SOTB Info- How To Be “On The Beach” From Wherever You Are


It is almost that time…shortly Hawaii Five 0 fans that are in town for the event will be all over Waikiki Beach choosing their spot to see Alex and the rest of the cast arrive and walk the red carpet. The excitement will continue to build as they begin to block off the area and set up the event.

The fans in town will most likely to be treated to some fun in the sun around noon Friday when EP Peter Lenkov shows up with treats and trivia. The fan camaraderie will continue into the night through the first screams of excitement when they hear the cast have begun to arrive. The loudest and highest pitch screams have always been when Alex arrives, and no doubt that will follow suit again this year.


alex o'loughlin sunset on the beach


That is a glimpse of what will be happening if you are on the beach, but many have asked us how to watch it live online. The last few years have been hit and miss with no real professional stream being available, but this year hopefully with Billy V from HNN being at the event, there will be an improvement. Time will tell as he did one a couple of years ago and had to cut it when the actual event started. However, he did apologize for it a couple of days later so lets hope he has rectified that this year and has a different solution in play.

So as of right now, the best info we have is to provide the people and places that have known to provide live streams during the years prior. Here they are:


Billy V from Hawaii Sunrise live streaming from his Facebook page that you can find here.

Hawaii New Now will provide bits and pieces during their news casts – sometimes they will cut away for the interview with Alex but do not count on it. here is the link. They also have a FB page and could be live from there. Here is that link

Long Legs O’Loughlin will be live streaming- click here

Team H50– Amy Bakari has shared  live videos from the Facebook account here.

H50hana – Twitter’s LisaLisa98 and Keith_Sato also stream from the beach on and off and their FB page is here 


*Please let us know if you hear of any other live streams and we will add it to our list.



According to the poster the red carpet event begins at 5 p.m Hawaiian time so check your time zone time here. 

Hawaii Five 0 sunset on the beach


All of Hawaii Five-0′s lead actors are expected to be in attendance as well as many of the recurring ones. A live performance by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips is also scheduled after the screening. They will be screening episode 8.07 even though CBS will be airing 8.06. Episode 8.07 Is the 175th episode so that will be celebrated along with a special tribute to the armed forces personnel that will be in attendance in recognition of Veteran’s Day.

Here is the list of cast appearing:

  • Alex O’Loughlin
  • Scott Caan
  • Chi McBride
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Ian Anthony Dale
  • Beulah Koale
  • Meaghan Rath
  • Taylor Wily
  • Kimee Balmilero
  • Shawn Garnett
  • Teilor Grubbs
  • Eddie



As for the videos and pics that come out, we will also be providing posts over the weekend and into the week of as much as we can gather. Things will also be hopping over on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Once again it will be a crazy fun night with the show and SOTB occurring simultaneously.

Although we can promise there will be lots of fun Alex goodies on our site, we have no schedule or order as to how they will show up. So enjoy the free for all of Alex this weekend, as we will provide you as much as you can handle (and that exists). 

We will also have our pictorial recap from the episode and update the gallery over time. The weekly wrap-up is up in the air based on how many other non- SOTB pics there are and our manpower. 

Sunset on the Beach is always a fun night so whether you are there on the beach or have to experience it vicariously online, be sure not to miss it!


alex o'loughlin sunset on the beach





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  1. I had an unforgettable evening at SOTB 2017.

    1. That is great! There were many that had a great time! Glad you were one of them!

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