What To Expect When Hawaii Five O Turns 150


It is no secret to most, that Hawaii Five O will be airing its 150th episode this Friday night. Alex O’Loughlin and the rest of the cast and crew should be quite proud of this accomplishment.

However, what should the fans expect? Will it match up to the now iconic 100th episode? Most will agree  the 100th was memorable and was one of the show’s best, if not the best episode of the series.

Of course we have not seen it yet but there are now some things we know for sure.

One thing unlike the 100th, the show will not be set in an alternative universe concept. Steve will have his full senses about him.




There will be flashbacks of  Steve and his Mom to when he was a young boy. This time, however, it seems as if they will be happy flashbacks instead of daunting ones showing a side to Doris that we have not seen before. (a good mother)


flashback family-memories- mcgarrett style


Steve will not be abducted. He, in contrast, will be trying to save his mother who has been.



steve and mom mission abducted-steve mcgarrett


Wo Fat himself will not be in the episode (in some ways this is too bad as we all love to watch Mark Dacascos portray that conflicted evil character). However, a family Wo Fat family member will be (probably his father that we briefly met in the last episode of season six). Wonder if he will be called Mr. Fat?




It will be his Mom he is trying to resolve feelings over, not his Dad. 


father-and-son McGarrett


Steve will get some closure to the family drama (according to Alex O’Loughlin in this latest TV Guide interview) and be able to  forgive his Mom moving forward. Forgiveness is important as no one can truly move forward in life when there are unresolved feelings and resentment towards a loved one.


Another thing to expect in this episode is the resolution of Steve’s relationship with Catherine as he is confronted with her return during a romantic dinner with Lynn. Awkward.


cath-and-steve-in-bed ring

goodluck candleight-dinner with lynna dn steve


Unfortunately Danny will not be in this episode as Scott Caan had a scheduling conflict during the time they were shooting it. he will greatly be missed but luckily the rest of the Ohana is expected to be in it and Chin and Grover even have side stories. Hopefully it is not too packed in with different stories that it becomes convoluted. In the 100th episode their really was only one story that everything revolved around and that was to save McGarrett from the clutches of Wo Fat.


alex o'loughlin actor


There was some amazing acting in the 100th and with Alex again being in the center of the 150th, it is very likely we will see that again. As long as he was given some good meat by the writers, we can expect he dived in and will perform accordingly. Christine Lahti is also an exceptional actress and they work well together.




As always we can expect some action, angst, ohana, and beautiful scenery of Oahu.

We can hope for no torture this time too, but who knows as it is Hawaii Five O after all. Hopefully nothing as bad as this.


waterboarding alex o'loughlin


No matter what, Alex and the show have all come a long way since the first episode.  Congrats to Alex, Peter, Scott, Daniel, Grace and ALL the other cast and crew that have made it a fun ride of the wave. Time for you to take a bow.


commander hawaii five o pilot episode


Here are the sneak peeks for Friday night’s episode thanks to CBS. 








What do you think? Do you think it can live up to the 100th?

We will know tomorrow night but one thing for sure is that it won’t be easy.



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  1. Every bit of that looks great. I think it will just as good or better than the 100th BC we get answers this time!

    1. That is an interesting way to look at it. Hope so as the 100th was amazing.

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