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So you want to find new online pics of Alex O’Loughlin and you do not know where to start. It really is not that hard and does not take any special kind of skill. If you have spare time, there is no stopping you.

Since the behind the scenes has started up again with the beginning of season 8 shooting, we have decided to put together this post as we have seen many comments across social media about wishing they could find pics, too, but do not know how. Although we will be sharing how to find pics of Alex and Hawaii Five 0 related in this post, you can adapt the info to find any public pic you want. Although some private pics get out sometimes, it is not best etiquette to do that as they are usually kept private for a reason. Therefore we will only address finding public ones.

It all comes down to keywords and tags. Throw in a little creativity and you are all set. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all a little different in searching for pics. However if you use the keywords, tags, and creative concept you will find many similarities. Twitter and Instagram are currently the easiest as the tag and keyword searches come up by the time of post so the most recent are at the top, so there is no reason to dig too hard if you check in daily or in some cases every few days. It depends on how up to date you want to be and your free time as to how often you should check in. Facebook recently got rid of their latest posts option and you can narrow it down to month only so that makes it a little harder but still doable.

Here are some tags and keywords that you will want to follow regularly to pull Alex pics from the search.




Alex and Scott pic fining
pic credit Sarah Carter IG


#HawaiiFiveo  (some people use an O instead of a 0 as it is supposed to be)








#ScottCaan  (Scott and Alex are together often and sometimes only one tag is used)

#Hawaiifiveoh (infrequent)

#hawaiifivezero (infrequent)



You would use the same concept of the ones above but you would eliminate the # sign and put spaces between the wordings for separation. For example instead of #AlexOLoughlin you would use Alex OLoughlin or Alex O’Loughlin. When searching either, capital vs smaller case letters are not relevant.

The difference between keyword searches and tag results is that the keywords typically pull up less specific results, Keywords can be better at times as it just depends on the type of results you are looking for at the time.



Since Facebook is the more detailed one for use we have provided some screenshots to help. These are screenshots from a desktop and all the mobile tablets and phones usually look different and do not have the same options so beware of that.


At the top left of your page, you will see this search bar. Here is where you place your keyword or tag.

Find Alex O'Loughlin pics


Then you will also see this option bar under it. It is best to choose posts as the posts will include the other options for the most part.

Find Alex O'Loughlin pics


On your left side you will have a filter result. In order to find the most recent pics you will want to filter it down to the month you are in. For example July as you see here. You can also choose a location if you know where they have been shooting (will detail that more further down the post some more)

find alex o'loughlin pics

It might also say choose a date as below

Find Alex O'Loughlin pics

Choose one as so

Find Alex O'Loughlin pics


Your frequent searches will be stored in a drop down for ease for future use. Once you choose a date and are on posts you will see featured posts and public posts. The featured are the ones from CBS, Alex himself on the rare occasion he has posted recently), news media sites, and some paid results. You want to scroll down to the public posts to find the obscure ones and fan photos, etc. It is usually around the middle of the page and looks like this.

find alex o'loughlin pics


Instagram and Twitter have the same type of search bar but are very self-explanatory and you can narrow it down to latest posts and advanced options. Play with it and find what works for you. 

When doing this you will find a lot of info and you can decide what to look at instead of only having access to what sites and other people share. We try to share only the relevant and new stuff regarding Alex based on the type of site we are, but there is a lot out there that we do not find relevant. You might find that to be different and thus the reason we wanted to do this post in order to give you the resources to do so.




Now on to the creativity part and other ways for you to find pics.


Alex and Grace photo huntingIf you know where the show will be shooting location wise on the island  (for example Hawaiian Hilton Village) or know where they just wrapped shooting, you can do a location search instead of a post search, or you can do a post search for that location.


  • Through the following of the tags, you will get an idea of who works for the show and who is active on their social media accounts. Once you see that, follow those people. We will not list them all here as there are too many but a couple of active crew members that you see us talking about a lot are Brian Wallace (bwallace808) and Justin Fisher (staygold.87). Although they do not post often on their regular accounts they do many IG stories through the day and those are always informative. They are also good friends with Alex and Scott and tend to be the ones that will grab some BTS stuff with them.


  • Follow other cast members of the show including the newly announced ones as they have active social media accounts.


  • Check in with CBS express press releases  which will update you as to who the guest stars will be. If those people have social media accounts you can either follow them or just check in at the time they are shooting it and the time they are about to air. This is where you will also see the sneak peeks posted.


  • Follow Reel News Hawaii as they have location info. Check posts from others on this page too as sometimes there is location info inside of that.



hawaii five 0 picture finding



So that will give you a good start. There are other tips and tools to use but the majority of those are paid tools which is unlikely anyone would want to use for their own searches.  Although it seems a little tedious at first, it really isn’t, as you can store your searches fairly easily and then just check in on those tags when you have time. The only timely stuff that will disappear are the IG and/or FB stories.

As mentioned above, a good reason to search your own stuff is to choose what you find important compared to what the sites are providing only. However, we typically get new pics and videos on our social media accounts within 24 hours of the posting (depending on what we have going on, it is usually much quicker.) so feel free to keep getting your Alex updates that way if you still prefer. If you want more of other cast and the show stuff, then we do some of that on Twitter, but it is best you either find your own stuff (now that you know how) and/or follow the Hawaii Five 0 accounts. Either way, you are now equipped to make your own decision!

If you find any good ones that we have not posted yet, send them our way via email or DM on our FB page, letting us know the source from where you found it, and we will share with everyone else.  Also, if you live in Hawaii or are there on vacation and you see an EYE sign, let us know the location and we will let a few people know that are there that can get some pictures and videos to share. After all the more pictures of Alex is a good thing for all his fans.

Hope this was helpful and Happy HUNTING!


alex o'loughlin pic finding











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