Alex O’Loughlin SOTB A Collection of Videos


We scoured the internet and for your convenience decided to put all the videos of Alex in one place for your viewing pleasure. We think we got them all so let us know if you know of any others and we will add it. Credits are on the video themselves or on our Facebook page where uploaded. Thanks to all that were there to get access for everyone.

As for pics- those are still coming in another post this week including a few of our own.

Here are the videos from the night!


“You’re the Cutest thing”




With the fans


Alex and Malia on the red carpet


Alex and Malia arrive


Makes his way around- sorry no sound


Alex Leaves


Alex is HOT is so many ways


The show has to go on


CBS recap


Star Advertiser recap


A longer one from the night with all of the cast – Poohkoo Hawaii


There you go. Hope you enjoyed the night even if it wasn’t only through the videos.


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  1. All of those were fantastic ! I loved them especially the “your the cutest thing” one ! ??

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