “his”/Our baby, Moonlight, to get another home network, too… There is an active poll going on over at Moonlightline connected with DirecTV’s interest in ML.. I, myself, just posted a new thread over there under Save Moonlight called “Moonlight Investment Group”, if you care to find out what that is about and comment would be appreciated… Please pass the word along, Thanks…

  11. Hey Folks,
    I went browsing today online at YouTube and found some pretty great video clips of Alex done by silvervintage at that YouTube site… I watched a clip called “Kissing You” with clips from the Australian mini-series “The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant” & I found myself totally absorbed in this movie… Alex, as always, it absolutely wonderful, his expressions, his eyes, can tell a story without any need for dialogue

    So another thing I am going to do until our favorite vampire is back in our primetime world again in Moonlight is watch his movies..
    I just ordered Mary Bryant(he plays her husband, Will, and it is based on a true story concerning Australia’s early penal colony

    Oh, there is a special amazon.com is running for Mary Bryant & Oyster Farmer that cost less money purchased together

    I, also, ordered Oyster Farmer & Feed, both with Alex

    I placed my order with amazon.com & it should be here by the middle of next week.. Oh, folks, I also discovered today that one does not have to pay by bank or credit card online there if this makes you concerned as it does me: CHECK PAYMENT IS ACCEPTED

    I, also, found at Wal-Mart, the DVD called, “Tristan+Isolde” starring our Beth Turner, Sophia Myles, and which I bought..look for this one in the less expensive DVD racks

    So, I will be enjoying seeing those wonderfully talented artists I love so dearly from Moonlight… You can bet those movies will be played over & over again until our Moonlight rises again…

  12. Hi Folks,
    I read somewhere online that Alex’s moonlight character, Mick St John was actually supposed to be named Mick Angel after the book of the same name and which is being released soon as a movie under the same name title.. Has anyone else heard about this?

  13. Hi Pat, I bought all of the Twilight books and am half way through the first one. It’s great and I can’t put it down. I pre-ordered the 4th one so I get it right away. Today I also got my shirts from cafe press. Wow! they are great! I can’t wait to wear them when I go away next week.

  14. I went out and bought the first 2 in the Twilight series today, “Twilight” & “New Moon”, both in paperback form… I purchased them at Barnes & Noble since I am always concerned about using my bank card info online…I was in town today, so I stopped by B&N to browse the book shelves, which is a good experience in itself.. But if you are as leary as I am about buying with your credit card online, there is a safer way that one of our friends here at Alex O, Nancy Reynolds, clued me into…either buy a limited credit card for a set amount of cash or you can also get a gift card used as same from your bank that uses the funds of your account put in at a one set dollar amount.. either way, these temporary money amount cards can surfice your payments online without your personal banking info known…

    The 3rd in the series will have to wait until I get through these 2 thick texts…”Eclipse” has yet to be made into paperback form, but it is still selling in hard cover…I really think you will want to get each of the series because I feel these books will be hard to put down & when finished with one we will crave some more…just like our craving for Moonlight..

    All over the store it is being advertised that the 4th book in the Twilight series, all of which are written by Stephanie Meyer, is coming to stores on August 2, 2008… The title of the new edition to the series is “Breaking Dawn”

  15. Oops I hit something before I could tell you the requirements for the Freezer Sit-In..

    Now think about it for a moment before I tell you….

    A Clue:: We have all seen scenes of Mick lying in his Freezer…how was he attired???

    Ah, by jove I think you caught it!!!!

    Yep, The Sit-in is a

  16. I am afraid that I must make this comment:

    Yes, I think getting the “Twight Series” of books sounds like a splendid idea. From the synopsis of each that I checked out on Zen Mother, they are well worth the investment to buy (as a collector’s item, also) and to read in the meantime that we do not have our Moonlight..

    That said I will say folks, this is not a time to give up our quest, all fans of Moonlight & Alex O, to find a worthy home network for Moonlight, our show..
    Keep being pesky and write those snail mails to networks & Wb, too… do include Joel Siver, and the other producers who brought us this fantastic show; by doing so we will continue to let them know that we are still out there pushing to bring back the show, thus arousing their desire to pitch their show to every network out there…

    I am directing this, for now, at Sci=Fi Channnel & DirecTV, folks and you should also; I think it would be good to snail post to the USA network since it is owned by the same corporation which controls Sci-Fi… Think it was mentioned in the Fight for Moonlight postings; sorry I cannot check that right at this moment without losing what I am writing…

    Don’t ignore letters to the cast of Moonlight, especially thanking them for having made their characters so believable that there is now over 8 million people grieving over the loss of watching the show weekly..Let them know that we do believe in them & that we do believe that the show, Moonlight, is well worth resurrecting and with only them playing the characters..

    Alright folks, I think we all needed that pep-talk before our dreams of getting Moonlight back gets shoved to the background and then forgotten…

    What is scary to me is knowing I sent snail mail letters out with a return receipt of delivery made and have received none of these back… Has anyone done this & if they did, have you received a card saying your letter reached its destination???

    I know I posted very sternly today, but I feel we are getting away from our main goal…

    So a little lightness may sooth all of us,
    Another Moonlight enthusiast sent me an e-mail that had me rolling:
    She had posted an idea, don’t know if was sent to a Moonlight site, that we should all have a Freezer Sit-in to show our fighting spirit for Moonlight; the hard part, we have to drag our freezers to WB, other networks, but that is not the catch… at least the catch to get the attention of whom we intend to..
    The Freezer Sit-In requirements!!!

  17. Twilight an is awesome series which I have been into for the last few years. Indeed, it led me to look for vampire programmes on TV and hence to Moonlight. Although it was written for Young Adult, it appeals across the age groups. The sexual tension between the lead characters Edward (the Vamp) and Bella is wonderfully well written and the interaction between humans and vampires provokes all sorts of emotions, humour, anger, angst, pity, lust etc. There are trailers of the Movie on You Tube and My Space if you want a sneak preview . . .

  18. As I said I visited the link for “Twilight” above and found that so far there are 3 novels in this series about vampire/human romance. They are all written by Stephanie Meyer.
    They are as follow:
    1) Twilight
    2) New Moon
    3) Eclipse

    And a fourth is due out this summer around August…

  19. Oh, something else, not to do with the “Twilight series” of books..

    I searched everywhere in Tucson, AZ, near where I live, for all of the movies Alex has had large parts in… and to my disappointment I could only find “August Rush” & “The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant” for rent.. Which I did not do as I live so very far from the located video store that it is too costly a travel to return the videos.. I wanted to purchase them and they would not sell; no one else seems to have had, except this specialty video store in town.. And to my astonishment, especially with all the efforts being carried out by us all, the people working in that video store had not heard of the Moonlight cancellation, a couple had not even heard of the show, too!!!

    This also states that CBS did not do a proper job in promoting with clips in between shows, except until after the writer’s strike & which was when Moonlight won the People’s Choice Awards for New Best Drama. If anyone is at fault for low ratings, or what CBS is claiming, it is CBS fault for not doing their job. If Moonlight had lower ratings around the major holidays, which I think they did, this is understandable with any show, not just Moonlight; so CBS can kiss my royal Mixed Bottom if they claim to that because around the holidays all TV watching is at a low as we visit with our own families and friends in many festive functions…


    And this video store, which specializes in so many antiquated as well as new shows and movies, had never heard of “Oyster Farm” or “Feed. I told them they should be more observant to what is going on in the entertainment world and they needed to stock their shelves with all of these movies of Alex O’Lughlin to buy(available option is video purchases here too) , not just rent, and that they need to advertise that they carry them.. This would bring in much business and they would certainly have difficulty, NOW, keeping those movies on their shelves with what is happening as far as Moonlight is concerned..

    I did not find the movies in any other store I visited yesterday… So I think our best option is to puchase all of Alex’s movies online and have them mailed to your home…

    Watching Alex movies is another way for any of us “freshies” dealing with our main vampires hiatus away from us!!!!

  20. I just went over to the site that gave a synopsis on this book, “Twilight”, I really dug it. The further I read the article describing the rest of the “Twilight series” of books, I was hooked and plan to go to Border’s and buy them all; there is a 4th book of this seried due out in August.

    Yep, the person writing the article even mentioned where she got her books.. Can also be ordered at the site online as well…And they did mention our beloved Alex in the article too..
    I, always sticking my 2 cents in, left a comment about the “Twilight series” of books since none had been left so far, and did request, also. that any help for our Moonlight would be appreciated, too

    Oh, and a link back to our Alex O’Loughlin Online is right at that site on the left-hand side of the page..

    So while we long for our Main vampire, Mick St John, to return, “turn” to reading the books that were the cradle of our Moonlight… They really did peak my interest in their synopsises

  21. Did you know Moonlight is BASED on Twilight? In fact, it was the original title of the series. I really have to get over to Amazon to get that book.

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